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Geometry Question

I will attach the questions but the file says too large.This is high school geometry calculating and evaluating quadrilaterals. There are 14 questions Each photo is a question, they just aren’t numbered. This can be done in word or regular paper or Adobe.

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Reply Post: From the point of view of a hiring consultant, provide the following advice to two of your peers.
Based on the background provided for their organizations, their cultural profiles, and the external environment in which it operates, discuss whether you would recommend hiring from within the organization or hiring externally.
To ensure the utility of your recommendations, the guidance you offer should be limited to 300 – 400 words maximum.
A well-crafted recommendation would incorporate references to the details provided in the profiles with direct linkages to your advice.
To strengthen the credibility of your recommendations, cite evidence to support it.

Prompt Research the nature of your small group’s topic and the various positions different countries have taken on the


Research the nature of your small group’s topic and the various positions different countries have taken on the issue. Using your research, compose a paper based on your assigned/chosen country’s position on your topic following the guidelines below.

What is a position paper?

The purpose of a position paper is to outline your country’s stance on a particular issue. These papers should be written more like a speech than like a research paper or book report. This means that it’s acceptable (and encouraged!) to be biased in the same way a delegate from your assigned country would be – just be sure to back up your claims.

You will be presenting your paper as a 1-2 minute speech next week in your small group as groups begin in-class debate.


Papers must be submitted in 12pt. double-spaced Times New Roman with one-inch margins.
Papers must be properly cited in one of two ways:
using correct inline Chicago-style citations (with an optional concluding bibliography), or
using correct inline MLA-style citations (with a required concluding Works Cited page).
Papers should include roughly three sources. Uncited papers will receive a failing grade.
Your completed paper should be about 1.5 to 2 pages long, not including your bibliography or Works Cited.
Your paper should also adhere to formal Model UN writing guidelines and refrain from first-person references: you must refer to yourself as “this delegate”, “the delegate of “, or similar.

Here’s an example of what the content of your position paper should resemble, content-wise. You might also want to refer to the rubric for this assignment at the bottom of the page.




For the purposes of this assignment, you can copy this header:

Committee: General Assembly

Topic: Your Committee’s Topic Here

Country: The Full Name Of Your Country Here

Delegate: Your Name

In this section, you must refer to your country, and other countries, by their fully-qualified names. For example, say the People’s Republic of China instead of China and the United States of America instead of the United States. (This guideline should also be adhered to in the body of your position paper, but as long as your intention and writing is clear, it’s not really necessary.)


In this section, you should describe a contextual history of the problem that answers most of the following questions:

What, in the context of your country, is the nature of the problem? (Who’s involved? Since when? Where is it happening?)
Why, in the context of your country, is the problem happening, and who’s responsible?
Why is this problem important enough for it to be discussed, or for your country to take a position on it? (Additionally, are there any trends or conditions that have caused the problem to persist?)
Note that you should not detail your country’s position outright in this section, though it would be appropriate to allude to it in the perspective you take when describing the issue.

To this end, we recommend using statistics from the United Nations, NGOs, or other bodies.

UN Involvement

In this section, you should answer the following questions:

What has the United Nations done (e.g. resolution or international law) in response to this issue? Do any of these responses impact your country? Has the response (or lack thereof) accomplished anything?
Has any other inter/national body acted (e.g. resolution, law, military action) in response to this issue? Do any of these responses impact your country? Has the response (or lack thereof) accomplished anything?
National Policy

In this section, you should describe your country’s position and any action your country has taken on the issue, including any UN resolutions or programs your country is party to, any laws or social programs or military action undertaken in response to or impacting the issue, and the impact the aforementioned has had on the issue.


This section should describe an original, realistic solution to the issue that your country could propose that can be implemented by the United Nations. Generally, you’ll want to:

expand or revise an existing domestic program,
expand or revise an existing UN resolution, mandate, or program, or
expand or revise another country’s existing or proposed solution.
In this section, we’re not looking for a point-by-point policy on how to approach the issue. Aim for a general framework for an original solution that has a realistic chance of changing the playing field. (Your solution doesn’t need to be revolutionary, but it also needs to be more specific than “send more aid”.)

Potential sources for research

The background guide provided by your TA. (The provided background guide does not qualify as a source, but any source listed in the background guide does.)
You may use news sources such as those analyzed in the weekly Analysis Assignment
CIA World Factbook (Links to an external site.). This contains all of the general information and statistics you could ever need, about every nation on the globe.
UN News Centre:
UN Global Issues:
UN Peacekeeping News:
New York Times UN section:
New York Review of Books:
Type the topic and/or your country in the search engine on this site for some of the best and most insightful writing available

Position Paper Writing Resources

Your student leaders!
Week 2 Presentation Slides (Links to an external site.)
United Nations Association Position Paper Guide (Links to an external site.)
Princeton University Position Paper Guide (Links to an external site.)

Position Paper Examples

We’ve provided some examples to help you get started.

Warning: These links are not external and by clicking them, will direct you away from this page, these examples are also available under the Files tab in the Position Paper Examples folder:

Syria – Global Internet Access

I represent Japan

I want top notch work

Writing Assignment Help Instructions:
Answer the following questions about how managers look for ways to increase their ability to solve problems and make effective decisions.
1.- What are the main differences between scheduled and unscheduled decisions?
2.- Why do capable managers sometimes make bad decisions?
3.- What can managers do to improve their decision-making skills?
Don’t forget to use APA include citations and references

Directions: The purpose of this assignment is to assess your basic skill level in writing and critical thinking. 1.

Directions: The purpose of this assignment is to assess your basic skill level in writing and critical thinking.

1. Open a new Word document and name it: 300basic-yourlastname

2. Create a title page, according to APA Style guidelines. (one page) An abstract is NOT required.

3. Professional Organizations*. Write one paragraph each on three professional organizations related to the BSOLL Program. (one page)

4. Job Search Resources. List three dependable sites for job search in your area of expertise. Discuss the results of a search for possible jobs. (one-half page)

5. Library Research**. Locate, obtain, and summarize one professional article about critical thinking. (one-half page)

6. Create a reference page for all resources used. (Your reference page should have seven entries: three professional organizations, three job-search websites, and one article on critical thinking) (one page)

7. Upload your document to the box above.

* Professional organizations related to the BSOLL Program.

Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL)

O*Net Online

ACE Military Guides

ACE Workplace Guide

Prior Learning Assessment, University of Indianapolis (UIndy)

Society for Human Resource Management

** Visit the UofL Libraries for links to on-line resources

Hi there, I was caught stealing from a small business in Mammoth California. I have to do 80 hours

Hi there, I was caught stealing from a small business in Mammoth California. I have to do 80 hours of community service and need to do an essay for the courts which is around 3 pages long, on the harmful effects of shoplifting. Shedding light on both how it affects the person who stealing and how they get addicted and then how it affects the economy and the shop you steal from- just as some ideas. Please feel free to talk about any other points such as Consumers will have to pay higher prices for products to compensate for the loss of revenue from shoplifted products, Security measures may have to be increased at stores, creating a less inviting environment for customers and decreasing the ability of a shop to connect with customers, It can lead to loss of community jobs if the store is forced to shut down, The loss of local and state tax revenue can lead to higher taxes for everyone, There is an added load to police and court systems when dealing with shoplifters, There can be a financial and emotional strain on families who have members who are prosecuted with shoplifting. Perhaps also a paragraph on how I regret it, and how its effected my self esteem how others see me, and how I feel so bad, and I was clearly addicted to the high even though I could afford to buy the items. Thank you please ensure it stays on track as the courts topic was “write a essay on the harmful effects of shoplifting”.

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