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Hello there, I need some help for this very easy, fast, and fun MGT 326 (Entrepreneurship) activity please.

I need you to help me by editing my following website (Note: The app that we use in my class to create websites is called Wix or, and I will give my logins to the tutor that starts working with me on this): (my website)
It already has a good start but I need it to look similar (in terms of structure) to this one: (sample website)
Note: One of the things that needs the most attention is the contact form (or the lack of it) so please check the one in the second link and create a similar contact form for my website.
I will available for you all the time in case you need any clarification at all!

Writer’s Choice Essay

You will complete a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation that explains what are considered professional and unprofessional attire and behaviors for your chosen career. The presentation will also include information regarding best practices for other factors related to physical appearance and behaviors (hairstyles, tattoos, accessories, jewelry, piercings, communication, attitude, etc.). The presentation will demonstrate the importance of managing your professional image for career success. It will cover specific practices regarded as essential for professionals in your career.

The PowerPoint presentation must include:

A title slide
5-8 content slides that include:
Explanations of 50–100 words in the speaker notes section for all slides
In-text citations, in the current APA format, located in the speaker notes for all slides
Two examples (including two images) of unprofessional attire and reasoning as to why they are unprofessional in your chosen career
Two examples (including two images) of professional attire and reasoning as to the importance of maintaining professional attire in your chosen career
Two examples (including two images) of unprofessional behaviors and reasoning as to why they are unprofessional in your chosen career
Two examples (including two images) of professional behaviors and reasoning as to the importance of maintaining professional behaviors in your chosen career
Two examples (including two images) of best practices for other factors related to appearance and behaviors (such as hairstyles, tattoos, accessories, jewelry, piercings, communication, attitude, etc.) and reasoning as to why they should be best practices in your chosen career
A reference slide with 2–3 references (not including images) in APA format

MCS 010 response

Please help me with my short response.
2 pages total, double space, MLA format.
Please write a response on the film Platoon (2000).
1.) A short summary or synopsis, no more than one brief paragraph
2.) A critical review and analysis, with a close focus on particularly relevant parts or scenes
3.) Two to three questions you would like to see discussed in class

• Virtual Activities are to occur during the student’s work in specific Units. • Activities may include responses to Essay

Writing Assignment Help • Virtual Activities are to occur during the student’s work in specific Units.
• Activities may include responses to questions, reviews of videos or assigned documents.
• VAs that require writing are to be submitted to Turnitin so that you can adjust your draft and ensure your work is original and has a very low similarity score. See the related Instructions under the Assignment tab for Turnitin.
• All VAs that require writing will be completed in APA formatting, double spaced, 2.5 centimetres margins on all sides and in 12 point font (Calibri or New Times Roman only), however, no Title page or References page is required except for the Case Note) though your name should be added.
• Writing less than the minimum page length suggested usually results in lower marks.
Virtual Activity #1 (Unit 2) (2%) Due by the start of your Unit 2 class
Instructions: Read the Ellison article posted to Unit 1 and comment on at least one aspect of the Recovery model (Ellison- Reading) and its changing concepts that interests you or surprised you. Submit to Turnitin.

Please read the attached article, Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores. Using what we have covered in

Please read the attached article, Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores.

Using what we have covered in this course about research methods, please identify the key components of the study. Be sure you include information about: purpose of the study (researchable question) (2 pts), predictor (independent) variable (construct and how it was measured: 1 pt), outcome (dependent) variable (construct and how it was measured: 1 pt), participants (who researchers collected data from/about) (1 pt), findings (1 pts), and critique the conclusions, including at least two limitations or other potential variables that could explain these findings (3 pts) (plus 1 pt for writing quality).
double-spaced and typed with 1” margins and standard 12-pt. font (Times New Roman is recommended)

SOC-101 Reviewed Articles Educational Goal: The assignment intends to develop a student’s ability to: Article can be found in

SOC-101 Reviewed Articles

Educational Goal:

The assignment intends to develop a student’s ability to:

Article can be found in the module under review article.
Read and follow directions
Collect information / data
Analyze and interpret the information/data
Article can be found under the module.

Important Note:

Realize that every class and instructor/professors may have different formats and requirements for their papers. Carefully read the directions, instructions and guidelines for every class. Take the time to prepare each paper specifically for each class. One instructor/professor may require one thing and another instructor may require something that is totally opposite. Do not Assume that all paper assignment will be the same.

Peer Reviewed Articles:

A written college level paper. This paper will utilize the scientific method to analyze and discuss data/information concerning our contemporary society. ALL papers should use “word” or be saved in an .eft format for submission. Papers must be submitted to Canvas under the section/module due dates.
Your paper should include the following parts:
What is the research about/problem?
What is the Hypothesis?
What methods did they use?
How big was the population size?
What were the results?
In your conclusions what is a another typic you can research about from this paper?
You most have a minimum of 2 sources (i.e., article and textbook), in your reference page. Failure to have the minimum sources will mean a deduction of points.
Your paper much be typed using a system such as Word or Google Docs and Double Spaced; standard font (Times New Roman or Arial – size 12). It should be 2 pages, any papers under the 2 pages will be penalized. Papers over 2 pages will NOT be penalized.
Check the syllabus for the DUE DATES of these project. These projects should be submitted to the area on the models or under the assignment area.
These assignments are worth 50 point a piece.

General Concerns of Papers:

Because many students have questions about the structure, format, and writing of papers the following guidelines have been developed to aid you in your endeavor.

Mechanics of writing: Your paper will not be graded based on correct grammar or spelling. HOWEVER, well-written papers tend to receive better grades. It is therefore in your best interest to be concerned with spelling and grammar. These papers are a college assignment, and a freshman/sophomore college level quality is demanded. Paper formats, which you have used in your college level English courses, are acceptable. If you need to develop a style the MLA style is suggested. It is the format utilized by our English department. (APA format is also acceptable) If you have trouble in the area of grammar, spelling, or format I suggest starting and finishing the assignment early so someone can proofread your writing and typing.
If you need help with the MLA format go to the VVC Library Webpage and click on Research Tools. Then click on the MLA icon for the MLA style guide – here is a link: (Links to an external site.). Click on the APA icon for the APA style guide. You can also access the VVC Writing Center online at: (Links to an external site.) or actually visit the center on lower campus in the Humanities Center (HC5).
Referencing material: For a more complete discussion go to the VVC Library webpage in the Websites button and look in the MLA or APA style guides. Information can also be obtained at the VVC Writing Center Website. There are also some helpful links located in External Links in Canvas. A good reference for the MLA style guide is The Owl at Purdue, “MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide” located at: (Links to an external site.)

References/Citations/Work Cited

Your references or citations indicates ALL sources that you have used to compile your paper. These include written work, audio, audio visual, interviews, and questionnaires (which should include a time, date, and place where they were administered). Your citations should be very complete and thorough.

The references are very similar to footnotes. There are some important differences.

It must contain ALL the published material and ANY OTHER sources that you have used.

The following should be contained within your references. This information should be written out in line form NOT outlined. (See examples)

For MLA basic book information, you will need:

Author (last name last).
A book’s title is italicized.
An article’s title is in “quotation marks”.
Source (Journals, Anthologies, Magazines, Newspapers, Flyers, and etc.)
Source title is italicized
Month Year
Volume number
Place and year published.
Are mandatory if there is a direct quote or paraphrasing in your paper.
If you are summarizing an article or book and have no specific page numbers to cite there is no need to cite pages.
If using an online source, include the URL.
If using an online source, include the date of access.
Examples of References/Citations:

Kitano, Harry H. L, Race Relations, Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 1997

Davis, K., “80% of naturalized Latinos sign up to vote, study say.” Los Angeles Times, September 5, 1989, part II, p. 7.

If you have problems with citations use: “Citation Machine” available in Web sites in Canvas: (Links to an external site.)

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