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History Reconstruction era

Great fortunes arose amidst tremendous poverty, and what many experienced as the liberation of a new industrial economy looked to others to be a constriction of deeply-held beliefs about the labor, independence, and freedom in a nation built upon agrarian and craft ideals.  Trace the increasing organization of institutions in these years, paying attention to such potential examples as the federal government’s experiments during Reconstruction, the business innovations of the Gilded Age, the farmers’ revolt in Populism, Progressivism’s new vision of governance, and the struggle over constitutional rights in the period of Jim Crow and women’s suffrage. What solutions did reformers suggest to ameliorate the changes wrought by industrialization, and how successful were they in implementing their reforms? Potential IDs to use in the essay.John Rockefeller                                            Fourteen PointsFreedmen’s Bureau                                        Andrew Johnson14th Amendment                                            Booker T. WashingtonAmerican Federation of Labor                      Eugene Debs The JungleThe Souls of Black Folk                                  New NationalismLusitania                                                        Emilio AguinaldoElizabeth Johnson Williams                            Lucy BurnsOmaha Platform                                              Chinese Exclusion ActWilliam Jennings Bryan                                Harlan’s DissentFarmers’ AllianceIda B. Wells                                                    separate spheres19th Amendment                                            Minor v. HappersettProgressivism                                                  William Howard TaftQuanah Parker                                            sharecropping                                                double consciousness                                      Radical ReconstructionU.S. v. Wong Kim Ark                                    William McKinley                15th Amendment                                            Spanish-American War

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