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Hi, This Discussion Doesnt Required Resources Therefore No Need To Add Resources Online Essay Help

Hi, this discussion doesnt required resources therefore no need to add resources. the minnunim word is 200 count assignment is below
You invite three friends to a restaurant. When the dinner check arrives, David, a self-employed entrepreneur, picks it up saying, “Here, let me pay. I’ll deduct it as a business expense on my tax return.” Denise, a salesperson, takes the check from David and says, “I’ll put this on my company’s credit card. It won’t cost us anything.” Derek, a factory manager for a company, laughs and says, “Neither of you understands. I’ll put this on my company’s credit card and call it overhead on a cost-plus contract my company has with a client.” (A cost-plus contract means the company receives its costs plus a percent of those costs.) Adds Derek, “That way, my company pays for the dinner and makes a profit.”
Who should pay the bill? Why?

Essay – 2000 words (+/- 10%)
A Vision of Change: Sustainability in the hotel ind scholarship essay helpEssay – 2000 words (+/- 10%)
A Vision of Change: Sustainability in the hotel industry.
The hospitality industry has historically had a dramatic environmental impact on the environment, through energy and water consumption and use of consumable goods. With sustainability now being the issue on everyone’s mind, discuss how the hotel industry is responding and adapting, and why sustainability is a key focus.
Sustainability is widely regarded as the key to a successful business in the 21st century. Sustainability or social responsibility is fast becoming a prime concern for public and private sectors alike and the hotel industry is no exception. Define sustainability, its pillars and the relationship with the hotel industry. Critically evaluate business concerns, such as increased government pressures and competitors’ actions that have motivated hoteliers to embrace sustainability and make it an integral part of the corporate agenda. Discuss the circular economy and the relationship with CSR. Consider examples of CSR strategies / policies in detail, ensuring that you relate your writing to the fundamental pillars of sustainability.
You must present your essay with a front page, this to include:
The title of the essay – A Vision of Change: Sustainability in the hotel industry.
• Your name
• The module title and module code
• Your lecturer’s name
You should structure your work with an opening introduction (around 10% of your word count), where you will explain what the essay will be looking at, whilst also defining key terms appropriate for your essay. This will be followed by your main body (80% of your word count), where you will critically analyse the relationship between sustainability and the hotel industry along with how the hotel industry is responding and adapting, and why sustainability is a key focus. This section will contain several paragraphs and should flow nicely from one section to the next (the golden thread). Conclude your essay with a closing paragraph (10% of your word count). The conclusion contains no new material. Summarise your findings, highlighting the benefits of Sustainability within the hotel industry.
Microsoft Word settings:
Please use:
• Arial Font 12
• 1.5 line spacing
• Justify Text
You must include in-text citations, along with a Reference List that conforms to UWTSD’s Harvard Referencing Guide
Epidemiology paper-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Topic: Infectiou college essay help near meEpidemiology paper-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Topic: Infectious/Chronic Diseases
Citations must be within 5 years, and APA 7th edition
1.) Complete the readings assigned for each Critical News Analysis.
2.) Select essay help site:edu1.) Complete the readings assigned for each Critical News Analysis.
2.) Select an issue from the readings that you can connect to a contemporary issue/controversy in Comparative politics (no older than six months) relevant to the current Section of the course. Information concerning contemporary political issues/controversies must be presented with reference to at least one of the following sources: The New York Times, Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal.
3.) Next, do the following in the Modules section in Canvas under the title for each assignment: Write approximately 250-500 words in which you connect the readings for that section of the course to the larger world of Comparative politics. Use criteria being studied in class to analyze a current event/issue. Full credit for this assignment rests on your ability to relate the news item in Comparative politics to the class readings for each section of the course.
Topics are:
Describe your testing scenario and explain why this plan is the best approach to college essay help onlineDescribe your testing scenario and explain why this plan is the best approach to ensuring the project requirements are met.
Discuss the importance of selecting appropriate partners for the testing process and explain how these individuals are chosen for your project.
West africa :
One of the popular discourses about the slow pace of d cheap essay helpWest africa :
One of the popular discourses about the slow pace of development efforts in post-independent West Africa concerns political corruption. It is often assumed, sometimes wrongly, that West African countries failed to develop at a faster rate despite their natural wealth, because of poor leadership and massive corruptions. While this is true in some specific cases, there are other factors that contributed in hampering some of the development efforts. Comparable to all societies, some West African countries had excellent and committed leadership at one point or another. However, most of these leaders were unable to implement their visions for various reasons. We have read about some of them. In this assignment, I want us to add some nuances to our analyses in order to avoid generalizations. The objective of this discussion is therefore to learn a bit more about such leaders and to assess how a combination of domestic and global politics during the Cold War contributed in the slow economic progress in the region, especially up to the end of the 20th century.
Just provide the link of the source
Write one short paragraph (three to five sentences) in response to each of the following questions. (Total of 2 paragraphs)
1) Many historians argue that the Cold War disrupted the economic development of West African countries. Do you agree? In what ways did the Cold War impact the region’s economic development and what evidence can you cite to support your position? The impact may be negative or positive depending on your position so feel free to take any side in the debate.
My answer (you can fix it or rewrite it):
I agree that the Cold War affected the economic development of West Africa, the Soviet Union and the United States gave West Africa aid during the Cold War just to prevent the other from having it, which resulted in hampered economic and political development in West Africa, and the independence of many countries was often delayed. The Cold War restricted West Africa’s economic development by exacerbating civil and inter-regional conflicts, increasing tribalism and individualism, and hindering the reform of the country’s economic system. I think the impact this has had on West Africa is negative. West African countries were not sufficiently politically prepared when they became independent, coupled with the post-colonial influence, the political structure was very unstable, so the United States and the Soviet Union would encourage rebels to seize power, come Achieving the development of their own political system, leading to the beginning of West African political strife and tribal dominance. Because the Soviet Union and the United States often provide assistance to West Africa, when an economic crisis occurs in the country, the leaders of West Africa always want to rely on the United States and the Soviet Union to ease the economic difficulties. These aid and sustenance actually hinder West Africa’s economic system reform.
2) What have you learned in this course thus far that surprised you or supported or contradict your earlier knowledge?
Classical Arch questions:
1)Explain the “Three Ages” theory. Be sure to explain the key characteristics and innovations of each age. Why is archaeology so pivotal to our ability to formulate a theory of this nature?
2. Ancient human artifacts have existed since they were abandoned by the people who used them, yet they were largely ignored until approximately the late Renaissance and only truly moved toward becoming a discipline in the 19th Century. What were the necessary preconditions for archaeology as a discipline?
NOTE: Be sure to answer every part of the questions clearly.

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