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Hi, this is the second part of the assignment : l attached the new assignment and the one you

this is the second part of the assignment :
l attached the new assignment and the one you completed

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research related to how a specific company utilizes information related to consumer behavior, product mix or service processes, and pricing to create marketing plans that will meet business needs including their specified marketing objectives.


Review the following topic resources.

Topic 3: “Consumer Purchasing Decisions”

Topic 4: “What Is a Product?” “What Is a Service,” and “Service Delivery”

Topic 5: “Pricing and Breakeven Analysis”

Part 1:

Continuing in the role of a marketing professional who has been tasked with completing a marketing plan for a client, refer back to the research you completed in the Topic 2 Part 1: Research as a starting point for the assignment. Conduct additional research related to consumer behavior, the company’s specific product or service, and the company pricing strategy, and use it to complete the “Marketing Plan Analysis and Presentation: Part 2 – Research Template.”

Part 2:

Create a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your marketing plan analysis based upon the research you have conducted. Slides should address each of the key areas listed below and should include speaker notes that explain how the company could have used what it learned about consumer behavior, product or service, and pricing to help it develop a marketing plan in order to meet the company marketing objectives and business needs. Include a slide at the end of the presentation to cite your research sources.

Company Background:

Company name, vision, and mission.
Company marketing objectives.
Consumer Behavior:

Describe the customer segments and target markets.
Describe characteristics of the target markets that will affect product/service and pricing decisions.
Describe how the company differentiates its product and positions its brand.
Describe a consumer buying behavior model for this company and brand.
Product or Service:

Describe the product mix.
Describe the product lines.
Describe the service processes.
Discuss physical evidence of service, service scape, and ambiance.
Discuss the roles of company employees in service delivery.

Define the company’s pricing objectives and discuss whether the objectives are profit- or sales-oriented.
Provide example of current company pricing strategies.
Describe pricing tactics (discounts, etc.) that are used to drive short-term demand.
General Requirements:

Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.

Submit the “Marketing Plan Analysis and Presentation: Part 2 – Research Template” and PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.

Market Research Plan

Discussion: Ethics
With the relationship between a market researcher and the client for which they are gathering the data, there are contractual rules and parameters that are established prior to the engagement. These rules and parameters are in place to protect both sides. Research two examples where ethical violation issues arose from this pact and describe what caused the violations. How could these have been prevented?
Suggested length is 1-2 pages, double spaced. APA 7th Edition
Paper: Market Research Plan Assignment: Would you be willing to invest in my idea if I tell you I am certain in my mind that my idea is a guaranteed winner? Probably not — unfortunately for me. You would insist on more qualitative and quantitative evidence prior to giving me money. Smart choice.
Take your previous idea for your final presentation later in the course that has been approved and create a marketing research plan associated with the idea. Use both primary and secondary research for the assignment.
Why do this? So your data will be able to paint the picture of whether or not your idea is market viable.
With a new or enhanced product find out if there is interest for your idea.
Learn about the possibility of having a profitable business for your idea.
Need to define if there is a problem that your idea will solve.
This is an initial pass at refining your idea prior to formally presenting.
Assignment details: Analyze and assign in which quadrant your idea from the proposal fits in the supply and demand matrix below and explain why. The details describing the matrix sections are found here:… APA 7th edition, suggested pages 4-5 pages including references. Attachment is for APA Guide.

Marketing Question

Marketing Assignment Help Your essay should include 6 sections as follows:
1. Brief description of Chick-fil-A.
2. Summary of its marketing strategies
3. Analysis of its marketing strategies
4. Are Its marketing strategies successful or not?
5. Why do you think its marketing strategies are successful or not?
6. What do you learn from its marketing strategies.
* Length: 800 – 1000 word essay

Research Report

1) Topic: Research a company you like, and suggest new and creative marketing strategies to the company.
Suggested Research Report Format:
You can select the company you want to research;
You need to submit a research proposal by October 13th that includes:
-Target Company / Description
-The reasons for your choice,
-Outline of your research report
Research paper will be no more than 5 pages, including references; 12-point font; double-spaced; Images, charts, maps, graphs, etc. should be placed in appendices (these should be in addition to the 10 written pages).
A.Current Situation
1.Current Performance
2.Strategic Posture
B. Analysis of Strategic Factors
Situational Analysis (SWOT)
C. Marketing Strategy
1.Current Marketing Strategies
2.Recommended Marketing Strategy

Resources for Research
Company Information
Annual Report
Securities and Exchange Commission Annual Report Form 10-K and 10-Q

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