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Gustave Flaubert And Madame Bovary Scholarship Essay Help

Madame Bovary: A Tragic Hero

Essay Preview: Madame Bovary: A Tragic Hero

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March 13, 2006

Madame Bovary: A Tragic Hero

Every tragedy falls into two parts–Complication and Unraveling or DenouementBy Complication I mean all that extends from the beginning of the action to the part which marks the turning point to good or bad fortune. The Unraveling is that which extends from the beginning of the change to the end…There are four kinds of tragedy… [One being] the Pathetic (where the motive is passion).

(p. 90)

In Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, the protagonist is, by definition, a tragic hero. Emma Bovary has certain character flaws that are driven by passion and she has urges to climb the social ladder. Her desires and so called “needs” consume her youth and, eventually, her life. Flaubert composes the book in a crafty way, meaning that the novels moral structure requires Emma to assume responsibility for her own actions. Her affairs are brought on at her own will and their failures leave her hopeless. She not only is a slave for love, but a victim. By use of Flauberts reoccurring themes and motifs, he paints a picture that makes the world of Emma Bovary a tragedy with pathetic traits.

Emma Bovary is trapped confines of her own character flaws and even as a child, these flaws are apparent. In the chapters where the reader learns about Emmas education at the convent, it is clear that she, even as a young teenager, has daydreams of living her life in an enchanted novel. “She had read Paul and Virginia, and had dreamed of the bamboo cabin…she dreamed that she, too, had a sweet little brother for a devoted friend, and that he climbed trees…to pluck her crimson fruit, and came running barefoot over the sand to bring her a birds nest.”(p. 41) It is clear that she desires things to be brought and presented to her by a man. The so called “brother” that she dreams of is clearly non-existent. This “brother” brings her a birds nest, as if it was the world on a plate. When the reader meets the father, he arranges the marriage of Emma and Charles. Charles is too cowardly (“an importunate child” (p.40)) to ask for the hand in marriage himself and is by no means the man who is going to climb trees and bring her the fruits of which she desires. On just the next page of the novel, the reader learns that she loved to make confessions in the just to hear words like “…betrothed, spouse, heavenly lover, mystical marriage- excited her in a thrilling new way.” (p.42) As a child, Emma also enjoyed the “sea for its storms alone” and “cared for vegetation only when it grew here and there among ruins.” Although it is somewhat comical, it is also tragic. Flaubert clearly uses these short motifs to demonstrate Emma Bovarys pitiful characteristics.

The tragic hopelessness of Emma Bovary is conveyed by the means liquid images. It is as if the world is crying for Emma Bovary. During the early days of Charless courtship of Emma, the reader is constantly hearing drops of water falling one by one. The snow is always melting, the walls are sweating and the trees are oozing. It is all the deterioration of the life and world of Emma. The erosion of everything can be inferred as the emptiness of time.

Madame Bovary also brings out this immense sadness of times undoing. Old Rouault explains that, after his wife died, grief itself dissolved. The steady flow becomes the very symbol of a chronic despair. After Leons departure, Emma is plunged again into a life

Solar Panels And Demand Curve.While Supply college essay help near me

Market for Solar Panels

QUESTION 1Diagram 1 (a) shows the market for solar panels when market is at equilibrium, supply equals to demand, the price is at P0 and quantity demanded by consumers is at Q0.When the price of solar panels decreases to below the market equilibrium price from P0 to P1. Consumers will demand more when the price of solar panels is lower. Quantity demanded for solar panels rises from Q0 to Q1 and cause a downward movement along the demand curve.While supply for solar panels will decrease from Q0 to Q2 as producers reduce the production of solar panels when the profit earned from selling a solar panel decrease. As a result, there will be a shortage of solar panels between Q2 and Q1. Market equilibrium adjustment occurred when there is insufficient supply of solar panels to satisfy the demand of consumers. Consumers thus offer a higher price to buy the limited solar panels, price is then adjusted and increase from P1 back to P0. As price increases, producers increase production and consumers demand less. Market for solar panels is then adjusted and back to the equilibrium level again where supply equals to demand.Electricity and solar panel are substitute. When the price of electricity goes up, consumers find it expensive and will look for a substitute to replace electricity, which is solar panel. As a result, demand for solar panel increases and cause a shift of demand curve to the right from D0 to D1 as shown in Diagram 1(b). As demand goes higher than supply, a shortage of solar panel will occur with a quantity from Q0 to Q1. Consumers thus offer a higher price to buy the limited solar panels and at the same time producers will increase the price and supply to earn more profit. Eventually, demand will equal to supply and a new equilibrium will be formed at the point B where price is at P1 and quantity is at Q2. With the use of new technology, productivity increases where producers can produce more solar panels with a same amount of money or at a lower cost. Thus, supply of solar panel increases and causes a shift of supply curve to the right from S0 to S1 as shown in Diagram 1(c). As supply goes higher than demand, a surplus will occur between Q0 to Q1. Sellers of solar panels will then decrease the price in order to be able to sell off the remaining stock available and at the same time reduce the production since the profit earned from each solar panel sold has reduced. Eventually, supply will equal to demand and a new equilibrium will be formed at the point B. QUESTION 2When a higher demand and a lower supply of yoga provided happen at the same time, demand for yoga will shift to the right and supply curve will shift to the left. Both of these scenarios thus result in three different outcomes in the yoga market. Diagrams for 3 different scenarios are being shown in diagram 2(a), 2(b), and 2(c) respectively.Firstly, when the increase in demand is larger than the decrease in supply, where the shift of demand curve is greater than the shift of supply curve, a new equilibrium will be formed at a higher quantity and price.

Tammar Wallaby And Young Become Resistant essay help: essay help

Cell Parts and Their Functions

Essay Preview: Cell Parts and Their Functions

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Antibiotics are something we as a species use quite commonly. If you have an ear infection, strep throat, a urinary tract infection, or other infections then you take an antibiotic for them in order to treat them. Now we have to worry about our bodies becoming resistant to antibiotics. We have been using antibiotics for a long time now and the more that we use antibiotics the more our bodies become resistant to the antibiotics that we have available on the market for use.

First we should know what an antibiotic is. An antibiotic is a drug that kills or slows the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics are one class of “antimicrobials”, a larger group which also includes anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic drugs. They are relatively harmless to the host, and therefore can be used to treat infection. We have to find a way in order to protect ourselves against these bacterial infections. To overcome the increasing resistance of pathogens to existing antibiotics the 10×20 Initiative declared the urgent need for a global commitment to develop 10 new antimicrobial drugs by the year 2020. What they are talking about is looking at some of our distant animal descendants to see what they might have to offer humans as far as natural antibodies that we can form into antimicrobial drugs for ourselves.

Scientists have been looking at different species like the Tammar wallaby, the platypus, and marsupials antimicrobials to see how we can use them for the human population. They see marsupials as a good source because their young are grown prematurely outside of a protective pouch rather than a womb inside the body. Theyve studied how the young become resistant to the bacteria that surround them. Some of it comes from the mothers milk. It is like how a human mother breast feeds her child and what the mother ingests, plus her own antibodies, are transported from mother to child via lactation. It is the same way with the platypus.

When scientists look into what it is that is helping these young survive they are finding what they call cathelicidins, a key family of antimicrobial peptide genes. They have identified fourteen cathelicidins in the Tammar wallaby genome. They have identified eight cathelicidins in the platypus genome. They discovered that the cathelicidins are indeed found from the excretion of breast milk in the platypus and the skin inside the pouch of the Tammar wallaby. Both platypus and tammar peptides were effective in killing a broad range of bacterial pathogens. One potent peptide, expressed in the early stages of the tammar wallaby lactation, effectively killed multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter baumannii.

You then have to ask what this means for humans. From the studies shown the marsupial and the monotreme young are protected by antimicrobial peptides that are potent, broad spectrum and salt resistant.

Charlotte Perkins Gilmans Short Story And Susanna Kaysens Novel college essay help


Essay Preview: Madhouse

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Adam Joseph

February 22, 2006

Question # 1

Its A Madhouse! Or is it?

The mood sinks and your mind wanders off of the ordinary and fixes on the strange and unusual. The sticky confines of the ward exacerbate insane conditions. Plucked from reality and shoved into this mysterious hell hole, where delusion and hallucination are common and our fancys run wild. A madhouse is a place of great disorder and confusion where individuals with erratic and insane tendencies are detained or chose to reside.

In Charlotte Perkins Gilmans short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator spends all of her time in an isolated room with only a bed that is bolted down to the floor. Covering the walls in this room is a horrid yellow wallpaper, hence the title. Initially she is disgusted by the wallpaper, but the more time she concentrates on it she is very intrigued by it. Eventually she realizes that there is a woman trapped inside of the wallpapers bars, always creeping around. She views the room where she is told to rest and stay in as a prison and she relates the woman behind the wallpaper to herself. Little by little she removes the wallpaper thinking she will free the woman. Once all of the wallpaper is gone she thinks that she was the woman that was behind the wallpaper all along and she begins to creep alongside the wall.

To the narrator her space where she is detained is a prison. It is enforced by her husband John who is a doctor. John treats her like a child and says he knows what is best for her because he is a doctor. She loved to write and keep a diary but John would not let her because he was afraid that her mind may be too fanciful. The narrator was feeling so oppressed and held back by Johns demands that she envisioned a woman being oppressed by the hideous wallpaper. She became so obsessed, that it was all that she thought about. This was brought on by what she has been going through her whole life because she had no independence or say in anything, even matters of her own health.

The room with the yellow wallpaper definitely causes her insanity. Her sickness first started with a simple anxiety after giving birth. Once in the room her fancies started running wild and writing in her journal didnt help to keep her sane. She was ill without being in the room but being detained there makes her more neurotic and it turns her insane.

Susanna Kaysens novel, Girl Interrupted, tells the story of a girl admitted to a mental institution. There is a lot of pressure on her to succeed and be an academic achiever. This pressure becomes overwhelming and she takes an entire bottle of aspirin and chases it with vodka. This act was looked upon as an attempt at suicide by a family doctor/psychologist and she is sent away. She arrives and immediately realizes that these people arent like her at all. These people were actually insane and she could notice a distinct difference. She constantly writes in her journal about the patients. Analyzing and observing all their actions. Realizing peoples problems and writing them down helps her cope, and become sane. She forms a tight bond with all the patients and though she knows she is sane, she does not want to show it for fear she might be released. The reason she was so depressed from the beginning was that she had no real girl friends that she could have fun with. Ironically enough, the mental institution provided her with the girl friends she desired so to leave when she wasnt ready would be pointless.

There are two madhouses in this novel. One of them is the mental institution, for obvious reasons. It is a place of chaos and disarray all of the time and there are plenty of insane women wandering about. The other madhouse in this story applies to Susanna. Susannas madhouse is the real world and its expectations of upcoming women. The outside world for Susanna doesnt make sense; it is her place of confusion and delusion. When she steps out of the world and enters the hospital she faces another extreme that are the women

Medical Professionals And Advanced Technology melbourne essay help: melbourne essay help

Ccta Case

Essay Preview: Ccta Case

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In the article “Down, Down, Down Methods to Reduce Dose in CCTA” (HealthImaging&IT, July/August 2009: 22-23), Justine Cadet points out the radiation exposure levels giving during a Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA) exam could be lower if medical professionals used advanced technology, education, training, and best practices to reduce the dose giving during this exam.

Concerns that intentional radiation exposure during diagnostic medical exams has been the cause of cancer have increased awareness among the Insurance Companies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some medical professionals feel that the valuable information obtained during the CCTA exam, outweighs the risk of receiving the radiation and possibly developing cancer later in life.

Studies show that CCTA exam dose levels vary by a wide margin. The variance of dose is due to technology and techniques applied during the CCTA exam. As the technology improves the dose for the CCTA exam is decreasing. Without the latest technology reducing dose through training and education techniques will likely be the key factors in reducing the dose of this exam.

Adapting techniques and training procedures to lower dose without affecting the quality of the exam are currently be studied. Sharing and applying the information gained through research will assist in reducing the dose for CCTA exam. An important factor that could be used to reduce CCTA exam dose is data sharing and feedback from institutions that perform the exams. It is hoped that in the future more medical professionals share ideas and data to reduce the dose of the CCTA exam. If the dose can be reduced, there may be less of a concern by the Insurance Companies and the FDA that this exam is inducing cancer in its patients.

Biological Parents And Case Study Of A Child “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

Case Study of a Child with Cystic Fibrosis

Essay Preview: Case Study of a Child with Cystic Fibrosis

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RNSG 2262

Community Resources

Case study of a Child with Cystic Fibrosis

The case scenario is of a six month old child who was recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Child protection services took the child from her biological parents, due to child neglect as evidenced by child was

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