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for Each Case Listed Below, Give A Specific Diagnosis, Then State The Academic Essay Help

For each case listed below, give a specific diagnosis, then state the general classification of disorders to which that disorder belongs (anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, drug abuse and addiction, or schizophrenia).
submit a numbered list of your response
MUST indicate “specific diagnosis” and “general classification”
Emelia suffers from an emotional disorder in which she has an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.
Specific diagnosis: anorexia nervosa general classification: eating disorders

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Tony sometimes seems very “wound up.” At those times, he seems full of energy, talks very rapidly, and makes very grandiose plans. (One time, he gave away all of his belongings and was planning to move to Washington, D.C., so he could advise the President.) At these times, he also seems to need almost no sleep. During other periods of time Tony seems very “down.” During these times he does not take care of himself. He seems to want to sleep all the time, and he often makes thinly veiled references to wanting to commit suicide.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ____________
2. Greta often drinks too much, especially at parties. She has gotten two DUI tickets after leaving parties. She is also in danger of losing her job because she often misses work on Monday due to a hangover after partying on the weekend.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder_____________

3. Judith has not left her house for several months. When she tries to go out, she experiences great anxiety. She says she is afraid that if she leaves her house to go somewhere, she will not be able to get back. Before all this started, Judith seemed fairly normal except for having several episodes where, for no apparent reason, her heart started pounding, she started to sweat profusely, and she experienced all the symptoms of fear and terror. One of the reasons she is afraid to leave the house is because she is afraid she will have one of these episodes again. (Hint: there are two specific diagnoses here.)
Specific diagnosis _______________General classification of disorder ____________
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ____________

4. Horace sleeps a lot, has great difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and generally does not want to do anything. He has stopped seeing friends whom he used to see often, and declines all invitations to do things socially. His most common response is “I just don’t feel like it.” He looks sad all the time and does not seem to take pleasure in everyday activities. This has been going on for the past two months.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ____________

5, Patricia is a 44-year-old female who reports that she has periods of time where she cannot remember what she has done. She reports that after one such period, she received a telephone call from a man who claimed to have met her in a bar where she was “the life of the party.” She had also told the man her name was Priscilla. Patricia thinks that this is odd because she does not drink, and she is a rather shy and retiring person. However, the man had her correct telephone number and was able to give a good physical description of her.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder____________

6. Marianne is a 34-year-old female showing signs of disorganized thought and flat affect. She says that she hears voices telling her to do things. She believes that her behavior is being controlled by other people and she thinks that all her former friends have formed a conspiracy and are out to get her. She also tends toward repetitive, highly ritualized behavior.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder_____________

7. Zachary is a 17-year-old male who appears boastful, conceited, and arrogant. When someone accuses him of being that way, he flies into a rage. He shows little care for others and is often envious when others are recognized for their achievements. He is also prone to daydreaming and fantasizing about the success that awaits him.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ___________

8. Sandy feels dirty unless she bathes and changes clothes at least four times a day, and she is fastidious about the house as well. Every room is scrubbed at least twice a week and the bathroom is taken care of daily.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ____________

9. Although he was not personally injured, Harry has had problems since the earthquake two years ago. He is listless and quarrelsome and sleeps fitfully, reliving the quake in nightmarish dreams.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ____________

10. Frank was attending college in San Francisco during a recent earthquake. He lived in the area that was hardest hit by the quake. Frank was not home when the earthquake hit and was not injured in any way, but when he returned home, he found his building demolished and his two roommates crushed to death. Frank immediately drove himself to the airport, bought a ticket to Boston, and got on the plane. His parents found him on their doorstep in Boston the next morning. Frank remembers nothing about the earthquake and nothing about going to college in San Francisco. The last thing he remembers is being a high school student and living with his parents in Boston.
Specific diagnosis _______________ General classification of disorder ___________

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Research Paper Write A Minimum 1000 Word APA Formatted Paper Summarizing One Of The Following Agencies: Drug Enforcement AgencyBureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco,…

Discussion: Ensuring Test Reliability

According to classical test theory, test reliability is based on the notion that test score reliability is comprised of two parts: true scores and error. A true score is an expected score on a test over an infinite number of testing instances; it is a theoretical idea that can never be known for sure. Errors are inaccuracies that make actual (observed) test scores differ from true scores. There are several different ways to measure a test’s reliability. Test-retest reliability looks at the correlation between original test administrations and re-tests. The span of time between the two administrations should be less that the time for the true scores to vary. Test-retest reliability looks at error due to time. Alternate-form reliability looks at the correlation between two different versions of a test. Split-half reliability is similar to alternative-form reliability, splitting a single test into two halves?usually odd and even items?and correlating scores on the two halves. Cronbach’s coefficient alpha is also similar, essentially providing the average of all possible split-half reliabilities. Alternate-form, split-half, and Cronbach’s coefficient alpha all look at error due to content sampling. For this Discussion, select three test reliability methods that could be used in employment test development. Consider advantages and disadvantages of each method. With these thoughts in mind: Post a description of the three test reliability methods you chose. Explain advantages and disadvantages of using each method in employment test development. Be specific and provide examples. Support your response using the Learning Resources and the current literature. My Interpretation: Choose three (3) methods of demonstrating reliability from the various methods of demonstrating reliability covered this week and describe them (using course readings as citations) For each of the three methods you choose Explain the advantages of the approach for employment testing Explain the disadvantages of the approach for employment testing Have at least four academic citations in 1 and 2 above, some drawn from the course readings.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 275 words: 1. What is the impact of child maltreatment on delinquency? 2. What is the impact of Child Protective Services’ involvement on delinquent behavior? 3. What is the role of resiliency as a protective factor?

Homework Set 2

Homework Set 2 You will now complete the following homework problems from your textbook Conceptual Integrated Science: ¢ Page 144, #48 ¢ Page 175, #53 ¢ Page 207, #12 and #19 ¢ Page 851, #45 ¢ Page 893, #5 and #6 Submit your answers in a Word document to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT Page 144, #48 If you wish to warm 100 kg of water by 20°C for your bath, show that 8370 kJ of heat is required. Page 175, #53. Show that it costs $3.36 to operate a 100 W lamp continuously for a week if the power utility rate is 20¢/kWh. Page 207, #12. What is the principal difference between a radio wave and light? between light and X-rays? Page 207, #19. What is the relationship between the frequency of light and its color? Page 851, #45. Knowing that the speed of light is 300,000 km/s, show that it takes about 8 min for sunlight to reach Earth. Page 893, #5. Which is hotter, a red star or a blue star? Page 893, #6. What is the difference between apparent brightness and luminosity?

Final Paper

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.Instructions Learning Outcome: The student shall be able to write a structured paper that incorporates research and engages in an analysis of the literary movement, author, or text(s) within African American literature since 1746. Instructions: For your Final Paper you will write about a topic of your choosing related to the following eras in African American Literature: 1746-1865 (Spirituals, Slave Narratives) 1865-1940 (Reconstruction Era, Harlem Renaissance) African American Literature since 1940 (Civil Rights, Black Manhood, #MeToo) Your essay may focus on a particular theme or time period, or you may present an original critical argument that either challenges or supports a philosophy or point of view presented by 2-3 of the assigned authors. **Note that whatever topic you choose, the primary texts for your argument must be what was assigned in the course for discussions. Your essay must include direct references to the assigned material. DO NOT USE BACKGROUND READINGS OR OUTSIDE SOURCES. Some examples of topics with suggested texts: The Role of Religion in Slavery (Douglass, Jacobs) Desire for Freedom (All assigned slave narratives, King) #Me Too and the Right to Virtue (Jacobs, K.D. Smith) The Reconstruction of African American Culture (Chesnutt, Washington, DuBois) Requirements 1500-2000 words Your work must be formatted and documented in MLA View BC Online Resources and Services for information on how to cite using MLA Directly quote from all sources used in the writing of the essay A Works Cited page must be included Submit your file in .docx, .doc, or .pdf format only Your work must be submitted by the date and time on the course schedule of the syllabus. Please try to submit your work ahead of deadline in case of technical issues as assignments will not be accepted via email Review the rubric to see how your paper will be graded.

Discussion Question 1 Week 10

Please complete the following: Select two effective practices you might use as the Chief Diversity Officer of your organization and discuss how you would use them to improve diverse relationships. Next, discuss the integration of diversity training into the primary HR strategies of your organization. Indicate whether diversity training supports particular HR strategies or is a separate and distinct strategy itself. Make sure to include a rationale and at least one citation from your reading.

Reflection Of A Company Presentation

Discuss in the paper (a) the kinds of business the company is in, (b) interesting things you found out about them, and (c) whether you would like to work for the company or not, and why. Write the paper with the note.

Unit 9: The Customer Feedback Loop – Discussion

Unit 9: The Customer Feedback Loop – Discussion. Topic 1: Employing Surveys for Sal’s You explored the different tools for receiving feedback in your CSR Tool Belt. You will use a free survey making tool called Survey Monkey? to create a survey to address a customer situation and then share it with the class. Read the following customer service scenario and respond to the checklist items. Read the Scenario: Sal’s Burgers has been in business for 4 years and has done extremely well until about 6 months ago. Their sales and revenue as well as customer count have dropped almost 50% from the year prior and Sal is wondering why. He has decided to implement an online survey to address key issues with the business so that he and his management team can fix the issues and be successful once again. Currently Sal’s has 6 big booths that sit up to 6 people each and two small tables outside that sit two each. His menu is simple and includes burgers, fries, and ice cream cones (vanilla and chocolate). He is located next to a college and a new industrial complex with offices that just opened about a month ago. Checklist: Using Survey Monkey? create a 5-7 question survey asking questions about Sal’s to be given to Sal’s customers. Once you create the link in Survey Monkey, copy the link into your Discussion posting and then explain your rationale for the questions that you asked. Make sure to go into detail.
Unit 9: The Customer Feedback Loop – Discussion


ake one component in the Metaparadigm of Nursing, identify and discuss the concept or concepts of Watson’s Theory of Caring that support that Watson wrote a theory of nursing based on the criteria established in the Metaparadigm of Nursing. Expectations Initial Post: Due 5/28 Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

Benchmark – Effective Approaches In Leadership And Management

In this assignment, you will be writing a 1100-word paper describing the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice. To complete this assignment, do the following: Select nurse staffing ratios and describe it. Discuss how it impacts quality of care and patient safety in the setting in which it occurs. Discuss how professional standards of practice should be demonstrated in this situation to help rectify the issue or maintain professional conduct. Explain the differing roles of nursing leaders and nursing managers in this instance and discuss the different approaches they take to address the nursing staffing ratio and promote patient safety and quality care. Support your rationale by using the theories, principles, skills, and roles of the leader versus manager described in your readings. Discuss what additional aspects mangers and leaders would need to initiate in order to ensure professionalism throughout diverse health care settings while addressing the selected issue. Describe a leadership style that would best address the chosen issue. Explain why this style could be successful in this setting. Use at least five peer-reviewed journal articles and prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.. An abstract is required.

CSS Design & Authoring Tools

400-600 words on the following: What role does color play in the design of a website? What are the effect of using serif fonts vs san-serif fonts in your typography? What role does artistic lines and patterns play in web page design? (To help you think about this question, think about how individuals and organizations present themselves on business cards).

Short Essay

Short Essay. you just need to watch a video and answer 8 quistion in short essay about only 300 words. The link is to the complete lecture, which is over an hour long. For this exercise you do not need to view the whole presentation, just 10-15 minutes of it. I would, however, be surprised if you did not feel compelled to watch the clip in its entirety. Once you have watched all or part of this video, answer the questions below on a Word Document to be submitted here prior to the due date. Note that you can answer these questions in an essay format or individually in your submission. It is up to you. 🙂 1. What was your first impression of this speech? 2. Had you heard of Dr. Pausch or his lecture prior to this exercise? If so, had you watched it before? Why or why not? 3. What were some of the aspects of the speech that you enjoyed the most? 4. Was there anything about the speech that you did not enjoy? 5. Do you find that part of what makes this presentation so memorable is the level of intimacy and personal sharing that Pausch offers? 6. What are some things that were done in this speech that you can try to do in speeches of your own? 7. Do you find that this speech is multi-dimensional in its purpose? (i.e., informative, persuasive, etc.) If so, what were some of those dimensions that you experienced? 8. What does Pausch?s speech and its enormous popularity say about the power of communication?
Short Essay

Research Paper Write A Minimum 1000 Word APA Formatted Paper Summarizing One Of The Following Agencies: Drug Enforcement AgencyBureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco,…

Research Paper Write a minimum 1000 word APA formatted paper summarizing one of the following agencies: Drug Enforcement Agency Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Federal Bureau of Investigations Central Intelligence Agency United States Secret Service United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement United States Marshals Service National Security Agency Format your paper according to APA standards. Submit as a Microsoft Word document. Include a minimum of three references typed in APA format. The class text may be used as one of the references. There is an APA sample paper located in the classroom.

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