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foodborne Illness Essay

Have you or a family member ever experienced a foodborne Illness? Had you realized how extensive the problem of foodborne illness is in this country? Were you aware of the unique vulnerability that closed environments (for example, those found on cruise ships) have for foodborne illness?

Part 1. Address the following: Review the CDC Outbreak updates page and look at some of the recent cruise ship outbreaks between 2015 and 2020. Choose one that is interesting to you based on the cruise line or causative agent. Use this link please
Additionally, indicate the virus that caused the outbreak (“unknown” is not an option) and common symptoms and treatments for the virus.
Distinguish the cruise line and cruise ship it occurred on.
Express the raw number and percentage of passengers and crew impacted by the outbreak.
Part 2 of your your assignment : Review the CDC’s Advanced Cruise Ship Inspection Search site for the specific ship and year noted in Part I.
Highlight two health violations that were identified that could have led to the outbreak.
Compose a strategy that would address the health violations noted and ways to mitigate them in the future. The CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program site will be of assistance here if unfamiliar.

Additional sites to use for this assignment

Learning engagement

What skills for policy analysis and decision making will you leave this course (HEALTH CARE POLICY ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING) which can be useful to your career? Please provide at least 3 examples.
APA format
500 words

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Question #1: Please answer the following two (2) questions for each topic shown below. Each topic is worth 10

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Question #1:
Please answer the following two (2) questions for each topic shown below. Each topic is worth 10 points.

a) Define the term(s)/concepts
b) Explain why it is a relevant/useful tool or concept in dealing
with stress management.
1. Psychoneuroimmunology and the Mind/Body Connection
2. Chakras/Yoga/Asanas
3. Vagus nerve, role in stress and stress reduction
4. Physical effects of chronic stress and how illness develops over time
5. Conditioned response and effect it has on ability to handle stressful situations.

Answers may be found in the textbook or with brief online research. Answers should be in paragraph form, approximately 6 sentences each.

Question #2:

Using the six Dimensions of Health – Physical, Social, Spiritual, Emotional/Psychologial, Environmental, and Intellectual/Mental, identify your areas of strength and the areas you may need improvements in each dimension. Your answer should focus on how your personal strengths and weaknesses effect your ability to handle acute and chronic stress. Reflect on what you can do to

Week 1 Essay

Review the TED Talk Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story, then

Briefly describe the stories that you grew up with, whether these are from books, TV shows, movies, or another source.
How did these stories influence your perceptions of yourself and of the world?
Did you identify with the background of the main characters or were they from a different background than you?
As an adult, what stories do you identify with now?
How are these stories similar to and different from the ones you grew up with?
Are there certain areas of the world or certain people about whom you only have a single story?
How could you work to broaden your understanding of others?

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