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history: “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano”

You are required to write a 4-page essay. Essays are to be type-written in a normal format and font, double-spaced, with your name at the top, and a title. Papers should be written as a persuasive-style essay, which means proposing a thesis, then elaborating on that idea by evidencing assertions, as well as concluding your discussion with persuasive reasoning. Papers must include relevant quotes and references from Primary and Secondary Sources with properly cited source information. Beyond summarizing your topic or rehearsing a source, the point of these papers is to propose a thesis in a way that shows you have intellectually or critically reflected on it. The evaluation of these papers will hinge largely on the thoughtful engagement they exhibit, but grammar, spelling, and clarity of expression will also be taken into account.

HIS-100-Q3752 Perspectives in History 22EW3

OverviewUsing relevant and trustworthy sources is a key element of conducting research in any field. Primary and secondary sources provide information necessary for historians to develop theories or interpretations about the past. In this activity, you will explore the existing literature relevant to your research question and identify one primary and one secondary source that will help you answer your research question.
Please remember to review and keep all instructor feedback. Each module activity will prepare you for an aspect of your final project, and you will have a future opportunity to improve your work.
PromptUse the provided Module Two Activity Template: Primary and Secondary Sources to complete this activity. You will first discuss the differences between primary and secondary sources and articulate why using both are essential to historical research. You will then identify sources relevant to the research question you wrote in the previous module. Finally, you will identify a current event related to the subject of your historical research question.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Distinguish between primary and secondary sources.What are the differences between them?

Explain why it is important to consult a variety of sources when conducting historical research.Why should you avoid relying only on one type of source? What are the benefits of using a diversity of sources?

Identify one primary source that would help investigate your research question.Using the HIS 100 Library Guide in the Shapiro Library, skim through the suggested resources or find your own. Ensure they are credible and relevant to your research question.

Identify one secondary source that would help investigate your research question.Using the HIS 100 Library Guide in the Shapiro Library, skim through the suggested resources or find your own. Ensure they are credible and relevant to your research question.

Choose a current event related to the subject of your research question and explain how they are connected.Read what you wrote in the previous module’s activity about how your historical topic is relevant to modern society. Using your response and what you have learned thus far about your topic, identify a specific current event that you feel is relevant to your research question. Then explain how the current event is connected to your research question. Keep in mind that the link between your topic and your current event will become clearer as you continue to research.

5 hw question about History of Capitalism in American Economy

History Assignment Help the article:
Lange – 1936 – On the Economic Theory of Socialism Part One.pdf
Individualism and Economic Order – Required: Pages 92-106 (The Meaning of Competition)
Question 1
In the article, “On the Economic Theory of Socialism”, Oskar Lange argues that allocation of resources and assigning prices in a socialist economy could be carried out by
Group of answer choices
There would be no prices in his socialist economy
Writing down and solving a system of equations by hand
Surveys of consumers
Trial and error
Question 2
Towards the end of the article, Lange says that the price of whisky could be set high to discourage consumption of whiskey and lists 2 goods that could be encouraged. What are those 2 goods (select 2 answers)
Group of answer choices
The works of Karl Marx
the Bible
Question 3
In “The Meaning of Competition,” Hayek lists three conditions for perfect competition. Which one of the following is NOT one of these conditions?
Group of answer choices
A homogeneous commodity and a large number of buyers and sellers
Free entry into the market
Complete knowledge of the relevant factors
Firms all maximize profits
Question 4
In discussing the definition of competition, Hayek gives three examples of activities that would be considered competitive by most people that are excluded by perfect competition. Which one of the following is NOT one of his examples
Group of answer choices
Price discrimination
Improving or differentiating
Question 5
True or False: Hayek thinks the best way to improve welfare is to enact policies designed to push markets closer to perfect competition.
Group of answer choices

discussion his M

As the U.S. was being formed as an independent nation there were disagreements between the Federalists and those who opposed them. Please refer to Chapter 6 and list at least three (3) differences between the kind of government the Federalists advocated and what the Anti-Federalists wanted. After submitting your post, make sure to respond to at least two submissions by other students. Please submit your postings early to allow other students to participate by responding to your postings.

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