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Essay Preview: Football

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College Football

1950Notre Dame began the 1950s as the nations number one team and owner of a 38Ð-game unbeaten streak.The Irish labored to beat North Carolina in their opener, then lost for the first time in five years to visiting Purdue 28Ð-14. The streak lasted from Sept. 28, 1946 to Oct. 7, 1950. Notre Dames record over that span was 37Ð-0Ð-2,.ND lost three more times before the end of the season, finished at 4Ð-4Ð-1 and failed to make the final Top 20 for the first time in 10 years.Two other lengthy streaks were snapped, Oklahoma and Army. Top-ranked Oklahoma swept through the regular season with 10 wins to run its unbeaten string to 31. The Sooners then met Bear Bryants No.7 Kentucky team in the Sugar Bowl. The Wildcats took a 13Ð-0 halftime lead and held on for the 13Ð-7 upset. Armys unbeaten streak of 28 games also came to an abrupt halt against Navy in Philadelphia, with a 14-2 loss. No.3 Texas and 4th-ranked Tennessee squared off in the Cotton Bowl, where the Vols came from behind to win 20Ð-14 in the last three minutes. Out in Pasadena, No.5 California, undefeated for the third regular season in a row (overall record: 29Ð-0Ð-1), lost its third straight Rose Bowl.

1951Any shot Army might have had at regaining the top spot in the AP rankings disappeared on Aug.3, 1951 when 90 Cadets (37 of them football players) were dismissed from West Point in the wake of a cheating scandal. Defending national champ Oklahoma slipped to 8Ð-2 and Texas to 7Ð-3, leaving the way clear for unbeaten Tennessee to move up and claim the title. Coach Bob Neylands bunch had been the only team in the Top 5 to win a bowl game, however, so they felt deserving of the national title. This year the opposite happened. Tennessee got the nod from AP in December then lost the Sugar Bowl to No.3 Maryland.Despite the nearly wholesale changeover to the T-formation in college ball, it was a good year for the single wing. The top two vote-getters in the Heisman balloting, Dick Kazmaier of Princeton and Hank Lauricella of Tennessee, were single wing tailbacks.Michigan State, Illinois and Georgia Tech all went unbeaten with the Illini and the Wreck winning their bowl games. The Spartans had been admitted to the Big Ten in 1950, but were still two years away from officially competing for the Rose Bowl.Finally, Ollie Matson led the nation in rushing and scoring for the San Francisco Dons. USF gave up football for finanacial reasons in 1952.

1952Still a year away from participation in the Big Ten, Michigan State rose to the top of the final AP poll by turning in its second unbeaten season in a row.Georgia Tech was also unbeaten again, raising its record to 12Ð-0 after beating Mississippi in the first All-SEC Sugar Bowl.Notre Dame returned to the Top 20 after an absence of two years and placed third. In the last month of the season the Irish played three other Top 5 teams and beat two of them. They upset Oklahoma 27Ð-21, lost to Michigan St. 21Ð-3, and then in the final game of the year, knocked off unbeaten Southern Cal 9Ð-0.Oklahoma halfback Billy Vessels gained over 1,500 yards in all-purpose running and ran off with the Heisman Trophy. Despite all the success the Sooners would enjoy this decade, Vessels would be Bud Wilkinsons only Heisman winner.Southern Cal and UCLA were both unbeaten when they met to decide who would represent the Pacific Coast Conference in the Rose Bowl. The Bruins led 12Ð-7 at the half, but USC won the game 14Ð-12. After losing to Notre Dame a week later, the Trojans came back to beat Wisconsin 7Ð-0 on New Years and give the PCC its first win over the Big Ten in seven Rose Bowls.Tennessee and Alabama gave the SEC four teams in the Top 10. The No.8 Vols were shut out 16Ð-0 by 10th-ranked Texas in the Cotton Bowl, while No.9 Bama scored a postseason record 61 points routing Syracuse in the Orange Bowl.

1953For the third time in four years, APs national champion swooned in a bowl game. At the end of the regular season, Maryland, champion of the brand new Atlantic Coast Conference, was the only unbeaten and untied major college team in the land. The Terps played No.4 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and lost 7Ð-0.Notre Dame was APs number one team until a stubborn Iowa squad tied the Irish 14Ð-14 on Nov.21. Earlier in the season, the Irish snapped Georgia Techs 31Ð-game unbeaten streak, but coach Frank Leahy collapsed during halftime. He decided to retire at the end of the year and took his leave with a record of 107Ð-13Ð-9 and a career winning percentage second only to that of Knute Rockne.Two-way back Johnny Lattner became the fourth Notre Dame player to win the Heisman Trophy in Leahys 11 years at South Bend. Lattner edged Minnesota HB Paul Giel by just 56 votes.Michigan State had its winning streak stilled by Iowa after 28 games, but the Spartans finally made it to the Rose Bowl where they rallied from 14 points to beat UCLA 28Ð-20.In a year that saw the NCAA implement rules to cut back on two-platoon football, the most memorable play involved a player coming off the bench in the Cotton Bowl. The player was Alabamas Tommy Lewis and he left the sideline to tackle Rice halfback Dicky Maegle in the middle of what would have been a 95Ð-yard touchdown run. Maegle was given the TD (one of three he had that day) and Rice won 28Ð-6.

1954The game of the year should have been a No.1 vs No.1 battle in the Rose Bowl, but it never happened.In 1950, United Press had joined rival Associated Press in the Top 20 business, using coaches instead of sportswriters. For four years both wire services agreed on who the national champion should be. In 1954, however, they didnt. AP picked the Big Tens Ohio State, while UP crowned UCLA of the Pacific Coast Conference.The Big Ten and PCC had agreed to make the Rose Bowl an exclusive rivalry back in 1946. Nine years later, it would have been the perfect setting for this dream game. Unfortunately, both conferences also had a “no repeat” rule that prevented teams from making two consecutive trips to PasadenaUCLA had played in the most recent Rose Bowl (losing to Michigan State), so the Bruins couldnt return. Instead, Ohio State faced PCC runner-up Southern Cal and won handily, 20Ð-7.

1955Oklahoma, ranked by both polls, won its seventh straight Big Seven championship, but like UCLA was prevented from a return to the Orange Bowl by a conference “no repeat” rule.Twenty-five-year-old Terry Brennan succeeded Frank Leahy at Notre Dame and brought the Irish in fourth. Ranked No.1 in September, ND suffered its only loss when upset by Purdue on Oct. 2.Navy beat Army for

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Finance Case

Competency analyze

In this section we will focus on the competence there is essential for the organization, and the ones we already have.

One of the first things we need to have is a legal department. We need someone who can take care of all the legal aspects of our products. First we want someone who can deliver a set of rules that we need to follow. Like what are the laws for lending money to different people, how much can we charge in fees and interest?

We have discussed and all accepted that we will not deal with bad payers. We will outsource this to another company who has the expertise in getting money from bad payers. We know we have to pay them some, but we are sure they will handle this way better then we will be able to. We also choose this solution because we want to focus on the sale, and the activities we are good at. We have looked at different debt collection agency but have not choosing any yet. First we want to see how many bad payers we are going to get, and out of this choose which debt collection agency will be the best match for us.

If we look at the future we want to be in more than one bookstore, and to get most success we want to include other students from these universities. These students will be part of our junior sales team. These students shall try to sell the idea of get-a-book at the other universities where we are not studying. We think this will get the greatest revenue.

Competency analyze for daily management

We have decided that Ulrik will be the leader or in business terms our CEO. We have chosen him because of his experience in entræpanør. Before this he had a business with another friend. He learned how to deal with a lot of different people, how to get investors interested and to get the deal done. Ulrik has a great drive and his abilities to lead and motivate is very high. He has been a driving force from the beginning and good to get other people excited about the idea. One thing that he has been doing very well is his ability to make decision. Most of the time where we have been in an argument, he has taking the lead and made the decision.

Another part of the organization will be the sales department. The sales department will include Rami and Daniel. Rami will be the chief of this department,

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Finance Case

We examine theses hypotheses (1) the market is the only factor and the expected return on the market portfolio is constant, (2) the market is the only factor and the expected return is generated by the regression model, (3) all of the expected factor returns are constant, (4) SMB is not a significant factor in the model, (5) HML is not a significant factor in the model, (6) MOM is not a significant factor in the model, and (7) the four factors in the FF model are uncorrelated. The time range of data is from 1953 to 2011. We test the hypotheses using in-sample (1953-1989) likelihood ratio tests and post-sample (1990-2011) t-test.

We use the spreadsheet FamaFrenchMom.xls to test the following hypotheses using in-sample likelihood ratio and post-sample t-tests. To point out, In-sample period is form 1953 to 1989 and post-sample period is from 1990 to 2011. And we use in-sample period data to build the model and use post-sample period data to test how does the model works.

From the lecture the professor gave us, we know that there are four factors in the FamaFrench Model. They are market (R_m-R_f), SML (R_s-R_b), HML (R_v-R_g) and momentum (Mom). GS10-1 and GS1 stand for different market environment. Thus, we can build four regression formulas.

Suppose that Mr. Dubinski has obtained from Blaine’s banker the quotes shown below for default spreads over 10-year Treasury bonds (note that these differ from the more general corporate bond yields shown in Exhibit 4.). What do these quotes imply about BKI’s cost of debt at the various debt levels and credit ratings? Compute BKI’s weighted average cost of capital at each of the indicated debt levels. What do your calculations imply about Blaine’s optimal capital structure? Based on these calculations, how many shares should Blaine purchase, and at what price?

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Improving Quality Care

Kimberly KuttnerQuality ImprovementSanta Fe CollegeQuality ImprovementImproving quality care has always been one of the motives for health care providers as early as the 1860’s (Kovner, Brewer, Yingrengreung, & Fairchild, 2010). Florence Nightingale was one of the pioneers in nursing and used a new technique at the time of statistical analysis of preventable deaths in the military during the Crimean War (Audain, 2014). Nightingale collected data and showed calculations of how the mortality rate would decrease with improved sanitary methods (Audain, 2014).  This is an example of how statistics can provide a structured way of learning from current or past practice and creates quality improvements in medical and surgical practices. Quality improvement (QI) requires all employees (including management and bedside RNs) to be proactive and planning oriented for problem solving (Cherry & Jacobs, 2011). It is important for nurses to be able to notice what needs improvement on their unit and use critical thinking as a group to find a solution.QI began to get most patients’ and health care providers’ attention when the Institute of Medicine (IOM)’s report To Err is Human came out in 2000 (Kovner, Brewer, Yingrengreung, & Fairchild, 2010). It was later reinforced in 2004 with Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care, which included the following quality aims for healthcare systems: safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable (Kovner, Brewer, Yingrengreung, & Fairchild, 2010). Healthcare professionals must be able to recognize the need for improvement, come up with an appropriate intervention, and evaluate the outcomes from trials (D’Eramo & Puckett, 2014). In a health care finance journal, an article was written about how quality care is being more focused on now because of the economic effects from poor quality care given is being consistent across U.S. hospitals (Andel, Davidow, Hollander, & Moreno, 2012). For example, in 2008 the IOM reported medical errors cost the U.S. $19.5 billion (Andel, Davidow, Hollander, & Moreno, 2012). This is important to consider when hospitals are being reimbursed a small percentage based on their adherence to clinical performance guidelines and the patient’s perception of the quality of care they have received (Gieger, 2012). The Joint Commission (TJC) is one of the regulatory agencies to emphasize quality improvement principles in a hospital setting (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). TJC has moved their motive from review of policies, facilities, and credentials to including process improvement, patient safety, and outcomes (Hall & Moore, 2008).RNs’ have such a vital role in QI in patient safety and outcomes in hospitals because they are giving direct patient care. They can participate in professional improvement teams to form new care protocols and care pathways that may eventually be the new standard of care (Hall & Moore, 2008). This author works on a medical surgical floor that has similar teams but is called “patient improvement teams”. The team members on the patient improvement team include bedside nurses, PCAs, and support techs. Some of the teams are “patient satisfaction”, “fall prevention”, and “hospital acquire urinary tract infection prevention” team.

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Frank Lloyd Wright; Falling Water

Essay Preview: Frank Lloyd Wright; Falling Water

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water, 1934

Frank Lloyd Wright sends out free-floating platforms boldly over a small waterfall and anchors them in the natural rock. Something of the prairie house is here still.

Designed in 1953, the home is built on a hexagonal grid and is constructed entirely of tidewater red cypress and native fieldstone. A unique sculpture park has been integrated with the woodlands and informal gardens surrounding the house. As technology uses more and more natural resources, as the worlds population grows even larger, harmony with nature is necessary.

Given the contour of the land, Wright located a house anchored in the rock next to the falls, jutting over the stream and counterweighted by massing at the back. Wright tilted the house to the southeast as he preferred, extending floors in horizontal bands which echoed rock ledges. The house hovers calmly over the water. Inside there are low ceilings but yet the main living area seems so ample. The light comes from different sides to provide a balanced ambience. Each season brings its own personality to the house.

Building Fallingwater was a complicated and detailed operation, yet the resulting house seems to belong quietly in its setting. It fits into the hillside and extends out over the falls as if it has always belonged there. Frank Lloyd Wrights masterpiece continues to unite human life, architectural form, and nature.

Before the family moved in, there were doubts about the structure, aroused by written reports from the engineers my father employed to check Wrights working drawings. The building would break apart and fall into the run these reports implied. Fallingwater thus reveals the astonishing vitality of Wrights architecture. Through this human wholeness the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright appears unique in the twentieth century. Fallingwater was one of those works by Wright that transformed the worlds opinion of his art.

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