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Homework chemistry

Homework #3
1. Which pairs of elements are likely to form ionic bonds (I) and which pairs are likely to form covalent bonds (C)?
a. Carbon and hydrogen _____
b. Sodium and sulfur _____
c. Hydrogen and oxygen _____
d. Magnesium and bromine _____
2. Positively charged ions are called _______________________ and negatively charged ions are called ______________________________
3. When the following atoms become ions what charges do they acquire?
a. Li _____
b. S _____
c. Ca _____
d. F _____
4. Write
the ion symbol for the atom with the given number of protons and electrons.
5. What
element fits each description?
a. Four protons and two electrons ______
b. 22 protons and 20 electrons _____
c. 16 protons and 18 electrons _____
d. 13 protons and 10 electrons _____
a. A period 2 element that forms a 2 cation _____
b. An ion from group 7A with 18 electrons ______
c. A cation from group 1A with 36 electrons _____
6. What
a. b. c. d.
7. Write a. b. c. d. e.
noble gas has the same electronic configuration as each ion?
O2- _____ Mg2 _____ S2- _____ Cl- _____
the chemical formula for an ionic compound composed of each pair of ions. the sodium ion and the sulfur ion _______________________
the aluminum ion and the fluoride ion ___________________
the 3 iron ion and the oxygen ion ______________________
the calcium ion and the nitrate ion ______________________ the magnesium ion and the carbonate ion _________________
8. The recommended dietary allowance for calcium for teenage children is 1,300 mg per day. If a typical 8.0-fl oz glass of reduced-fat milk contains 298 mg of calcium, how many fluid ounces of milk does a teenager need to drink to get the entire recommended amount of calcium from this milk?

Asisstance with Power Point Presenatation

Hello, i need assiatnce with a power point presenatation that concerns Epinpehirne. the following is what should be the on the slides. My main purpose was the use for blood pressure.
1. Find out when it was first manufactured or synthesized
2. What company put it on the market
3. Do a background on what it treats.
4. Figure out what receptorit bond to, and what it ignites.
5. Find out how it’s dosed. Like is it an inhaler, or needle?
6. Find out the side effects of the medication.
7. Find out the off label uses. Like if it’s designed for but then it’s used for b (example).

STAT101Discussion Recognize the importance of statistics in daily life and work

Chemistry Assignment Help To assess your ability to:
Recognize the importance of statistics in daily life and work
Action Items
In the discussion board, give an example of how you have encountered statistics in your daily life or work. Discuss how statistics were used and their impact on you.
Compare your response to those of your classmates for similarities or differences.
Submission Instructions
Complete and submit this assignment prior to this week’s in-class meeting.

research proposal

chemisty: short research proposal follow the template below about a specific subject , you do not have to do the budget and institutional support part
There are number of antacids medication and they all claim to be the best at neutralizing acids but which one is the most effective, fastest acting and overall the best. Therefore, my at home research will be deciding which one is the best as well as compare some home remedies to those antiacid to compare their effectiveness

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