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Hi, Please do question 1 and 4 only on the exam paper. Please write around 1100/1200 for each question

Hi, Please do question 1 and 4 only on the exam paper. Please write around 1100/1200 for each question and please use in text citations inside each essay. Please use Harvard referencing and leave a reference list of all sources used below the essay. I have included lecture slides for the respective topic related to questions 1 and 4 and the exam paper pdf file below. I hope to see the essay soon, thank you!

Covid 19 effect on airbus

All details are in the file attached. Please follow all instructions and answer all questions in the marking criteria in the file you will see how many percent each section gives according to this spread out the word count. Use academic sources only and also use Harvard referencing an in text citations

Business Question

Business Assignment Help Management of Employee AttitudeWrite a 4-5 page paper on exploring the benefits of management and employee attitudes, specifically the manager’s influence toward professional training and development within organizations. How can organizations recruit and retain qualified employees?
Paper must include a cover page, abstract and 3-4 reference. Do not use Wikipedia.
All sources used must be cited both within the text and in a references section at the end of the lecture (use APA conventions for citing)
No more than 20% of the entire piece can be in quotation
Must be proofread and edited for errors
View your assignment rubric.

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Business Memo Essay

The assignment is based onExcel project which I attached in the file. Your memo should be between around 400 words and should be typed up using Word. It should be double-spaced, 1-inch margin, and with 12-point Times New Roman font • Your recommendation on which firms would be the best candidates for future investment, and • Your reasoning behind the recommendation, and • A brief response to each of the items in the following list: 1. The fund manager wants to first find out when and by how much stock prices for the selected firms fluctuate drastically. i. In your memo, include only the days on which top-most positive and top-most negative % change fluctuations occur. See Part-A for instructions to complete this. 2. The fund manager plans to discuss these results with colleagues. This requires a visual summary of the stock pricing data and NASDAQ Composite index. Create a pivot-chart that will help the fund manager in her discussion. In your memo include a copy of pivot chart and a couple of sentences about your observations from this chart. See Part-B for instructions to complete this. 3. The fund manager wants to know how the ROI of your IT portfolio compares with that of NASDAQ, which is the market index for IT firms. She wants to know whether it was better than that of NASDAQ (i.e. whether you beat the market). ii. In your memo, include a couple of sentences explaining this comparison with NASDAQ. See Part-C for instructions to complete portfolio analysis.

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