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The purpose of this paper is to apply the information you learned in the course to an adolescent character from one of the sources provided to you (refer to Module 7). Specifically, you will read about (or view) the life of a character and provide critical analyses of a particular aspect of the character’s development (i.e., a Developmental Outcome), using the concepts you learned in the course. Example outcomes include the character’s relationship with their parent (or romantic partner or peer), it could be their personality or morality, political beliefs, development of sexual identity, etc. The outcome you choose to analyze, and the concepts you use to analyze the person/character is up to you. This paper should be approximately 4-5 pages long, double spaced, 12 point font, APA style. Your grade will be based on how well you meet the requirements below.

Discussion 3

Two important concepts of CBT are structuring and educating. Describe how these are complementary processes.
Make a list of 3-5 main components of CBT for which you believe psychoeducation should be routinely provided (examples: nature of automatic thoughts, types of cognitive distortions). What are the lessons you want to get across?
What specific ideas or techniques do you have for educating clients in each of these identified areas. Include educational resources, worksheets or readings you may use.

Final paper – The final paper will require you to address an area of human behavior in some depth

Sociology Assignment Help Final paper – The final paper will require you to address an area of human behavior in some depth and to extend your observations to the range of interventions available for the challenges you discuss. The standard format for this paper is listed below:

Choose an area in child mental health. You may work within the topics covered in the course syllabus or you may go beyond the syllabus in choosing a topic.

Discuss the area you have chosen, relying both on course material and on at least one additional resource you have identified. If you are discussing a condition, describe its’ development and presentation. (8-10 pages)

Discuss a particular person – their history, strengths and needs as relevant to social work intervention. (2 pages)

Discuss how the mental health materials you presented earlier help us understand this person’s presentation, both developmentally and descriiptively. How well do these materials help us account for this person’s strengths and needs. Address any important things about the person’s presentation that these materials do not adequately address. (2-3 pages)

Discuss intervention strategies that build on strengths and address needs. Rely on at least two outside sources, which can be taken either from other courses you are enrolled in or from your own literature search. (3-5 pages)

Some of you may find it more interesting to choose two child mental health areas to discuss. You would present each and discuss how they interact. After presenting material about a person you would discuss how each perspective would account for the person’s development and presentation, and share your view of the strengths and shortcomings of each perspective in this respect. Finally you would discuss intervention from each perspective, and comment on the merits of each.

You may also create an alternative design for this paper, which you must first discuss with me and have approved. The goal is not to follow a required structure but to work with a structure that will allow you to explore a child mental health area in some depth.

This paper is intended to be a substantial assignment and one that you can best address by beginning your work early in the semester and returning to the work often. There is no midterm paper assigned for this course, with the intent of allowing you to apply your full energies to one well-developed final product. You are required to present at least one outside source in your initial discussion of the issue and at least two sources in your intervention section of the paper. This paper should be 15-20 pages in length.

Discussion 2

CBT is a commonsense approach based on two main components.?
Our thoughts have a controlling influence over our emotions and our behaviors.
Our behavior can affect our thoughts and our emotions.?
Using this model, describe a situation or presenting problem that you have found yourself or a client in. How do you think this could potentially guide your intervention? Why do you think it is important for social workers/clinicians to be familiar with CBT?
Think about the client you discussed above or use your own situation. While the CBT model can be applied to many problems, not everyone is an appropriate candidate for CBT treatment. Would your client (or yourself) be a good candidate for CBT? Provide reasoning for why or why not.

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