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First Part Of The Paper Pick One Of The Following Companies To Do Research. You Essay Help

First Part of the Paper
Pick one of the following companies to do research.
You will research the corresponding account chosen for your selected company.
Costs of Goods Sold
Allowance for doubtful accounts
Accounts Receivable
Property, Plant and Equipment
Use this link to search your company and find the latest 10-K Report
Use the Latest 10-K Report to review the notes to the financial statements and the accounting policies for the company.
Answer the following questions.
1. What is the Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC Code) ?
2. What is their stock symbol?
3. When is the Fiscal Year End?
4. For the account listed for the company you selected, what amount is on the latest financial statement? For example, Amazon how much COGS is reported on the Income Statement?
5. See the specific question for the company you selected below.
Question 5
What does COGS consist of? What is the Gross Margin?
What method is used to account for inventory?
What method is used to account for inventory?
How are Allowance for doubtful accounts calculated? How does this affect Accounts Receivable?
What method is used to account for inventory?
What does Accounts Receivable consist of? How are Allowance for doubtful accounts calculated?
What types of revenue does Facebook have? How does it account for advertising revenue?
What types of revenue does Snapchat have? How does it account for advertising revenue?
How are the different categories of assets depreciated?
6. How does this account impact the business financially? (Relate to what you have learned in class).
Second Part of the Paper
Financial Analysis
1. Calculate the Working Capital
2. Calculate the Current Ratio
3. Calculate the Quick Ratio
4. Analyze your findings. Are the results good or bad? Why are they good or bad? Would you recommend this company to a friend?
You are writing ONE PAPER for Part 1 and Part 2 combined.
Answer all questions in paragraph form.
Do not use headings to separate answers to questions. Use natural transitions such that it is one fluid paper.
Minimum 1,000 words.
You must thoroughly answer all the questions.
Reference your work to the resources used.

Penetration Test Report
Prepared for Hotel Dorsey
Team Number: 5
Student Number scholarship essay helpPenetration Test Report
Prepared for Hotel Dorsey
Team Number: 5
Student Number: 5
Please watch the video the below then answer the question(s) fully
1. Vulnerability
In this section, discuss how can you use the Vsftpd vulnerability to exploit the remote system. Provide a description of the Vstfpd vulnerability and how you used the vulnerability to exploit the victim machine. Finally, discuss the level of access you achieved on the box (Apache, root, etc.).
Data Exfiltration
In this section, explain how you were able to take the company’s sensitive data out of the network. Talk about the implications to the company and possible costs of losing proprietary data.
In this section, you will explain what security controls should be implemented to remediate the Vsftpd vulnerability that you have exploited on the remote system. Talk about the steps the client should take to ensure that the vulnerability is no longer present as well as any other suggestions you may have to help improve the overall security posture.
References in IEEE format
Please create professional speaker notes for the Social and Ethical Issues ppt essay helpPlease create professional speaker notes for the Social and Ethical Issues ppt by using the presentation and final paper as a guide/ reference.
This is a Masters course the verbage and format should be professional, informative and brief. Thank you kindly for taking the lead in this task.
Please ensure that the notes align with the slide there are a total of 11 excluding the reference page.
Follow this format Example:
Slide 1: This is an indtroduction to Human Resource Admin
Slide 2: The on going issues with ethis is
2500 assessment essay instructions:
The following topic is written in bold by
a college essay help online2500 assessment essay instructions:
The following topic is written in bold by
a published strategy from Sport England and it is to define and explain what
were the impacts of COVID-19 impacting physical activity in human life.
Essay style needs to be in APA7 format
The information resources to be written on
the essay are provided for you as PowerPoint slides and PDF files and so that
you can get a better and clear understanding of what to write down.
Some of the slides and PDF files will be
titled based on some of the highlighted key words to be explained
You can also some of your own other links
and resources for better referencing
Number 1a-c are the topics to be explained
with the important definitions highlighted that are to be addressed according
to the bold written topic.
Define some of the aspects some groups
more affected than others, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, money
concerns, loss of job etc.
Define and mention the meanings of people
with “Lifestyle Diseases” (Find on PowerPoint slide week 4), those from low
socio-economic backgrounds, the impact of physical activity on health
especially mental and social health
Use and talk about more importantly about the
Bourdieu and the Habitus social theory (also on PowerPoint slide Week 4) and
you can use and add some your resources for more referencing.
You will be required to write a 2500 word essay
which meets the criteria for this module.
most recent strategy published by Sport England (2021) – Uniting the Movement
states… ‘For too long, people with the most to gain from being active have
been the least able to take part. As a result of the huge disruption 2020
(COVID-19) has caused, and the inequalities it’s reinforced or even exacerbated
– such as those around socio-economic status and ethnicity – our drive to do
things differently and confront these inequalities head on is stronger than
1a. What has
the pandemic taught us about the relationship between sport/physical activity
and health? (with references)
1b. What are
the challenges and barriers for low-income groups
and families from ethnic minorities to engage in sport and physical activity?
(with references)
1c. Engage with
key social concepts and theory to evidence
your work.
Below I will attach some of the recommended links and
resources for you to use
The deadline for this submission is the
16th May 2022.
Note: I’m going to be
requesting a final copy before the official deadline to submit to my lecturer so
that she gives me feedback on how well it is, if any corrections that she says
that needs to be fixed and made I’ll
send you what results that need to be improved and fixed so that I get my finalized
copy before the official deadline.
I hope all of this information sounds all straight forward to you let me know if you have anu questions and I look forward to having the best of my work done as possible.
The writing assignment asks you to write a two-page “Response Essay” (about 500 essay helpThe writing assignment asks you to write a two-page “Response Essay” (about 500 words) that offers up your “response” to the article that I provided. You can also read the examples that I provided.
you shouldn’t rely wholly on these examples, but you’ll note that each combines a bit of summary of what was read along with commentary and personal observations
one way to approach these writing assignments is to think, “what do I know now that I didn’t know before?” or “as I was reading through _______, I was struck by how it made me think of _______ …” – feel free to write these in first person (“I thought this …” or “I didn’t understand that … “); in fact, first person responses are encouraged!
as a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to include the article’s author and title somewhere in an introductory paragraph, then refer to the essay by the author’s last name; try to avoid saying things like “the article said …” and instead write “Drexler noted in his essay on the École des Beaux-Arts that …”
when using parenthetical citations like the above two examples, be sure to include a reference list of all your sources, properly formatted, at the end of your paper; consult the Turabian Quick Guide for proper citation formatting. In the above examples, the properly formatted source would be:
Huppert, Ann C. “Envisioning New St. Peter’s: Perspectival Drawings and the Process of Design.” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 68, no. 2 (June 2009): 158-77.
if you use footnotes or endnotes (which in fact are the standard for writing in the discipline of art history), consult the Turabian Quick Guide for proper source formatting
if you use direct quotes from one or more of the readings, be sure to use quotation marks and cite it using footnotes (or parenthetically in the text); for example:
example 1: “With the theoretical writings of Alberti and Raphael as their starting point, modern scholars have tended to analyze Renaissance representational techniques in oppositional and polarized terms” (Huppert 2009, 173).
example 2: According to Huppert, “modern scholars have tended to analyze Renaissance representational techniques in oppositional and polarized terms” (173).
note that the close quotation mark ends the direct quote, followed by the citation in parentheses (name date, page#), followed by the sentence punctuation: rule of thumb — punctuation always goes at the end!
It’s a PowerPoint presentation
I need 6 slides
Including graphs and pictures
You argumentative essay helpIt’s a PowerPoint presentation
I need 6 slides
Including graphs and pictures
Your presentation must involve or be about A
threatened or endangered vertebrate species or
group of species that has the potential to go extinct.
The presentation is on an example of a recent
decrease (within the last 1000 years) in
the biodiversity of a vertebrate animal species or
group. Basically the presentation is on
the link between human impacts and an endangered
or threatened VERTEBRATE species
or related group of species.
What specific species or group of related species are
involved? Provide the taxonomy of
the species.
Provide a VERY BRIEF general description of the
species (

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