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Question 4
Take a brisk walk, treadmill, jog or do any aerobic exercise that suits you for 30-45 minutes. Record your pulse (HR) again, immediately afterward and record it here:
Question 5
In a paragraph of 300 words or more, reflect on the workout you did in Chapter 3 (Question #4); how realistic , attainable or unattainable are these THR numbers for you? Why? What might you need to improve (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Duration) to meet/improve your personal fitness goals? Were you exhausted, winded, barely phased? There are no wrong answers! The goal is to be honest about where you are beginning (your baseline) so you can chart your improvement throughout the semester.
If you have a pre-existing health concern or medical condition, consult with your doctor first and explain the purpose of this assignment to them.


This will be a three part assignment spread over two weeks. so if you want to do this assignment then please be ready to do all the parts of it.
this week’s assignment is writing an outline for the final assignment which is writing a health policy proposal that is supposed to be submitted to congress (the instructor). the outline is due in no more than 4 days even though the assignment will be much longer, the sooner you send me the outline the sooner I can have the professor look it over and approve it so you can move forward with the rest of the assignment.
this is the announcement he posted which you need to look at as it includes important notes for the assignment:
“This week we will begin the process of determining your final proposal by looking at an outline of what you would like to include in your Senate Bill. You will be asked to do an outline of your policy and support your policy with a short statement. This should provide you with some clarity and focus for the next week as we get closer to the final assessment in this class. There are a couple of issues we need to discuss at this point in the class. First, if you are going to stick with the current Healthcare policy (ACA), then you will need to determine how you are going to make it balance in the budget. Right now it does not and if additional funding does not come in the whole program will collapse. Right now it is about 1 trillion in the red, so if you stay with the ACA, you need to tell me how you are going to pay for it. Unlike our current government, you can’t run a deficit budget in this class. Second, if you want to add a tax, you can, but if you do that, then you will have to tell me how the tax will be equally applied to everyone in the US. Unlike our current government, in this class you are not allowed to tax one group to support another group. I would strongly suggest you consider looking at a consumption tax to be applied to all goods and services rendered in the US.”
the instructions for the outline and its rubric is attached below, and I will also include the instructions and rubrics for the final assignment due next week and the bibliography assignment and its rubric.
please read all the instructions and rubrics CAREFULLY and please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS listed in the instruction pages attached.

—Epidemiology Discussion: reliability and validity

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Cataracts of the eye may be difficult to diagnose in the early stages. In a study to evaluate the reliability of their diagnoses, two physicians each examined the same 1,000 eyes, without knowing the other’s diagnoses. Each physician found 100 eyes with cataracts.
Does this mean that the diagnoses are reliable?
Explain your position.
How does reliability affect screening and treatment programs for a condition?
What are the socio-political ramifications of understanding reliability prior to implementing a screening program?
for this discussion there is a 400-450 word count limit and you must use at least 2 scholarly citations from the last 5 years in AMA format. and please look at the rubric to make sure you did well

Explain the phrase, “Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill: A psychiatric Titanic” 2. Explain the relationship among treatments used in

Explain the phrase, “Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill: A
psychiatric Titanic”
2. Explain the relationship among treatments used in the early 1900s,
deinstitutionalization and the criminal justice system as the new
3. Explore a successful example of community-based residential care
4. List a minimum of 3 resources provided by NAMI Georgia

View Early Treatment of Mental Disorders, Arun Kanth-5 min

PBS. (2005, May 10) Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill. The
Psychiatric Titanic. – 55 min

4. View Change of Address, Robin Payne-8 min
5. Behavioral Health Adult Inpatient Unit Virtual Tour, UMMCMidtown, Jan
14, 2019-3 min Be prepared to describe the safety design used in this unit
and compare with the historical setting design.
6. After completing this introduction to the history of mental healthcare,
make a visual depiction of the relationship among treatments used in the
early 1900s, deinstitutionalization and the criminal justice system as the
new asylums( e.g., timeline, concept map, drawing). Write a two-page
summary of the status of mental healthcare within the U.S. system to
discuss in debriefing.

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