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Health Information Systems And Health Records Management Essay Help

Health Information Systems plays an essential function in the Health Records Management. The aim of the HIS is to provide a balance between the rising number of patients and the demand to provide quality care. HIS is vital in helping patients to access their records through the introduction of new programs on electronic filing. HIS assist in enhancing the safety of private data for patients. The information ranges from prescriptions, addresses to the amount of data that is exchanged. The health information system is the one responsible for guarding patient information against unauthorized and security breaches.
HIS ensures compliance with the HIPPA regulations which provides particular data safety measures such as breach notification plan, disclosure policies, and data encryption.  Through the assistance of the HIS, the health informatics can analyze patient’s data and explore ways to improve on patient safety. Analysis of the health records improves accuracy since the Health Information Management team examines the files to check for errors or incomplete information.
Health Information System & Quality Care
Currently, HIS increasingly expand the ability to collect and stores patient’s data with the aim of improving care. Health Information Systems assist in collecting, compiling and analyzing data and also to communicate the result to health physicians to help in decision making. The HIS improves the access by a physician to lab reports hence reducing barriers in observations made by different health practitioners.
Modern medical systems encompass other individuals other than healthcare providers. The other individuals are the decision makers and policy makers. At an individual level, HIS supports the care of individual patients. The system allows for the provision of appropriate care to the patient at the right time by a qualified individual.  HIS reduces waste and significantly improves the quality of healthcare through personalized attention. The health facility focuses on collecting data on a system-wide level like medical errors, drug procurement, and medical errors.
HIS Effect on the Nursing Process
The nursing process assists an advanced nurse practitioner to contextualize, individualize and prioritize challenge areas. The steps in the nursing process encompass assessment, intervention, planning, nursing diagnosis, and evaluation. Biopsychological data on geriatric patients can be collected through direct observations, interviews and record views. A composite image of the multiple and competing needs of the informal caregiver and the geriatric patient can also be retrieved. Minimal data set is used in nursing homes to take assessment data as a means of treatment and care planning. HIS is also crucial in the Diagnosis stage where the information from the nursing assessments is used to examine the nursing problem and propose the nursing intervention. A refinement on the classification systems for NOC/NIC initiates the capture of nursing data.
The computer system can provide possible diagnoses for patients with specific signs and symptoms or retrieval and review of patients’ records. The HIS can be used in the planning process to recommend new interventions for the specific diagnoses and expected outcomes and also track increased patient outcomes. During implementation, the HIS system is used to record patient’s information and interventions like discharge guidelines and transfers. The system can also assist communication information through a computer-generated progress note which automatically sorts and prints data.  In the evaluation process, the HIS is used to compare large amounts of patient’s information and also to identify the outcomes that patients are likely to acquire. The HIS is essential in the recording and storing of data on observations, patients responses and nurse interventions.
Health Information System & Supporting a Culture of Safety
Several Information Management Systems (IMS) have a functionality that is specifically designed to enhance the ability of the nurse to issue safe patient care. The systems provide information on alerts of potential errors or interactions, required items to be documented and reminders on tasks. Nursing informaticists ensure that the HER system is well configured to maximize the safety elements of the system.  The system encourages patient safety culture by collecting, combining and analyzing confidential information stated by the healthcare providers. Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) can use the system to identify problems and obtain possible solutions.
An example of a culture of safety is the Military Health System (MHS) enhance the safety of patients.  The HIS system collects proper information and data for patients that help in decision making. Electronic reporting of medical results for quick retrieval of data and sharing with other physicians is initiated through the HIS.  A computerized order system of data entry reduces the illegibility of problems. Finally, support decision systems are clinically used to prescribe drugs for patients. The system has properties that automatically secure logins and passwords which prevents other parties from accessing the network. The HIS improves the internet security of the different software used in health system records hence protecting the patient information from antivirus infection.
Human Factors that can lead to errors
Human factors in medical errors are common in medical practice. Common human errors are caused by the failure to observe procedures and policies intentionally as an act of positive deviance or just unintentionally as a result of an oversight that results in an error. Other human factors familiar with medical practice encompasses interruption and distraction. Studies have reported that an average of 6.7 interruptions at work per hour is experienced in medical administration. A system fallibility issue is an example of a comprehensive human factor perspective which is a structural design-related problem.
The root cause of the problem is as a result of architectural issues or equipment challenges. Another human factor is the user error which is common, and the solution is to design a medication administration using an electronic dispensing and bar coding which is used to limit the risk for occurrence of the error. System challenges result in the frustration of the nurses which leads to mistakes. Cognitive or awareness issues are also significant aspects of human errors in health care.  Situation awareness is used to assist with decision making and to comprehend better how they are created into human fallibility as a precursor to errors.
CDS (Clinical Decision Support) alerts
Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is any tool that issues administrative staff, patients, clinicians, and caregivers or other care team members with information that is filtered or targeted to a particular person or situation. CDS functions to enhance quality care avoid adverse events and allow members of the care team to be more efficient.  The modern CDS aim at providing IT health applications, analytics, and modules that leverage the significant data assets of an organization. For providers and the HER incentive programs, it provides individuals involved in care processes with a piece of comprehensive and person-specific information. The “return to clinic” reminders present in the EHRs remind front desk staff to call patients who should receive routine screenings. The calls are meant to tell them of upcoming appointments or authenticate pre-visit preparations.
Health Information systems are designed to improve clinical decision making. The function is supported by its ability to address the rising information overload that nurses face. The CDS provide a platform for integrating evidence-based knowledge into the process of care delivery. When clinical nurses can obtain the right information at the right time, the clinicians will be able to make correct decisions on patient safety.
HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules
HIPAA security rules develop a set of security standards for the protection of essential patients information. The patient information is often being housed or moved in an electronic form. The HIPAA was established as a flexible extension to the protections in the rule. Healthcare providers use the HIPAA in medical billing, electronic health records, and coding software. To properly manage risks, the security rule has authorized all covered entities to follow security guidelines to keep their practices in check.
A common feature of the HIPAA is the risk analysis which is a record review that tracks access to electronically stored information, evaluate potential risks and assess measures on securities. The HIPAA privacy rule develops standards to protect data on patents held by the entities and their business associates.  The security rule identifies and protects against confidentiality.  For the privacy of the patient the security, the rule recognizes and protect impermissible disclosures and uses. The security rule also ensures compliance by the workforce to promote quality of care.
Evaluation of Technologies (Part 1)
The current technology in medical practice is the Electronic Medical record or sometimes called the Electronic Health Record (HER). The EMR is interlinked between facilities and be examined from outside using the internet through wireless technology.  The EMR has potential capabilities such as assisting health physicians in checking medical record with just a touch or a click on the mouse. Clinical data can be automatically linked to the medical record of patients when uploaded to the diagnostic lab server.  The inbuilt database assists physicians to make evidenced-based decisions through the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system. The medical conditions which are reportable on the government can be transmitted automatically. Prescriptions are created by choosing from a top-down list that prevents medical errors.
Digital Ink is a technology that permits writing on a screen and has currently being integrated into the EMR system. An example of such a technique is Microsoft Ink. A charting system can allow stylus input and convert it into text. Among some of the uses encompasses drawing images like surgery to communicate between the patient and the doctor. The system can be used to annotate diagnostic images like X-ray, and MRI scans to identify critical features. Digital Ink inputs text naturally in situations where the patient is unable to communicate but can write a note to a doctor. The system also authenticates reports tremendously by placing signatures.
Evaluation of Technologies (Part 2)
The MicroMD EMR software system is vital in fully accommodating aspects of clinical workflow.  With the EMRs patient data is assesses and the safeguards assist in preventing medical errors. The system can integrate a universal nursing language, and nurses can hence document the nursing care they give to patients. Staff buy-in promotes the attitudes and expectations of the health informatics.
Health informatics that might have issues with data entry on computer systems can use the Digital Ink on paper.  It involves the use of paper and pen for recording clinical data in a clinical setting. Pen and per are used to collect rough data and later transferred into other health information system. The digital pen has a camera that records the pattern of writing on a digital paper.  After registering, a cradle is used to transfer the data to information systems. The primary significance is that health informatics who cannot afford using the computer system can apply Digital Ink.
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Email etiquette online essay helpRecommendations
Sandwich shop provides a wide range of police offers. The type of coverage to be taken for the shop depends on the current situation of the shop. The coverage is then adjusted carefully so that it can suit your job or the condition of the shop. It depends on the duration the shop has been operating in the market and the location of the shop. Insurance can also be taken depending on the number of customers visiting the shop. Therefore, there is an excellent variation on the kind of coverage policies offered. However, some of the systems that are provided are optional, and you can decide to choose the ones that are favorable and fit for your pocket. For instance, I can recommend you to take building coverage where your sandwich business will be operating. The cover will protect your business against general risks in case you lose the building you can be compensated. The most critical protection for your business is content coverage. The insurance policy will be responsible for covering all the items that are used in the market. Some of the things that are covered by the system include the ovens, tables, decorations, cash registers, and other storage equipment in the building. Besides, I would like to recommend you to take the equipment breakdown coverage.
The cover will play a significant role in your business because all the broken equipment like chairs and tables will be replaced or repaired. Besides, the business needs to take health-related insurance-like product liability coverage. The police will protect and cover the company on the spread of an illness that is foodborne. The cover will help you to stop them, and at the same time, the customers will be safe. Food contamination coverage is another policy which I think is essential to your business. The cover will assure all the perishable food that may spoil during the specified period. The sheets will help you to operate the business without fear since all the risks will be taken care of since the business deals with online delivery. If you make all the recommendations seriously above, then the sandwich business will be good news to all your customers.
On the other hand, taking a swimming pool insurance needs you to understand all the implication and risks associated with the swimming pool. For instance, swimming is associated with hazards such as drowning. It is vital to take some security measures that will help you to protect the neighborhood children who may access the swimming pool unmonitored.  The insurance company that will make the cover will agree with the required fence height to construct as one of the terms and conditions. The swimming pool can be included in the home insurance, and the cost of insurance and the amount of coverage will increase. Finally, I would like to recommend you to take the liability insurance to cover for the cars. The cover is compulsory but the policy is, and it does not typically include unlimited liability. The system will cover all injuries that you may cause to people and other vehicles or properties. The insurance can be optional since you can decide to use your assets to pay any form of damage on occasions where the insurance cover exceeds insurance amount.
Filippone, M., & Survinski, M. (2016). The Importance of Etiquette In School Email. American Secondary Education, 45(1).
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Raising a child best college essay helpName
Date of Submission
Raising a child is not something that you wake up one day and decide you want to raise one. It is something that needs both physical and psychological preparation. Sometimes I tend to think that the reason why a child has to take nine months to be born is to allow parents to be prepared so that when the baby comes, they can give their best. I believe that if children took a short time to be born then, it would be a hectic and stressful activity for most parents especially when it comes to adjusting to their new roles. It is every parent’s wish to raise their children in the best way they can so that they grow up embracing the positive values. If and when I raise children, I will offer the best care to my children and I believe that they will always appreciate my efforts when they are all grown.
If and when I raise children I will establish a reliable support system so that they grow up satisfied with their achievements and desires. Food and clothing are the first basic things that I will ensure they never lack. I will work hard to bring food on the table so that they can grow and develop well. A balanced diet will be important as it will ensure that they develop efficiently, but I will always ensure that we eat as a family so that they can realize the importance of family and togetherness. Children need to play with others so that they can acquire the social skills necessary to relate with others; therefore, I will allow them to play and have fun with other children. I will be a strong role model for them to learn good qualities from me. It is the only way to show them that what I teach them is practical. I will dedicate more of my time to the children where we will get to talk, embrace and laugh together. It will help build my relationship with the children as we get to understand each other better. I will always study my children so that I can learn them effectively. Every individual is unique, and it will be essential to determine the uniqueness of each child so that I can know how to handle them and with this understanding, I will be able to navigate through their feelings. I will always motivate them to join a cause so that that they can live a purposeful life. Embracing a child has a positive impact on their cognitive development; hence it is a useful tool for raising an intelligent child.
Children sometimes get naughty and make mistakes. Parents and caregivers need to adopt the best procedure for punishing a child. If and when I raise children, I will correct them with so much love. I believe that communication will be the best tool for correcting a child. I do not think that beating a child is the best way to punish a child; in most cases, it only inflicts fear and makes children unable to express themselves. I will punish mistakes by denying child privileges so that he/she realizes that there will always be negative consequences for acting up. I will as well reward and praise good behavior so that the child learns that it is gratifying to maintain good behavior. With the stated strategies, I believe I will be able to raise children with admirable character.
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Organizational Values and Codes of Ethics a level english language essay helpA mission statement is a statement that describes the organization’s reason for being (Cady et al.,2011). It explains why the organization exists. It focuses on the present; it defines critical processes, customers and informs the company about the desired performance level. It describes the objective of the company as well as its approach to attain those objectives. Hence, a mission statement is the company goals that are to be achieved.  Mission statement reflects every aspect of the organization that is customers, employees, services, products, quality, technology, survival and market position.
Looking at the mission statement of Albany Med Center this aspect of what a mission statement is evident. The mission statement state is “committed to achieving the highest quality standard of care, education as well as research initiatives.”
For the mission statement of RPZ Marketing to be attractive and useful, there are some key things that it needs to highlight. First, it should define what the company does for its customers. This should be made clear so that everybody who read the statement can relate who the target customers are. Second, it should describe what the company does for its employees. Lastly, it should describe what the company foes for its owners.
Values statement
A company’s value statement is a  statement that describes to the customers, employees and other company stakeholders about the company’s top priorities and its core beliefs (Cady et al.,2011). The value statement defines values that are of importance to the company which governs how the company conducts its operations. Value statements are used by companies to identify and connect to their customer and remind the employees about the company’s priorities and goals. For example, the value statement of Walt Disney World goes like “Openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, and balance…” (The Walt Disney Company. n.d.) This value statement explains the set of beliefs and principles that are used by the Walt Disney World to guide its business activities and the way they are operated.
RPZ Marketing should incorporate the values of excellence and continuous, improvement, integrity, compassion,  respect for all, responsiveness to society and a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment.
Company’s ethics refers to moral principles that govern a company’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. It is a set of rules that govern the behavior of employees working in an organization Cady et al., 2011). They are principles that decide the way employees within an organization need to conduct themselves. These principles are best demonstrated through acts of fairness, responsibility, compassion, and integrity. For example code of ethics states that ” Employees of Alphabet and its subsidiaries and controlled affiliates (“Alphabet”) should do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat co-workers with courtesy and respect.” (Alphabet. n.d.)
While developing a code of ethics, RPZ Marketing should include confidentiality and privacy policies, professional appearance, and obeying the law.
The relationship between values and ethics
To be human is to care, help, guide, learn, understand and teach. From these qualities, humanness is born. A humane employee is a person who exhibits harmony in the workplace. Harmony in the workplace is brought about by both values and ethics. They are the guiding principle in life. When employees of a specific organization live per values in the workplace, their relationship with colleagues becomes balanced. These employees will perform better since they will be feeling joy and happiness within themselves. For instances, if employees live with mutual respect, trust, gratitude in the workplace, that workplace becomes harmonized.
Ethics, like values, create a balanced and harmonized workplace (Johnson 2018). Ethics being the policy if living in the workplace nurtures order. This order is essential for the success and continuity of the organization. Ethics in organizations are critical in product and service delivery, in proper distribution and efficient utilization of the available resources. This helps the organization to avoid wastage, deprivation, and exploitation.
Ethics and Values within an organization are used to lay the foundation for sustainability. From the definition of ethics- a set of rules that govern the behavior of employees working in an organization, it is correct to say that ethic gives direction to the organization.   On the other hand, values are defined as enduring principles, based on which employees make decision Johnson 2018). From the definition of both, it is correct to say that ethics and values shape the behavior of employees within the organization – they provide behavioral rules.
Employees who live per the ethics of the organization are termed as being ethical (Lefkowitz 2017).  Unethical employees result in wastage and imbalance in the organization. An unethical employee is a person who disregards a set of rules that govern their behavior. Such an employee lacks the values of mutual respect and accountability and thus can be said to be living a valueless life.
Application to RPZ Marketing
Considering the nature of business of RPZ Marketing, an employee might be contracted to market and advertise a product. As a salesperson contracted to sell the product, a vacuum cleaner, the employee could market aggressively to make most sales. Marketing aggressively is not the problem. The problem is when the employee decides to market the vacuum cleaner based on lies. While marketing the vacuum cleaner, the employee might decide market  to  potential customers purporting  that the vacuum cleaner is the “fastest in the market.” Even though the product is one of the vacuum cleaners with the lowest speed, the employee will make the customers buy underlies and pretense. The employee will end up making massive sales from which the RPZ Marketing and the employee will benefit. The unfortunate thing is customers who buy the product will be very much disappointed after finding the speed of the vacuum cleaner does not match the description.
This situation is a conflict between ethics and values. To make this understandable, let us review the ethics and the values for RPZ Marketing. Let’s say that  RPZ Marketing emphasis on the values of honesty, respect, integrity, and accountability. And the code of ethics of RPZ Marketing is based on treating co-workers with courtesy and respect,  maintaining confidentiality and privacy policies, and maintaining a professional appearance. In this case, the employee might have been consistent with the RPZ Marketing code of ethics but failed to observe the company’s values. The employee is  dishonest and lacks respect for customers by selling a product on pretense.
Authenticity is a virtue that employees at all levels need to have at all times. Like all virtues, being inauthentic makes one collide with the culture of the organization. This is the case with the RPZ MARKETING employee. The employee might have acted per the code of the ethics of the company. However, not acting per the company values brings about the conflict. Acting unauthentic in the capacity of an employee and in particular a salesperson has a lot of implications to the company. The most basic one is that the customer would never want to be associated with the employee or the company in the future. To resolve such a conflict between the code of ethics and values, it is imperative for the company to take disciplinary action against the employee. This will prevent the employee or any other from engaging in such a practice.
Cady, S. H., Wheeler, J. V., DeWolf, J., & Brodke, M. (2011). Mission, vision, and values: what  do they say?. Organization Development Journal, 29(1).
Johnson, C. E. (2018). Organizational ethics: A practical approach. Sage Publications.
Lefkowitz, J. (2017). Ethics and values in industrial-organizational psychology. Routledge.
Alphabet. (n.d.). Retrieved from
(n.d.). Retrieved from
The Walt Disney Company. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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The Dominance of Oppositional Coding in Chopsticks to Eat Advertisement essay helpDolce and Gabbana in attempting to promote their fashion event used three videos titled “Chopsticks to Eat” to attract people. The advertisement comprising a three-part video that was posted on the company’s social media pages elicited anger from the Chinese audience, ultimately leading to the cancellation of the fashion event. The following paper utilizes Hall’s model on mass communication to show that oppositional coding was the dominant hypothetical position through which the audience decoded the message. While the creators of the Dolce& Gabbana’s three-part video campaign for the audience in China used Chinese cultural elements intended to promote its upcoming Shanghai runway extravaganza, the oppositional decoding shows a different interpretation which argues that Dolce & Gabbana are acting racist and portraying China as a poor country.
The three-part video consists of a Chinese model wearing Western clothes and set within a Chinese cultural background attempting to eat pizza using chopsticks. A Chinese musical instrument is playing in the background. The model finds it challenging to eat pizza, pasta, and cannoli using the chopsticks. A male voice that uses a Chinese-Italian accent then gives the model instructions on how to eat the various types of food.
The media producer’s preferred meaning
In encoding the message, the producer intended to draw a comparison between Western and Asian culture. The advertisement intends to show that it is possible to achieve an intersection between Western and Asian fashion trends. The intended meaning during the encoding process is derived from the description that the model is a representation of the perspectives of Western Nations on how a Chinese woman should look (QQ). The advertisement contains aspects of Western and Eastern culture. The woman uses chopsticks, a culinary aspect of Chinese culture, and western foods such as pizza and cannoli. Thus, it can be derived that the producer intended to present the adoption of Western dressing practices among the Chinese people as the latest fashion trend. In encoding the message, the producer considered that Dolce and Gabbana has its roots in Italy. The advertisement thus intends to present the need for the Chinese people to adopt Western dressing styles which it considers to be more advanced.
Popular oppositional decoding of the advertisement
The encoding and decoding of the message may sometimes lead to the audience perceiving a message that is different from that which the producer intends. Hall elucidates that misunderstanding between the creator and the audience often arise from the presence of asymmetry in the encoding and the decoding of the information (131). Further, Patterson et al. enumerate that the decoding of the message using oppositional codes leads to the audience rejecting the meaning that the producer intended (20). Thus, an analysis of the oppositional codes in the Chopsticks to Eat advertisement shows that the Chinese audience rejected the original message and adopted one that significantly departed from the intended one.
The oppositional view that the audience adapted is that the advertisement was racially biased and portrayed Chinese culture in a negative light. Aitken, Gray, and Lawson elucidate that oppositional decoding occurs when the audience, though aware of the intended message adopt a globally contrary interpretation (284). It is thus vital to consider the aspects in which the audience’s interpretation may precipitate into a global contrarian perspective.
An analysis of the social media responses on Weibo reveals the reactions of the Chinese audience to the advertisement. An example of the post is one on Instagram in which Dolce and Gabbana is castigated for the advertisement. The post explains that following the Dolce and Gabbana’s cancellation of the Fashion event after the controversy, they should focus more on being respectful. The post further adds that Dolce and Gabbana only loves money but does not appreciate Chinese culture. The post has more than twenty thousand likes, showing its popularity (Instagram).
In another ten minute video posted on Weibo, Dolce and Gabbana attracts criticism for its lack of sensitivity to the culture of the Chinese people. The video explains that Dolce and Gabbana demeaned the Chinese people and should create advertisements that are respectful. The video has been forwarded 8779 times, has more than thirty thousand likes and more than seven thousand comments.
In another video, people in China celebrate their cultural heritage by tracing the origin of the chopsticks. The video has attracted the attention of people in China as a form of rebuttal against Dolce and Gabbana. The video shows parents teaching their young daughter how to use chopsticks thus celebrating the connection between China’s family values and the chopstick. The video has been forwarded 5163 times and has been liked more than twenty thousand times. Consequently, the Chopsticks to Eat advertisement elicited anger and attempts to show that China is proud of its culture.
Various articles addressed the aspects that made the advertisement unappealing to the Chinese audience. One of the prevailing interpretations is that the voice of the man giving instructions to the model on how to eat Western foods using chopsticks is an Italian. This is deciphered from the strange pronunciation and interpretation of the Chinese language. The article that appeared on QQ describes that the tone is demeaning to the Chinese people. The article further adds that describing chopsticks as “small stick-shaped tableware” used to eat “great Italian traditional Margaret pizza” also insults Chinese culture while elevating European culture. It thus emerges that the global decoding of the message arises from the current competition for dominance between the East and the West.
In a further description of the effect of the competition between the East and the west as a factor that affected the interpretation of the advertisement, Zhang expounds that the advertisement brought out orientalism. Zhang describes orientalism as the West’s definition of the Eastern nations while considering itself the center of civilization Thus, the Chinese audience interpreted the advertisement as insulting due to the perceived biased elevation of Western culture above Eastern culture.
Further, an article that appeared on NPR enumerates that the voiceover used in introducing the advertisement can be interpreted as using a derogatory tone. “Dolce and Gabanna” is mispronounced, attempting to mimic how the Chinese say the words. Thus, the audience interprets the advertisement as intentionally mocking the Chinese people. The advertisement focuses too much on cultural aspects that the people in China may consider inappropriate.
Xinhua further identifies some of the aspects of the advertisement that made the audience adopt oppositional coding. Chengcheng expounds that the advertisement was “arrogant, demeaning, and reinforced stereotypes about Chinese culture. Thus, the producer may have placed too much attention on some of the inaccurate ideas that foreigners may hold about Chinese people. The videos focus on showing that Chinese people are not sufficiently civilized to eat various types of Western foods due to their insistence on using chopsticks when eating. The video thus failed to bring out the attributes of Chinese culture that the people are proud of, instead focusing on perceived inaccurate representations.
The balance of power between producers and audiences in determining the meaning
The advertisement shows that the message that the producer encodes may not be the same as the message the audience decodes. It is vital that producers consider the cultural impact of the message and the repercussions in case the decoded message is demeaning to the audience (CNN). Halls explains that the audience should be both the source and the receiver of the message (130). Halls further elucidates that the production process should have feedback. The encoded communication should only lead to messages that are meaningful to the audience.
A consideration of the consequences of misunderstanding in the advertisement shows that the balance of power rests with the audience. Due to the uproar from the audience, Dolce and Gabbana had to cancel its event. Additionally, the company experienced a reduction in the number of stores at which its locations were present. Some of the stores stopped stocking Dolce and Gabbana’s product while other consumers started returning previously purchased products. That Dolce and Gabbana had to retract the videos and issue an apology shows that the audience has disproportionately greater control on the encoding and decoding of the information.
The Chopsticks to Eat Advertisement shows that producers should be cautious when encoding the information. The producer should consider how various aspects such as culture and the social environment will influence the decoding of the message. It may then be possible to avoid the development of costly misunderstandings. Mass communication requires consideration of possible oppositional coding. Advertisers should consider the audience as the primary source of the message to guarantee appropriate interpretation of the advertisement.
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How Does Social Media and other Technology Influence How We Form Our Identity? essay helpIdentity brings out who an individual is in terms of character and the moral standing; it affects the choices that people make in terms of interactions and relationships. This essay seeks to outline how technology and other social media influence how we construct our identities.
Among teens, social media has posed a serious challenge where teens are struggling to differentiate themselves: This is because technology is more of “self” than “us” thus making kids who already do not know who they are to struggle in building their identity. It is more like trying to exist in more than one incarnation of oneself at the same time (Hopkinson and Rebecca, 113).
A few years ago as I was trying to overcome technology, I resolved to counsel and tried to interact more with people. It was hard to cope with it and having to be honest in real life. However, I got sufficient help which technology would not have provided; and this was of great help.
Constant tracking of an individual throughout his or her formative years help foster honesty among employees: This is because they are aware that they are being watched and thus tend to do the right thing to avoid being in trouble with the law. The companies working in the background as trackers help in determining who broke the law. In as much as this fosters honesty, the victims may try and find other ways to commit crimes because they feel forced to be honest when they are being tracked (Jussupow, Ekaterina, et al. 164).
Generally, technology has changed ways of establishing identities. People have chosen other ways to create images and impressions in the society. In this way, they form identities which are different from their real self. However, some people have embraced technology and used it to create a positive impacton society.
Works Cited
Hopkinson, Rebecca. “76.2 Gender Identity and Nonconforming Youth.” Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 56.10 (2017): S113.
Jussupow, Ekaterina, et al. “I am; We are-Conceptualizing Professional Identity Threats from Information Technology.” (2018):164.
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ICOSIAN GAME essay help freeThis is a game that was invented in the year 1957 by Sir Hamilton. It is a game that fully utilizes the graph theory. The game is one of the best games that in have ever found. The review, therefore, focuses on the mathematical principles behind the game which makes it so interesting.
The objective of the game is to find the Hamilton cycle along the dodecahedron edges, and ensuring that every vertex in the set is only visited once (Pegg, 2009). In the game, the player also must make sure that the starting point is also the ending point. The motivation of Hamilton to create the game was to solve the problems of symmetries in an icosahedron.
The thing that makes the game interesting is as one tries to start at one vertex and make sure that every other vertex is visited one and return to the vertex where one began. This sometimes becomes difficult for the players to pursue; they end up visiting the vertexes twice or fails to finish in the starting point.
The problem in the game is usually in twoparts; the 1st one is to find the paths along the solid edges that enables you every vertex in the solid. And the 2nd part is using graph theory strategies to make sure that you go up to the end of the game which is also the starting point (Barnett, 2009). The paths in the game are called Hamilton circuits, and they were named after the inventor of the game, William Hamilton. The game is very amazing to play on computers. One has to be keen to ensure that he wins the game.
Pegg Jr, E. (2009). The icosian game, revisited. The Mathematica Journal, 11(3), 310-314.
Barnett, J. (2009). Early writings on graph theory: Hamiltonian circuits and the Icosian game. Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics: Classroom Projects, History Modules, and Articles, 217-223.
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Workplace Experiences online essay helpWorkplace Diversity
Workplace diversity is when companies hire employees from all sorts of different background regardless of their race, culture and or religion (McCann, Sparks, &Kohntopp, 2017). I have worked in RJ Company for the past three years, and the experiences have helped me to develop my career skills in a great deal. The first experience that I have gone through in the company is workplace diversity which has enabled me to meet many people from different backgrounds. The diversification led me to appreciate the cultures and beliefs of other people since by interacting with them I came to have more understanding of their way of life.
Cultural diversity leads to an increase in the profit of the company (Barak, 2016).  For instance, when I was new in the company, almost all the employees came from the same background. One of the head management personnel suggested the rest of the team embrace diversity and employed people from different backgrounds. It was noted that employees from the minority worked very hard and some even came up with new ideas that saw the company making high profits.
Workplace diversity also contributes to an increase in creativity (Ellemers, & Rink, 2016). There was one time my company was experiencing losses due to a lot of fish going bad before they reached the market. Due to diversity in the company, one of the workers who were a Chinese nationality came up with a strategy that was applied by the locals of his country. The loss has been reduced by more than 70% compared to five years ago.
Motivation Strategy
Motivation is a strategy that enables a person to change views over someone or something through dedicated action or inspiring words (Noe et al., 2017). In my experience, I was motivated ones by the supervisor of a project we were working on as a group in an organization. I was never fully invested in the project as an Iwas a new and less experienced employee. The supervisor noticed these and made it an effort to talk to me every morning complimenting me on small achievement and progress that I was making. Also, he discovered the various skill deficiencies I had.
As a result, my attitude increased over time, and I started voicing my opinions and giving new ideas which would previously withhold back. I even felt more useful and relevant to work in the organization.  The project supervisor has focused his full attention on me as an individual.  He also helped me to develop my skills further, and I am now in a position to lead myself without instructions.
Barak, M. E. M. (2016). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications.
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Senior design project essay help freeIntroduction
Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to overcome counterfeit as a security feature. It is a medium of exchange where financial transactions and their verifications are done at a decentralized system. Blockchain technology uses computers to authorize and monitor the transactions while making records.
Problem statement
Software cryptocurrency transfer is insecure from hacking and hampers holding of cryptocurrencies in software wallets thence prompts seeking a secure wallet and medium of operation.
The significance of the problem
Innovation in technology is taking place in a fast-paced momentum which requires all activities that engage in software activities to keep up. Cryptocurrency exchange and transfer fall in this category that requires an innovative and averse medium. Hardware wallet is known to be the most secure way of dealing in cryptocurrency. In a bid to stay post hacking of cryptocurrencies, a reliable means to carry out transaction revolving around hardware wallet may be the solution (Antonopoulos, Demarest and Futato, 2015). The project aims to build a secure hardware wallet that will use an iPhone iOS system in place of computers. It will use facial recognition feature that identifies the individual making transaction. Facial recognition system will use the biometric data of an individual which can only verify the owner of the hardware wallet rather than a stranger. The system acts as a security measure towards theft of cryptocurrencies.  Also, a hardware wallet stores more cryptocurrencies than the software wallet. Hardware wallets will not be faced out of technology soon, unlike the software wallets. Software programs governing the wallets are changing which also make them vulnerable to hacking which is also programs generated to counter a new one version of the latter.
Antonopoulos, A. M., Demarest, R., & Futato, D. (2015). Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking digital    crypto-currencies.
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Presenting the lease option online essay helpMy advice to the client is to record the entry in a more recommended aspect such that it will reflect in the final books of accounts. Therefore, the client should focus on presenting the lease option more clearly in their books of accounts as finance lease upon meeting the required threshold based on the framework recommended by IAS 17.
In a bid to ensure that the books are recorded, I will audit the lease agreement and present an essential summary of the crucial data and determine the classification guideline whether finance or operating lease. Additionally, examination of the cost to be borne by the lessee as well as the executory cost and report the findings in line with the provisions of IFR 16 on the lease option. This will imply that as part of the work, the client needs to disclose the information regarding the lease and should be recorded as a non-current liability with the value equivalent to it for the period in which the lease term relates.  The failure to disclose the lease with the  copy of the lease agreement evident will mean the company own the asset and hence during the disclosure, it will be reflected as a non-current asset. Thus, invalidating the lease agreement option which will not reflect the true and fair view. The accountant at Pacific needs to seek an advisory opinion in cases where is uncertain on reporting the major essential items which might raise issues during the audit.
In conclusion, Audit of the lease is usually a problem because of the critical component that auditors need to understand regarding the various type of lease to avoid making mistakes during the audit work such as wrongly classifying the lease as capital when it should be operating or finance lease. In view of the information disclosed above, I recommend the client to apply the information as a basis of fair reporting.
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Communication Audit Surveys argumentative essay helpIntroduction
Communication audits are a collection of tools employed to assess the perceptions of workers about communication processes within their organization (Downs & Adrian, 2012). This process entails the communication auditor researching the organization climate through multiple research methodologies and a wide range of techniques. The methods that communication auditors employ include questionnaires, survey, observation, interview, measurement, and comparison.  A survey using a paper questionnaire was conducted. The questionnaire was submitted to the participant who was randomly selected for the study. Twenty people participated in the study. The employees were randomly selected across the various department within the organization. 8 female and 12 males participated in the study. Out of people interviewed, 4 were supervisors and managers. The participants were conducted through telephone one week prior to the survey to ensure their commitment to the study. The survey questionnaire was sent to them and requested to verify if they understood all the questions. Once that was done, they were asked to fill in the form.  The questionnaire questions covered five main part of organization communication: sending of information, information received, sources of information, communication channels, and information timeliness.
Survey results
5 participants recorded that their receiving of information from others has been great with 15 respondents citing only getting average details on how well they are doing their work and duties, organization policies, pay and benefits, and the way technology changes influence their jobs. 15 respondents cited to receive less information about the failure and mistakes of their organization and how they are being judged.  In relation to the information sending 15 of the participant cited very great, 4 great, and 1 some. The participant agreed to be sending information about what they are doing, what they think their jobs require,  reporting about their job problems, requesting for clear work instructions, and information needed to do their job.  In relation to the source of information theme, 12 indicated to receive a great source of information from immediate supervisors, middle management, department meetings, people in other departments and units, a co-worker in their department, and top management.  4 participants reported receiving little information about various issues. 4 other respondents cite some information. In relation to the time of information, 18 respondents cited great in all areas, receiving timely information from top management, middle management immediate supervisor, co-workers, and other employees more promptly.  Two respondent cited very great.  In relation to the channel of communication, the common communication channels that were used by employee included face-to-facecommunication, telephone, and written letter and memos, which recorded very great by 18 of the participants.  Eternal media, internal publications, internal audio and bulletin boards recorded some by 15 participants.
The major communication issue identified in the survey:Receiving information from others
This area performed poorly during the survey process.  Majority of employees strongly felt that they were not getting feedback on most of the issues including those related to performance, job roles.
It was evident that there is a lack of feedback for various activities within the organization. Feedback is normally employed to describe useful information or criticize earlier behavior or action from a person, communicated to another group or person who can utilize the information to adjust as well as enhance current and future behaviors and actions.  Feedback usually takes place when an environment react to behaviors or actions (Downs & Adrian, 2012).
Effective feedback both negative and positive is very useful. Feedback is valuable information that can be utilized to make critical and important decisions. Top performing organizations are top on the list because these companies are in constant search for ways and techniques to improve their best. For top performing organizations, continuous improvement is not merely a showy catchphrase but a spot-on focus based on feedback especially from all the department and outside the company—stakeholders, suppliers, employees, clients, vendors, and customer (Clampitt, 2010).  Top performing organizations are good at both accepting and asking for feedback. And they appreciate feedback if it can highlight both strengths and weaknesses.  The main purpose of creating feedback in an organization is to support empowerment, transparency, retention rate, accountability, program improvement, monitoring, and evaluation, and give early warning about the looming danger (Clampitt, 2010).
Recommendation 1: Dedicate more resources to support the feedback model
The company should dedicate more resources to support the feedback mechanism. Based on study reports, the way feedback policies are implemented at the bottom greatly depend on the competence and availability of human and financial resources.  Feedback structures need to be designed to reduce access barriers by providing an access point and means of providing feedback. General employees meeting can be used to collect comments and suggestions, but separate sessions can be a plan for employees of every department to encourage the respondent to speak freely.  The feedback structure should be regular and secure (Alnajjar & Peter 2016)
Recommendation 2: Enhance and improve internal communication
Workers who are involved and informed function more effectively as well as being supportive of any role. When issues or problems surfaces, it is essential or when the company wants to communicate a decision, it is critical the process of communication starts with employees (Smith et al., 2008).  Based on the study survey, the majority of employees feel out of the loot regarding decision making, unclear about the vision, and mission of the company. Involve employees in things that affect them. Employee morale hinges on whether they believe their grievances are being heard as well as respected.
Managers can solicit their input through focus groups, surveys, and committees.  It is critical to explain to employees that a certain decision is usually made with consulting employees. However, with critical decisions that will have a notable effect on staff, it is imperative to look for effective ways to include them in the process.
The company should also develop a mechanism that can present important messages in, multiple ways and multiple times.  Increase in face-to-face communication between employees and managers is important.  Employees often feel disconnected from administrators, especially when the primary modes of communication are letters, telephone, and emails, or memos.
Alnajjar, J., & Peter Lang GmbH. (2016). Communication audit in globally integrated R et D project teams: A linguistic perspective.
Clampitt, P. G. (2010). Communicating for managerial effectiveness. London: Sage Publications.
Downs, C. W., & Adrian, A. D. (2012). Assessing organizational communication: Strategic communication audits. New York: Guilford.
Smith, L., Mounter, P., & Kogan Page. (2008). Effective internal communication. London: Kogan Page.
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Labeling, Resistance and Edgework best essay helpIn recent years, the issue of resistance has been rampant as people try to voice their needs on oppression. This has led to violence among many people who feel that their rights and freedom are violated in one reason or another(Agnew & Harman 2019).The latest news is about the resistance that some group wedge against Donald Trump administration. This comes as a result of hate crimes and how the government treats racism and homophobia among citizens. In this regard, the government generalizes the deviant group even if only two people from a given group is involved in the resistance. This is common in the black community where also if one group is engaged in the deviant act, the government label the whole group as perverted people hence resulting in edgework as people try to justify themselves. Edgework is common in a situation when people who are involved in the resistance try to oppose the act of labeling by the government.
The recent news is about the case of Mr. Smollett who claim that the police is assaulting him because of him being black. He is trying to resist the instances of racism that is taking place in the United States(Sopan & Jack, 2019). Even though the Chicago police said that he forged a false police report threatening his life, he intended to resist racial oppression as he is upset by the salary offered to him. This resistance makes the government label the black community as a deviant group who makes the government spend resources in investigating crimes that could have been used somewhere else.However, this does not stop black people from fighting for their rights.
Various societies differ in their reaction to deviance as they try to seek justice. The black community has reacted by forming black lives matter movement which fights for their rights to ensure that the oppression stops. The government, on the other hand, respond by charging the individual involved in deviance behavior in the court of law. All this reaction are done to ensure that the resistance against the government stops(Brent, 2014). For instance, in the case of Mr. Smollett, the government reacted by charging him in the court of law to ensure that justice is found. Even though this is good at stopping resistance, it results in chaos and sometimes leads to crimes.However, the government should ensure that the issues of oppression that leads to chaos are dealt with in the right way to ensure that justice is found.
Most of the resistance that occurs in the state today results in violence which endangers the lives of the people around. The abuse which occurs can either be physical or non-physical (Brent, 2014). In either way, there is a high possibility of them resulting in psychological harm, deprivation, and mal-development among other effects. These are so dangerous to the societal peace which impacts hatred among the communities and people. To some extent, resistance led to the crime which can make the government spend many resources to counter.
The administration of Donald Trump has faced a lot of resistance that comes from the people who feels that he is not acting in accordance with the constitution. This resistance arises due to the difference in the views that range from political to economic perspectives(Brent, 2014). Due to the imposition of trade tariffs, the business persons have resisted the government as they feel that the benefits that they derive from the international trade are affected. They involved in acts like a demonstration to express their opinions. Moreover, in political perspectives, the opposition leaders resist the government projects which they feel does not meet the expectation of the people.
Conclusively, labeling, resistance, and edgework exist in the society of today. Most government experience resistance from the citizens who feel that their rights and freedom are violated. One of the cases surrounds the administration of Donald Trump, who gets resistance from both politician and business persons. The imposition of trade tariffs has made various business persons to resist the government they feel that the government does not support them. Similarly, black people also oppose the government because they think that they are oppressed in terms of allocation of resources.Recently, a case involves Mr. Smollett, a black person, who is protesting the low salary that is offered to him because he is black. Such like cases result in fighting which erodes the peace of the society.  Resistance always occurs into violence or crime as people to try to express themselves. The government should fight these cases and ensure that all citizens get their rights.
Agnew, C. R., & Harman, J. J. (Eds.). (2019). Power in Close Relationships. Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from
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