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Group project / Managerial accounting

The company is Alphabet Google.
Pls work on the ratio and trend analysis. Ratio and trend analysis of the last 5 years. All the analysis have to be from the cause context. Analysis should be year by year. Pls check the textbook for the formula of the ratios

Management Information-the MIS and decision-making in business

Discuss how data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge contribute to business decision-making from a system thinking perspective. Give an example.
Based on the concepts discussed in question 1, is the decision-making process in the company you work for now conducted from a system thinking approach? Does it contemplate data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge as desired? How can the decision-making process be improved with the support of the MIS currently used? Explain.
What is artificial intelligence? How does an electronic spreadsheet program, such as Excel, provide decision support capabilities? What is the difference between transactional and analytical information, and how could robots affect each for Safeway grocery stores? Is the organization that you work for currently using AI? If yes, how? If not, What to do to implement it for decision-making purposes?
Each answer must be 200-word-maximum long, and they must reflect your rationale (preferably). The answers must be concrete. APA format is mandatory. Also, citation is a must if external sources support your solutions

Case Study ZZZZ Best (Audit Evidence Standard)

Accounting Assignment Help Prepare a 2-3 page paper that addresses all of the following:
Explain how the audit evidence standards apply in this case. Be sure to make reference to specific paragraph numbers from the standards.
Both AS 1105 and SAS No. 142 identify the principal “management assertions” that underlie a set of financial statements. The occurrence assertion was particularly critical for ZZZZ Best’s insurance restoration contracts. ZZZZ Best’s auditors obtained third party confirmations to support the contracts, reviewed available documentation, performed analytical procedures to evaluate the reasonableness of the revenues recorded on the contracts, and visited selected restoration sites. Comment on the limitations of the evidence that the procedures provide with regard to the management assertion of occurrence.
Did the confidentiality agreement that Minkow required Ernst

Discussion Post – Creating a non profit

What is the name of the nonprofit you want to establish?
Consider the mission of the nonprofit and create a mission statement.
What programs will your nonprofit offer?
What fund designations will be needed to account for those programs?
What kind of transactions would you have at your nonprofit?
How will these transactions be recorded (consider segregation of funds and net asset classifications)?

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