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Historically, local governments have had the primary responsibility for regulating public health.

Historically, local governments have had the primary responsibility for regulating public health. The ongoing COVID pandemic prompted considerable action at the federal level issuing public health regulations.
Should public health measures around future pandemics be driven primarily by local governments or the federal government?
Some issues to consider in answering:
Differing local health conditions
Differing local economic conditions
The national spread of infection
The global spread of infection
Federalism issues
Please write ~1000 words laying out your answer and your reasoning for it. No need to do additional research – this isn’t that kind of paper. But do submit only your own work.
I’ll grade you based on a combination of:
Following the instructions (e.g. is it about the right length, is it on topic)
Quality of writing
Quality of argument

Plato’s Noble Lie persuasive essay help Tech Support

In Plato’s Republic III, Socrates attempts to identify justice in reference to a political system. Socrates believes justice in a political system is perfect and absolute knowledge because of the class system. He believes in this justice because education and virtue are part of the system. Rulers, also referred to as Guardians in this text, have training and education to know about justice and are given hereditary disposition to resist corruption. He also sees political justice as a harmonic structural body.

Socrates goes on to discuss his belief by describing that all citizens are born from mother earth and not from biological parents. In this way, all citizens come from native soil and are brothers and sisters in this way. This shifts dedication from biological parents to a dedication of traditional loyalty to a native land, or patriotism. When mother earth births its young, they are also deposited with specific metals. The gold souls will go on to be guardians, silver will be auxiliaries and bronze will be producers. This explains why Socrates belief is understandable.

In another way, Socrates is wrong, and that is partially why this section of text is referred to as a noble lie. Although the noble class, or the “well born” are predispositioned for guardian class, this does not always have to be the case. When mother earth is the parent and the training and education happens very early in life, a child of the producer or auxiliary class could be recognized to be destined for the guardian class. This will be apparent at a very early age, according to Socrates. This proves Socrates’ belief of justice to lack absoluteness because citizens could move throughout classes in some cases.

Socrates also discusses the way to perfect the political system, which is to only give gold souls to guardians and not worldly gold to these ruling members of the political system. This is the noble lie, kings and queens know about truth better than other citizens. They do not have purity of soul or perfect knowledge and cannot resist corruption. If this was the case, they would not have to be restricted of worldly possessions, but they need to be to avoid corruption and abuse of power. This is truly the opposite of an ideal state as Socrates discusses initially.

Socrates’ intent was to prove that privilege due to heredity is not fair or just. For a harmonious state, all roles must perform their duties without corruption, which is virtually an impossible task. The ideal state is not ideal at all when corruption exists.

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Week 5

Question 1: Respond to the following: Using external resources to gauge compensation levels may result in more equitable compensation planning. From the discussion preparation, assess how you would integrate the data on the PayScale website or similar sites into your compensation planning. Specifically, indicate three measures to ensure that your compensation scale is competitive. Question 2: Watch this video: Based on your review, please respond to the following: Specifically focus on the elements of performance tools (there are 6 noted). Select any 3 of the elements as being the absolute elements that must be part of your performance tools if you are in charge of developing the performance management strategy. Be sure to explain why you selected your choices. Note: Your response to the discussion must be informative, be supported with research, and follow the requirements set by this course.

Final Project Milestone One: Topic Selection, Search Terms, And Preliminary Research Question

Final Project Milestone One: Topic Selection, Search Terms, And Preliminary Research Question. Instructions In this module, you will submit a description of the topic that you will focus on for the final project as well as a preliminary research question that will guide your paper. It is understood that your research question will likely change and evolve as you read the literature on your topic, but it is important to have a research question to guide your reading. You will also submit a list of search terms that you will use to find peer-reviewed articles on your topic in the Shapiro Library electronic databases. Please remember, research proposals that ask questions around diagnosable mental health disorders, suicide, or abuse of any kind will not be allowed, as these topics may be triggering for some students. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.
Final Project Milestone One: Topic Selection, Search Terms, And Preliminary Research Question


Our communities are constantly faced with health crisis due to the increasing burden of chronic disease. Underlying these conditions are substantial health risk factors, such poor nutrition, alcohol abuse, tobaccos exposure and use, and physical inactivity. Engaging the community in healthier behaviors would greatly reduce the risk for chronic disease and death. For the Unit VI Case Study, complete the following. Describe two chronic diseases that have plagued your community. How do public health officials handle the chronic diseases? Provide examples of interventions and programs. What can you, as a public health official, suggest to improve the interventions or programs? The case study must be a minimum of three pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages. To support your ideas, use a minimum of three outside sources; one may be the textbook. Additionally, use a source that focuses on your community, such as a newspaper or journal article. The assignment must be formatted using APA style, including in-text citations and references.

1000 Words Essay With Photoshop 4 Different Ads

Please follow the every single detail in my instruction, use photoshop to jam 4 different ads or billboard in total about two different companies. Then write a 1000 words essay about that two companies. In your essay, you should answer all of the 4 questions which I posted in attachment. Please deliver it on time with good quality, no grammar mistake and no plagiarism.

Culture In Nursing WK 14

Culture in Nursing – Week 14 Cultural Competence in Ethical Decision Making Review the attached PowerPoint presentation. Once done, please present an essay on health care inequity and how a moral philosophy affects the decision making of nurses. Make sure that the essay includes the following. Include the ramifications of the unequal treatment of health care for a group and include the implications for both health care providers and patients. What health issues may be better addressed by a nursing care staff with knowledge about inequity and the ethical principles and theories of human rights? INSTRUCTIONS: As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 font). A minimum of 3 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years must be used and quoted according to APA guidelines. A minimum of 800 words is required. Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment. I will also pay close attention to spelling and/or grammar. Please review the rubric attached to the lecture.

Marketing Reply

Select one element of the Marketing mix and discuss how marketing research could help that area. Be specific in your recommendations. 200 words no plagarism turnitreport

Information Systems

Information Systems. Define the risks a firm faces by leaving software unpatched? What risks does it face if it deploys patches as soon as they emerge? How should a firm reconcile these risks? Compose at least one paragraph with 4 to 6 sentences. To receive full credit you must satisfy the following criteria: Did you articulate the risks for applying and not applying a software patch, at least 4? Did you articulate how a firm reconciles the risks?
Information Systems


Using the same issue of concern from Discussion Question #1, go to ProQuest and locate two (2) articles concerning that issue. Read the articles and write an annotated bibliography for each article. Remember that the format and content for annotated bibliographies are discussed in Lesson #1. Be sure that you also include the APA-formatted bibliography for the articles. (40 points) (A 1-page response is required.)

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