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Gentrification in Europe

The people and businesses that move into gentrifying neighborhoods often have goals for their new neighborhood that are at odds with the goals of the previous longtime residents. Rising costs of living and a changing community culture can make for a difficult adjustment for the community at large. These changes often drive out people of color and minority-owned businesses. At the same time, gentrification brings much needed investment into long-neglected areas. Therefore, as we discussed, gentrification is a complex issue that involves many different stakeholders and perspectives. TASK: Gentrification is happening in global cities around the world as we have seen first-hand here in Miami. For this assignment, you will explore a city in Europe and assess how gentrification has impacted the surrounding community. Please follow the directions below and thoroughly answer the following questions. You can answer each question separately or put together a written response (more like a one-page paper). Be sure to include in-text citations and list your sources at the end of your submission. First, identify an area within Europe that is experiencing gentrification. Examples include but are not limited to East Berlin; Zagreb, Croatia; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France. Explore and research this area (which could include using tools such as Google Maps or more traditional sources such as lecture, news articles, documentaries, journal articles, our textbook, etc.). Describe the impacts – both the physical changes and the resulting impacts on the surrounding community. Make an argument regarding whether this trend is bettering or worsening this particular area. At the end of your submission, please list any sources used to complete this assignment.

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