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For your first essay assignment, I would like to write a thesis-based five-body paragraph essay on “The Yellow Wallpaper”

For your first essay assignment, I would like to write a thesis-based five-body paragraph essay on “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and/or “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. You may write an essay on both stories or just one of the stories. The essay has to be at least 2 pages, I will provide a sample essay given by the professor, how the professor would like the essay to be written and more things you can find helpful when completing this essay. Please message me so I can provide the links for certain things you may need to complete this essay.

Discussion 4, Week 2

1. Carefully read through the Typed Essay #1 Prompt
2. Using the Document and Video I posted on “Overall Essay Structure”, the Document and Video on “Thesis Development”, and the Document on “Developing Introductions” that I provided in your Week One Module as models, please develop an Introduction for your Typed Essay #1 (with a thesis statement located as the last sentence of the introduction paragraph).

Chart on the advantages of using technology in Psychology and Mental Health

English Assignment Help The list provided is to get you started. Complete some research and add one or two items to the list.
Prepare a checklist with the characteristics that a good chart or table should possess. A table is considered a 2 dimensional structure with rows and columns.
Each row equals a single things
Each column represents a set of facts and has a distinct name
Each row and column has an intersection point which represents a single data value.
Each table should have a short tire that gives a clear and accurate description
The table should contain headings which provides a clear descriptions of what the column represents. If your table is computing the number of students who drink milk you should have a row for milk and students.

A table should not include appreciations.
If the table is dealing with numerical data the table should total the data.

Create a chart or table with the data collected until now. To create and insert a chart Select insert
Select the icon that looks like 9 small boxes.
Select the number of rows and columns you need.
Click ok

Most of the data collected at this point will be from academic studies. Your chart should contain the authors name, page numbers and important facts. Record one fact per line. I recommend one chart for each source. This will keep your data organized.
A sample is provided.

Evaluate the chart or table by following the checklist in 4.1. Does your chart have all of the characteristics?
Write a paragraph detailing what you did right
Write a paragraph detailing what you did wrong

Here are some links for additional support: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Topic and Structure: Character Evolution – Explain how a character from a novel, film, television show, or another medium

Topic and Structure:

Character Evolution – Explain how a character from a novel, film, television show, or another medium of your choice evolves—either good or bad—from the beginning to the end of the story.

Your introduction will provide a brief synopsis of the story and then smoothly transition into the last sentence of your introduction—the thesis statement. Next, you will develop at least three body paragraphs, each dedicated to one example (such as a scene) in your chosen medium that serves as support for your thesis claim. Finally, you will compile a conclusion paragraph that synthesizes your findings.

Creating the thesis statement:

Is your argument focused and meaningful in a way that it also offers a clear-cut, but debatable point of view, which a reader might either agree or disagree with? Avoid claims that are too obvious to the readers—offer them a new idea! Remember, a thesis also serves as a map for your essay, providing a promise of subtopics you will discuss in your body paragraphs in the order in which they appear in your essay.

Sample thesis statement: In The Midnight’s Shadow, Charles Bellingham begins as a lonely, self-loathing candle maker, but after he meets Miss Charmaine, begins working for the king, and takes an understudy, he transforms into a confident man who sees the townspeople and the kingdom as a friendly and prosperous community.

Developing the body paragraphs:

The way you present your supporting evidence is just as important as the evidence itself. When you create a body paragraph with the goal of supporting a claim in your thesis, you want to include a balance of research and/or examples with original material. In other words, original material refers to discussions you develop that help explain the connection between your research and/or examples and your thesis claim. You don’t want to assume that your research and/or examples are enough to prove your thesis—you want to inform your reader how and why cited material serves the purpose you intend.

Therefore, begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that affirms your opinion. A topic sentence for the first body paragraph in a paper with the thesis from above might say, “Miss Charmaine, ever so charming in her ways, bumps into a scowling Mr. Bellingham, only to annoy him further, but as he slowly raises his gaze to evaluate the source of this unpleasantry, he is rather surprised to see a such a lovely creature affectionately maintaining his stare, eliciting an intrigue that serves as the first defining moment in Charles’ positive transformation.” Next, follow up the topic sentence with more about this scene that serves as the defining moment. Then, spend significant time explaining how the events you just discussed prove your thesis. Finally, end the paragraph with a concluding sentence that synthesizes your efforts.

Compiling the conclusion:

Lastly, compile a conclusion paragraph that summarizes your findings in a new manner, using fresh language and perspective. Make sure to work in a restatement of your thesis statement (but not a repetitive version) as well as any other relevant ideas you present in the essay. You want your conclusion to read like new information but without actually presenting new arguments. In sum, synthesize instead of summarize.

Format Requirements:

Header: Include a heading in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information:

Your first and last name
Course Title (Composition I)

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