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Hello team, I would like to create a Google-site similar to this one: I will be attaching the

Hello team,

I would like to create a Google-site similar to this one:
I will be attaching the pdfs that need to go under each categories, and in the home this is what needs to go in:
Project name: Constructivism and Visualization

Benchmark – SOC Tools and Technologies

he purpose of this assignment is to identify the tools and technologies needed for a successful SOC.
Highly trained employees and structured processes allow the SOC to understand threats more clearly. The combination of people, processes, software, and hardware allows a SOC to fully discover and understand where an attack may come from and what techniques are being used to try to penetrate the company networks and infrastructure. It is imperative that the appropriate tools be selected for the SOC and that the security professional possess the ability and skills to manage these SOC systems.
Students will have a sound understanding of the technologies and methods utilized to defend systems and networks. They will be able to describe, evaluate, and operate a defensive network architecture, employing multiple layers of protection using technologies appropriate to meet mission security goals.
Select five hardware and five software tools and technologies you would recommend for the SOC you proposed and designed in Topic 1 assignments. Create a chart that summarizes the following information about each hardware and software selection by completing the worksheet “SOC Tools and Technologies.” This will be the SOC Tools and Technologies section in the IT Proposal.
Provide the specific name of each hardware/software tool/technology.
Explain specifically what the hardware/software does.
Justify each hardware/software selection by validating that the systems chosen will provide an appropriate security architecture.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Computer science question

Computer Science Assignment Help Computer science interview questions
While knowing how to answer general interview questions is certainly important, preparing for industry-specific questions is critical to demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of computer science and ultimately securing a job. The following are common computer science questions you should consider when getting ready for a job interview in this field:
What is a singleton class?
What is a stream?
What is a view?
What is polymorphism?
What is a file?
What are the primary components of a computer system?
What is a chipset?
No need for reference because it’s an interview, just respond to the questions

BA63570G421 Disaster Recovery

I would like help on 2 questions below.
1) Using a Web browser and a search engine, search the terms “CitiBank backup tapes lost.” You will find many results. Select one article and identify what that article considers a shortcoming in CitiBank’s planning. What part of the contingency planning process came up short(IR, BP, or CP)? How could the shortcoming have been prevented?
2) Include at least 300 words in your posting and at least 150 words in each of your replies. Indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. Please see syllabus for details on submission requirements.
Search “” for a company or school that has defined the role of end-users in the creation of a contingency plan. Discuss why it is (or is not) important to include end users in the process of creating the contingency plan? What are the possible pitfalls of end user inclusion?

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