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Hampton Machines Case

It seems that meaningful recommendations cannot be made without a relevant financial analysis of the company. So the guidelines for case write-up should roughly follow the guidelines for case presentation described earlier. The financial analysis for case write-up is not expected to be as comprehensive as that for case presentation. Please limit your discussion of the company background to one-half page. In your case write-up, you are expected to state the major problem that needs to be resolved, conduct financial analyses and use the relevant financial theory, specify the facts of the case and assumptions if any, and provide sound recommendations. Of course, you can discuss any additional information that is relevant to your case. The case write-up should not exceed six double-spaced pages. This six-page limit does not include tables, references, appendix, and graphs that you may have in your case write-up.

Activity 3

Strategic Planning:
Case Study Overview:
In conventional business and government megaprojects–such as hydroelectric dams, chemical-processing plants, or big-bang enterprise-resource-planning systems–the standard approach is to build something monolithic and customized. Such projects must be 100% complete before they can deliver benefits: Even when it’s 95% complete, a nuclear reactor is of no use. On the basis of 30 years of research and consulting on megaprojects, the author has found two factors that play a critical role in determining success or failure: replicable modularity in design and speed in iteration. The article examines those factors by looking at well-known megaprojects, both successful ones, and cautionary tales.
Case Study Link
Better Project Management | Harvard Business Publishing Education
Access Link:
Using the megaproject case study answer the following:
You have just read an awesome article about megaprojects and how to make them more modular. You are new to an organization managing their Portfolio Management Office (PMO) and have several projects that you feel meet the criteria of a “megaproject”. Given what you have learned from this article and your experience managing projects identify the following:
1. What would be your suggested approach to managing a megaproject?
2. What are the risks with your approach?
Assignment Requirements:
The assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form.
This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible.
Bullet points should not be used.
The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length.
Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
Utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to project management. The textbook should also be utilized.
Do not insert excess line spacing.
APA formatting and citation should be used.

Answer the following case study questions: Given the complex nature of the airline industry, describe the key traits that

Management Assignment Help Answer the following case study questions:
Given the complex nature of the airline industry, describe the key traits that have enabled Southwest’s success throughout the years. Southwest Airlines’ Nonstop Culture: Flying High with Transparency and Empowerment ^ W94C04

1. Explain the importance of a successful power transition for a company that has such a strong and identifiable culture.
2. Articulate Southwest’s employee hiring and promoting methodology.
3. How does this differ from the traditional models of talent acquisition and internal growth?
4. Support why Southwest’s customers and role in society aid in its classification as an organizationally excellent company.
5. Develop a crises management strategy that Southwest would implement to combat politically and or economically challenging situations such as post-September 11, 2002 or the global recession of 2008.


Write a 3,500-word paper that critically discusses (with appropriate reference to literature) ‘Contemporary Management Today’. Please address the following

Write a 3,500-word paper that critically discusses (with appropriate reference to literature) ‘Contemporary Management Today’. Please address the following areas:

a) Management Strategy in Context: Drawing on your own professional experience and reading, critically analyses macro factors redefining contemporary management today. Identify key challenges and opportunities for management within your sector or region, discussing possible implications for management strategy. (750 words)

Referring to communication/ Government Communication, find articles from the United Arab Emirates that highlights the management style/ strategy and the role of communication in addressing/ promoting these strategies.
Will upload samples of communication strategies from different bodies to have a better understanding.

b) Management Skills: Critically review new ideas about management practice today that highlight managerial skill sets. Discuss the emerging importance of managerial mindset alongside new developments in AI. (750 words)

Will upload a communication strategy prepared for AI university and other previously prepared papers in the same field.

c) Management Systems: Critically review current theory

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