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Hi, I have uploaded the PDF named “Employment Law 2 Continuous Assessment” which contains the essay and instructions on


I have uploaded the PDF named “Employment Law 2 Continuous Assessment” which contains the essay and instructions on what to do and what the teacher expects.

I have also uploaded 17 PowerPoint files that are basically our lectures, this is an Irish institute in case you aren’t familiar, perhaps helps a quick read to see the differences between Irish employment law x your home country employment law

any question fell free to contact me, thanks a million for your help

Have you heard of the old expression “humans are the weakest link”? This seems truer than ever in any

Have you heard of the old expression “humans are the weakest link”? This seems truer than ever in any cybersecurity program. (Reading: People – the weakest link in cybersecurity )

After the rise of COVID, the workplace has changed forever. Hybrid working has become the new norm. It comes with its own set of challenges. Cyber criminals continue to prey on remote workers. They use highly sophisticated methods of targeting employees and even executives. Beyond the threats from phishing attacks, we have also learned that “everyone is responsible for security”. Only by building ‘shift left” security mindset into an organization’s culture can organizations consistently inject security practices into their DevOps pipelines and into all stages of software development.

However, here are the latest stats based on over 400 responses to a 2020 survey of international IT security operations professionals:

More than 40% of respondents reported increased risks from unmanaged devices belonging to remote users
54% of all security leaders describe visibility as a major concern. Some 60% said they had identified new security gaps as a result of the shift to remote work.
Nearly six in 10 organizations are struggling with employee-related cyber threats in the months since the pandemic began. And 48% reported phishing attacks in the first three months of the pandemic.
97% worry about an insider data breach over the next year
Some 78% of IT security leaders believe that employees have put corporate data at risk accidentally over the past 12 months
Three-quarters think employees intentionally put corporate data at risk over the same time period.
Source: The State of Security Operations 2020; 2020 Global Insider Data Breach Survey

For this assignment, you will write an essay of ~500 words to design a cybersecurity program that can effectively address the security threats caused by the “human” factors, in other words, insider risks. A security awareness training program is a great enabler, but it alone is not going to make the cut to transform the organization’s security culture.

Your essay should address each of the following questions. Each is worth a maximum of 20 points.

Why is a strong security culture important?
What are some security initiatives you can roll out for your entire workforce?
What may cause your program to fail or stall?
How will you apply the three pillars: people, process, technology to achieve the objectives of your program?
How would you integrate the emerging technologies such as AI/ML or cloud into your program?
You will receive a total maximum of 20 bonus points if your program addresses ANY of the following areas:

How will your program increase the visibility over third-party insider risks?
What security topics would you recommend for an employees’ awareness training program?
How would you leverage the frameworks we discussed (e.g., NIST, MITRE) to construct your program?
You may enter and exit this assignment page as needed and you should type your answers in a separate word document. You will submit by uploading a .doc .docx, or .pdf file.

and Civil Law: Why Common Law is Better for Criminals Than Civil Law

Law Assignment Help Thesis: It is better to be in a common law country if you are guilty of a crime because of the involvement of emotion and interpretation of justice, which relies heavily on judges, due process, attorneys, and juries, allowing for legal loopholes.

I am attaching a rough draft/ outline that I have already written. Please include the text I have written but you can add more information to it.

I have also include the sources that must be used and cited in the paper. you can add more sources but this paper must at least include my original 20 sources.

no more than 3 quotes

Boom, Inc. is a video conferencing company that licenses software permitting its users to engage in live video and Essay

Boom, Inc. is a video conferencing company that licenses software permitting its users to engage in live video and audio conferencing with multiple simultaneous users. Boom, Inc. started doing business in 2010 and marketed its software to businesses with offices or clients in many different cities and countries in order to facilitate simultaneous video meetings. Boom, Inc. registered its trademark BOOM! with the Patent and Trademark Office in 2011. Boom, Inc. had annual revenues ranging between $4,000,000 to $5,000,000 between 2010 and 2020. Commencing in March 2020, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, Boom’s revenues multiplied substantially. Boom also received significant press coverage in the early stages of the pandemic, as it became one of the resources utilized by numerous educational institutions throughout the United States to provide remote instruction.

Ka-Boom, Inc. was formed in April 2021. Ka-Boom, Inc. is a video messaging company which allows users to record and then send video messages to others. Unlike Boom, Inc., which provides a synchronous format, Ka-Boom’s format is asynchronous. Messages are recorded and the recipient can view the messages at whatever time they choose, much like a video email. Ka-Boom, Inc. began using the trademark KA-Boom! Ka-Boom, Inc. was aware of Boom, Inc. and Boom’s registered trademark at the time it started using KA-Boom!

After the rollout of its software, Ka-Boom, Inc. users experienced various problems, including computer crashes and unwanted pop-up ads.

In July 2021, Ka-Boom, Inc. advertised that in just three months, it already had amassed 100 million daily users. In fact, Ka-Boom, Inc. had 100 million daily uses, not users. If a user utilized the software on more than one occasion during a day, each time the software was utilized, it would count as a new se. The actual daily user count was closer to 20 million.

Boom, Inc. found out about Ka-Boom, Inc. when Boom, Inc. began to notice negative reviews of Boom, Inc. appearing on social media sites complaining of computer crashes and pop-up ads, problems that Boom, Inc. had not encountered. Boom, Inc. sent Ka-Boom, Inc. a cease-and-desist letter, demanding that it immediately stop using the KA-Boom! mark. In response, Ka-Boom, Inc. placed a disclaimer in the FAQ section of its website that it was not affiliated with Boom, Inc., and also stated that Boom, Inc. and Ka-Boom, Inc. were not competitors, but were compatible. It also stated that anyone looking for a synchronous platform should choose Boom, Inc. However, Ka-Boom, Inc. continued to use the KA-Boom! mark.

Boom, Inc. brought a lawsuit under the Lanham Act against Ka-Boom, Inc.

Discuss thoroughly all of Boom, Inc.’s potential claims against Ka-Boom, Inc., and all of Ka-Boom, Inc.’s potential defenses. Be sure to address each element of every claim and defense. Who is likely to prevail in this lawsuit? What are Boom, Inc.’s potential remedies if it Wins?

You should rely primarily on our course materials in writing your paper. You may, but do not need to, do outside research. You do not need to provide citations to the original course materials from the Modules. If you quote or paraphrase from a case or linked article, however, you should provide a citation to the case/article.

Problem: Identify all potential claims and defenses given the factual scenario

Integration: Integrate course materials (modules, lectures, discussion, cases, articles) as appropriate to develop a reasoned analysis

Analysis: Demonstrate intellectual depth and mastery of course topics

Writing: Lucid writing. Clear, correct English. Well-edited. Proper APA form.

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