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Greetings, Attached is my paper thus far, I am nearly complete but I need a three page analysis section

Attached is my paper thus far, I am nearly complete but I need a three page analysis section analyzing my literature review.
I have attached the paper, and analysis section starts on page 20 and what I have thus far is in blue. Everything that proceeds the Analysis section is set.

Please let me know if there are any questions or if I need to resubmit the request.

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Assignment 1: Continuity Planning Overview

Course Paper

Business Company Name: NextGen Insurance **PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY** The Course Paper is meant to show evidence of the successful student’s understanding of the materials covered throughout the course. This team-based work challenges you to apply the objectives in a way that demonstrates your understanding of these legal principles, as well as your writing abilities. The Course Paper is a team project. Each team must be made up of two to five students. Each student shall individually submit her or his Course Paper, though submissions will be identical to those of your teammates. The submission shall be either a Microsoft Word file or an Adobe PDF file. **INSTRUCTIONS** Your fictitious company must create a privacy policy document between four and five total pages (all pages in your file will count toward the limit). The document shall include an introductory section, such as an “Executive Summary,” a “Preamble,” or an “Introduction.” The document shall also include the policy statements. The policies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. This is where the work comes in. Your team needs to give evidence in the policy section of your knowledge gained in this course. In the assignment attachment, I describe the Course Paper requirements in a little more detail by using an acceptable format for your policy document. That attachment is not meant to be your template. Rather, it is designed merely to reflect what a successful policy document might look like in any given workplace. You will see in that document that I simply tried to explain more about what the Course Paper should include by using a format that may help you understand how to organize your paper, and understand what features this governance document should include. The Course Paper is worth 100 points. I will give up to ten points for the submission’s form and format. That includes its organization, page count and team size, and grammar and spelling. The form and format is important because if a policy document is disorganized, contains typographical errors, or is hard to read otherwise, employees will not respect or even use it as the guidance it is meant to be. Consider a numbering or another outline styled structure to identify policy clauses.

Respect Writer ( Post Four 305)

Topic: Models of Addiction Thread: Discuss your understanding of the biopsychosocial and spiritual models of addiction addressed in the Reading & Study materials as well as how the models could be related. Give your views regarding the value of models in the study of addictions. Are they helpful or restricting? Make sure to support everything you report with the course material. Use current APA citations and reference at the end.

Discussion Post (Week 10)

Review the article, 4 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Create Better Patient Relationships. In what ways can creating better patient relationships provide a competitive advantage? Is creating better patient relationships a value-producing activity? Why or why not?

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Details are already in the assignment, plagiarism free, 1500 words, referencing style and details are there please let me know if you can do that. thanks

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Expatriate pay Evaluate the following methods for establishing base pay in international assignments: home country-based pay, headquarters-based pay, and host country-based pay. Include within your discussion the strengths and weaknesses of each method and factors that should be considered when determining the appropriate international pay strategy. How should organizations balance host-country income tax differentials? How do compensation plans affect employees’ willingness to accept foreign assignments? 250-300 Words + A cover page + A references page. Check the attached Week 6 overview.

The Australian Media Presentation

Hi there i have a visual presentation (Powerpoint) which illustrates an aspect of Australian media of interest to you (remember, it must be about AUSTRALIAN media).

Appraising Qualitative Research Using The Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal Tool.

Appraising Qualitative Research 33 unread replies.44 replies. Download the Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal Tool and the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool (ARE ATTACHED). Select one of the eight practice problems that burden the overall health of the United States. Conduct a library search for one qualitative research study addressing this problem. Appraise the qualitative research study using the Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal Tool. (These eight practice problems include obesity; diabetes; heart disease; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; mental illness; cancer; addiction, which includes alcohol and opioids; and patient safety, which includes any event in which an individual is harmed under our care). *I like addiction, but you can use any other. After appraising and determining the Level of Evidence and Grade of Quality for your selected qualitative study, summarize your findings. Transfer your findings to the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool. Complete each column including specific details about the qualitative study. Include your completed Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool and your qualitative research study as an attachment with your initial post. Also, include a permalink for your selected qualitative research study with your initial discussion post. Confirm the link allows access to the full-text study article. Our faculty team will review both your research study and Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool and provide guidance. Analyze the evidence summary of the selected qualitative research study to address the following. Does the research design answer the research question? Explain your rationale. Were the study sample participants representative? Why or why not? Compare and contrast the study limitations in this study. Based on this evidence summary, would you consider this qualitative research study as support for your selected practice problem? Explain your rationale. Helpful Hints when appraising your selected research study, begin with the John Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool. This tool guides you in a thorough critique and appraisal that leads to determining the level of evidence and grade of evidence for each individual study. Once you are finished with the Johns Hopkins Individual Research Appraisal Tool, transfer your findings to the Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool. Please note that you will add to this tool each week and this document is REQUIRED as part of your Week 6 paper. IMPORTANT: Do NOT alter this tool in any way whatsoever. For example, do not change this tool into portrait mode (keep it in landscape). Changing the design of this tool will cause you to lose unnecessary points in your weekly scores and also will affect your Week 6 paper grade. Some tips for completing the Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool include: in column #2 insert the selected research study in APA format; in Column #3 state the specific type of qualitative research design used (in week 1 you want to state whether this qualitative research study is grounded theory, phenomenology, descriptive, etc.); describe in detail the sample and study findings in the appropriate columns, and in the last column please insert both the level of evidence and grade of evidence. Articles selected for appraisal in this course must be current -within the past five years. If you are unsure if an article meets the research design requirement (qualitative research for week 1), please feel welcome to run it by me to make sure. I will be happy to help! At the end of your appraisal, if you do not think the research study will inform your selected practice problem, you will need to substitute the publication with another study that does before Week 6. This is required for the Week 6 paper. When you are ready to upload your initial post, please upload your completed Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool along with a permalink to your two selected qualitative research studies. A permalink is a full URL. If a permalink is not familiar to you here is a link to a tip sheet in Chamberlain’s Library: (Links to an external site.) The other option is to upload your qualitative research study as a PDF. I will carefully read each of your studies along with reviewing your complete Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool. Finding Permalinks – How to Search the Library – Home at Chamberlain University – Home – Chamberlain Library Home – Home at Chamberlain University (Links to an external site.) Step by Step Instructions. Permalinks in the OVID database are a little bit hidden, but you can find them by doing the following: 1. Go to the article in OVID, and look for Tools on the right-hand side of the page.. 2. Please Upload the JH Evidence Summary Tool. Students are expected to follow proper APA formatting in each discussion and the Week 6 written assignment. You required to use APA 7th edition for all in-text citations and references, no exceptions.

Complete Your Own Logic Model By Following The Instructions In The Logic Model Workbook. ¢Be Sure To Print And Fill Out The Assignment Sheets In Appendices A And C Of The Logic Model Workbook. *You Will Need To Print These Pages In Order To Complete Them,

The process of creating a logic model allows a program planner to carefully think through the resources available, activities implemented, and short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes that a program hopes to achieve. For this Assignment, you create your own logic model for a program of your choosing. If you are a current human and social services professional, you may choose a program that you currently implement or would like to implement in the future. If you are not yet in the field, you may design a program that professionally interests you. To Prepare Examine the resources in this week’s Learning Resources for information that will help you create, develop, and complete your logic model. The Assignment: ¢Complete your own logic model by following the instructions in the Logic Model Workbook. ¢Be sure to print and fill out the assignment sheets in Appendices A and C of the Logic Model Workbook. *You will need to print these pages in order to complete them, then scan them and submit them to your instructor. Required Readings Csiernik, R., Chaulk, P., McQuaid, S., & McKeon, K. (2015). Applying the logic model process to employee assistance programming. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, 30(3), 306?323. Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases. Frye, A. W., & Hemmer, P. A. (2012). Program evaluation models and related theories: AMEE Guide No. 67. Medical Teacher, 34(5), e288?e299. Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases. Innovation Network. (n.d.). Logic model workbook. Retrieved from McCawley, P. F. (n.d.). The logic model for program planning and evaluation. Retrieved from Savaya, R., & Waysman, M. (2005). The logic model: A tool for incorporating theory in development and evaluation of programs. Administration in Social Work, 29(2), 85?104. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

Case Study

Read “Can We Trust Big Data?” (see attached file) Answer the questions Please use this strategy when you analyze a case: Identify and write the main issues found discussed in the case (who, what, how, where and when (the critical facts in a case). List all indicators (including stated “problems”) that something is not as expected or as desired. Briefly analyze the issue with theories found in your textbook or other academic materials. Decide which ideas, models, and theories seem useful. Apply these conceptual tools to the situation. As new information is revealed, cycle back to sub steps a and b. Identify the areas that need improvement (use theories from your textbook) Specify and prioritize the criteria used to choose action alternatives. Discover or invent feasible action alternatives. Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives. Select a course of action. Design and implementation plan/schedule. Create a plan for assessing the action to be implemented. Conclusion (every paper should end with a strong conclusion or summary)

PSY 492 -Internet-Based Psychological Interventions

I NEED THIS ASSIGNMENT BACK ON DECEMBER 9TH AT 4PM. I AM HAVING ISSUES WITH THE MODULE AND THE MODULE IS CLOSING EARLY. Post your response to the topic below with at least 300 words in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Cite information from at least one academic source, such as your textbook or an article from the Argosy Online Library, to support your statements. Use current APA standards to properly cite your source(s). Review and respond to your classmates’ posts through the end of the week, asking for clarification, suggesting a different perspective, and/or indicating how their responses illustrate development of their critical thinking skills. Discussion Topic With so many individuals using the Internet today, the psychology of the individual, the family, the community, and the society has changed. Some might argue that the traditional psychological theories cannot be applied and therefore psychology as an entire field needs to be revamped to incorporate the impact and the application of internet technology. As a student completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, your future career will undoubtedly incorporate the use of the Internet in very new ways. Read the following article from the AUO Library: Ritterband, L. M., Gonder-Frederick, L., Cox, D. J., Clifton, A. D., West, R. W., & Borowitz, S. M. (2003). Internet interventions: In review, in use, and into the future. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 34(5), 527-534. Identify a problem area or psychological issue that could benefit from the use of an internet intervention. Now, using what you learned from the article, propose an internet intervention using the following guidelines: What problem area would the internet intervention address? Provide a general description of the proposed internet intervention. How would the effectiveness of the proposed intervention be tested? What are any legal and ethical issues related to the proposed intervention? Include the specific APA ethical standard(s) in your response.

Case Studey On Estimating Problem

Read the case study “The Estimating Problem” on page 734 and then answer the questions on page 735. Need 500 words (Combination of 3 Answeres) in the statement.

Discusion Question

Discusion Question. “Business and Cyberethics” Please respond to the following: A possible view is that business and ethics simply have nothing to do with each other, and that the term ?business ethics is an oxymoron. Immoral behavior of individual market participants, such as high-profile managers or corporations (e.g., Enron, WorldCom, etc.), sometimes appear to support this view. Explain whether or not you agree and support your rationale. Consider that computers are becoming ubiquitous and have ? pervaded our work and recreational environments. Objects in these environments already exhibit (or will very soon do so) what Brey (2005) and others call ?ambient intelligence, which enables ?smart objects to be connected to one another via wireless technology. Some consider Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to be the first step in what they refer to as pervasive or ubiquitous computing. Elaborate on the possible implications of this trend for cyberethics. (There is no limit on words and does not need to be in Apa format…)
Discusion Question

Assignment 1: Continuity Planning Overview

Assignment 1: Continuity Planning Overview. Determine whether or not you believe displaying warning banners on your company- issued personal computers are a necessary security control. Explain what a warning banner can add to the overall security program and eventual potential legal posture of the company. Based on your experience (e.g., work, school, public computer, etc.), indicate whether or not you have seen warning banners displayed and describe the situation(s). Explain whether or not you believe the company did or did not recognize the need to use warning banners Summarize the legal process for cases involving digital crimes and the affect you perceive that computer investigations can have on the process. Determine why it is important for a computer investigator to have Level 3 training to conduct an investigation. Conclude whether or not you believe the legal process for cases involving digital crimes is keeping up with the times and the advancement of technology. Explain one area of law that you believe should be improved when it comes to digital crimes, legislation, and investigations. Use the Internet to find a recent example of a corporate high-tech investigation. Briefly review the investigation so that you thoroughly understand the situation. Be prepared to discuss. explain the procedures followed in the corporate investigation you researched. Provide a separate situation / scenario in which these same procedures would be ideal. Explain in your own words the purpose and importance of utilizing proper investigation procedures in corporate incidents and cases in both enterprise and small- to medium-sized businesses. Indicate the potential downfalls of not using these procedures. Determine what you perceive to be the value of forensics lab accreditation and whether or not it is important. Explain whether or not you believe lab certification is a requirement for law enforcement agencies and provide justification. Go to the ASCLD / LAB Website located at . Review the process of forensic lab accreditation and research one ASCLD accredited lab in your area. Be prepared to discuss. outline the process of forensic lab accreditation and determine what a laboratory needs to do in order to fulfill the requirements. Identify an ASCLD accredited lab in your geographic location and further research this lab. Povide an overview of its operations and accredited capabilities. Describe at least three challenges of performing data acquisition on a device using a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) disk configuration. Determine whether or not you believe any one RAID configuration presents more challenges than the others and provide justification. Use the Internet to research and select at least one forensics tool that aids a forensic specialist in RAID data acquisition. Be prepared to discuss, thoroughly describe the RAID data acquisition forensics tool you researched, including at a minimum its functions, advantages / disadvantages, and cost. Explain why you would consider utilizing this tool as a system forensics specialist, and provide a scenario where this tool would assist you in an investigation. Explain in your own words why there is a need for live system forensics and discuss how this type of analysis improves on static system forensics analysis. Describe the challenges with data consistency and why this is an area of concern for system forensics specialists. Analyze the four acquisition methods to determine whether or not these methods are suitable for live data acquisition. Outline the process you would take to determine the best acquisition method for live system analysis.
Assignment 1: Continuity Planning Overview

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