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Reflection Paper one Religion

Reflection Paper One

Religion is best described as any person’s reliance on a pivotal value or a group of related values in which that person finds essential wholeness as an individual and as a person in the community. As we break down this broad definition I can see why people with different religious studies may interpret this definition differently. By understanding the major religions of the world and how their religious views may differ from mine is key in today’s diverse society.

Over the past decade our society has been faced with many events brought on by religious groups. On September 11 2001 a small group of Islamic people plotted an attack resulting in many Americans death. Over 10 years later on the same date an outrage in Libya occurred. The U.S consulate got attacked. This occurred due to a religious slur against Prophet Mohammad. After a small group of Libyans viewed this video they decided to react and protect Mohammad’s legacy. They decided to form a cult and started burning the American Flag and saying we hate Americans. Due to the lack of knowledge this man had on Islamic religion his sarcasm hurt the feeling of the natives of Libya and it resulted in a traumatic event.

Even though, Judaism formed the ideas of Islam, and Christianity and all three have a monotheistic view, one cannot just assume all the aspects are the same. This is where problems arise I have learned both the similarities and differences between the three.

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Team Analysis Current Event 4 Power and Conflict

Team Analysis Current Event 4 Power and ConflictSecurity Software, Insecurity Culture *Point – using power in a negative way as a petty tyrant. “With more than 60 percent of the votes on Tanium’s board between them, Orion and David Hindawi have near-absolute control.” The CEO is using his formal power in a negative manner that has caused a crisis in the company and over 9 executives to leave the company. As he rose to power he failed to see there is a difference between power and effective leadership and “his bullying was flagged as a potential liability by the startup’s largest investor.” He’s taking the power that he has over giving rewards, and instead of using them to positively influence employee’s attitudes and work, he’s taking them away right when they would have received them. By keeping his “Orion’s List,” he looks specifically for those that are close to the stock buying opportunity and fires them before they can do so. Took advantage of the formal power that he had over his employees and treated them unfairly. Petty tyrant – uses power inappropriately. Treats subordinates in belittling, over controlling manner – target feels stressed, helpless, increases turnover.  “On multiple occasions, he mocked an overweight senior executive, say former employees. One sales recruit decided not to pursue a job after Hindawi joked about the executive’s girth at a dinner, say two people present at the meal.”

Bad Behavior Database Aims to Stop Rogue Traders Before They ActDidn’t really see much from this article. New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your DeskEcological power – the way leaders indirectly influence people by controlling the physical environment, technology, or organization of the work. Labor’s Last Stand This article discusses the conflict between the labor unions and those that support the right to work law which limits their main revenue of organized labor, fees. “Conflict – a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something that the first party cares about.”

Team Building And Belbin’S Team Roles        Source college admissions essay help

Team Building Report

Team Building ReportInsert Image HereExecutive SummaryTable of ContentsPart I – Research, Analysis, Evaluation and Application        1.0 Team Building        1.1 History & Overview        1.2 Theories, Tools, Models and Techniques        1.2.1 Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development        1.2.2 Belbin’s Team Roles        Source:        1.2.3 Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX)        Part II – Reflection        1 My First Year at Surrey        2 What I Have Learnt About Myself        I have very much enjoyed my university experience so far. I have learnt that I am perfectly capable of living by myself and balancing my social life alongside my studies independently and still achieving good grades. I have also learnt that unfortunately I can sometimes be a lot lazier than I previously thought, both in regards to my studies and         3 What I Will Do In The Future         In the future I intend to make more of an effort to contribute to overall university life. By not joining any societies in my first year, I have missed out on the opportunity of being part of a committee next year which is something that I would have liked to have done. On a personal level I also want to complete my musical Diploma on Drums as well as my Grade 6 Piano. I am hoping that this will give me something to focus on throughout the year (as a goal) in addition to a healthy “distraction” from my degree work to keep me motivated.

4.1 Motivations and Expectations        Part III – Action Plan        References        Appendices        Word Count: xxxxPart I – Research, Analysis, Evaluation and Application1.0 Team Building1.1 History & OverviewTeam building can be defined as a “philosophy of job design” where people are viewed as interdependent team members working towards a mutual goal rather than individuals ( This has been a widely researched topic with key players such as Belbin, Ford, Tuckman, Hawthorne, Maslow and Lewin who have deloloped a number of theories, models, tools and techniques which can be implemented to help build successful teams.

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Whirlpool in India

Whirlpool is currently amongst the top five leading washing brands1 in India but their washing machines in India differ significantly from the washing machines in US. This example of disparities in the types of washing machines found in the US vs. in India is meant to bring to light how cultural differences and laundry habits of people influenced a global company’s product portfolio and business practices.

When Whirlpool decided to pursue a global strategy and enter the Indian market in the early 1980’s, it decided to commence by manufacturing and selling washing machines. The company had to begin by understanding the knowledge, habits, motivations and abilities of the customers in India and how they differed from the laundry habits of people in the US2. For majority of the households in India, a maid washes the clothes on a regular basis, whereas in the US everybody does their own laundry2. Line drying clothes is the preferred way of drying clothes in India where as a heated dryer is a must for every household in the US. The type of clothing worn by the people in the two countries and the size and layout of houses also differ significantly.

A washer is not a must have for every family in India and only 17% of the Indian households were noted to have washing machine in 20142. In order to penetrate the Indian market in the early 1980’s, Whirlpool had to suitably price their washers so that it would appeal to the Indian masses. In the US, the price of a Whirlpool washer is approximately $500, whereas a Whirlpool washer in India is sold within a retail price range of $150-$2002,3. Market studies on Indian households had indicated that people often moved the washers around the house and therefore Whirlpool had to modify their traditional washing machine to add castors that would enable the families to do so with ease. The machines introduced in India were also more compact compared to the full –size machines in the US, to fit in the smaller house sizes in India3,4 . The company also introduced a delicate setting for their machines to accommodate washing of the five feet long “sari” that the traditional Indian women wear 2,3,4. Whirlpool further added colored washing machines to their product line in India to flatter the Indian consumer market4,5. With these adaptations along with many other strategic initiatives the company was able to gain significant market share in India. Whirlpool

Team Structure And High-Performance Team write essay help

Groups & Teams

Essay Preview: Groups & Teams

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Groups and Teams Paper

Wilma Kay Allen

University of Phoenix

Organizational Behavior

MGT 331

Ken Baca

June 30, 2005

One of the most significant changes that have occurred within companies organization behaviors is that they have moved from having heavy vertical management structures, to that of very flat horizontal structures. This change over the past ten year could not have been achieved without a change in managements philosophy from that of direct supervision over their employees to moving toward a team structure. This paper will explain the process of how a group can become a high-performance team. We will examine the impact that personality styles, differences in skills and abilities and values and attitudes found within the team structure can affect the behavior of the group as a whole. Finally, we also address how these various demographic characteristic and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from the high-performance of the team.

So lets now examine how a group of individuals will work together to become a high-performance team. One of the key factors that you should have to establish a strong high-performance team is placing individuals that have different personality styles as well as different skills and abilities within your group structure. When your team is made up of several individuals that possess various personality styles, cultures and skill and abilities you will have a vast pool of knowledge and experience that each individual can experience and learn from. Each member of this group will bring their own individual strengths to the table along with their weakness that will in turn be strengthened by another group. Having this diversity will in the long run give the group a greater creativity capacity than if you had a group that was made up of the same type of individuals that could not think out of their own box as it were.

Once your group of individuals has been established, their must be an open line of communication not only between each group member but also with management. The benefit of allowing your team to become empowered will allow them to shoot for the stars. A high-personal team knows that they are not only accountable to each other but to the company as a whole and that they have to accept responsibility not only for their successes but also for failures.

As this new group of individuals pulls from each others abilities and skills, they will no doubt encounter bumps along their cohesive process of evolving into a high-performance team. The diversity factor found in this type of team will have an infinite number of benefits not only to the company they work for but also, for each individual.

All teams need members who believe in team goals and are motivated to work with others actively to accomplish important tasksЖwhether those tasks involve recommending things, making or doing things, or running things. Indeed, an essential criterion of a true team is that the members feel “collectively accountable” for what they accomplish.” The sense of collective accountability sets the stage for real teamwork, with team members actively working together in such a way that all their respective skills are well utilized to achieve a common purpose. A commitment to teamwork is found in the willingness of every member to “listen and respond constructively to views expressed by others, give others the benefit of the doubt, provide support, and recognize the interest and achievements of others. The fact is that it takes a lot more work to build a well-functioning team than simply assigning members to the same group and then expecting them to do a great job.

High-performance teams have special characteristics that allow them to excel at teamwork and achieve special performance advantage. First, high-performance teams have strong core values that help guide their attitudes and behaviors in directions consistent with the teams purpose. Such values act as an internal control system for a group or team that can substitute for outside direction and supervision. A high-performance team will set specific objectivesЖsuch knowing what their joint objectives are and what time frames they must be met in are with having direct supervision to push them to accomplish their goals. This group will also set standards for measuring results and obtaining performance feedback from each other. The individual members of this team have the right mix of skills, including technical skills, problem solving and decision-making skills, and interpersonal skills to get the job done. (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005)

Once a company has set a group of individuals in motion in becoming a high-performance team they can utilize this group diversity to tackle complex problems within the organization to address areas that process and production can be change to increase the bottom-line. A great example of a high-performance team action can be found within the company I work for Zurich American Insurance Company. Five year ago the CEO of our company noticed that the companys financial position was in bad shape,

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