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Golden Thread Self-Reflection

Do the following for your initial thread:Review the readings, videos, and assignment feedback you have received across the course in these 6 areas (interview skills, assessment, diagnosis, case conceptualization, treatment planning and Christian integration). (Some feedback is attached in screenshot)Identify any relevant ethical concerns in these 6-areas when it comes to clinical practice (e.g., competency conducting a written treatment plan . . . the training and skills to use CBT-TF, CPT, PE with PTSD or writing up clinical notes, documentation, using prayer) as needed. Please review the ACALinks to an external site. and AACCLinks to an external site. to apply specific sections. This may come into play during your critique below.  Then identify 3 areas you perceive as strengths offering evidence.Then offer 3 growth areas with evidence for your critique.Offer 3 potential “goals” that are specific and measurable along with 2 to 3 interventions for each goal. students must support their assertions with at least 1 scholarly citations in APA format (intext citations and references). ny sources cited must have been published within the last five years unless it is deemed a seminal work in the field. Acceptable sources include textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites, biblical sources (Bible, Bible dictionary, commentary, theological textbooks, etc).

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