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How did Dalmatians get thier spots?

Probably, in the course of the last several weeks, you’ve thought, “I wonder why…?” or “What’s the deal with…?” or somesuch. This could be a question regarding something that has come up in the course, in another course, or out in the wide and fascinating world. Try to come up with a question that it would be useful to answer or that you’d just like to know about.I am not interested in reading an “All About” paper, the sort of paper that takes up some often-traveled topic, let’s say climate change or cryto-currency, and then tries to tell all about it. On the other hand, you could ask a question such as these:”Is there really undeniable evidence that the climate is changing?””How would an average temperature change of two degrees change Kansas agriculture?””How anonymous can Bitcoin transactions actually be?””Why do different crypto currencies rise and fall at different rates?”I’ve always been fascinated with cemeteries, at least back to my early days working at Mt. Washington Cemetery in Independence, so I’ll probably ask a question that comes from that part of my world.My mind tends to go to history as often as anything else. That’s why my initial questions are usually historical ones. But your mind probably isn’t historically oriented. Let’s consider some college majors and the questions that I could pursue using just the cemetery.Accounting or business: How much money does a cemetery need to generate to remain in business? Is it a sustainable business?Sociology: What explains the funeral customs that Americans embrace? Are they different by race? By region? By something else?Biology: What is the process involved in a body decomposing? What effects do the casket and/or embalming have on it?Physical education: Is grave digging a good form of exercise? What muscles are engaged? What dangers exist?Art or architecture: How is beauty expressed in the cemetery? Is it naturally conservative? Psychology: Is it abnormal for someone to be a taphophile? When does this behavior cross the line into a pathology?Law: How does the law protect the deceased, either in their body or in their estate?Chemistry or Physics: I have no idea, but I’m sure the person well versed in those areas could think of something.My point with all of these is that your mind probably tends to go in certain directions. Let it, and follow it to discover something truly interesting to write about.Now my question. I’ll think about Mt. Washington Cemetery. As I see how it went from a very prestigious final resting place for some of Kansas City’s wealthiest and most connected people to a moderately attractive cemetery in a decidedly non-wealthy and prestigious part of the city, I wonder about its future.How has the decline in the cemetery’s immediate neighborhood affected it economically? Is there hope for a rebound?I do not want to have a ridiculously huge question like “What is everything there is to know about this place?” That would take an entire career! I want something that I can actually answer and that I’ll know when I have answered it.What else do I need to know about this paper?Your research paper should meet these criteria:1800-2500 words of text.Five or more quality sources. The emphasis here is on quality!Documented and presented in MLA style.Formal style, meaning no 1st or 2nd person, no contractions, no slang, and so forth.That’s about it.Enter your proposed question and a brief explanation of why you chose it in the discussion item that follows.

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