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Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun MKT 257 (Social Media for Organizations) activity please.

I need you to create a blog post (you will have to create the blog in wordpress or another platform) on why you are taking this class (MKT 257-Social Media for Organizations).
Grading is as follows:
1 point (or 0 points)
2 points
3 points
4 points
Writing: Is the content free of grammatical and/or spelling errors?
The content has multiple errors that negatively impact the credibility significantly.
NOTE: More than 5 writing errors result in automatic failure. Misspelling a company name or product counts as two errors.
The content has enough errors (2-3) that would cause readers some concern.
The content has one error that readers might bypass as a simple typing error.
The content has no errors.
Formatting/Graphics: The content looks professional.
The content does not look professional and is difficult to read through. The graphics are not created by the student and/or borrowed from another source without a citation.
The content is formatted in an easy-to-read way, but graphics are difficult to read, don’t match the content, or are not quality.
Both formatting and graphics are appropriate and make the blog post more engaging to the reader.
The formatting and the graphics help the blog stand out.
The content does not lead the reader to believe that the author has researched the topic through lack of links, lack of quality information, or lack of depth.
NOTE: If the blog is void of all original thought, it will not receive a passing grade. Plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment.
Readers believe that the author has researched the topic a little bit, but a lack of depth and quality original thought hold the content back from being better. A minimum of 2 sources are hyperlinked.
The author has done a nice job showing their knowledge on the topic, cited sources through hyperlinks, and provided ample depth.
The content could be used by others due to the extensive original thought, sources utilized, and the specific depth of the topic.
Topic Covered
The content of the blog does not address the topic assigned.
The content of the blog touches on the topic assigned.
The content of the blog covers the requirements of the assignment.
The content of the blog is fantastic and specific to the topic assigned.

Marketing Question 1. What are the 4 classifications of products?
2. 4Ps (Product/Place/Price/Promotion) are widely accepted in the marketing fields. What else “P” you could add to 4Ps and why? (250 words)
3. Who developed the recipe of Big Mac (McDonald’s)?
4. Companies should consider 3 concepts when they make their Product mix decisions. What are the 3 concepts? (250 words)
5. Have you heard about the phenomenon of “amazonization” ? How do you feel about it? (250 words)
6. Which is not a wholesaler?
1) Rack Jobber 2) Cash and Carry 3) Category Killer 4) Truck Jobber
7. What are the 4 major tools of promotion?8. Do you agree with that “word of mouth” is important in the promotion? and why? (250 words)

MBA3008 Module 1 Introduction to Marketing

Marketing Assignment Help Choose an organization and identify all the elements of its marketing mix.
Explain the organization’s marketing mix in an essay of 500–1000 words.
In your replies, consider these questions: What can we infer about the organization based on its marketing mix? How is the marketing mix related to the organization’s mission? Is it consistent with the organization’s commitment to sustainability? Why or why not? Keep in mind that replies might include requesting additional details, contributing additional information, or sharing relevant experiences. Remember to cite your sources using APA format.

MKG310 Branding- Personality for an Established Brand

For this assignment, you are to analyze a brand’s personality. First, review the article by Masiello et al (Links to an external site.). Then, create a PowerPoint presentation complete with speaker notes and address the following:
Define the five brand personalities
Provide one example of a company for each brand personality and include at least three examples of what that company does to justify your choices.
Present your analysis and show your supporting evidence
Remember—PowerPoint is a visual medium. Be creative with your images and use them to support your analysis. Include your analysis and citations in your speaker notes.
Your presentation should consist of eight to twelve slides, not including title and reference pages. Save your PPT as a PDF with speaker notes showing. Include at least two scholarly references

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