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For this Assignment: Review the media pieces for this Assignment and focus on the concepts and techniques demonstrated. Your

For this Assignment:
Review the media pieces for this Assignment and focus on the concepts and techniques demonstrated.
Your Faculty Member will place you in a group of three or four members within the designated group area of this course. Each of these groups will be labeled as Week 1 Group 1, Week 1 Group 2, etc. The group assignments are also shown below.
In these groups, each group member will evaluate each other’s Assignment. Grading criteria and points are suggested in the Assignment spreadsheet. put all of your comments in the Group’s discussion board.
Note: This Assignment will help you develop your skills and prepare you for this week’s quiz.
To complete the initial phase of this Assignment, use this file
Your personal input numbers are in the following file:
Fin_617_Assignment_1 Input Numbers.xlsx
Save your Assignment file, and change LName to your last name and FName to your first name.
The input numbers are different for each of you and are in the above file called Fin 617 Week 1 Assignment Input Numbers.xlsx. Enter those into the Assignment spreadsheet first. Sometimes the instructions are linked to those input numbers. In that case, the instructions will NOT make sense until you type in the numbers.
Follow the instructions and show your work in the area provided.
Post your Week 1 Assignment Two-stage model Excel Spreadsheet to your Group File Exchange area by Friday, at 11:59 p.m. ET.
To Post your solution to your peer group:
Click on the Work in Groups link from the left-hand menu of the course home page and click into your group. Then click the File Exchange link found under Group Tools.

Finance Question

Discussion Assignment
Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Why do you think you should focus on future weights and costs of capital when calculating the weighted average cost of capital rather than the current weights and rates?
Your posts should be substantial and related to the discussion question.
*Discussion Assignment should be Between 250-300 Words
*(The Discussion Assignment is due tomorrow at 11:59pm ET so start this immediately)

Peer responses
respond to each of the two students and use 150-200 words when responding. Start of by saying (Hello name)
project is financed from various sources which has different expectation in terms of return from the project. Sources of funding are – Equity share , preferance share long term debt etc.Each sources has different kind of risk and expecting return Weighted average cost of capital provide us the single expected return from all those sources of funding / capital.Purpose of computing cost of capital is to get a blended rate for desired expectation from various source of capital and discount the future cashflow to know whether project provide expected return or not.Since future cash flow or preformance is being measured by Weighted average cost of capital than weight (mix of various sources of capital) and rate (Expected return from various source of capital) should be based on future and not the just present .
(other student didn’t post their Discussion Posts yet. When he/she does I will send them to you so you can respond to them)

the Question In the 2002 Annual Report for his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, renowned US investor Warren Buffet made

Finance Assignment Help the Question
In the 2002 Annual Report for his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, renowned US investor Warren Buffet made the following statement:
“I view derivatives as time bombs, both for the parties that deal in them and the economic system. […] Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction”.
After providing a brief explanation of what derivatives are and descriiptions of some of the key types of derivatives, discuss critically Warren Buffet’s statement. Explain whether you agree with his statement giving reasons for your opinion.

Page layout, paragraph and font
The following requirements apply:
• Page size: A4
• Orientation: portrait
• Margins: 2.5 cm on all sides (Microsoft Word Margins Setting “Normal”)
• Paragraph alignment: left (left-justified)
• Line spacing: Option 1: Microsoft Word Standard Setting for Normal text, i.e. Line
spacing: multiple at 1.15, Spacing before paragraph: 0 pt, Spacing after paragraph: 10
pt; Option 2: Line spacing double
• Font: Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial, size 12
• Headings: Level 1 – bold, upper case, left aligned; Level 2 – bold, sentence case, left
• Page numbering: all pages must be consecutively numbered in the bottom right corner

FP/100T Discussion question

(Will answering this be possible without the text book chapters?)
Last week you learned about how much money you might need in retirement and how your savings will get you there. Most of us will need to invest the money to beat inflation and that’s why this week’s discussions about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are so useful when planning for retirement.
Most retirement accounts offer mutual funds, index funds, or exchange traded funds. You need an understanding of how stocks, bonds, and other investments work so you can make the choices consistent with the level of risk you are comfortable with. If you have a retirement account, how is the money invested? How did you choose where to invest your money, or how might you if you start a retirement account in the future? How did you, or how might you, determine how much risk you were willing to accept? What would help you become more comfortable with investing risks?
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Which concepts from Ch. 11, Ch. 12, and Ch. 13 will be most important to your finances? Why are these relevant to you and how might you apply them to your life?
How will you invest your retirement savings (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, other)? Why did you choose the options you have? How does your investment plan address risk?
If you were comparing different mutual funds or stocks to decide which to invest in, how would you make that decision? What metrics or performance measures would be most important to you? Why?

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