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[HLM1]Look Up Social Justice. You Need To Address Equity, Access, Fairness, Etc Best Essay Help

[HLM1]Look up social justice. You need to address equity, access, fairness, etc. as it relates specifically to his situation. Resubmit the social justice section with corrections to meet the competency by 2359, 4/24.
[HLM2]You should have a citation here. Where did you get this information from?
[HLM4]You have a lot of unneeded information here and lack needed information. You need more data regarding lifespan, advanced directives, medications, health history, etc.
[HLM5]Think about your audience. We know what the tool assesses You are to complete the assessment and provide a discussion of your results along with some data as to why we use each tool.
[HLM6]What did you find out about the client when you performed this assessment?
[HLM9]Missing research to support the use of each tool
[HLM11]What was his score and what does that indicate for him?
[HLM12]The purpose of you going to the clients home was to assess the home for specific safety issues and to perform each of the 6 assessment tools. You have discussed the purpose of each tool but lack the required assessment data you were to collect, analyze and discuss as it relates specifically to your client.
[HLM13]What was soiled and slippery? You need a lot more information if this is your home safety assessment. Think about lighting, flooring, bathroom safety, cords, cabinets, etc.
[HLM14]You are making an assumption here. Maybe he was just warm.
[HLM15]What were his strengths, risks, potential risks, geriatric syndromes? See assignment directions. Synthesize the date data you collected during while performing the assessments.
[HLM17]No contractions
[HLM18]All of this is not needed. What is your nursing intervention for your client based on the assessment data? Rationale for your intervention?
[HLM21]This has nothing to do with your client.
[HLM22]This is an intervention, your action to help the client.
[HLM23]Excellent idea. You do not have this information in your home safety assessment, but it is a good intervention.
[HLM25]Bold the heading
[HLM27]Use the information on the tool. Incorrect.
Same comment for all tools.

What if the purpose of punishment was determined to be entirely rehabilitation? college admission essay helpWhat if the purpose of punishment was determined to be entirely rehabilitation? What would be the positive outcomes of such a change? The negative outcomes? How might sentencing differ if such a change were to occur?
The topic that I have is African Burial Ground.
The topic that I have is African Burial Ground.
This thesis that I have came up with which the professor approves of: Despite the racial injustices that resulted from slavery, the burial ground exemplifies that Africans were able to preserve their cultural practices
Hope that you can build upon this.
The format of your Summary & Analysis paper will be roughly the same throughout essay help online freeThe format of your Summary & Analysis paper will be roughly the same throughout this course.
Part 1: Summary
Summarize each of the articles or book chapters you read this week. Each summary should:
Be at least 300 words long;
Be separated by a header, identifying which reading you are summarizing in that section;
Include all sections of the readings (beginning, middle, end).
Part 2: Analysis
The end of your paper should be an analysis section in which you consider all of this week’s readings, together as a group. This section of the paper should be at least 300 words long, total. Discuss:
Why you think these particular studies or psychologists were so important to the field at the time they were written;
Whether and how you think these ideas or individuals are still influencing the field today; and
If you have any remaining questions about anything you read this week.
This section of the paper involves your personal opinion and analysis, but it’s not about whether you “like” the person, theory, or article. Instead, this section is your analysis about the importance of each article or psychologist highlighted this week.
All assignments should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced and with 1-inch margins on all sides of the paper. You do not need to put in-text citations within your paper unless you are using a direct quotation; the header in each section tells the instructor what your reference is. You also do not need to include a references section for this paper.
This paper is worth 50 points each week. Points are awarded for quality of writing (including grammar, spelling, punctuation, eloquence, etc.), following instructions, thoroughness of summaries, and critical thinking in the analysis section. If points are taken off for any reason, your instructor will explain why the first time an error occurs so that you can learn from your mistakes. If the same errors continue in later papers, additional points may be removed because you have failed to consider feedback from the instructor.
Maslow, A. H. (1943). A theory of human motivation. Psychological Review, 50, 370-396.
(Links to an external site.)
Rogers, C. R. (1957). The necessary and sufficient conditions of therapeutic personality change. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 21(2), 95-103.
(Links to an external site.)
Rosenhan, D. L. (1973). On being sane in insane places. Science, 179(4070), 250-258.
(Links to an external site.)
Bernal, M. E., & Castro, F. G. (1994). Are clinical psychologists prepared for service and research with ethnic minorities? Report of a decade of progress. American Psychologist, 49(9), 797-805.
Hello please fix the highligheted line according to the comments attached to the essay help online freeHello please fix the highligheted line according to the comments attached to them.
Write twi paragraphs in rlation to the topic that is highlighted in yellow. one is a main ppoint about environment and the other is an opposing point about adapting.
magine that you are the Chief Curator of Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. scholarship essay helpmagine that you are the Chief Curator of Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You have an unlimited budget of money, and you can borrow any artwork from any museum in the entire world, regardless of size, weight, or cost. [Note: Artworks must have been made during the 20th or 21st centuries.] However, you first have to PROPOSE the exhibition that you want to create to the Board of Directors at the Museum for it to be accepted. This proposal must be addressed to the Board of Directors and written up in a letter format to be submitted to them.
First, choose a theme for your exhibition. The theme is the main topic that you will explore in your exhibition. Once you have a theme in mind, find four VALID works of art, preferably from other museums in the world or public cultural sites, that fit into your theme. Possible themes can include:
“Religion in Art”
“History in Art”
“Mythology in Art”
“Portraiture in Art”
“Self-Portraiture in Art”
“Landscape in Art”
“Art and War”
“Art and New Technologies”
“Historical Monuments”
“Public Street Sculptures”
Or you can come up with your own theme (clear the theme with the professor via email before you start choosing artworks; you might also clear your artwork choices with the professor before writing the proposal).
Once you have your theme and four artworks, please write a 2- to 3-page (double-spaced) proposal for your exhibition. You must choose at least 4 artworks (from the internet) that fit into your theme. Please tell the Board of Directors what the exhibition will be about (the theme); which artworks you want to borrow (titles, artists, date of artworks); where are those objects right now; what the look like (describe them visually); and why those items are important to your theme.
For this proposal, please write visual descriptions of your four artworks. So, this means you must explain everything that can be seen in the artwork, including formal elements (color, line, depth, organization) and information on what is going on in the artwork (people, places, things, setting, movements, actions). Each visual description should be around 400 words.
For this proposal, do NOT add any factual information about the artworks. That will be the subject of Paper Part II. Right now, you are only choosing a theme, selecting the artworks, and then describing visually what the artworks look like.
Please begin your proposal with the following set-up:
“To the Board of Directors,
Please accept this document as my proposal for an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme of my exhibition is […] and the four artworks I would like to display in this exhibition are […].”
*Note: you must have four DIFFERENT artworks by four DIFFERENT artists. No double-dipping!
**Also: avoid artworks that are already covered in the weekly Discussions. If your proposal just repeats artworks that we are already covering in the Discussions, you will have to remove them and choose different artworks. I highly recommend using artworks from the “Required Readings and Videos” tab on Blackboard that were not already used in the Discussions. I have pulled many artworks into that tab for you to use in your project.
For this part, you must also discuss in your proposal public programming. That is, you should create events, lectures, film screenings, experiences for school groups, and other such programming that you would develop for the people who come to visit your exhibition. You must also explain in your proposal why you think the public would be interested in your exhibition. What events and/or other media would you include in your exhibition (be specific)? Which scholars would you invite to give lectures during your exhibition’s run? Please look up online to see if there are any related films about your theme, documentaries about your artists, and names of scholars who have written about your artists or artworks, so that you can invite specific people as you guest speakers. You should have another 200 to 300 words for the public programming part of the proposal.
Remember: you really have to make a good “pitch” for the validity of the exhibition to the Board of Directors! Be convincing!
Submit the exhibition proposal, with pictures of the artworks and your exhibition proposal, to the Board of Directors (cate[email protected]) by the deadline stated on Blackboard.
Do not post your proposal to Blackboard until after the professor has read it, made comments and suggestions for corrections, and has sent it back to you via email.
IMPORTANT: I only accept Microsoft Word documents or Google Docs. Do not send your proposal as a PDF or any other file format.
1) Make a list of purchases/investments/saving to spend one
Billion Dollars.
2) custom essay help1) Make a list of purchases/investments/saving to spend one
Billion Dollars.
2) For each item that you purchase (or the amount that you
invest/save), find the percentage (the cost of the item is
what percent of one Billion?).
3) Do Not forget to Make a column for the balance so that
we can see the balance after each spending.
4) A Question: The cost of the second item on your list is
what percent more than (or less than) the cost of the first
item on your list?
5) Make a graph.
Key Submission Requirements:
1) Your submission word file will be named using college essay helpKey Submission Requirements:
1) Your submission word file will be named using the course name (e.g., International Marketing), the
professor’s name (e.g., Smith), and your last name (e.g., Jones), e.g.:
“International_Marketing_Smith_Jones.docx” (Absent: -2 credits)
2) In the first line/two of the document you must include your full name, email, the course name (NOT
#), and professor’s name. (Absent: no credits as we cannot know what course it is for)
3) The next 2-3 lines will include a complete reference for the article you used (authors, journal name,
name of article, year, volume, pages). Reference style is not critical. (Absent: -2 credits)
4) A PDF copy of the article you used must be attached. A link (even an embedded link) is NOT
sufficient as links often fail. You must download and save the PDF, and then upload it to the
assignment as a separate and independent file. PDFs can be downloaded from the library databases;
ask a librarian for help if needed. (Separate PDF File Absent: -3 credits)
5) Incorrect Journal/Year: -4 credits (=0 points credit); see below for list of journals. Please pay
very close attention to this. This is where students most often lose all points, because they select
the incorrect journal.
6) Not a research article: -4 credits (=0 points credit); see below for article requirements. This is the
2nd most common way to lose points. Please read the requirements carefully.
Assigment, what to do:
2) Read the article and answer the following questions about the article:
a. What is the primary research question being addressed?
b. What research methodology is being used?
c. What conclusion is reached by the research?
d. How is this conclusion relevant to marketing managers? How can they apply the findings in
the context of a firm’s marketing activities?
Grading Criteria
If your article meets the journal, year, and article criteria above, your answers (to Section 2) will be graded
for quality as follows:
1. Repetition of the questions will result in a 1-point deduction; students should use the space to
demonstrate their understanding of the answers. You may number the questions for clarity, if you
2. Copy-Pasting sentences/sections from the article itself is plagiarism and will result in a score of
zero; all assignments will be checked using Turnitin. Students are expected to be able to explain the
key ideas in the article in their own words.
3. To detail the methodology (question 2b), students may choose one of the studies in the paper and
offer detail on that study. They should describe in their own words what participants did in the study
and how the researchers used that data or other dimensions of how data was collected, organized, and
4. Students are expected to present their own ideas and thoughts in item (2d), showing their ability to
apply the research they read in the real world.
5. Overall quality of demonstrating understanding of the key ideas will be evaluated.
Format: Submissions will be 2 double spaced pages, 1” margins all around, 12-point font. Significantly
shorter submissions will be considered as demonstrating lesser analysis and effort in understanding the paper
and may incur point deductions. Longer submissions will result in reading and grading of only the first 2
pages only, to ensure fairness to all students.
By the end of the project, the student should be able to:
Name 6 different types online essay helpBy the end of the project, the student should be able to:
Name 6 different types of nutritional supplements: ex. Oscal; Vit E
Describe available supplemental forms: ex. Caplet, Gel Cap, Liquid
Discuss specific uses for the different types of supplements: ex stool softner
Advise clients of cost and availability of nutritional supplements
Required Activity:
Utilize Project Sheet to complete the written activity:
Choose 6 nutritional supplements, and visit 3 different stores: ex. Food Lion, Vitamin World
List the available forms and cost of each supplement at each store: ex. Food Lion has Vitamin E in gel caps and liquid form/ the gel cap is $6.50 for 25 caps and the liquid is $8.67 for 3oz
List the calorie count for each form of supplement listed: ex. Vitamin E gel cap has 30 calories per cap
2. Design a chart/graph depicting and comparing the above information and present to the class.
Project Sheet:
Good afternoon, I look forward to working with you on this assignment and thank essay help onlineGood afternoon, I look forward to working with you on this assignment and thank you again for the support.
I have attached the following proposal to my professor as a Technical Analysis – Edited.
The professor gave the following feedback I would like to incorporate into the paper along with following the guide lines stated in the proposal.
Please explain full detail on each component apart of the route inspection of the last stage blades.
Add photots with descriptions to support paper (I will add individual photos with descriptions soon to the request).
Please include Cited References – This section should properly list all references used in the preparation of the report with the Council of Science Editors (CSE) sequential-style citation format. Consider using the
Endnote feature of MS Word for assistance in creating the citations in your report.
I have other doocuments to support but will add soon.
Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
the Universal, Prevention, and Intervention level support you can use for online essay helpshare
the Universal, Prevention, and Intervention level support you can use for
he class is constitutioal issues & criminal justice. The instructions are identi essay helphe class is constitutioal issues & criminal justice. The instructions are identifying a minimum of 10
cases/articles (references), and submitting the Course
report/paper. The paper will be a minimum of 10 pages in length,
and will identify many facets of a constitutional issue or
topic. The paper must be supported by a minimum of 10 combined cases and
scholarly references, and written in APA style.

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