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hospital privacy laws

Williams, to test for AIDS. As Glenn was leaving the office, his friend Harry came in and they greeted each other. Jessica took Harry into an exam room, and in the course of making conversation, he told her that he was a good friend of Glenn’s. He asked Jessica why Glenn was seeing the doctor. Jessica responded that it was just for routine test for AIDSWhen Harry arrived back home, he called Glenn and told him what the phlebotomist had said. Glenn called Dr. Williams and complained about Jessica’s action and said that he planned to sue Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams dismissed Jessica. Dr. Williams told Jessica that if Glenn did bring a lawsuit against her and she lost, then she would sue Jessica.In analyzing the case, include the following analysis in your submission. What should Jessica have done or said when Harry asked about Glenn’s reason for being in the office? Did Dr. Williams have a legal right to sue Jessica if she was sued and lost? What important right did Jessica violate?

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