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Form a topic from my spss Data set and use it for the academic writing for this Assignment

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The required data will be made available via Google Drive. Each student has their own dataset which will not be exactly the same as anyone else’s.

The SPSS file (CMNR7009HealthdatasetX) contains data from 1000 individuals. All …
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Stress Management

After reading through the assigned chapter in the text, use the Critical Thinking Log Template below to reflect upon your thoughts, ideas, experiences, as well as what you have learned following the completion of the chapters/activities. Your submission must contain 400 to 500 words.
Critical Thinking Log Template
The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters are?
How can I use the information in the chapters to help me with my daily mindfulness practice?
In what ways will the material learned in these chapters help me manage my stress more effectively?
What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and activities for each chapter?


Religion and Theology Assignment Help Submit your Persuasive Speech Formal Outline (with your 3 required sources in APA or MLA citation listed at the bottom) as a text entry, .doc, or .docx.
(**Note: There are directions on how to write an outline, as well as sample outlines, in the ‘Persuasive Speech Packet’ here in Canvas; use these items to complete this assignment successfully. You will be graded using the corresponding rubric in the ‘Rubrics

Public Health Question

Discuss the assumptions of parametric statistical testing versus the assumptions of nonparametric tests. Discuss why a researcher would select a nonparametric approach based on the data and when they would select parametric tests for their data set. Does it matter what type of variables have been collected in the dataset?
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, use at least two peer-reviewed articles and cite them to support your statements. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to two of your peers’ posts as well.
1-2 pages paper, including:
-references page

Public Health Question

Short Paper 5
(400-600 words total)
Consider Case 1, from chapter 8 in the textbook (Vaughn, 456): There are a number of options concerning what to do with frozen embryos, created via IVF. For example, they could be kept frozen indefinitely for later implantation, though few embryos survive the thawing/implant process. Alternatively, they could be donated to labs and used for research. Some might see this as creating a human organism merely for research purposes. Lastly, unused embryos can simply be disposed of. Which option do you think is the most morally correct/justifiable? According to what moral standard/theory?
Consider Case 2, from chapter 9 in the textbook (Vaughn, 580-581): The couple wants to raise a child that is deaf, like them. To do this, they deliberately create an embryo that will be deaf. In such cases, has the child and its future been harmed? If deafness is not a harm, what about couples with other conditions who want to have children like them (i.e. couples with dwarfism or Down’s syndrome)? What genetic predispositions constitute harm to a child, such that it would be wrong to allow a child to be born that way
this is what ive written so far …. IVF has been a great discovery allowing infertile couples to have children of their own. Left over embryos is a topic of discussion with questions arising as to what should be done with the left over embryos. Utilitarians would argue that freezing embryos for future use is morally acceptable, since the advantages would outweigh the harms. These embryos can be used to benefit couples suffering from infertility. Disposing of the embryos would have no benefit for the unborn child nor anyone. These embryos should be frozen for future use by the couple or other couples. “Freezing a woman’s leftover embryos gives her the option of using them in future IVF cycles rather than going through another arduous (and expensive) round of ovarian stimulation and egg retrievel.) (Vaughn, 443)

Active learning 2.1

Ashley is a thirty-two-year-old manufacturing manager who worked her way up to become president of Ultra cover; a company that makes cases for electronic devices. Ashley started at the bottom and worked her way up. However, when she got into the higher position, she immediately started making decisions. I think Ashley will be a good transformational leader if she works on managing skills and looking out for her staff and not just the overall company. A transformational leader is supposed to help motivate and guide her team to help them reach their maximum potential, as a transformational leader Ashley is building her company and helping them become financially stable but she needs to look out for her staff more. I could suggest that Ashley take a step back and see how she is presenting herself and her “No Care” Attitude. Respond to this persons discussion
no less than 100 words

6.1 Worldview Project

Worldview Project consists of:
Title, Abstract, Introduction, Historical Background, Main Part/Body Paragraphs, Conclusion, Works Cited, and Self-Reflection.
Use HEADINGS: Abstract, Introduction, Historical Background, Main Part, Conclusion, Works Cited, and Self-Reflection.
I. Title.
II. Abstract (100-120 words -4-5 sentences.) 5.3 How To Write an Abstract for the Worldview Essay.
Abstract includes:
A. Explanation of the problem you are trying to solve in your essay (one sentence). Borrow this sentence from your Introduction.
B. The thesis statement/claim (your position/solution – one sentence). Borrow your thesis statement from your Introduction.
C. Conclusion (a recommendation/implication – one or two sentences). Borrow one/two sentences from your conclusion.
Abstract should be coherent and readable. Use transitions. Use an active and vigorous syntax.
III. Introduction (150-180 words, 6-7 sentences) 5.1 How To Write an Introduction for the Worldview Essay. Practice.
1. write a hook 5.1 1 How to Write a Hook in Introduction. Read
2. establish and explain the problem you are trying to solve in your project – one sentence
3. discuss the significance; how significant your topic is for the targeted audience – one sentence
4. identify the purpose (are you trying to inform your audience or convince, or to argue?) – one sentence
5. recognize the audience – (who is interested in learning from you about this tipic?) – one sentence.
6. frame the thesis statement/claim (choose a claim of value, a claim of fact, a claim of definition, or a claim of policy).
To construct the sentences, please use the following words: problem, significance, purpose, audience.
III. Historical Background/Literature Review -1 or 2 pages.Improve your first draft. 3.3 Prepare to Write Historical Background/Literature Review
IV. Main Part. A Personal Description/Analysis: 6-7 paragraphs where you analyze your worldview, incorporating the epistemological, metaphysical, cosmological, teleological, theological, anthropological, and axiological points of view in your life story. Provide the examples from your personal experience and/or your personal observation.
Include a topic sentence where you must explain what your main idea is in this paragraph. Frame a clear thesis statement/claim. 5.1.2 Claims of Fact, of Value, of Policy. Read.
Use transitions and end your paragraph with a concluding sentence.
Transitions TRANSITIONS. Updated..pdf
Actions 200- 250 words per paragraph. Use your journal entries and outline.
V. Conclusion. Use the following page to write an effective conclusion. 100 words
5.2 How To Write a Conclusion for the Worldview Essay. Practice.
In your conclusion, briefly summarize your position (pharaprase your thesis statement). One sentence. Use a transition such as therefore, so, thus, as a result, consequently, hence.
While searching for an exit with proper emphasis and grace, here some suggestions that might spark some good ideas for your conclusion. Write 5-6 sentences (it is mandatory to use 1,3,4, and 8). You can add more sentences, using other idieas from the list:
An evaluation of the importance of the essay’s subject
A statement of the essay’s broader implications
A recommendation or call to action
A warning based on the essay’s thesis
A quotation from an authority or someone whose insight emphasizes the main point
An anecdote or brief example that emphasizes or sum up the point of the essay
A rhetorical question that makes the reader think about the essay’s main point
A forecast based on the essay’s thesis
An ironic twist, witticism, pun, or playful use of words
A proverb, maxim, or mottoLinks to an external site.
VI. Work Cited. Document all sources you used in your project. Go to the last page in MLA Format Sample 1.4 MLA Format. Review.
VII. Self-Reflection.
This essay must be accompanied by a Self-Reflection, which should be 350-400 words. A Self-Reflection includes the following:
Evaluate yourself as a writer and a critical thinker, providing informal comments on the various stages of the writing process: ideas, thinking, reading, prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading.
Comments on specific strengths and weaknesses of your paper.
Comments on how the essay reflects your growth as a writer, researcher, and thinker.
Use MLA Format. 1.4 MLA Format. Review.
Text Entry. Upload File type: doc.xls.txt
Be specific; use the proper nouns for people and location; use concrete details.
Use compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.
Use transitions.
Avoid using “You”, “We”. Use “I”.
Avoid using “there is/are, there was/were.”
Avoid using the verb “to be” = am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been (and other linking verbs). Use the action verbs.Avoid using the Indefinite pronouns: everyone, everybody, nobody, anyone, one, somebody
Avoid using contractions such as don’t, didn’t, isn’t, won’t, let’s, there’s, can’t…..
Avoid repetition! Do not use the word “believe” many time.

Acct 101- rawan 4

All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism). The Assignment must be submitted in (WORD format only). Use 2 to 4 References and write it in the last page by APA style. I want new words, No plagiarism “Please make it 0% percentage (we want put it the solution with the Cove page?)

Insurance Accounting home 22

The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Late submission will NOT be accepted.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.


Heres the description: (Six entries, Two Paragraphs Each, Single-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Point Font.)
For this assignment, you are required to write an annotated bibliography by reading at least six (6) scholarly articles and book chapters on your topic. Your articles should be substantive, current, and credible. As you decide on which articles to write about, select not only those articles that buttress your thesis but find a variety of perspectives so that you can have broad and in-depth views of the topic upon the completion of your research.
This assignment is divided into three parts. The first set of entries (at least two) should provide in-depth ideas on your topic and support your thesis. The second set of entries (at least two) should incorporate views that oppose your thesis. The third set of entries (at least two) should deepen the inquiry.
As you start searching for articles using our university’s library website ( and other websites (such as, you will normally find far more articles than you can manage to read over the next few weeks. Before deciding which one you will be writing about, the best course for you is to skim through most of them by reading abstracts and other information. For the chosen ones, you need to read them thoroughly by taking notes, commenting on margins, and asking questions. Since the quality of your annotated bibliography and the research paper will depend on these articles, how you read and what kind of information you gather from these sources largely determine how you would do in those papers.
Every entry in your annotated bibliography should include citation information as a heading and be followed by two paragraphs: the first paragraph should summarize the main argument of the source and include important details. As you know, the summary is different from an arrangement. In the arrangement, we discuss what comes first, what follows the introduction, and so on until we go all the way to the conclusion. On the other hand, a summary is a condensed overview of the whole essay. So, your first paragraph should summarize the main argument and avoid arrangement. The typical way to begin a summary for this kind of project goes like this: “The author argues that…….”
In the second paragraph, describe how you are going to use this article. For instance, discuss where the argument or a detail from this article fits in your paper. How would this inclusion expand and enrich your paper? How does this article differ from the other entries?
While they could be longer, I expect each of your paragraphs for this assignment to be at least 200 words in length.
To learn more about the philosophy and rationale behind writing an annotated bibliography, please visit the following link:
Find scholarly articles on your topic to compose two entries for your annotated bibliography. The articles for this assignment should help you develop your argument. So, select journal articles and book chapters that will support your argument for the research paper.
Please place the title of your research paper at the top of the notes. For each entry, start with the citation information for the sources and compose two paragraphs. You should have two entries and four paragraphs for this assignment.

Write a 4-5-page paper (plus title and reference pages) assessing the role of competencies and biblical principles in leadership

Write a 4-5-page paper (plus title and reference pages) assessing the role of competencies and biblical principles in leadership development as a Christian. Reflect on your own leadership journey. Then identify competencies and characteristics you could use to develop other leaders. Next, articulate how you could potentially leverage your strengths or gifts to support others to be more effective leaders. Write this in the context of leadership as a process and integrate biblical principles and examples for support. Include biblical leaders to illustrate your position.

Include clarity of content, structure, and formatting:

1. Clear presentation of content
2. Organization of content/Headings
3. Grammar
4. Spelling
5. APA 7 formatting
6. Minimum of 5 references
7. All references used for citations in body of text at least once

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall Academic Integrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of Academic Misconduct. The higher a score the higher the probability that there are too high a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there are passages that have not been properly cited.

Marketing Question

The leadership assignment provides students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of leadership by evaluating the skills, values, methods, and performance of someone in a leadership position. Through a personal interview, the student will determine the leader’s strengths and weakness, accomplishments and failures, but, most importantly, how that individual’s approach to leadership conforms or diverges from the model presented by Kouzes and Posner. In a written report, the student will comment on the leader’s compliance with the Kouzes and Posner model, and provide recommendations on how that individual could improve his or her leadership in light of this model. For more information about the final leadership interview project, please navigate to Week 8~Assignments.
You should select someone who is a leader in your major/discipline. [Note: Exceptions to this should be cleared with your professor.] For example, if you are a literature major, you may want to interview a teacher or the leader of a literacy advocacy group; as a government major, you may want to interview a local council member or mayor; as a Christian ministry major, you may want to interview a pastor or local ministry leader. This assignment is designed to help you understand leadership in the field you have chosen; please make every effort to make this assignment relevant to you. Be sure to inform your interviewee that the interview and the paper will be held in strictest confidence and will only be shared with your professor.
You need to obtain approval for your project from your professor. Post a thread in this forum by the end of week 3 providing the following information Make sure you provide all the below information (estimations are fine):
Name of the leader
Company, organization, or group associated with the leader
The leader’s position/title in the company, organization, or group
The size of the group for which the leader is responsible
The number of years in leadership capacity
A brief description of the role and responsibilities of this leader, and how this leader relates to your discipline (major, minor, etc.)
Your chosen writing style (APA, MLA, Turabian)

Survey for the student

b.) Provide an electronically anonymous survey with five multiple-choice questions to assess students and understand their learning experience working in teams and summarize results using a pie chart and a minimum of 250 APA word document teamwork within the clinial patient environment.
Provide questions and make up answer as if 12 students had answer the survey.


Describe two ways you think the pandemic will change the future of the tourism industry.
Describe two ways in which the case study meets specific ecotourism principles. Be specific about which of the eight principles are being met and how.
Describe two ways in which social media has impacted tourism.
Can you have too much tourism?

Hiii there!! you have done a very similar exercise for me last month and it was EXACTLY and PERFECTLY

Hiii there!! you have done a very similar exercise for me last month and it was EXACTLY and PERFECTLY DONE 🙂
this exercise is the same just different scenario-
please open word doc for info and instructions- let me know if you have any questions THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SO MUCH


TURNITIN ACTIVITY Unit 6 – Assignment #10 – Explanations Assignment #10 – Worth 50 points. TURN IT IN Assignment

Unit 6 – Assignment #10 – Explanations
Assignment #10 – Worth 50 points.
TURN IT IN Assignment – Turn It In checks for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar. Any papers with a Similarity of more than 20 will receive a 0.
In a three-page paper (not including cover page), APA format with at least two references, identify a theory that you would use to develop an intervention program to lower teen pregnancies in teenagers. State why you think it is a good fit for the problem and the population you are reaching and defend why you think it is the best theory to use.
Remember to use these points to help you determine which theory is best suited to your needs.
Priority population – Is it a good theory for the population?
Will the theory address the problem?
Does the problem “fit into” the theory?
A header and cover page are not required. APA formatting IS required, including in-text citations and references (page) at the end of the last page for references. Three complete pages of text are required. Paper must be well organized and written. Remember a good paper includes an introduction, a body, and a summary of what was written. Be sure to use at least two reputable resources. Wikipedia is not a reputable source.
_____ APA formatting (15 points) in text and references
_____ Introduction (5 points)
_____ Body with support for choosing theory and if it is good fit for problem and population. (25 points)
_____ Summary (5 points)
_____ Total 50 points

Points deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.

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