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HCI – 655 Topic 3 DQ replies (3)

Hi, if you could reply to the following 3 DQs with 100-150 words each. Thank you
(1) Normanie:
There are different methods used when entering data. One of the methods that are used is transcription. This method is used by using one’s voice to record the information (California Healthcare Foundation, 2021). As the provider is recording the information, it is being transferred to the computer system and then formatted to fit correctly into the EHR (California Healthcare Foundation, 2021). Providers like using this method since it does not require manual typing on their end.
Another method for data entering is having built-in templates. These templates are used to already have some of the information filled in and formatted to its correct vocabulary, based on common scenarios (California Healthcare Foundation, 2021). Providers may like using this method since the layout is structured and organized. This can make it easier as they are typing.
As the information is being transferred may be stored within the system through the setup of the EHR. The information is retrieved from the EHR in a secured way through encoded processes (California Healthcare Foundation, 2021). It is important to check for mistakes that can occur with data entry. This can include misplacement of words or incorrect information in the wrong place.
California Healthcare Foundation. (2021). Clinical documentation: EHR development techniques.…
(2) Chere:
The data entry methods used by clinicians are: legacy system – older information system, data collection and paper based and electronic system. Used to store and retrieve data. Legacy is not standardized for interoperability across systems, ie; ORCA open record for care. Legacy allows clinicians the opportunity to work between to clinical workstations. Semantic warehouse is used as a patient encountered record. Clinical data warehouse is a database of clinical data obtained from primary sources from electronic health records organized for reuse for secondary use. The semantic distance represents the distance between the meanings of two messages free text and structured data entry. Free text gives clinicians freedom on what to store. But it may limit you on the amount of valuable patient information saved. Structured data entry is data predetermined or prescriptive selection that a clinician can choose from or choose a free text. Additional method sensitive data segmentation that are most widely used computerized physician order entry used for electronic medication prescribing, and order entry. This has become one of the most frequently used methods since the adoption of EHR, this method was enacted to decrease medication errors, drug and allergic interactions.
Van Mulligen E.M. et al (1998). Clinical Data Entry. 81-85. AMIA, INC.…
(3) Sharon:
Data entry is the practice of entering or updating patient information into the electronic health record, such as procedure notes or history and physicals. Providers may all prefer different data entry method based off their proficiency and skills. They also would choose one that would be more time efficient. There are some handwriting recognition software that EHR systems use (O’Connor, 2016). Providers can digitally handwrite patient information/notes. This technology learns patterns in each stroke and movement, which is then translated into words (O’Connor, 2016). Today there are a lot of EHR systems that use text templates. Templates cover all the highlights of the information necessary for the provider note and the provider would just have to select the information that pertains to the patient. This data entry method requires more time sitting and typing, it could potentially be more efficient for providers who prefer to click and save. These templates assist providers to save time and reduce errors of misinformation or leaving information out (O’Connor, 2016). Utilizing text templates is the most efficient way to reduce errors in EHRs (O’Connor, 2016). Cutting down on errors, will allow information to be accessible faster for other professionals to review and use. Data can be entered through provider dictation using Dragon dictate software (O’Connor, 2016). The software uses voices recognition to transform what the provider states into text. Some providers may prefer this method over others as they may find it easier to speak than to type or write. When using the dictation method, it is important for providers to speak clearly so that the correct information is being transcribed. Providers will also need a quiet environment to avoid distraction of background noise. All the notes entered through these data entry methods are stored as text files within the EHR. These data files are stored through EHR warehouses and can be retrieved through retrieval models.
O’Connor, S. (2016). Why Having Multiple Methods of Data Entry Within Your EHR is Extremely Efficient. Advanced Data Systems Corporation.…

mis 6250 organizational information security

Recently, you had a conversation with your boss and discussed the recent highly publicized breach that occurred at the number one competitor of Wellness Technology, Inc. She understands risk assessment, and her department does some of it but by a per-project basis. For this project, she would like you to make a recommendation as to what risk control practice strategy should be adopted by the company as a part of the general information governance program. You will then present to the majority stakeholders of the company.
You will create a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides covering the following:
Describe why risk management is needed so that nonsecurity/technical personnel can understand it.
Describe the details of risk identification and how it differs from threat identification.
Describe what a TVA worksheet entrails and why it, along with other documentation, is needed.
Describe risk assessment and why it is needed.
Describe how annual and single loss expectancy are calculated using examples.
Describe your recommended risk control strategy for the company.
Submission Details:
Use Microsoft PowerPoint with a professional theme.
Presentation should include at least 10 slides.
Each slide should contain audio narration.
Name the presentation SU_MIS6250_W5_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.pptx.
Submit your presentation to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Interactive Design

Computer Science Assignment Help Summarize a peer-reviewed journal article related to Interactive Design in a specific business segment. The 3 – 4 paragraph essay (at least 600) must include citable references.
Apply and use the basic citation styles of APA is required
Do not claim credit for the words, ideas, and concepts of others. Use in-text citation and list the reference of your supporting source following APA’s style and formatting.
Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet and claim that is your work. Avoid plagiarism

Assignment Instructions This analysis project requires you to tackle a problem within your field of study by first exploring

Assignment Instructions
This analysis project requires you to tackle a problem within your field of study by first exploring it, its causes, and its impacts. Then, if you want, you can recommend one or more practical solutions to solve the problem.

After deciding on the problem you wish to tackle, begin building questions about it. Your goal for the analysis is to answer the questions through your sources. Finding multiple angles and perspectives is ideal so that you explore those possibilities in the final paper before settling on your recommendation. Be sure to identify what is at stake.

Here are questions to help guide your analysis:
What is the problem being addressed (explain, describe, and “prove” that it exists)?
Who is affected by this problem?
Why does this problem exist (identify the root causes)?
Why does the problem persist (identify the major factors that contribute to the problem’s ongoing presence)?
What is at stake if the problem is not solved?
If you decide to include a solution, use these questions to guide you:
Who can take action?
What should they do, exactly?
Why would this help?
What are the positive and negative aspects of your solution(s)?

PURPOSE: To analyze a problem and possibly provide a solution
AUDIENCE: Classmates, others interested in the field
LENGTH: 900 – 1,000 words (Times New Roman font). Please do not go significantly under or above the word count requirement.
SOURCES: 5 (five) sources from the APUS Library (These may include sources you used in previous assignments. Going under this number will cost points in grading.)
FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline
I added my Bibliography with 5 total sources on it, hopefully they help with the topic of the paper. The sources have to be from the APUS library so if you use others, please ensure it is coming from that source.

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