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Labor RelationsWrite 3- to 5-page paper (750 to 1500 words) in APA style with three to five citations. Include the following points:
Explain the steps involved in collective bargaining. Include collective bargaining issues and classification bargaining issues.
Describe and explain the collective bargaining process.
Discuss the NLRA (also the role of the NLRB), Taft-Hartley (LMRA), and the Landrum-Griffin Act (LMRDA).
Explain and analyze the role of the HR management professional in a workplace with a union presence.
Describe one current labor relations challenge for the healthcare industry.
[MO5.3, MO5.4, MO5.5]


Read the case study on page 385 in the textbook and respond to the following questions. Each question should be answered with a complete response of no less than 200 words each. Detailed explanations supporting your answer should be included with each question. Use proper APA format with Times New Roman 12-point font, one inch margins, and double spacing. Include at least one proper citation from the textbook and one from an additional outside scholarly source.
What are some of the key barriers that exist in the lack of participation of staff to share their grievances publicly?
What steps can you take to overcome these barriers?
How should this expectation of participation be communicated to staff? Why do you think this method would be the most effective?


Religion and Theology Assignment Help Case Study 5Read the case about Teamsters on page 298 of your textbook. Assess CCH’s employee relations program. What statistics have you considered in your assessment? In Module 3, you reviewed issues surrounding employee retention. Would you make any informed predictions regarding the impact of the employee relations program on retention? If so, what are they? What HR metrics are important to consider in assessing any (potential) employee relations issues?
Your paper should be 1 to 2 pages (250 to 500 words) in APA style with at least two citations.

How does liability insurance impact the healthcare field?

Insurance Policy ComponentsSummarize the key components of an insurance policy including risk categories, policy period reporting requirements, policy coverage, uninsured claims, and insurance policy conditions. How does liability insurance impact the healthcare field?
Your summary should be between 250 and 600 words (between 1 and 2 pages). [MO10.3]

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