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Imagine you are a quality leader for a health care organization, and you have been asked to create a document for new employees to introduce the basic concepts of risk and quality management.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following:
Explain basic concepts of quality improvement in the health care industry.
Explain the concepts of risk management in the health care industry.
Analyze the information needed for decision-making processes in risk and quality management in the health care industry.
Analyze 4 risk-and quality-management tools used in the health care industry by considering the following:
What are the risk- and quality-management tools used in health care?
What is the purpose of each tool?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tools selected?
Explain challenges in making risk- and quality-management decisions in the health care industry.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.
Submit your assignment.

Recommendation final draft, HSA4011

Recommendation Report–Final (150 points). This is due here in this Dropbox on 1/3/22at 11:59 pm EST. This s Download skeleton document
Download keleton document must be used for this assignment. This is a 6-to-7-page document, an improvement upon the Rec Draft, adds the Memorandum as page 2, and ends with Conclusions and Recommendations before the References page. So here are the sections needed for the Final in this order:
Title page, page 1, same as Title page for Draft
Memorandum, page 2, new section for the Final
4 paragraphs start on page 3, same 4 paragraphs as you did for the Draft, now corrected based on feedback.
3 criteria paragraphs, same as the Draft, now corrected based on feedback.
Figure 1 for 3rd criterion including analysis paragraph underneath, same as you did for the Draft, now corrected based on feedback
Conclusions, new section of introductory idea plus numbered #1 through #3 statements, one conclusion statement per criterion, new for the Final
Recommendations, new section of 3 paragraphs for the Final
References, final page, either page 6 or page 7, same as you did for the Draft, now corrected based on feedback

Recommendation information, multi question

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Part 1. This would be due, 1/5/22 AT 5 pm EST. For this practice, you will convert your first criterion paragraph of your Recommendation Report into IIA section of the Recommendation Outline. You will also post the References that correspond to in-text citations found in this section. Do not post an attachment. Post below after you have read comments in “view feedback” from the Final Recommendation Report. Be sure to view feedback on your Rec Report to ensure these sentences are correct before you copy/paste them. That way, you are more likely to earn full points for this assignment, as every error becomes a point deduction. See directions here for how to “view feedback” Download See directions here for how to “view feedback”
See the lecture for this assignment in Modules > All Video Lectures > Recommendation Outline. You will have a total of 4 sentences, no more, and no fewer, meaning one sentence per outline point. Start with II Body, then A. First Criterion (with the criterion title in bold and title case capitalization), and then, single spaced with vertical numbers, 1., 2., 3., 4., have one sentence for each outline point. Here is the skeleton document:
Rec Report OUTLINE-skeleton rev. Download Rec Report OUTLINE-skeleton rev.
Underneath the sentences, post the Reference entry/entries that apply to the in-text citations. Note that in the actual Outline that you submit in the Dropbox, the only place where the References will appear is on the last page. You are just posting the References entry so that it can be checked for this practice. Canvas Discussions does not format the single spacing or hanging indent correctly, so disregard those aspects. But be sure the wording, punctuation, capitalization, italics, and so on are correct. Here are more examples of References entries.
Please note that for those having trouble with your References, I have just added a new sample References page in Modules. Go to Modules to All Video Lectures to Recommendation Report and it’s the last document linked. I also have it linked here. Download here.
Note on any copying/using/”borrowing”/paraphrasing/ summarizing the wording or ideas of the example below, any example in the Mediasites, and/or any peer in your group: this is considered plagiarism and is worth -10 pts per sentence or instance. This kind of copying shows up on a Turnitin report with your name on the paper. Please do not use any peer’s paper to copy from. Do not use my phrasing or examples I wrote myself below, in the Mediasites, and in the recommendation documents. This has happened in the past and has led to failing grades for the person doing the copying, so please do not force me to resort to failing anyone please.
Here is an example below in blue:
II. Body
A. Beer Consumption
Bad Boys Brewery will sell beer, so it’s important to tap into a consistent revenue stream from beer consumers; the ideal state has a higher consumption of beer, signaling the strong presence of beer lovers.
Each Utah resident on average consumed 18.7 gallons of beer on a yearly basis (Sauter

1-Provide a brief 3-5 sentence summary of the “FUNCTIONAL HEALTH” 2-Choose a screening tool which is appropriate for “FUNCTIONAL

1-Provide a brief 3-5 sentence summary of the “FUNCTIONAL HEALTH”

2-Choose a screening tool which is appropriate for “FUNCTIONAL HEALTH”

3-Explain the screening tool purpose, components and scoring technique*

4-Provide 2 references in APA format beneath the table which support your work. You may use the textbook. The second reference must be a scholarly source.

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