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Healthcare Marketing Strategies Individual Project 4

You currently work as a marketing coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company that offers nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people. The neighboring town, about 10 miles away, has a much smaller population, but as the population ages, this town is seeing an increase in retirees. The chief executive officer (CEO) of New City Home Care has decided that it would be beneficial to expand into this town by opening a satellite office. She is eager to be the first home health company to open a physical office in this new territory and has tasked you with developing a marketing plan. You have been asked to provide an Executive Summary of the marketing plan to the management team.
The Executive Summary needs to explain how the following will be used in your team’s marketing plan:
The company’s historical resident trends and current strategic plan
Demographic data
Quality standards
Marketplace analysis, including competition
Models and best practices for reaching the target audience
Developing recommendations to ensure alignment with company strategy
Writing the plan and setting expectations
Implementing the plan and proven best practices for implementation
Tools for evaluating and adapting the plan
The summary should be 6-7 pages, not including title page and reference page, and include references published in the last 5 years. Use of APA formatting is required.

Assignment: This week students will be addressing the following essay questions. Insure all aspects of the questions are addressed.


This week students will be addressing the following essay questions. Insure all aspects of the questions are addressed. Submission needs to be in APA format. Use a Level 1 heading to separate your sections (Page 62 of the APA Publication Manual).

Discuss the various ways that ICD-10-CM coding is used throughout the United States. Why is accuracy in coding so important?
Explain the difference between ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. When are they used?
What impact does the ICM-10-CM manual have on healthcare and medicine in today’s world?
What are the ten steps for accurate ICD-10-CM coding? State and explain each step in paragraph form
In your own words, what is the difference between V, W, X, or Y code and a Z code?
Explain when the following would be used and give an example of: Hyphen usage, checkmark, placeholders, and punctuation
For the following, provide the ICD-10-CM codes (some might require more than 1 code). There is a free website listed at the end of the Chapter on page 127 that will help you with coding. Here is another website that might help:

Weight loss
gastroesophageal reflux disease
acute bronchitis with COPD
urinary infection due to E. coli
concussion, loss of consciousness 40 min
cancer of bladder
Physical, child for school
DTP vaccination
Heel injury (wound) due to broken glass
This assignment must be in APA format: Times Roman 12 font, double spaced, and include title and reference page.
Complete answers will essays will require at least 1000 words, approximately 4 pages (250 words = about 1 page). Title and reference pages do not count toward the total word or page count.
Alignment of ICD codes should be completed after the essay questions and before the reference page.
Title page and reference page do not count towards word count.
Ensure sources are referenced and cited in the paper

Healthcare Marketing Strategies Discussion Board 4

Religion and Theology Assignment Help write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.
Health care is changing rapidly, and health care marketers must be prepared to face the challenges the future will bring. Discuss the following:
Examine and discuss 2 emerging trends in health care.
Analyze what the health care marketer can do to address the challenges that are associated with those trends.


In addition to a current resume, please submit a Letter to the Admissions Committee (guidelines attached) that addresses the following kinds of questions:

Based on your previous academic experience, professional experiences, other significant responsibilities, or contributions to the community, why will you be successful at Walden?
What resources will you use to succeed both at Walden and beyond?
How will your current personal and professional situation contribute to your success at Walden?
Is there any other information about you that the admission committee should consider in evaluating your application?

For your convenience, I have attached guidelines and a suggested outline for composing this Letter; it is imperative that all eight sections be addressed.

This letter must include your full name as it will appear on your application, the program (Doctor of Public Health) you are applying for, and your desired start date – 2/28/2022 is the next available start date.

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