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How did World War 1 begin and what happened as a result of the war? It all started over the ownership of Bosnia. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Serbia wanted to reunion the Bosnian people and lands with Serbia. What sparked the war was the assassination of the Archduke (Franz Ferdinand) of Austro-Hungarian by a group of Serbian nationalists called ”The Black Hand.” Gavrilo Princip was the man who shot the Archduke and his wife. This event initiated the struggle between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian government.

Rivalries started to form and tension between European countries were about to take off. Lines were being drawn and stakes were high, Europe was heading toward war. The atmosphere was extremely tense. Europe’s greed led to infighting for resources in their respective colonies and the development of independent countries soon took sides and two opposing groups emerged. Entente Powers: Britain / France / Russia / (later the US) Central Powers: Germany / Austria-Hungary /Ottoman Empire Germany therefore supported its ally Austro-Hungary in the war effort and Russia had Serbia’s back covered. These alliances led a ripple effect and other players like France, Belgium and Great Britain became entangle in the war. Great Britain’s empire was the strongest, largest, wealthiest and had the most sophisticated navy on earth.

Germany, strategically built up their empire to compete and challenge Great Britain’s platform. Germany had conquered two French provinces (Alsace and Lorraine) and this caused a bitter rivalry between France and Germany. The war produced enormous advances in military artillery and communications. # 1 The use of nerve Gas such as Mustard and chlorine. #2 the weaponization of airplanes. #3 the effective use of submarine as commerce raiders. #4 the upgrade of the machine gun.

#5 the mechanization of the tank. #6 the use of newly advanced radar. #7 radio usage exploded onto the scene and the invention of cryptography. On a geographical and political note, the war aided the destruction of colonialism and demolished the rule of the Ottoman empire, czarist Russia, and Austro–Hungary. Another aspect was the development of distrust of U.S towards Europe. The U.

S practice of isolation was dissolved. There were also the economic chaos and irresponsibility that helped plunge England, Germany, France, and Russia (civil war) into bankruptcy. Eventually The Great Depression would enter the circle of financial strife that further throw the economic downfall into a black hole. The effects of World War 1 helped Russia usher in the world’s first Communist state, by two factions (Bolsheviks and the provisional) fighting a civil war which killed millions. Later on, they would go up against their main adversary Nazi Germany, and then the US superpower during the Cold War. Germany forms a strong sense of Nationalism that begins, after what is considered as an unfair settlement especially the crushing reparation payments and the shrinkage of their military power as well as the lost of land. The Treaty of Versailles humiliated them and they become increasingly furious and wanted someone to fix the problem.

Adolf Hitler gave rise to the nazi party and Germany found its way out of the ashes. All of this would pave way to start World War ll. The war caused an overwhelming death toll which included both civilians and military soldiers/personnel. The total of dead was around 16 million. The Great War had changed the way war was fought.

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Opportunity cost is the cost of an alternative action that must be sacrificed in order to pursue a certain action. Therefore, opportunity cost occurs anytime we make choices in our life. The process of giving up something we enjoy to gain another good has been a part of human traits since day one.

As a society we should make good decisions only if we know and acknowledge that there might be other available options that will benefit us. As logical thinkers, we tend to pick activities that not only will amplify our time, but also benefit our future. For example, I know I have to get up early in the morning because I have an exam at 8 AM, yet I still want to go to the concert tonight. I can either go see the hot stuff in the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater in Tampa, FL which is 3 hours away from home, or I can go watch the good times band in the AAA here in Miami which is 15 minutes away from my home. Both tickets are $150, I value hot stuff’s concert at $225. I am now debating on which of the two bands I should go and see or if I should stay home and study because I have to prepare for my exam the next morning. Marginal utility is the additional satisfaction a consumer gains from consuming one more unit of a good or service.

As for in my situation, I’m okay with paying a marginal utility of $225 per ticket, drive 3 hours to Tampa and return to Miami around 2 am once the concert is done. But it doesn’t make any sense for me to spend more than 10 hours going to a concert on the night before my exam. Despite the fact that the satisfaction that I would feel after seeing the band I’ve been dreaming of seeing would have been amazing, but the satisfaction that I would have felt for staying in studying and passing my exam would have been ten times better. Having a good night’s rest would definitely be the best alternative for me, taking off hot stuff’s the list. Now the Good time’s concert in AAA is calling my name because it is so close to me. Similar to the next best alternative as I previously mentioned, using my night to actually rest and study for my exam the next day is the opportunity cost. Being the logical person that I am, I know what is the best alternative for me.

Instead of me going out and spending a couple hours in a concert and spending money that I should be saving for school, I rather stay home and rest which helps me avoid all that. Not only will I be saving money but I will also be saving my energy and I would study which gives me a higher possibility of passing my exam the next morning, which I need to in order for me to graduate. By me not being well rested the night before a big exam it’ll be costing me a lot. I will be sacrificing my education which will sacrifice my future career. In conclusion, the opportunity cost for staying home is way higher than if I would have attended one of the concerts. The value for my education outweighs the lost concerts.

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The left hemisphere and right hemisphere of my brain are constantly in a tussle for dominance. Whenever reason and logic successfully persuade me to focus on exploring the profundity of, say, Gauss theorem or Luria–Delbrück experiment, sensibility and creativity would soon manifest their power to regain control, requesting me to act on intuition, for example, improvising a calligraphy work, or producing a drama of William Shakespeare.

Worse still, there seems no ending to the battle, as recently it has been respectively strengthened by the urge to learn MATLAB scripting and curiosity for a cappella singing.Dedicated to cultivating “Scholars, Creators and Makers” and with great strength in neuroscience study, CMU initially attracted me as the forefront to study the biological base for my brain dissonance, and find out pragmatic ways to terminate it. Specifically, I plan to obtain a solid base for upper-level life science study: from fundamental understanding of areas such as gene expression and regulation, and molecular mechanism of intercellular transmission, to hands-on programming, statistical and lab skills to help test, for example, how specific genetic markers play in predisposition to certain diseases. Therefore, with well-structured courses from Genetics, Experimental Biology, Organic Chemistry to Intermediate Programming, the curriculum set for Biological Sciences majors makes a good fit for my academic craving. Building upon such a foundation, I hope to actively participate in the abundant research opportunities, from volunteer ones to credit-earning ones, work closely with top-notch professors on world-changing researches, and most importantly, develop an intimate understanding of how biological knowledge is actually discovered and applied. For example, as my brain dissonance is constantly changing in response to my everyday experiences, I’m interested in participating in ongoing researches at the Barth Lab to discover the underpinning mechanisms. Plus supportive experimental facilities and intense academic atmosphere, I’ll delve into intricacy involved in the causes of incurable diseases and effective drug and biotechnology development, facilitate the progress of medical research and transform healthcare for the better.

While investigating CMU for more possibilities to satisfy my curiosity for brain dissonance, I’ve also caught a glimpse of its encouragement for interdisciplinary study, and translation of integrated knowledge into social-minded action, as can be evidenced by the Global Water Brigades program. This further inspired me to rethink about the duality, and even multi-facets of my brain frenzy. Just as Steve Jobs once incorporated his calligraphy study into the flagship development of multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts in Mac, I believe somewhere I could convert the multiple factors involved in my brain frenzy into advantages to achieve greatness in a similar way. At CMU, I could be fully attired at The Jubilee Conference to communicate with like-minded collegiate students how my biological research could potentially change the way diseases will be diagnosed and treated, while wildly yelling out for the victory of the women volleyball team in a spring tournament as an enthusiastic fan; I could temporarily liberate schoolmates from endless coding by teaching them how to achieve equanimity and endurance to excel with calligraphy writing through TEDxCMU, while lightheartedly enjoying a concert offered at AB Coffeehouse… With the education at CMU, I aspire to step into more unknown arenas to satisfy my brain frenzy, but only add to the establishment of an unconventional wisdom, which’ll continually help me stay true to myself while enacting transforming changes for advancement in biological and medical sciences!

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Before he came into his presidency Truman had no knowledge of the Manhattan project. As he learned about this, Truman’s main concern was ending the war as fast as he possibly could to save the lives of countless American Troops. Some of the reasons were, a vision on ending the war at the soonest possible moment, the excuse to research into atomic bombs, increased relations with the Soviet Union, and plain and simple just utter hatred and despise for the Japanese. Among the other reasons for Truman’s interest in the use of the atomic bomb increased dramatically when Secretary of War Henry Stimson enlightened him on the capability of the bomb that “might be as powerful as to be potentially capable of wiping out entire cities and killing people at an unprecedented scale.

” (13). Truman doesn’t even seem to care about the number of lives he was actually about to save. I say this in part that when he addresses such statistics he’s not talking about Hundreds of thousands but only a mere thousands, which don’t get me wrong, is a lot. But at what cost was it to another country who were going to lose up to tens of thousands.Learning that the number of casualties the bombs cause would be manipulated to the public so that it was favorable speak on how the United States thought “how much the atomic bomb would affect U.S.- Soviet relations, was whether the United States should attempt to ease differences and allay Soviet suspicions or whether it should try to advance American objectives by intimidating the Soviets.

“(17) The desire for more close knit relations with the Soviet Union was definitely a factor in the conclusion to use the bombs against Japan. At that very time, the Soviet were going to declare war against Japan and following suit would have apparently strengthened our ties with them forcibly seeing as they were going to need the help of the U.S. in order to win the war due to the opinion we were the much stronger military power.Of course there was a bad taste in the United States mouths left after Pearl Harbor. Although some may see it as a good enough reason for vengeance for such a cowardly attack, it’s not one of biggest factors for Truman’s agenda. But anyone with common sense could use that as the most publicly pressed reason for an excuse to use the bomb, The American public genuinely held hate towards the Japanese and their fury if something was not done in retaliation to the cowardly event.

In my eyes the Americans would have settled for a victory in any way shape or form it had come. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions as to whether the bombs were necessary, some even question the morality of such an attack that is capable of wiping out an entire city. That kind of decision shouldn’t be made my man or government no matter how bad their offense towards you is. There were so many innocent that paid the price for the actions of someone completely unrelated to them. This alone was seen as morally detestable.Due to the alliance between the Americans and the Soviet one could have concluded the Japanese would have been defeated quickly, making it visible that the atomic bombs would most likely not be deemed necessary.

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Developing and maintaining good relationships is central to improving outcomes for individuals, their carers and their families none the less it is imperative to continue establishing and maintain positive working relationships with all involved in the care of service users to provide an all-round quality service which can be achieved by having good procedures and working in a warm, friendly, accountable and professional way.Carers:Working with carers for the benefit of care professionals, service users and carers themselves play an important role in many service user’s lives they are often the people who know the service user best and can be an invaluable source of information and support. Carers might be best positioned to provide the help needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for the service user.

They assist with personal care, administration of medication, domestic tasks and monitor service users well – being as well as advocate for the individuals. Carers involvement play a vital role to positive outcomes. They are more likely to have first handed information and knowledge of day to day events of a service user’s life, they get to read the signs of relapse or any relevant behavioural changes.• Improved outcomes for service usersIncreasing the knowledge, confidence and understanding of significant others in dealing with the service user’s problems and their own feelings and anxieties regarding the situation can aid service user’s recovery.Information sharing can work two ways – not only do carers require information from the service provider, the service provider can also learn from family and friends experience and knowledge. It is worth emphasising that listening to carers or accepting information from them does not constitute a breach of confidentiality.Families:Families contribute a lot to the care and support of individuals in care in many ways.

In the first place, it is the family that is the first port of call in terms of care in the sense that it is the family that acknowledges that a member of their family requires professional care and takes the matter to body responsible. It is the family that provides the critical information on the condition of the individual before the experts begin their assessments. When an individual has been admitted into care or wants to remain living independently at home the family provides stability by constant visits and encouragement as well as in times of crisis the family can provide calm and understanding as they know the individual better than anyone. The family can also provide financial management if requested to do so. Overall the family provides stability, comfort, support and love and affection unconditionally whilst needed. There are some factors that may affect the level of involvement of family members in care or support such as different work commitments of family members if they are all in full time employment, distance, willingness to travel or restriction on time available, ability to travel or drive, as well as a good or poor relationship with the individual, all these can have an effect on the level of family involvement.In my role as a manager, I strive to create an environment in which individual feel their needs are being heard and understood and this requires integrity, honesty and skill.

My team and I deliver our services with a problem solving and “can do” approach by working collaboratively in overcoming issues and meeting the needs of individuals

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Enhancing my current HIM skills set in Analytic and InformaticsHealth Information has changed significantly over the years. As HIM professionals we are finding that there are now vast career options related to analytic and informatics. In reading the AHIMA article” HIM as the Middleman to Informatics and Data Analytics” October 06, 2016, by Lesley Kadlec, the director of practice excellence and Annessa Kirby the practice council-manager at AHIMA.

“It is stated that HIM professionals make the best data analyst because we understand data”. I have been researching to see what other career opportunities that are available for someone with my background history, years of experience, and my advanced degree and credentials that I am obtaining. Some available options that were recommended are Certified Professional in Health Informatics (CPHI) or a Certified Data Health Analyst (CDHA).Currently, I am employed by Promise Healthcare. A geographically large organization. We have 18 hospitals long-term acute care, acute care and physiatrics hospitals. I am currently working at two of our small hospitals in two different states.

One in Vicksburg MS and the other one in Vidalia, LA. Both of my facilities still utilizes paper records. But in the progressive HIM world, most organizations have transitioned to electronic health records and now require staff to have knowledge and skills to implement, maintain, and analyzes the electronic health data. In addition to my current experience and advanced education, I have discovered other career opportunities, one is to become a Certified Professional in Health Informatics (CPHI). Being a CPHI is one career option that might be available to me after graduating the baccalaureate program. The requirements for obtaining my CPHI is to hold a baccalaureate degree and have two years fo health informatics experience, or a master’s degree or higher and one year of health informatics experience. Regardless of what degree I obtained, health informatics experience is essential.

The CPHI certification is for an individual that is interested in a career in informatics or for those that are currently in the informatics role. Available careers include a Clinical Informatics Analyst, which manage, collect and organize the input of data that is obtained in Quality programs, and is responsible for the development and maintenance of internal quality databases and is the support personnel of external databases. The clinical Informatic Analyst also educates others also serves as a resource., abstract data of Core Measures and other quality initiatives. The skills required to be successful are but are not inclusive to are; analytical, design, mathematics, research and statistical. Excellent communication skills are also a must. Must be organized and manage time wisely and must be self-motivated.

Other career opportunities for a (CHPI) holder are :

  • Health informatics specialist
  • Informatics education specialist
  • Application analyst
  • Systems analyst

The other certification that appeared to be of interest to me is the Certified Data Health Analyst (CHDA). In addition to obtaining the RHIA credential one year of experience is recommended before obtaining the CHDA certification. This certification would benefit a clinical analyst or a data abstractor or someone in higher levels positions such as a database designer or someone that implements collection models.In addition to the credentials listed above, one of the most important skills that I need to add to my current skills is informatic itself.

References:, Lesley; Kirby, Annessa.

“HIM as the Middleman to Informatics and Data Analytics” (Journal of AHIMA website), October 06,

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To a contemporary audience, there is no doubt that Stanley is presented as the villain of the play due to his violence towards Stella and Blanche. However, when put in the context of 1940’s New Orleans, where casual domestic abuse was common, and archetypal gender roles expected, Stanley’s violent behaviour becomes not the fault of a villain, but of a villainous culture whereby every character is flawed, and a man felt it necessary to fiercely defend himself in several aspects.Despite his violent behaviour, Williams clearly steers Stanley away from the role of a villain, through the passionate and committed relationship he holds with Stella. Williams presents Stanley’s Neanderthal-like attributes displayed throughout as a symbol of masculinity- “he tosses her the meat package” to normalize. The couple are clearly settled a functional yet passionate relationship until the appearance of Blanche “when he goes away for a week… I go wild [Stella]”. Stella’s obvious dependence on Stanley in their life together after Stella’s escape from Belle Reve presents him as having more heroic characteristics, having saved her from all that Blanche had to endure “deaths are expensive, miss Stella!” having to struggle with financial independence.

Moreover, this breadwinning role adds to the archetypal family unit that increased in popularity during the 1940s, and shows that Stanley had similar goals to any American man, making him relatable to an audience of the time, and therefore directing him clearly away from any villainous role. Arguably, it is Blanche’s appearance which disrupts the peace in their relationship, which Williams uses to inflame Stanley’s violence. However, the fact that Stanley and Stella remain together after Blanche’s implies their closeness, and unbreakable bond. Moreover, Williams presents Stanley is as a character essential for Stella’s happiness- Blanche’s flirtation, deserving of rape? Several of the characters have flawsDespite his value as an individual, Williams presents Stanley not as a villain, but a representative of the class and society which shaped him, a product of flawed cultures clashing together, “the Kowalski’s and the Dubois have different notions”. Stanley’s brash sense of entitlement, for example when speaking about the Napoleonic code “there’s this policy…” only emphasizes the ascendance of the working class male, with new- found social mobility. Whilst this entitled viewpoint of Stanley blends seamlessly into the New Orleans lifestyle, being a place of “desire” it conflicts with Blanche’s character- a representation of the death of the Old South. Williams here displays the incompatibility of the two cultures, and the struggle of the changing fabric of society, still finding its feet.

One could argue that this lead to Stanley’s sense of entitlement to women, resulting in his rape of Blanche “you’ve had it coming from the beginning…” It could also be argued that the rape was a way of defending what Stanley viewed as his property “sizes women up quote” due to Blanche’s blatant racism in labelling him a “Polack” and “animal”. Not only are the insults a symbol of the contrasting cultures, but of the way in which Stanley is made to feel degraded in society “I’m not a Polack, I’m an American”. Therefore his villainous behaviour to Blanche can be seen as a direct retaliation to her racism, and a way to defend territory. Placing such weight upon the culture in which Stanley is a product of makes him being a villainous individual unlikely. T huey long and polack, self defence

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Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain. Born into a conservative family, she grew up above her family’s grocery store. She was brought up with the values of hard work and public service.

She attended the University of Oxford graduating in 1947 with a degree in chemistry. She was a scientist but longed to be in politics. She joined the Young Conservatives and went on to study as a barrister at the Inns of Court Law school, becoming a tax attorney in 1954. It was during this time that she improved her leadership skills. She married a wealthy business man and was the mother of twins. She ran for parliament but was defeated due to the existence of male partiality in her conservative party. Her determination to succeed enabled her to became a member of the house of commons in 1959 and she rose up through the ranks in parliament serving until 1992.

She was elected three terms as Prime Minister, serving eleven years in power (1979-1990). Margaret Thatcher passed away in 2013 at the age of 87 and is considered one of Britain’s most influential Prime Minister of the 20th century. Margaret Thatcher’s leadership style was a combination of autocratic and transactional. Margaret Thatcher received the moniker “Iron Lady” because of her authoritarian and autocratic leadership style. Her leadership style was characterized by making the decisions and expecting her followers to follow her instructions. She needed individual control over the decisions she made. She needed to make decisions quickly so that she could accomplish what she set out to do.

Margaret Thatcher came to office with one deliberate intent, “To change from a dependent to a self-reliant society – from a give-it-to me, to a do-it-yourself nation. A get-up-and-go, instead of a sit-back-and-wait-for-it Britain.” She had a clear passion that she believed in and she wasn’t going to compromise her principals. She came into power when the economic conditions were poor and the trade unions had shut down public services. Public expenditures were out of control. With her style of leadership, she was able to take on the unions, nationalize industries and put Britain back on its feet. Margaret Thatcher also exhibited a transactional style of leadership.

This was evident by the hierarchal structure of the British government where she had the power and authority over those beneath her but was still accountable to those in parliament. Transactional leaders are coercive and rely on rewards and punishment as influence. Margaret Thatcher reprimanded her colleagues by making hand written notes and comments in the margins of proposals and policies when they didn’t match her views or plans and went so far as to indicate it was a very poor paper and “please translate into English”. Transactional leadership is centered around the idea of the relationship between the leader and followers where the followers agree to obey the leader and suffer the consequences if they resist. One of Margaret Thatcher’s ministers was dismissed because they were against her governments economic policy. She was trying to change the status quo, and this included fighting against her ministers and the departments that were behind them. She exhibited leadership traits such as motivation, self-confidence, ambition, decisiveness, honesty, and integrity.

Personality traits of leaders vary greatly, but great leaders tend to have a specific set of personality traits that define their style of leadership and the legacy they leave behind.

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Comics are the earliest form of entertainment for both adults and kids. Although there are a lot of comic books publishers today, DC and Marvel comics are the most popular all over the world. The DC and Marvel debate has been in existence since the two comic group came to action. The two have had unique, dynamic characters and films that have highly achieved fan support everywhere and those that have not. Spiderman and Superman are the most famous characters in these comics. It is so unfortunate since the general public normally categorizes the two divergent different characters as superheroes.

The hero has to be either Detective Comics or Marvel Hero. I strongly believe that Marvel is better since it is able to produce unique characters that relate to human nature.First, Marvel’s main focus is on the creation of stories that are connected to the real problems of their superheroes. The superheroes in the Marvel’s comics are just ordinary people but are born with unique powers. Example of such superheroes is the X-men who are normally treated in a different way and are viewed as vigilantes or outlaws groups. The DC exercises their heroes to build entertainment stories. An example is the Superman who is the symbolic image of a real superhero.

The symbolic image of the Superman is loved and cherished by all. Personally, I believe that Marvel is a better comic due to the nature of the characters they produce.In addition, Marvel’s work showcases that superheroes are humane. The Avengers is another example of the Marvel’s work. These teams showcase a good example of teamwork. The Avengers don’t get along; they don’t even like each other. However, they have to work and love each other because world’s fate is a stake.

Their backgrounds and skills are diverse and work as a team for the betterment of the humanity. They travel all around the world to deal with worldwide threats. Flash, DC’s work runs at a high pace alone and is not bothered by that. The DC’s superheroes mainly dwell in the cities. Such differences set the two comics groups apart.Also, Marvel’s comic relatable characters prove Marvel to be the best. Heroes from Marvel powers are gained from scientific accidents, for example, genetic mutations or exposure to radiations.

Majority of the heroes normally begin from humble beginnings for example Captain America who acted as a volunteer in an experiment that resulted in him gaining superhuman speed and strength. The Incredible Hulk is a scientist whose body was exposed gamma rays creating a superhero. In comparison, DC’s heroes’ beginnings are fictional. An example is Green Lantern who gains powers from a ring from another planet. These differences clearly show why Marvel is the best.In conclusion, the reasons why Marvel comics are more preferred than DC comics are due to the fact that Marvel’s superheroes gain their power from genetic mutations or scientific accidents. Also, the superheroes from Marvel are more humane since they go around the world making it a better place.

Finally, Marvel superheroes are normally born with natural powers and start from humble beginnings whereas DC’s superheroes are just for the audience entertainment and are more of fictional. DC and Marvel share some similarities in that they both have a lot of superheroes. However, their stated differences are what make them two different things. Marvel’s work has made it rise in popularity in the recent years.

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The complexity of life is one of the many features that distinguish the living from the inanimate. Life does not follow a strict written set of rules; personal interpretations do not always coincide even if the interpretations are focused on the same target. The line between right and wrong is an ever-changing measure that adapts itself to the given circumstances that is impossible to fully encapsulate in a formulaic approach. Often, this variability adds value to life; it creates suspense, initiates interest, and embraces diversity. However, there are times that this variability challenges the ability of men to produce positive results. Amidst difficult circumstances when competing interests seem to present equally valid claims, how does one decide where the line between right and wrong falls when there is no formula to substitute in for the variables of the situation? Well, it is amidst these crucial moments that one defines his or her ability to make proper judgments within given constraints. When making important decisions that affect the lives of their constituents, public officials must balance competing claims by evaluating the circumstances from a nonpartisan basis with careful contemplation of both long-term and short-term implications, while maintaining the welfare of their constituents as the guiding principle.

Because the posed question leads into the issue of the current energy crisis, it may be appropriate to continue the exploitation of this problem for elucidation of the key messages of this essay. When confronted by a challenging quest such as deciding the future of energy, an issue of utmost importance, public officials must hold it as the guiding principle to always place the welfare of their immediate and prospective constituents first. In doing so, it forces them to evaluate both the long-term and short-term implications of their decisions in order to ensure stability. It also eliminates the unnecessary bias of political affiliation that often impedes progress and encourages factions and separations instead of unions. With this stated, it is also important to acknowledge the practicality of this virtue. Yes, every public official will state that he or she always holds the people at his or her heart, but how many of these individuals actually do? Greed often blinds officials to make decisions for personal gains instead of communal benefits. To truly evaluate the circumstances without political bias, public officials should review nonpartisan publications of the issues in question to prevent political obstruction of the truth of facts. In doing so, at least the officials will have time to judge the facts for themselves without bias or implantation of pre-conceived interpretations that often darken the reality of the issue to pull the officials to one side of the aisle or the other. In the case of the energy crisis, officials must pay close attention to the undisputed facts of the energy shortage, such as the statistics of current energy consumption, the amount of remaining energy available, and the cost of implementation of alternative energy sources without the interpretations of people attempting to interpret the matter from one angle or another to benefit their interest. With a strong grasp of the basic facts of the situation without intrusion of personal bias, the public officials would be more likely to make the most informed and effective decisions in the end. Then, upon carefully reviewing the facts, the public officials must begin hearing the interpretations from all sides of the issue, bearing in the mind the interest of their constituents. Again, regarding the case of energy alternatives, one side may propose a stop to importing oil that makes the US dependent on foreign oil sources and to commence an alternative energy program that would develop the necessary domestic energy sources for the future. On the other hand, some may encourage the officials to continue the development of foreign trade for oil as it continues to strengthen American relationships with foreign countries based on economic mutuality; they may also oppose the initiation of an alternative energy program because such a development is illogical given the current economic downfall; they may argue that it does not make sense to invest in the future when the present itself is insecure. Now, although all sides may sound equally valid, because the public officials now have sound knowledge of the issue based upon a review of the undisputed facts, they can judge the validity of the arguments. Of course, because all sides will only present the aspects of the issue that benefit their cause, the officials will play the role of mediators whose job it is to absorb the truthful portions of all arguments and discard illogical or irrelevant conclusions. Once a set of proper and truthful interpretations has been deduced by the public officials upon listening to the arguments from both sides, then they would be ready to proceed to the next step of drawing proposals that balance those interpretations, again maintaining the interests of the people at their consciousness at all times.

To introduce the most effective and robust proposals as resolutions for any problems, public officials must assess both the short-term and long-term benefits for their constituents. Of course, solving an immediate problem that creates more and more future issues is not only irresponsible but is also unethical. Drafting an effective proposal requires the public officials to understand the needs of their people and to predict the implications of their actions. They must ask themselves, “What would happen in the next 10, 20, and 30 years if I put this plan into motion?” They must also inquire, “Can I afford not to take this immediate step to alleviate the suffering of my people?” Planting a seed of a more serious problem in the future for the sake of immediate relief is seldom an acceptable response. For instance, although FDR may not have predicted the calamity of his Social Security plan, the immediate relief from the Great Depression that his social policies provided was later abrogated by the current disaster regarding the funding of Social Security. Yes, perhaps the action that FDR took was most appropriate given the dire and time-sensitive situation of the Great Depression. However, there might have been other alternatives that did not risk the future consequences of Social Security. Getting back to the example of the energy future, when a public official is ready to draft a plan, he or she must face the concern of the continued exploitation of petroleum products. Yes, petroleum products are currently much cheaper than most alternative energy sources, and given the economic sensitivity of the time, the cheapest method to obtain energy for the future seems to make the most economic sense. However, looking a little deeper into the issue, continued exploitation of petroleum products means further degradation of the environment that not only harms the US, but the entire world. If humanity is to maintain high living standards, environmental balance must be addressed at some point, either at a time when damage is reversible or at a time when reversibility is near impossibility. If public officials do not evaluate the consequences of their actions for the future and continue to increase the severity of the damage caused by the continued exploitation of petroleum products, then there will come a time when rectification of environmental damages becomes economically disastrous. The current investment in alternative energy sources to decrease dependence on petroleum products may cost a little more at first, but it will save prospective constituents from another disaster. But then another conundrum arises as to the extent of the compromise between petroleum products and alternative energy sources. This concern must be addressed by public officials with consideration of the current economic state of their constituents and, again, the affordability for future rectifications. Only with the consideration of the short-term and long-term benefits of a solution can an official introduce a poly that adequately meets the needs of the people without impeding the development of the future.

As the public officials attempt to balance opposing claims on important issues like the future of energy production, they must not forget the most important factor of all, the people. Frequently, officials must seek the input from their constituents to review the current state of concern. Only then can they properly introduce proposals that meet the demands of their people. As constituents are the people whom the proposal will serve, they must be part of the equation that leads public officials to the solutions.

Balancing competing claims to derive the best solutions is a difficult task that requires caution, diligence, and patience, and most importantly of all, integrity. Public officials must arrive at these solutions in the best interest of their people in order to introduce the most effective plan that serves the constituents. In the process, the officials must not only consider the immediate relief, but must also evaluate the long-term consequences to prevent the outbreak of more problems. Only in doing so can the most effective and long-lasting plans be drawn.

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1. New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.2. One of the most important problems in New Zealand is pollution which called nitrogen pollution.

3. Cows and some animals are causes of that pollution because of their digestive systems.4. Some algae species cover the lakes and rivers due to that pollution because these algae species live in lakes and rivers which have a lot of nitrogen.5. Clean water scarcity is at the beginning of problems in NZ (New Zealand). However, people and government try on some new project to prevent this problem.

6. For example, due to that problem 3,000 people struggle from drinking water which is not enough clean to drink7. Some politician claims that they can stop pollution and have a lot of drinkable clean water with the help of building a dam on the rivers.8. On the other hand, there are some differences between people’s opinion. Some of people says we can stop that problem without building a dam.9.

They did an election to choose their president to Hawke’s Bay. Finally, Paul Bailey won the election.10. They want to change their polluted areas and some agriculture types.11. Paul Bailey did his promise and Hawke’s Bay is getting cleaner day by day.12.

We’ll see the result maybe after 15 years.New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world but, nowadays in New Zealand is being polluted by the people’s requests and needs. However, these are not completely need. Most people want to earn more money than ever. As you know, cows and some 4-feet animal spread methane gases to atmosphere so, these gases could be very harmful for ozone layer and some water sources. Cows and cattle are very effective economic sources for theirs people. Most water sources are polluted by cows.

nitrate due to some bacteria which are completely having to live in nitrate areas. Agricultural systems need to irrigate every time so, people use drinkable water sources to feed and irrigate their corps. This is the one of the causes of this problem. Second problem is water pollution in cities. In Hawke Bay approximately 30,000 people live. In one day their drink water was polluted by someone or some causes. People were ill because of the lack of clean water.

Now they must do one election for their future and their own needs. One of these persons is argue that we can change the pollution with the help of build a dam which isn’t able to pass the water and nitrate. Another person claims that we don’t must to build a dam. Also, we can stop this pollution with a personal education and some laws. Finally, Paul Bailey who wants to build a dam won the election and he must be right his promise which contains build a dam and cleaning water. We’ll see you the result maybe after 20 years.Title: South Africa Corruption Inc.

Link: 25 minutes and 1 second 25:011. South Africa officially the Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa.2. Corruption is one of the biggest problem in South Africa.

3. In April 2018, South African President Jacob Zuma forced from office because of corruption.4. The billionaire Gupta brothers are blamed by judge for their connection between government5.

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Through my life people have always told me that the smallest choices I make could have the greatest impact on my life. What they said never fazed me, after all, how could one small choice change anything? Looking back on the past four years of high school, I think I finally understood what they meant. The small choice I made that ended up having the greatest impact was deciding to participate in marching band.

Not such a big deal, right? That’s what I thought walking in to the band room for our first practice during my freshman summer vacation. My first impression was that the band room was an OCD person’s exclusive nightmare. Instrument cases were placed strategically about on the floor constructing a make shift maze, while the lockers lining the walls seemed to be vacant. Beyond the winding maze the scattered groups of conversing students made the atmosphere light and cozy, dispelling the prison like impression the mundane walls created. Practice began and I hastily joined my friends and gradually conformed to this new homely niche in the northern wing of the school. Before or after school, practices, football games, basketball games, or competitions I’d find myself walking back to the band room to find comfort in the benevolent atmosphere. Somehow the chaotic clutter has become my sanctuary, a home away from home.
My new found family is there, too. Our eccentric family is mainly composed of my two crazy sisters, my little brother the tuba player, and the rather odd extended family in the brass and percussion. I know they’re all there for me when I need them, all thanks to the strange and mysterious ways marching band has brought our misfit group together. Through the past years band has given me something even more irreplaceable; the everlasting memories of my family and the fun times we’ve shared. The more distant memories like band camp at Mt. Evans of being chased out of the bunk house by spiders and large insects previously unknown to us; choreographing fun dances for when we are bored; falling asleep on each other’s shoulders on midnight bus rides back to school; or all the simple times where we just hung out; the whole recollection is still vivid in my mind due to the relentless playbacks. All of these fragments of my past in band fill my chest with yesterday’s laughter or ache from past defeats. Music from shows of previous years still echo in my ears as haunting melodies, reminding me of the sensation of performing in front of vast crowds, not as an individual, but as something far larger than myself, the greater image. I entered the band room as a naive and foolish freshman thinking that everything revolved around me, that’s all changed. Marching band has given me the tools I needed to be strong and work towards a future of my own choosing.
I’ll soon have to leave this refuge and allow the next person to take lead of my beloved clarinet section, but it won’t end there. I’ll always be a rebel in the marching band, though I may grow up and move away, I will owe it all to marching band for making me who I am. From that one small choice of signing up, it has all made a powerful impact on my life. I’m glad I made that choice, now and forever. Thanks to marching band, I now look to the brightening horizon, eyes set on life’s drum major, ready for the new tempo to carry me to my future, ready for this change. With my family watching my back and knowing I’ll always have a home to return to, I’m prepared to move on. With the chronicles of marching band forever locked in my heart, from now on I will march on.

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So there we were, within a mass of leather jackets, heavy black eyeliner, and psychedelic tent dresses, in line to be searched before the WFNX Best Music Poll Concert, on April 17. The bill contained Jesus Jones, Happy Mondays, SoHo, and Iggy Pop. We had fled from our boarding school to spend a single evening somewhere where the most popular dance song wasn’t by Vanilla Ice or New Kids on the Block. In our hands were two blue and white tickets ominously labelled “Obstructed View.” You can imagine our surprise when, instead of seats in the back, behind a pillar, we were led to the front row absolute corner, and seated. What obstructed our views, you ask? The colossal stack of super power speakers, I tell you! We could almost see half the stage when we leaned, but boy we could hear EVERYTHING! SoHo went on first, after much too much ado from Troy or Ti, or one of the “T” deejays from FNX. I can honestly say that I was impressed by the band. Though I recognized only “Hippy Chick,” their melodies stuck in my head, and their vocals were admirable. By the way, they too wore psychedelic tent dresses, the attire of the evening. One downfall of the concert was that, in the ever-too-long gaps between performers, the nameless “T” deejay conducted a really de-pressing awards ceremony. Al-though some of the acceptance speeches were entertaining, I am glad to say that my obstructed view seat saved me from the horror of watching the whole ordeal. Even the “T” deejay knew who would steal the show that night. Before he introduced Jesus Jones, he called them “THE band that will ROCK this house tonight.” Jesus Jones blew me away. Their sound was good, their songs unforgettable, their stage manner really encouraging to the audience. At one point, the singer asked that the house lights be turned on so everyone could see each other, saying “We’re not the only performers here.” The highlight of their set for me was “Welcome Back Victoria.” I’m glad they had the guts to turn all the guitars way down, and let their singer make everyone listen. Another great thing were the two strobe lights perched on both sides of the stage during Jesus Jones’ performance. I prefer this system to any of the fancy light shows other bands put on. I loved watching the band’s various bodies and long hair convulse between the pulsing lights. After another long break, Iggy Pop performed. He did a short set, but the gist of his performance was taking his clothes off. When he got down to his gray jockeys, I was almost embarrassed for the poor man. What a skinny, wrinkled body! I was not impressed by his performance, but his guitarist shows promise for a real heavy metal axemaster. The final act of the night were the Happy Mondays. They had a fancy psychedelic light system, but in all its splendor I still liked Jesus Jones for their strobe lights. Happy Mondays made good music, just like their album, but one would have been just as well off to sit home and listen to the album, because the singer sat on the drum podium, back to the audience, and the rest of the band did basically the same. Also, they dressed their overweight backup singer like an S & M goddess, complete with whip, which I thought was repulsive and sexist. Such is the world of music, I suppose. So that’s it. Overview: Jesus Jones – incredible; SoHo – pretty darn good; Happy Mondays – good music, kinda boring; Iggy Pop – please keep your clothes on. Thanks for reading, happy concert-going to you, too. n

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“Oh, and another thing is that you get to walk around naked anytime you want.”
I half snorted, half laughed as I leaned back against my pillows, pressing the receiver to my ear. “Uh, awesome. What else?”
“Well, it’s just nice getting to make your own choices. Whether they’re smart or not. You get to control your own life. I mean, yesterday I was craving pizza at, like, 2 AM so I went out and got some down the street. Didn’t take me more than five minutes.” He paused. “It was pretty cool.”
As my older brother, who graduated from college the previous spring and lived in Brooklyn, continued to rattle off the perks of living in New York City, I glanced over at my night stand. Royal purple brochures and booklets with glittering skyscrapers and taxicabs blurred with movement on the covers strewed the desk, and a map detailing every campus building and street name within Greenwich Village encompassed the wall behind it. I closed my eyes and pictured standing in one of the photographs on the brochures, feeling the gusts of thousands of people jostling and moving in a pandemonium around me that were so familiar, yet distant. Only a few more years before I get out of this place, I thought to myself.
I had not envisioned my life to unravel the way it was currently. As I spent my days dreaming about moving to the other side of the country, I dismissed what I saw as the monotony of my sheltered suburban neighborhood, the conformity and close-mindedness I witnessed from my peers, and the suppression of my parents’ household rules- You have to be home before ten-thirty. Get off the computer, you need to sleep. You can’t have friends over when we’re not home, what were you thinking?
“Why New York?” my friends would ask, puzzled by my constant drive.
“I just love the vibrancy and energy of it all. I want to hang out in coffee shops all day and go on adventures like they do in Friends, you know? I want to work in an office with a view of the Empire State Building as a journalist or creative director of something and see new things and meet new and interesting people. I can’t wait for real life.”

But does real life begin at a single point in time? Does it start at the second I blow out my eighteenth birthday candles, or when I sign my name on the lease to buy my first apartment? Did I expect fireworks to erupt from the sky and a gleaming path to happiness to be laid out in front of me the moment I set foot in my dream city?

I had wasted years of my personal development, significant years that I overlooked in favor of a future that holds more opportunity for me, but which I foolishly idolatrized. I still long to sow the seeds of the city’s eclecticism and culture, to cultivate them into a blooming life, to finally be free. But I now realize that I, not my surroundings, determine whether my life blossoms or not. I see the golden trophy in the distance, shimmering in its perceived glory, but the hurdles I impatiently leap over to reach it are not what delay my life from beginning. These hurdles are my life.

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Amid the dynamic time, a considerable measure of white collar class voters, instructors and educators, and reformers were likewise antagonistic towards the political machines. It began in detroit michigan amid the 1890s where a progression of changes were presented in urban america, ordinarily made to diminish contamination, wastefulness and debasement. At the point when chairman Hazen pingree began the change numerous adjacent urban areas rapidly got on and set up workplaces to think about the financial plans and structures of the nearby government. Numerous reformers led the pack in the most imperative urban areas like los angeles, cleveland, new shirt, and some more, particularly in the western states.

Amid the dynamic period, there were a great deal of changes to the populace also. In 1920 a large portion of the general populace lived in the wide open instead of in urban areas, yet even they were influenced by the dynamic changes trust it or not. A large portion of the progressions enhanced the lives of the general population in rustic regions, by 1910 over portion of all agriculturists were bought in or taken after a ranch related daily paper or magazine, where editors from urban zones gave the most recent news and advances to expand the effectiveness when it connected to cultivating, in spite of the fact that life in the nation was enhancing, there was as yet a major interest for better types of transportation, the railroad framework was at that point completely entire yet there was as yet a requirement for better streets to different spots. With the promotion of the auto in 1910 there were a great deal of dire endeavors to redesign the soil streets and modernize them to additionally fitting lanes and expressways made to fit the cutting edge autos rather than streets for steeds and wagons. In 1916 around 2.4 million miles of soil streets in provincial zones were enhanced with rading and rock, while 3000 miles were given a full change into quality surfaces. Another enormous change in the country territories amid the dynamic time were schools.

The vast majority of the schools were ineffectively supported and the instructors/chiefs weren’t legitimate or at an expert level, as a rule they were youthful nearby ladies who were unmarried. The progressives had the answer for modernize schools through influencing the kids to go to current schools where they could be instructed by genuine expert educators who were ensured by the states and universities while being checked by the state. The comrades didn’t concur with it at first due to all the additional spending yet later understood that it would be more valuable for their youngsters to get an appropriate instruction than to work underage. Thus numerous different projects were beginning to be made gone for the young, including 4-h, a program set up by the assembled states division of horticulture made to help the adolescent by showing them how to end up dynamic and beneficial residents while training them in valuable fundamental abilities like cultivating, creature mind, and even carpentry. Different gatherings incorporate young men and young lady scouts and even nation fairs where prizes were given for the most profitable rural practices and were later intensified to achieve more groups of onlookers. In the south, dark groups concocted their own particular dynamic reformative ventures. Numerous included redesigning schools, temples and growing business openingsWilliam L.

Bowers, “Country-Life Reform, 1900–1920: A Neglected Aspect of Progressive Era History.” Agricultural History 45#3 (1971): 211–21. in JSTOR

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Attention fans of good ol’ heavy metal. For those who were not lucky enough to be born around 1970, don’t feel bad. Iron Maiden is still going strong, which brings hope to all who have lost faith in the heroes of metal.

Founded in 1975, with 14 studio albums, nine live CDs, and four EPs, Iron Maiden shows no signs of slowing down. Currently, the band is doing the Somewhere Back in Time Tour, which relives their rise to fame in the 1980s.

A main contribution to their success was the “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” album, arguably one of their most creative and acclaimed. Released in 1988, it demonstrates Iron Maiden’s versatility and shows a different side to their personality. It has many of the components that make their sound famous: harmonizing guitars, aggressive “air raid siren” vocals (courtesy of Bruce Dickinson), and clever writing and instrumental composition, mostly from bass player and founder Steve Harris.

One striking difference between this album and others from Iron Maiden is the synthesizers, which can be startling at first to old-school fans. But never fear, for they are used for dramatic effect throughout the album.

First and foremost, this is a concept album – a story revolving around a child born with supernatural powers – with lyrical themes about morality, mysticism, and the occult. The opening track, “Moonchild,” is the perfect tone-setter, with epic tension building and releasing during the song. The tracks that follow are able to duplicate this feat. “Can I Play with Madness?” and “The Evil that Men Do” are fan favorites and have become mainstays in the band’s live sets.

The title track, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,” is a 10-minute epic that expands upon the story of the mystic child, and pleases all fans of metal with amazing guitar solos guaranteed to melt a face or two, and amazing vocals that will have you on your hands and knees screaming, “I am not worthy!”

For a fan and musician like me, this album is a thrill to experience and has inspired me to be a better musician. Iron Maiden proves that it is among the greatest metal bands of all time, and can transcend age barriers, gaining fans among teenagers and adults alike.

Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” is a must-have for those who like their rock ’n’ roll nice and heavy, yet with a touch of sophistication.

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In the novella Metamorphosis the main character Gregor is morphed into a cockroach. It never states how it is that this change occurred. I believe that it happened as a way to save Gregor’s family from the confinements of his job.
Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman. It just so happened that Gregor’s father owed a lot of money to his boss. Mr. Samsa had owned a business in the past. Unfortunately the business was lost and this left Gregor’s father unemployed. He never got back into the work world leaving it up to Gregor to provide for the family. Gregor hated his job and thought it was a tiresome burden. Although he despised his career, he was very devoted to it. He was determined to provide in the best way possible for his family.
He was always absorbed in his work “The lad only ever thinks about the business”, exclaims his mother in the first chapter before he is revealed as a giant roach to the family. Because his father was in debt to Gregor’s boss they had no way of leaving the city in which they lived. At the time I don’t think anybody in the Samsa family realized that how they were living wasn’t beneficial.
Once Gregor’s horrible plight was revealed the family’s well-being went downhill. The sister became overworked, the father was abusive to Gregor, everybody was unhappy. Gregor’s father had to get a job to support the family seeing as Gregor no longer could. Alas the Samsa family was now stuck in a worse position than they previously had been. That is until one morning Gregor was found dead.
By this point in the novella the family stopped treating Gregor as if he were their son. After all he was a cockroach! As soon as it was clear that they were free of their bug infestation the mood was instantly brightened. The family drew closer together, mourned the loss of their son and brother, but most importantly moved on. They were free from the life they lead before Gregor’s transformation. They moved out to the open country with anticipation for a happy future

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You may’ve never heard of them. After reading the title of this, you probably thought to yourself, “Who the heck is Push Play?” However, one day, they’ll be rocking and rolling all the way to the Grammy’s.Originating from Long Island, New York, Push Play is beginning to take the hearts of millions of teenage girls around the country with the good looks and dreamy voices.

They’ve been called “The Next Jonas Brothers”, but, they’re totally different then the Jonas boys…“Deserted”, which is the boys’ debut album, released December 22nd, 2007 and they are due for a new one this spring, which will include tracks like “Cover Girl” and “Heart Attack”.C.J., Derek, Steve, and Nick bring a new vibe with them to pop music with “Deserted”, which features hit tracks like “Situation”, “Starlight Addiction”, and “Dreamers”.In “Starlight Addiction” the boys sing about wanting to get with someone and being in love with them. It’s fun to dance and sing to, while great to just sit back and relax to after a long day.With C.

J. singing lead vocals, Derek on the drums, Steve playin’ his guitar and Nick rockin’ the bass guitar, “Situation” is one of my favorite songs on the CD. I find myself singing it all the time and it’s one of the most played on my iPod. In a nutshell, the song is about a girl who’s perfect to the guy she’s with, and, makes every situation the greatest it can be! It’s got a fun sound to it and performed excellently by the band.“Dreamers” is a bit of a slower song which fantasizes about being with someone, even though the relationship could never be again. It talks about how the relationship has been torn apart, just like a tearing piece of rope which had one person from the relationship on one end and the other person on the other end. It’s a calmer song which you could find yourself listening to at night while you lay in bed or after a long day.

These boys are the next big thing. They’re cute, funny, talented, and all around great guys!

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Being placed in a foster care group home at the age of nine might have been the first catalyst for my need to be autonomous. I must always strive for the ability to control my own environment. Never again will I be vulnerable to the hands and minds of abusers, or from the effects of drugs and alcohol they consumed. I have not had any contact with my biological mother since the fateful day I returned home from school and was whisked away into the hands of Child Protective Services because of the abuse and neglect of my mother. I was nine years old and completely terrified. Two years later I was reunited with my biological father. However our time together was cut short. I lost my father to cirrhosis of the liver when he passed on December 3, 2010. I have come to acknowledge the fact that parentless, I stand alone and face important decisions without their guidance. As time goes by I realize that my most valuable asset is perseverance. It is my key ingredient to becoming successful in today’s competitive world.

While growing up I was involved in many different military based programs, such as the United States Naval Sea Cadets as well as the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. As I began to grow into my early teens, my father felt it was time for me to learn the structure and discipline that he had learned from the U.S Army. Another big influence in my career aspirations is my father’s eldest brother who also served in our armed forces. Both my uncle and my father inspire me to have a strong desire to serve a higher purpose. My overall goal is to become a United States Marine Corps Officer. I plan on making a career out of serving my country. Personally I feel it is our duty as American citizens to defend and protect our nation’s freedoms that we take for granted everyday.

After researching various institutions of higher learning , I feel Long Island University CW Post campus is the most suitable match for my future goals. This institution stands out to me the most because of its mission statement, “Your emphasis is on the student learner”. I possess a strong desire to learn and better myself in all that I do. If accepted to the Criminal Justice program I will utilize the skills acquired to advance my ranks within the Marine Corps. Additionally, this program will open many doors of career opportunities post my military career. I am confident that this program will assist me in becoming successful with my long term goal which is to have a career in federal law enforcement.

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Suffer and fear of animals due to human’s benefitsAccording to the article the pain and fear of animals written by David Suzuki is an interesting article which describes and questions about the suffered and feared of animals while used for humans benefits in scientific research. Animals can be used for many different purposes by human beings with neglecting the right to live in peace.

They have been used for food consumptions research purpose, and neglecting rights of animals.The article was mainly explaining many different information regarding animal’s exposure to humans, such as animal used for games, research, medications and described the animals hunting, fearing and suffering. Suzuki mentioned that they used the animals for game like fish, by hunting and trapping…. considering that fishing is exciting activities.

His intended audience are the people because they used animals for many purposes without considering animal’s rights through exploitation. For example, the author pointed out that people used animals for food such fishing for consumption as his family like fish as protein source; on the other hand, other people practiced fishing as an entertainment while this could be horror, struggle and pain for the fish. Suzuki trained shooting on a marble using his slingshot, later he continued interfering squirrels by trapping and using his slingshot, while the squirrel got trapped, ready to kill, unfortunately it started to cry in which he understood the suffering and fearing of the squirrel, that event was a very good lesson that enabled him to feel the fear and pain of the squirrel specifically and animals in general. Since that time, he stopped hunting and shooting of animals (Suzuki, 1998). The purpose of the author is to demonstrate that animals faced to suffer and fear when being hunted, trapped, and killed by humans for different purposes. And, to learn that animals have the right to live in peace.Suzuki added that the use of animals by humans for scientific research and medication purposes in which lots animals killed for treatment of human diseases that eventually led into extinction of many species of animals.

For examples animal being used for studying genetics (mice, monkey, fruit flies…), molecular biology (virus and bacteria). He described the use animals for studying modern biology, discovering and creating new ideas and development of human knowledge for better standard of human life through investigating sample animals in laboratory for breeding them, used their parts either medication or researching purposes. They concern about the extinction, pain and exploit right of living organism by humans; especial the kinds of animals that hunting and trapping a lot.The author writing was effective as he incorporated many other ideas and thoughts into his own findings, he also follows the right writing style as his paragraphs are arranged accordingly and coherers in a way the information is written. The article is easy to understand and follow, and the author use third person and some time second person to explain and tell the experiment he had.Suzuki achieved his purpose because he left the reader feeling sympathy about the suffered and pain of the wild animals. People learned that animals have the same right as humans and pets to survive.

Thee author brought a good idea to Chimpanzees…ReferencesSuzuki. (1998).The pain of animals. In H.

Rosengarten and J. Flick(Eds.), The Broadview reader. Peterborough, ON: Broadview. (Original work published 1989)

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This band has gone through a lot of changes to end up where they are. Bands broke up, members came and left, and numerous band names were brought up. Yet they went from four songs on Myspace to a world tour in little over a year. This story is inspirational to me. It gives more proof and reason to believe in the message many of their songs depict. We Shot The Moon’s inspirational songs are by far my favorite.

Like the lyrics: “You gotta pull yourself back together. Give it one more shot, It’s now or never. With the new day falling for you, You gotta believe.” (in “Sway Your Head”) these songs make you feel powerful and encouraged to take on whatever is standing in your way. And what could be more amazing than songs to make you feel invincible?

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Two of our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had two completely different viewpoints on how the United States should run. Their ideas on subjects such as, foreign policies, economics, structure of government, and who should govern, opposed from each other strongly. Their main disagreements were mainly about the way the government should run, and their opposing ideas were based on their differing preferences for who were the best people to run the government.

Jefferson and Hamilton each wanted a different group of people to run the government. For example, Jefferson believed that the people of the country should have most of the power, where the states would be the ones to control the country; however, Hamilton disagreed because he didn’t believe that common people knew what was best for the country. He believed, that commoners were foolish, and he wanted the educated and rich men to rule the country. For the most part, Hamilton supported the wealthy in certain situations such as running the government. Jefferson however, supported the middle class men, and had faith in commoners, especially farmers when it came to governing the United States. Additionally, Jefferson and Hamilton disagreed on the voting qualifications for the country. Jefferson wanted voting qualifications to be lower, meaning that more people, such as any men who could read should be allowed to vote; whereas Hamilton wanted the opposite.

He wanted to raise voting qualifications in order to grant voting rights only to wealthy and intelligent white men who owned property. Both founding fathers had extremely different viewpoints on who should rule America, mainly because of how they both supported different groups of people to govern.In addition to having opposing views on who should rule the country, Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed on how the government should be structured. Thomas Jefferson’s ideas regarding structure were based on some of the ideas presented in The Articles of Confederation. While Hamilton believed that a strong central government would be best for America’s governing system, Jefferson preferred having stronger state governments, and a weaker central government. Jefferson didn’t want the new government system to be similar to the British monarchy like Hamilton did, as America had just gained its independence from Great Britain, and so he wanted the government to be more democratic, in which the states would have more power than the central government. Jefferson wanted most of the power to be in the people’s hands, instead of having a federal government, which was how Hamilton wanted the government to be structured.

Unlike Jefferson, Hamilton believed that the number of federal employees should be increased, in order to have a strong centralized government. Along with disputes about how America should be governed, both Jefferson and Hamilton had opposing views on the Constitution. Hamilton, being a Federalist, thought that the Constitution should be interpreted loosely and didn’t think that people’s individual rights should be protected at all times. Jefferson however, favored a more strict interpretation of the Constitution. He believed that people’s liberties should not be restricted. He wanted people’s freedoms such as the freedom of speech and the press to be protected at all times without any restrictions. The overall ideas of Alexander Hamilton, and anti-federalist Thomas Jefferson, regarding the way that the United States should be governed, differed greatly.

They didn’t agree on who should govern, or how the government should run, and they supported different groups of people. Their opposing viewpoints about the American government system made it a difficult task to decide how America’s government would be run.

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Before 1996, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were two very distinct artists, only connected by the country music genre. However, when they married in 1996, they brought their talents together to form an iconic duo that has amazed fans with countless duets and tours.McGraw is a widely successful singer who has been releasing hit songs and albums since the early ’90s.

His most loved songs include “Live Like You Were Dying” and “Humble and Kind.” He has released 14 albums, making him one of the most celebrated country artists of all time.Hill is another iconic country performer who has had countless hits on her seven studio albums, including “Breathe” and “This Kiss.” Hill has also been releasing music since the early ’90s, She has received six Grammy awards so far in her career.Together, these two singers have proven to be both successful and impressive, earning them the title of “music royalty” from Rolling Stone and countless other publications.McGraw and Hill have performed in three tours together since their marriage: Soul2Soul Tour (2000), Soul2Soul II Tour (2006), and Soul2Soul: The World Tour (2017). The tours are a must-see for fans because of the mix of hit singles and duets that the couple performs.

Additionally, the chemistry between the artists is special to watch and adds another dimension to the tour that makes it a remarkable experience.In any concert, the song choice is extremely important. Ideally, artists choose songs that both appeal to the audience and are well-known. This can be difficult when it’s just one artist. However, when there are two, it makes it that much more difficult to keep the interest of both fansgroups throughout the concert. In their Soul2Soul World Tour, Hill and McGraw managed to choose not only the ideal songs, but a perfect combination of duets and solos in the right order throughout the show. They opened with a cover of the duet by Aretha Franklin and George Michael, “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me.

” The upbeat and fun performance set the tone for the rest of the concert.After the opener, the two started switching on and off and performed some of their own hits for the next set. Hill performed four of her chart-toppers, including “This Kiss” and “Breathe.” While these songs are relatively old, they are among her most popular hits. The audience gave her performance a standing ovation.McGraw then sang four of his most recognized tunes, including “Shotgun Rider” and “Live Like You Were Dying.” The latter was one of the highlights of the night.

The audience erupted in cheers when he sang the iconic lyrics, “I went skydiving, I went Rocky Mountain climbing, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fuman­chu.”For the conclusion of the concert, the two artists came together and sang their most recent duet, “Speak to a Girl.” This is their most popular duet to date and was a great way to wrap up the concert. Overall, the song choices helped to make this concert special for the audience because fans of all ages could recognize and sing along to many.In addition, what made Soul2Soul so great was the chemistry and evident love between Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Thousands of concerts take place each year, and hundreds of country concerts.

Each artist strives to have an element that drives people to buy tickets. The chemistry between McGraw and Hill is what makes people “need” to see their concerts. Throughout the night, the pair constantly complimented each other and “bowed down” to the one another’s talent. This all led up to the iconic encore that had the audience in awe. For the encore, the two sang “I Need You” on two mirrored chairs that elevated over the audience. The song was slower than the rest, but it featured intimate lyrics like, “You’re the love that rescues me/When the cold winds rage/And it’s so amazing.” The two sealed their final song with a kiss that caused the crowd to erupt in cheers.

The two take full advantage of their enviable relationship in their live performances. In their last remarks of the concert, they announced that they are making a joint album together. It is set for release this fall.In conclusion, the Soul2Soul concert was definitely one to remember. McGraw and Hill made the perfect lineup of songs. There may be concerts with better costuming, stage decorations, or even better vocals. But there will never be another duo that can emulate the love and intimacy that McGraw and Hill share.

Together, they are a wildly popular and successful duo that completely transformed the expectations of country music concerts for generations to come.

The Caged Wonder online essay help: online essay help

At first glance, yes, I am quite ordinary. Never have I written a New York Times best selling novel, nor have I visited the wet tropical rainforests of the Amazons and discovered an important botanical element for scientific study. As much as I would like to learn about radiochemistry, I probably never will and chances are I am never going to win the Florida lottery. However, I can proudly say that I am going to be successful.

Ever since the age of three I had gone to a pristine private school. My agenda was composed of the most exhilarting, mindbottling events that a teenager could experience in his short time as a youthful free spirit. I would wake up, spend seven extraordinary hours at school, get home, go to bed and wake up the next day to experience the lively escapade all over again. That’s not all. I also take the first place trophy for the most convivial and engaging Friday. I can see it now. The contender for the most amazing Friday night goes to… Movie-night with the parents! Consequently, it was mentioned to me a plethora of times by my acquaintances that I had lived a life of confinement. My favorite comment included the misconception that I had it worst off than that ‘bubble boy’. Was I really worst off than some guy who had suffered from a severe combined immunoficiency disease? Maybe so.

Always that weird girl or that loner, I was often labeled as socially inept or more simply put, friendless. Although I do admit to my quiescent nature, I knew there was more for me than this world of ‘just getting by’. The death of my grandmother due to lung cancer left much financial burden on my family and I. Yet, this unfortunate series of events can be viewed as a play on fate by my dear friend serendipity. No longer was I able to attend my high school which I had been attending for 10 years, nor was I to be confined in that indestructable bubble composed of carbon-copied identities and dependency on others in everything I would do.

No longer able to recieve care from my grandmother, my twin sister and I were subject to spend our summers since the age of 13 volunteering at Mercy Hospital where my mother would painstakingly work seven days a week to simply give us the best life we could possibly have. As part of the volunteer program, I have been assigned to several different departments. With the new skills I acquired through contact with the patients, I was able to assist them and further help them engage into physical activity. That first gracious thank you I recieved made me overlook that wallflower persona I had so long attributed to myself. Through my hard work and long coffee breaks, I was able to receive knowledge of the workplace as well as insight into many different career options, which has made the choice I want to pursue clearer. Being a MERCY Hospital volunteer has taught me to become more independent, responsible, and dedicated, all skills which are important in any career. Likewise, I was auspicious enough to work with others, which helped my communication skills–something i desperately needed and very essential in the journalism field.

So maybe I haven’t become an astronaut or the next American Idol. But whose to say I won’t make an excellent contribution to the University of Florida?

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Every summer my dad, brother, and I go camping at least twice a month. We don’t have a set camp ground we go to, we just love camping on warm summer days and we bring our little fishing boat to the lake and ride the cool calm water. We would set the boat with our anchor, cast our fishing rods, and relax while catching so many whiskered catfish. We have been doing this for a few years since we lived here in Stuart. The lakes are large with not a lot of people around which is nice and relaxing. The lakes are surrounded by tall trees, and old hiking bridges.

My favorite part is the smell of the burning campfires and smoky food we have, and it is a great getaway from people.After we set up the campsite we put our boat in the water; however, since it’s just a small boat my dad and I can just carry it to the water. I remember when we had a big boat, we would have to pull the boat up to the launching ramp and it would scare me since the ramp was a steep hill and me being eight at the time. My Dad would sometimes ask me to help, even if I wanted to I would always refuse cause I knew I couldn’t cause of my little noodle arms. However, since I am older now we have the small boat so it’s an easier to get the boat set up.The lakes we go to are always surrounded by gorgeous tall pines, sparkling water, sand and old hiking trails/bridges. I love being in the woods in the dead of night or in the middle of the day, it doesn’t matter, I just find it so peaceful and relaxing.

The way the sun/moonlight shines through the trees high above it is just so beautiful. When we go camping I walk on the hiking trails at least once. The trails are a great way to clear your mind, I just love walking across the old bridges that overlook the sparkling lake and occasionally see a fish or two jump out of the water.When we are camping at a lake or just camping in general, there are smells all over the place. The smoky smell of fresh campfire smoke fills the air and sometimes the scent of marshmallows and hotdogs being toasted/cooked are all over. My brother always insets to get marshmallows and Hershey bars to make s’mores even when it’s still light out; often he would get his fingers sticky and dirty from making so many of them. The campfires I make are so big bright with fiery reds, oranges and yellows.

This is always a great time for my dad and me to peacefully talk to each other while looking up at the stars.Camping is the best thing I like to do with my family, no matter where we may go I know we are going to have a great time. From driving the boat around the sparkling water to relaxing, catching fish of all shapes and sizes. Also getting away from reality and relaxing under the starry sky. The smell of campfire smoke slowing floating up the tall pine trees is one of my favorite things about camping. If you haven’t went camping before; I strongly recommend it, it is one of my most favorite thing to do no matter when or where it may be.

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While surfing the Internet recently, I came across an interesting blog post on the wildly popular website, tumblr, that tried explaining the reasons why women have a higher chance of getting employed. The picture that was portrayed on the blog depicted a drawing that said the more cleavage exposed during the job interview, the higher the chance of being employed. This clearly shows that gender inequality is still prevalent in today’s society. It seems irrelevant that even with women being astronauts, presidents and fighter pilots who are in such powerful positions like the honorable Aung San Suu Kyi, women are still regarded as ‘toys’ in today’s modern technological age. Though the advent of feminism and advocacy for women’s rights is stronger, we are still facing gender inequality problems. The empowerment of women has yet to see its full potential.

The world still conforms to the conventional notion that men should be the sole breadwinners. This would mean that women should be left to deal with the family and household chores while their husbands go out and conquer the world. The phenomenon of women bringing back a higher wage compared to their other half is considered bizarre. In Asia especially, it is rarely seen that women earn a higher income compared to men. The example of Singapore’s income tax return form strengthens the point that women’s wage being supplementary to that of a man’s is highly likely. A successful woman, in our current generation, is one who is able to juggle both menial work and household chores at the same time. This demeans the definition of being a woman thus concluding that gender inequality is still relevant in today’s society.

With the current economic recession and inflation on the rise, the rising cost of living is beginning to take a toll on families. Stress is placed on the sole breadwinner of the family, that being the head male of the house, to earn a better income to provide for his growing family. Again, a woman has to be able to hold the family together to make sure that the family doesn’t fall apart. This means that no time is given for women to excel in their jobs, which then adds on to the fact that women cannot be the sole breadwinners. As mentioned earlier, women are constantly being lauded for being able to cook well and at the same time, keep the house spic and span. Adding on to that, the widespread fact that women belong at home, especially in the kitchen, is being constantly portrayed in popular movies, websites and books, available for everyone to see.

However, in an egalitarian’s defense, gender inequality has greatly shown signs of improvement. For example, gender quotas have been placed in some top parliaments with great female representations. These quotas ensure that some seats in the parliament should be reserved for females. In India, for example, females must occupy 33.1% of the seats in the parliament while the remaining 66.9% are reserved for males. Some governments are also extremely supportive of the idea of gender equality to such an extent that at least a female must occupy 1 in 3 top parliamentary positions.

Overall, we can see that even though gender inequality is slowly improving, it has not reached the extent that it has become totally non-existent, as it is still evidently relevant in today’s society. It is still prevailing amongst the majority of the world. Though gender inequality still exists in today’s society, we can see that it is taking a turn for the better. With Forbes Magazine dubbing Oprah Winfrey the most powerful and influential woman, Aung San Suu Kyi winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and both Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin running for President of the United States of America in 2008, we can clearly see that the common stereotype that women are not as strong as physically and mentally as strong as men is slowly fading. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to see both genders treated more equally.

London has always been a multi… free essay help: free essay help

London has always been a multi-ethnic society. Due to the fact that London is a global city, there are thousands of people moving to London each year.

There might be so many reasons for migration, such as fall in the birth rates of developing countries which, in time, causes a shortage on labour. In some developing countries human rights are not as respected as it is in London and in other European cities, and citizens do not have as much freedom. Nevertheless, we are used to seeing poverty and low incomes as well as high unemployment rates in developing countries. In this paper, I will be focusing on Muslim students who mostly second generation immigrants in London and discuss how integrated they are in the Western society of London. Where do you think Muslim migrants in London would on a scale from 1 to 10?Nowadays, we can quite often hear that someone is a ‘British-Muslim’, which is a very big step showing that the migrants have the feeling of belonging to the country they live in. The Muslims who classify themselves as ‘British-Muslims’ are often born in the UK so they are usually either the second or the third generation who are the immigrant we will be discussing in this paper. Most of the time you can hear them saying that their first language is English and they are often not fluent in their ‘mother tongues’.

The research that I will be talking about were attempted to young mostly second generation immigrant. A number of students who are Muslim and Christians about specific topics and compared them by using questionnaires as well as detailed interviews. It was found that the younger generation of Muslims who are in higher education are willing to integrate into the Western society as most of them grew up in this culture. It is found that young people clearly believe that the key to there future their education. This ideology is actually quite similar to the Western ideology and no major differences can easily be seen. Muslim parents often choose to send their children to single sexed Muslim schools, perhaps as they want them to get an education which reflects their culture. However, it is found that about 16 percent of Muslims either have never worked or are unemployed for a long time, where this number drops to only 3 percent on national scale.

This clearly reflects that in terms of work force Muslims are more isolated and perhaps the employers have a prejudice against the Muslims; due to the fact that there is no physical difference that shows a Muslim cannot work as good as a citizen who has a different religious belief. Almost 6 percent of Muslim women are not allowed to work outside the home environment (this number is 4 percent for Christian women- which is not very far from each other). This shows that most Muslim women are allowed to work and have socio-economic rights and as well as a chance for integration. On the contrary, it is not really accepted for Muslim women to have any kind of desire to imitate women of the Western world. Islamic marriages are largely different to Christian marriages as polygamy is common and accepted in Islamic marriages yet it is generally not accepted in Christianity. According to the researches most Muslims are also against the idea of polygamy as much as Christians and there is no major clash of views in this sense. This clearly shows that there is a cohesion of ideas about marriage.

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We live in an era where music and art are two very different things. It is a world where music mostly revolves around how attractive a woman is, or promote drinking. This is the age of inappropriate songs. All the singers do is sing about partying and getting drunk, or just swear, swear, swear.

But not all songs fall into that category. Such a song is Ronan. It was released in September 2012 as a charity single by Taylor Swift, who was inspired by Maya Thompson, a woman who wrote a blog for her son who had cancer and died in 2011. Swift read the blog, and was inspired by it, and the lyrics are taken completely from Thompson’s blog, which is why Swift credited her as the co-writer of the song.

The title of the song is the name of the 4-year old boy, Ronan. It was written in memory of him, and it seems as if Taylor Swift was the voice of Maya Thompson.

The lyrics are heartbreaking and will definitely bring tears to your eyes. The words literally paint the picture for you and you can see Ronan running around in front of you, playing with his toys. Swift has been acclaimed by critics, who call it her ‘best work’ and the song as ‘heartbreaking’. Even though you do not know the boy, nor his family you still feel the pain his mother feels and what the boy went through. It is not just a song. It is a masterpiece. And it encapsulates beauty and emotion better than any song you’ve ever heard.

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The lights shone from the ceiling, the air was cold and still. I was so nervous I couldn’t hear anything but my own breath, not even the thunderous clapping coming from the near distance. Then the audience became silent, as if they were holding their breath. I had to hold myself together, despite my thumping heart and sweaty palms. As soon as I spoke my first line, I felt another person coming to life inside of me. Nothing in this world could be more exciting than acting.
When I was in elementary school in Taiwan, one year we were all asked to be a part of the school play, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” I ended up with the biggest part, playing Snow White. Even though I stayed after school every day to practice, I couldn’t overcome my fear of performing in front of hundreds of people. I almost fainted on stage that day. Never will I do this again, I vowed.
But time has gone by, and my attitude towards acting has changed so much. When I am on stage, I get to be another person for an evening. That’s the greatest thing about acting; I get to live so many different lives.
“It takes ten years of hard work behind stage to present a brilliant show for ten minutes on stage.” I couldn’t agree more with this Chinese saying. Acting is about creating and inhabiting the personality and thoughts of the character. Although at times acting can be challenging and strenuous, seeing an audience get carried away is priceless.

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I hope that many of you reading this review were at this concert, ibecause it was by far the best concert I have been to. Morrissey is more than just a great voice, he’s a songwriter; a poet and a spokesperson for the times. Morrissey, whom many of you may know as the ex-frontman for The Smiths, hit Great Woods on the day before the fourth of July. If I counted correctly, he did sixteen songs from his strong solo albums “Bona Drag” and “Kill Uncle,” to a B-side or two. Some highlights were: “That’s Entertainment,” in which his surprisingly good band performed an exciting accelerando, “Sing Your Life,” which had an amazing big band sound due to the use of a real double bass, and the opening song, “Interesting Drug.” This concert never lagged, it was nonstop fun. Unfortunately, during the encore, security failed and at least a dozen people stormed the stage. I’m not quite sure what happened, but someone had to help Morrissey offstage with his face in his hands during “Suede-head,” his last song. Shame on us Massachusetts’ audience members! He’s never been here before and I wouldn’t be surprised if he never comes back! Opening act Melissa Ferrick was very strong, although the advertised opener, Phranc, did not perform. In Morrissey’s words: “Others sang your life, now here’s your chance to shine, and have the pleasure of saying what you mean, the the rare pleasure of meaning what you sing.” I felt lucky for having had the rare pleasure of enjoying what he sang. n

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A cliche can be defined as something that has become overly familiar or commonplace. As every college applicant knows already, writing the college essay is a tedious task. Along with editing and writing numerous drafts, the applicant must also come up with a topic to write about. The piece could be about a topic provided by the college or it could be whatever the applicant chooses. Among these topics death and career aspirations are the most written about.

It’s extremely hard for a student to use a cliche topic and make themselves stand out amongst the other applicants. How is a student supposed to express their individualism if the topic they’ve chosen to write about has been overused? It’s seems simple to write about something a person is compassionate about but, someone will always be more compassionate than them. They can also write about something that you are great in, but there will always be an applicant that is greater than them.

Let’s take for example the proverbial college essay topic of traveling. Applicants use this as an opportunity to inform the reader of how their stamped passport had a life changing impact on their life. Like many people, I’ve traveled to many interesting places, have had some phenomenal experiences and have seen things many people will never get to. I’ve traveled to Italy, Greece, France, Germany, England and Spain. Coincidentally, I was in Spain the same day Spain defeated the Netherlands and won the World Cup for the first time in history. I sat amongst a crowd of over three hundred thousand Spaniards in Plaza Mayor watching the game on a four–hundred foot monitor. Watching the World Cup among the natives was a once in a lifetime experience, but it didn’t change my life or inspire me to do anything. While I did appreciate the beautiful places, culture, and people I don’t feel qualified to say I’ve had my “AHA!” moment.

Some candidates write about a near-death experience they’ve had. I can’t come close to that but I was hospitalized for a few days over the summer with a series of mysterious ailments. As if on an episode of “House”, I lay in a hospital bed void of the advantage of House’s brilliant medical team. After suffering a severe migraine, the left side of my brain completely shut down. When the doctors asked if I was in pain, I would respond in numbers. Sure I can say that I’ve experienced a miracle, but I don’t feel like dedicating an essay to it because it hasn’t changed me in anyway.

Despite my experiences, I am still having difficulty figuring out what to write for my college essay. When I think about myself, I feel like I’m interesting and different; However , when I try to write a college essay I don’t feel different. My friends have chosen to write about how sports have inspired them and how they’ve done some bad things and have turned their lives around. Unfortunately for me, I have never been arrested or struggled with drug abuse. If I had, this essay would have never been created.

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India is a fast growing country with its cities growing even faster and expanding to newer limits. Such exceptional growth stories have pulled in people from different parts of India to settle and work in its cities. This has led to growing demand of living space required for city families as well as office spaces for companies and other services .For such development plan, limited city area is one of the key reasons for concern.

Specifically the expansion of city spaces through horizontal construction is possible only up to a certain extent and will further lead to shrinking of available area for other projects. Therefore high rise buildings in cities are the need of the hour and an efficient way of land management and utilization. In many developed cities around the world their skylines are as famous as the cities themselves. High rise buildings are not just architectural and infrastructural marvels but become a part of city identity and icon. Tall buildings are a marker of city life as well as a standard of better quality of life. Its main benefit is the ability to accommodate a large amount of people with each vertical ascent and thereby saving up a lot of land. Other benefits include lesser exposure to air and noise pollution but better access to natural light and ventilation while offering a high vantage point view of the city itself.

Tall structures offer a refuge from floods but it needs design fortification to protect it from other natural calamities like high intensity wind force and lightning. Therefore safety rules and regulation need to be strictly laid out and followed during construction of high rise buildings. Structural stability and security are key aspects of such building safety as they have to be earthquake and fire resistant .In case of high rise buildings it is their height that determines whether safety compliance needs to be fulfilled or not and as such builders have to overlook and furnish fire and earthquake safety plans and exit routes, rescue spaces, electricity supply, service ducts, elevators among others. The construction of high rise buildings requires advanced technology and machinery to aid in the process. One of such new advancement is the Auto Climbing System which is a hydraulically operated self-climbing formwork system. It is useful because it significantly reduces the completion time of construction projects and safer compared to the traditional method of crane lifted formwork often referred to as “jump” forms.

There is a need to evaluate the safety of the platforms installed for a secure working environment as there have been reports of industry accidents occuring when the platform is lifted from one level to another.This technique requires more crane time and is too sluggish, dangerous and inefficient for tall structures where the concrete walls dividers are consistently on the analytical way. Despite the fact that Auto or Self climbing framework is a tremendous advancement in diminishing the time required for completing the project, we can’t disregard the small deficiency in these frameworks. The importance of this thesis is to give a secure workplace to the work persons and all the staff performing work on or underneath the platform. Huge importance should be given for the establishment of these platforms. It has been generally seen that ,while lifting or jumping of the platform has been carried out , very less investigation has been done as far as the well being of this specific action is concerned. However, a number of accidents have been accounted for while lifting the platform starting with one level then onto the next.

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Chad Petree is the co-producer, male lead vocalist, and songwriter of indie electronic band Shiny Toy Guns. He grew up in small town Shawnee, Oklahoma, where he and his best friend Jeremy Dawson developed a passion for music. They were involved in several bands after another, but none felt right, so by pattern they left them one by one and settled on making their own, Shiny Toy Guns. Even after releasing albums We Are Pilots, Season of Poison, and remix disc Girls Le Disko, their sales never went up to more than 60,000 copies of each album sold.

Chad is a beautiful person, in all categories. His masculine build and black schoolboy hairdo make him physically attractive, where as the one part of his body that really attracts to me is his arm. Big black letters that read ‘To The Machine’ have been tattooed to his right arm, but it is the meaning of it that appeals it to me the most. Chad says that the saying on his arm is a reference to Pink Floyd’s song ‘Welcome To The Machine’, a personal favorite to Chad, and he says that it has so much meaning that he wanted it to be a part of him. I’ve taken those words so deeply to me that at one point I began begging my mom to allow me to tattoo the lyrics to my favorite song to my right arm, too. Without surprise, the answer was no. Through my disappointment, I found another trend I could follow in. I adored the idea of wearing band T-shirts like he does, so now what you’ll basically see in my closet are stacks of The Who, Nirvana, and Keane T-shirts. What I also adore about Chad is the recognition of what his fans want from him. As a kid, no major band ever came to his town, or at least no band of his interest. Now, as a music icon, he makes sure to satisfy his fans by touring in places such as Fredericton, NB, Canada instead of LA or Japan, as other stars do. I have also heard that he is irresistibly hilarious. But the major reason I love Chad Petree is typically because of his music. He puts so much soul and truth in his music and lyrics that it never fails to make me cry, and I guess this leads me to why I want to be like him someday.

When I listen to the words that Chad had taken the time and effort to perfect, or the chords he synchronizes impressively on his guitar, it makes me feel close to my heart. He strums the music from its nature, and sings the words out of my mouth with such candid confidence that it makes me wish that I was the one who wrote those lyrics, or that I was the one who composed the piece. It’s just ultimate genius, and it has Chad Petree written all over it. I wish it had me written all over it. I do often sneak sayings and quotes from Shiny Toy Guns into my own words, I’ll admit, but they just never seem to click the way they must with Chad.

You may find this stupid or immature, but I’m actually really bothered by the fact that I didn’t start the trend to wear band T-shirts, but instead had to pick it up from Chad. I’ll find another clever way to start a trend like that… maybe a haircut, or a piercing, but deep down I know that those have nothing to do with the same meaning of Chad’s T-shirts or tattoo.

I’ve got a handful of friends who have met Chad Petree, and when they told me, I could do nothing but envy them for a while. But when I came to my senses and asked them to tell me about their journey, they let me in on a side of Chad that I didn’t know. He is a cool laidback kind of guy, he always has a good time, he’s really close to his brother, Stephen, and he’s not overcome by fame and fortune. Instead, he’s more of the regular guy type, and he is hilarious, as I mentioned. After hearing that, I put in my mind that he is similar to that one schoolteacher there is bound to be in every school, the one all the girls fancy and all the guys look up to. My hypothesis was confirmed when I saw a video of Chad walking on the street about an hour and a half before a gig at a local bar, and he ran into someone who said their a huge fan of his. They sat down and talked for a while, so the man had the courage to invite him over for a drink and a game of foosball. Chad happily accepted and after having a good time, he walked to his show with his new friend 15 minutes before, introduced him to the band, and then went onstage to begin his performance. Who does that? What kind of rockstar goes to a fans house for foosball an hour before his concert, then walks with him to the gig? I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole video. My friends were right; he was funny.

What else can a say? Who wouldn’t want to end up like this hilarious attractive rockstar whose words inspire life out of me? Who wouldn’t have wanted to start a trend like he did, or write music like he did? To me, Chad Petree is a legend, and I can dream of being just like him someday.

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is linked in with the basic needs of an individual.

The first basic needs are to do with physical. This is the need for food, drink, shelter, sleep and oxygen. Whenever people age they tend to age slowly and their days go by slower and this is because they have limited opportunities. Once you age you will begin to notice whenever you are in your 60s and this includes the skin becoming thinner and less elasticated. You bones also become more brittle meaning that it is easier for an older person to break their bones. As well as your bones, your joint become stiffer and more painful meaning that older people tend to be in a lot of pain. This is why physiotherapists are good for older people because they are able to help with the problem and try and improve the quality of life for older people.

Older people don’t always have the best balance and whenever the muscles become weaker it can be harder to stabilise themselves. Older people can also become unwell faster than younger people because they are more prone to infections. Older people are advised to go the GP if they feel like their health is getting worse. The GP will be able to prescribe them medication to help.As you old it is essential as an older person to communicate with other people because if they don’t they tend to disengage themselves from society. Whenever older people retire at the age of 65 they aren’t as intellectually smart as they were before but that’s because they haven’t been in education and haven’t been able to learn anything new in a while. It is important that older people get out and socialise because it will help with their intellectual development.

This includes reading a newspaper, doing crosswords or puzzles, going to activity classes like bingo. For older people, services need to be provided which help older continue to socialise. Older people tend to disengage from society based on certain circumstances like the death of a partner or retirement. With these services it allows older people to go out and be active but also to socialise with new friends and people that they were once friends with.In this case emotional and social impacts are both linked in with each other. People often reconnect with those friends they used to be friends with which can be a very emotional time. It is also meeting family members that have drifted or moved far away which gives them a chance to catch up on everything .

This is good for older people because they have been so busy with work and their own family, it gives them a chance to reconnect and catch-up with people but it also gives them a chance to meet new people as well. It also means that they can get out of the house and visit other people so it is a different scenery for them even if they are retired.Whenever older people decide to retire there can be many reasons why they choose to retire but one reason is so that they can do the things and activities that they never got the chance to do before. They often take the chance and go on holidays or visit long distance friends or family, which gives them a chance to reconnect with those they used to talk to. Often older people decide to volunteer in local charities or help in local schools or community centres which means that they will be constantly meeting new people every day.

Abbey Road by The Beatles history essay help: history essay help

Abbey Road. The Beatles’ final studio album..and one of their masterpieces. From the soothing tune of George Harrison’s Something, to the rock and roll beat of John Lennon’s Come Together, this album is sure to please the Beatlemaniac and hater (yes, hater!) alike.
My favorite track on this album has to be Here Comes the Sun. It’s a sweet melody with hopeful lyrics. It’s sure to cheer you up, so if you’re ever feeling gloomy, this is the song for you. Yes, all the tracks, but this one is my personal favorite.
If you are ever looking for something new and vaied, pick Abbey Road up and give it a try. It’s sure to a favorite as it has been for millions of people from around thee globe.

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“Those damn Americans” were the first words out of his mouth after reading an article about U.S. intervention in Iraq. This was my introduction to Walter Fairservis, a large striking figure with thick white hair and bushy black eyebrows. Although my relationship was brief, it has had a lasting influence on my view of the world. Prior to his death last July, Mr. Fairservis had been a well-known and highly respected professor of anthropology and Asian studies at Vassar College for 25 years. I became aware of this intellect through his reserved, but warm character. He had been an actor, director, producer, scholar, playwright, linguist and author of scores of books. He was the epitome of the Renaissance Man, though his motives were altruistic. He achieved more in one lifetime than most people could in three. His monumental example, his encyclopedic mind, his eclectic artistry and boundless energy have had a lasting impression on me. Two summers ago I worked under his direction at his East-West Fusion Theatre. I volunteered my time making costumes, organizing stage lights and videotaping performances. Not only did I learn directly about the technical and practical aspects of the theater business, but also I learned about other cultures. His cross-cultural values and knowledge were a rich resource. I vividly remember him explaining to me the origin of Javanese Gamelan. In addition, I learned about my potential and the infinite possibilities there are in life. Mr. Fairservis allowed me to discover that there are no limits of what is possible. I learned more from him than I have in most school classes. Although you could hear him criticize Americans for their ethnocentric values, he was an idealistic person who genuinely believed in people. He was able to break through any obstacle. Walter Fairservis was an exceptional example of this: always doing something new at age 73 as though he was 23. Just this past year, he completed a book on Mongolian culture and was in the process of writing a new play. Periodically during the year he gave lectures on many subjects. His lectures on Islamic civilization and Zoroaster and Persian cultures were dramatic, exciting and educational. Mr. Fairservis gave knowledge to those who knew him. I highly value what I received from this creative, intelligent individual. –

Outline and organization of the studying college essay help near me: college essay help near me

This dissertation on Restorative Justice paradigm in Philemon would be structured into six chapters as thus:i. Chapter one: a general introduction which spotlights the prominent place of the concept Restorative Justice and set the requisite context for articulating the study problem, the purpose of the study, the significance of the study, the delimitation and limitation of the study, the methodology of the study and the definition of operational term in respect to Restorative Justice paradigm in Philemon.ii.

Chapter two: will focus on an overview of the History of the Critical Study of Philemon and a critical review of selected literatures focused on the text of Philemon and restorative justice. This review will highlight the methodology employed which is responsible for the interpretive interest and results of some biblical analysis of the text. Consequently, this will be followed by the summary of the concept of Restorative Justice in the New Testament for a general overview.iii. Chapter three: will pay attention to the authorship, historical background, date and place of writing the epistle. Other issues to be considered are the recipients/audience, purpose/message of the epistle and structure, integrity and genre of the text, special issues in relation to the text. The researcher will attempt to present the reality of Paul’s situation and world in the first century C.

E through historical, external and internal evidences from the epistle.iv. Chapter four: will center on a Socio-Rhetorical exegesis of the text based on a lexical and syntactical outline of the text as it deals with the first century C.E Christians’ relationship to the imperial Roman situation.v. Chapter five: will assess the research findings in the light of the typification of the research objects informed by the judicial situation of the Graeco-Roman world. The purpose of this will be to determine the paradigm of restorative justice from the text and to articulate how this can complement the penal code criminal justice system in Northern Nigerian.

vi. Chapter six will be the summary and the conclusion of the whole study and some recommendations for further study.ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONSThe paradigm of restorative justice though not stated in the text of Philemon, but conceptual framework of the pursuit of social justice do inform the research. Conceptually, the text of Philemon though in respect of a fugitive slave appears to offer a practically effective model of doing justice. This is in contrast to the well-structured administrative procedures and the high cost of seeking legal action. It is not punitive in its outlook but rather peacemaking. In addition, it attempts to rather than respond to violation of laws it provides symbolic and practical solution to actual harms.

Offenders, victims as well as the community where the offence is committed are inclusive in the judicial process. Thus it is important therefore to examine labels like this of the text of Philemon that lays claim to the restorative method of doing justice.ASSUMPTIONSThe expectation of this research is premised upon the fact that the text of Philemon promises a paradigm of doing justice that is constructive and positive than the approach to criminal justice that is retributive or punitive. A paradigm that emphasizes the reparation of harm, restoration and reintegration. The core issue here is that this paradigm might not exhaust the possibly necessary components associated with institutionalized restorative justice system. Nevertheless, it opens up avenue to distinguish within a model diverse approaches and forms in addition to range of reasons to pursue the course of justice that is restorative. It also offers the hope that opportunities will be enhanced for victims, offenders and their immediate communities.

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My life has been a constant cycle of not knowing who I am. I was never quite sure of my identity. I was unsure and I was in doubt. And then, I met him. I knew from then on that my life would never be the same.

About four years ago I met Stefan in my freshman Biology class; He was next to the only seat left in the classroom, so I had no other option then to sit there. Over the course of the year I had grown to like Stefan, his personality, his jokes, all of him, but we only stayed friends. Our friendship was kept loose until the end of junior year. It was the last day of school and my friends and I were going bowling. I invited Stefan along because I still liked him. We spent most of our bowling time just talking to each other and really admitting that we both liked each other and we starting dating. Over the summer I could tell him my problems that I had been going through. He was there for reassurance and advice. I told him that during my sophomore year I had swayed through personal health issues and they were affecting important aspects of my life. My school grades weren’t great and my mother and I were getting into a lot of arguments. Stefan helped me with everything.

My major problems came first. He slowly helped me return to normal and healthy eating habits. It was a long and strenuous process but worth everything. He helped me build self confidence and raise my self-esteem. I can now see myself differently. I am not the weak person I was before. He kept me motivated during the school year and helped me in any classes that I was having trouble in. I brought my GPA up by .2! I had improved so much and I was so proud. Even my mother and I had stopped arguing as much as a result. I was finally solving the mystery of Bianca.

Stefan is a very important person to me and I have learned a lot about who I am. He has helped me develop the person I am today. I have become stronger and more stable. I still have a ways to go in finding my meaning, but for now I’m content with who I am.

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Most people enjoy Comedy.

Comedy is an professional entertainment that is meant to make the audiences laugh. Comedy keeps people entertained and relaxes people who are willing to escape from their stressful life. “The Spy Next Door ” is an amusing action movie that is appropriate for all ages. Even though the movie got poor ratings for its unappealing plot which was written by three people, majority of teens and children gave “The Spy Next Door” a rating of 4/5. However, when I watched this movie for the second time, things that I did not bother to care when I was a 9-year old child jumped to my eyes. The children were very disrespectful to adults, and used some inappropriate language such as “freakin”, “Idiots”. I could even see some sexual behaviors- Bob and Gillian hug each other and kiss, Farren trying to wear inappropriate clothes to school, and needless to say, some lines from the movie such as “If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” Is clearly not suitable for children.

In addition, the movie had way too much humor. Action movies are supposed to be strained but in “The Spy Next Door”, but the slapstick humors of Jackie Chan made the important scenes seem unimportant. Tension is a critical factor in all movies, and “The Spy Next Door” did not balance humor and tension. Another spy movie that received a fine rating of a 77 by IMDb, “Kingsman: The secret service” was a exceptional movie that gained much more popularity than any other movies from 2015.”Kingsman: The secret service” tells the story of a secret spy organization recruiting a random child to their agency’s competitive training system. The reason why it got good rating is because Kingsman used its R rating to its greatest extent by adding outrageous gore and sexual encounters. There are some gory scenes- a man gets cut in half and people’s head bursting, needless to say, the massacre in church.

I believe having no extra humors in the movie was a great choice, because I felt that the mood was certainly much more serious while compared to “The Spy Next Door”, and I could focus more on the story. It seems obvious that “Spy” is in superior position in terms of ratings from experts. “Spy” is a unsurpassed movie, it balanced the humor and tension, which is the biggest reason why “Spy” got a good ratings from users. But what I found myself most appreciating about “Spy” wasn’t just the humorous parts such as Susan naming her fists Cagney and Lacy, funny accents of Aldo, childish spy Rick Ford, Susan telling a Swedish bodyguard to cut off his own manhood and stick it on his forehead like a unicorn’s horn, disturbing a show to distract the main antagonist, or accidentally mistaking a folded hand towel for an appetizer. Instead, it was how the main heroine changes. Susan Cooper the modest, CIA’s top desk-bound analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency’s most dangerous missions, is finally getting some actions. The longer the movie goes on, the more cohesive and less silly the character become.

An ordinary secretary working in the basement became a confident super spy out in the field.To conclude, it’s ridiculous how much fun this movie is, considering it isn’t the first spy spoof we’ve seen. “Spy” is a film that truly shows Melissa McCarthy’s prodigious talents, and all without becoming an object of ridicule because of her weight. Once she comes into her own, Susan Cooper is a smart, strategic, and strong super spy.

Bang! Pow! Boom! by Insane Clown Posse college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston tx

Insane Clown Posse-Bang! Pow! Boom!

“Bang! Pow! Boom!” is one of ICP’s latest albums. But before I get too far into this, let me tell you that ICP is no little band. In this album all the songs are similar but have there own special touch add to them.

“You wait for death to happen, you looked a bloody wreck, even when there heart still works you yank it out there chest” is a line from the song “Vultures” that I think gets the point of this song across. That is that all people are greedy like vultures and can’t wait for anything, or earn it themselves. Each and every song has a message similar to this song but none of the songs just come out and say what the message is only a real observant listener can find them and enjoy knowing of them.

The first 15 songs (including the intro) all lead up to the final song on this album and that is “Bang! Pow! Boom!” And all that song is about is getting all the worlds criminals together to imprison them so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to deal with them, but then half way through the song it goes blank, but don’t switch songs just yet, for its not over just yet. It will bring a smile to your face when you hear the music of the song within a song. So just sit and be patient because it is worth the wait. This album is very fast pace until the song “miracles”.

“Miracles” is a mid pace song, and the final song before “Bang! Pow! Boom!” It’s about how all of man kind and how we take nature for granted and how everyone knows what nature can do but never take the time to just stop and watch. The line that I thing sums up this song is “ you plant a little seed nature grows” because it gets the whole point of this song across in a short phrase.

But after that mid paced song something’s needed to get the tempo going again and its Bang! Pow! Boom! To do just that and finish the album off.

So all together I thing that ICP did a great job on this album and with over and hour and a half it’s worth the money so go ahead and buy it.

Real Tears medical school essay help: medical school essay help

When I was four, I was offered $20,000. Twenty thousand dollars to hold an umbrella, walk toward a school bus, then turn and wave good-bye to my mother. When I turned around, there were rivers of silent tears streaming down my face. The producers loved it! They thought I was brilliant being able to call up tears on demand. But my horrified mother knew those were real tears, so she said we were going home.
In their desperate effort to cast me, the producers even offered to hire my mother for the commercial. She declined for both of us. As nice as it would have been to pad my college fund, it was not worth the cost.
Agents and producers kept calling. Even strangers on the streets of Manhattan would tell my mother that I should be a child model. I am not sure why. My hair was a mop of unruly brown ringlets that defied gravity. I showed up at auditions in mismatched clothes while the other perfectly coiffed little girls twirled in pretty dresses and black Mary-Janes.
When I was a little older, I did an American Express advertisement that was featured in The New York Times. All I had to do was hold a trumpet, which I did not know how to play, and smile next to my “family.” An Italian boy was my pretend brother, and a Cuban lady was my pretend mother. By then I understood it was all an act.
Once I began school, my mother was not willing to pull me out of class for auditions, so that was the end of my child modeling career that never really was. I do not resent her for it. In fact, I admire her decision.
I did not belong in front of a camera. I belonged in the classroom, on the softball field, and in a pool. Going into freshman year of high school, I set perfect attendance as my personal goal. Even on those brutal mornings when my alarm clock would ring before I even had a chance to close my eyes, I would march off to school, exhausted but determined.
The same goes for swim meets and softball games. Being absent is simply not an option. Whether I am squatting behind the batter, ready to pounce on any foul balls, or poised in center field, ready to defy the blinding sun and keep my eye on all fly balls, or coiled up on the starting block, ready to release my body into a bullet of kinetic energy, this is where I belong after school. These are the moments of joy in my childhood. The real relationships I have built with teachers, classmates, teammates, and coaches are worth more than any staged familial bond in an American Express advertisement.
No one will pay me thousands of dollars to engage in class every day without fail, hit a walk-off home run against a rival team, or get a personal best time in the 50-meter freestyle. But that is where this 17-year-old girl gets her richest rewards. That is what puts a smile on my face, a real smile that I would not trade for a paycheck or an acting career. I am happy to be a student. I am excited to be a center fielder and a catcher. I am elated to be a swimmer. Some day soon, when I have to turn around and wave good-bye to all this, there will be real tears streaming down my face. But the laughter, friendships, and memories will be worth it.

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With the mention of piano music, the thought of classical and the image of Beethoven’s face pops up for most. Not many would visualize a 33-year-old pianist performing at sold-out concerts and touring in Europe and Asia. Yiruma, a composer and pianist from South Korea and raised in England, gained popularity after releasing his first album in London and being invited to perform at a world-renowned music festival in France.I was introduced to his music with the song “River Flows in You,” from Yiruma’s second album, “First Love.” I have never been a huge fan of piano music, but once I clicked the play button on YouTube and the song began, I was entranced. It began with a soft melody that slowly progressed into a moving, strong piece.

Yiruma plays with such emotion that I felt as if I were hearing someone’s bittersweet love story, even without lyrics. The wave of emotions moved me to tears. Even after listening about a million times, it continues to blow me away. I decided to try another piece from this album, “May Be.” Once again, Yiruma’s sincerity brought me into dreamland through his emotions.Every song highlights Yiruma’s skill at composing and playing powerful pieces that express love stories, without the usual words. The beauty of each is so immense that it is a challenge to sum up even two songs, but such enchanting music must be shared.

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In life, it seems like we conquer or overcome obstacles that later on define us in life. My struggles and disadvantages have shaped me to be an upright, stronger individual. Growing up as a kid, I came across a struggle I knew I was going to have to be patient to overcome; my life as I knew it would not be the same. When my teen years approached I had an insight into myself. I realized that if I continued to let this problem hold me back, my destiny, my dream could never become a reality. My turning point started and my state of mind shifted. The writer in me needed to be the speaker of silent words for the people that did not have a voice.

At the age of thirteen, I fell ill to a mystery doctors couldn’t even solve. This illness took a toll on my life for three years and I missed a lot of schooling. Doctors, specialist, and surgeons tried their best to help me as much as possible, but in the end this was something I just had to be patient at getting through and used to. In my junior year of high school, I had a turning point. I was not going to let anything hold me back anymore. During that time, I discovered my aptitude to write. Going through all that I had gone through in my past gave me the aspiration to write. Back then I held back on a lot of my thoughts and never expressed them. I felt a lot, witnessed a lot, and bottled up a lot to the point where writing become my escape from it all. Writing what mattered most to me helped me overcome what sickened me.

During my junior year I had a lot to catch up on. So I became focused and determined to complete a full year of high school for the first time. Now, in my senior year, I’m completing high school in two years instead of four due to health problems that interfered with my schooling during my freshman and sophomore years. At the close of my junior year, I had straight A’s and became an honor roll student. I had to look past what once discouraged me from being the best I could be. Seeing what I had already accomplished made me realize that having disadvantages doesn’t mean it is impossible to achieve success.

By becoming a writer, I’ve also become a reader. In my days of performing community service at the library, I would read to those that were less fortunate and unable to do it for themselves. From pre-school children to the elderly I enjoyed my time reading to all ages. I would sit and begin to speak and the listeners would come. Just seeing the expressions of awe on their faces as the words became a vision in their minds was very enchanting to watch. My contribution might have not been as extravagant as feeding the homeless or clothing the need, but seeing the expressions that were plastered across their faces while and after I was reading made me feel enlightened. Giving back is one of the greatest gifts you can give in life. Having the willpower to do things for others who aren’t enabled to do the things themselves has inspired me to write in a way people could learn and grow from.

My writings are meant to send a message to readers; to inform them about aspects of different lives and experiences. To present to them that people like me are willing to listen and willing to give them the compassion and understanding. To help them realize that in this day and age in society you are not alone, even when you think you can’t be seen, heard, or recognized. At the college I plan on attending, I plan to fulfill my duty by speaking for those who were left unspoken for. As a college student , I will bring respect and integrity that will rub off on other students that they can build upon. I see myself as being moral support for others while helping them find the greater being within themselves.

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Discrimination is an issue that occurs all over the world its inevitable. In Khaled Hosseini’s, The Kite Runner, the reader is shown many cases where characters are faced with racism and discrimination. Khaled shows the reader how discrimination can lead to death of many individuals. In many cases innocent people die because of discrimination that is created between a group of individuals.

Many times, individuals make assumptions such as how they are and what kind of person on may be based on one’s appearance. Hassan, one of the main characters of the novel is treated as if he were an animal, simply because of how he looks compared to Pushtans. Having different religious beliefs can create discrimination between individuals, as shown in the novel. So, what do humans benefit from discrimination other than the loss of compassion and dignity?Discrimination and racism can kill people, and many don’t realize it until it is too late. Hassan one of the main characters in the story, was murdered in the middle of the street in broad day light by some Taliban members. Hassan’s wife was also killed because she was a Hazara. The Taliban killed Hassan because they thought he was a squatter in Amir’s house.

Hassan tried to tell the Taliban he was a servant of Amir’s father, Baba who was a Pushtan, but his efforts were in vain. “The Taliban’s said he was a liar and a thief like all Hazara’s and ordered him to get his family out of the house by sundown” (Hosseini, 230) Rahim Khan who said that in the novel is simply implying that Hassan never did anything wrong, and that he was just doing what he was told to do and that was to watch over the house. As much as Hassan tried to tell the Taliban he wasn’t doing anything bad, he was shot while others just watched what happened. Hassan should have not been murdered for such a senseless belief. He was victim of stereotyping by the Taliban by how he looked.There is not a particular group of people who are exactly the same, so why do people discriminate others who look or act a bit different, we are all humans right? Khaled explains how Hassan and his father Ali, looked in the novel, “They called him ‘flat-nosed’ because of Ali and Hassan’s characteristic Hazara Mongoloid features. For years, that was all I knew about the Hazaras, that they were Mogul descendants, and that they looked a little like Chinese people… Things Baba hadn’t mentioned either.

It also said some things I did know, like that people called Hazaras mice-eating, flat-nosed, load-carrying donkeys. I had heard some of the kids in the neighborhood yell those names to Hassan.” (Hosseini, 9) Quite often we hear people making fun of others because “he is short” or “she is fat” but in reality, there is not a single person who sets a standard for humanity. Hassan had physical characteristics that differ from other people, and that’s why he was bullied. He was looked down because he was different from the rest. Assef a neighborhood bully always picked on Hassan because he was different from the rest, His [Assef’s] blue eyes flicked to Hassan. ‘Afghanistan is the land of Pashtuns.

It always has been, always will be. We are the true Afghans, the pure Afghans, not this Flat-Nose here. His people pollute our homeland, our watan. They dirty our blood.’ He made a sweeping, grandiose gesture with his hands. ‘Afghanistan for Pashtuns, I say. That’s my vision.’” (Hosseini 40)

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Harry Styles On His Own and Making it Big

After about one year of constant waiting and wondering what happened to their favorite band, One Direction fans finally were presented with new singles and albums by their four favorite people. However, these new releases were not music by One Direction, but as works solely by Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. Though Niall, Louis, and Liam wrote and recorded amazing songs in 2017, Harry Styles was the first of the four to release an entire album.

Harry’s solo career began the day he released his very first single, “Sign of the Times” on April 7, 2017. The very first time I heard this song, I was immediately dying to know when Harry would release more music because I loved “Sign of the Times” so much. This song is not like a One Direction song. It is filled with a lot of piano, drums, guitar, and even a choir that can be heard towards the end of the song. Ultimately, this song had a lot of passion and it was a perfect first single for Harry to show off his promise and talent as solo artist and songwriter. As time went on, I grew even more eager to hear Harry’s voice in another one of his masterpieces. May 2nd finally rolled around and Harry’s second single, “Sweet Creature” was released. Out of all the songs in Harry’s self-titled album, “Sweet Creature” is easily my favorite song, though it is hard to choose because they are all so great. Both “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature” have similar slow tempos which made me question what his full album would be like at times. Would they all be slow songs? Will the songs be nothing like the One Direction music I am used to listening to? So many more questions rolled around in my brain as I anxiously waited for the rest of Harry’s album that would arrive later that month.

Eventually, after probably the longest 10 days ever for all of Harry’s fans, his very first, full, solo album had been released on May 12, 2017. The 10 songs on the full album include, “Meet Me in the Hallway”, “Sign of the Times”, “Carolina”, “Two Ghosts”,“Sweet Creature”, “Only Angel”, “Kiwi”, “Ever Since New York”, “Woman”, and “From the Dining Table”. Every song had a signature style so that no two songs would sound the same. Particularly, songs like “Kiwi” and “Only Angel” had more of a rock-type style, and others like “Every Since New York” and “Two Ghosts” were more calm and relaxed. “Carolina” was very cheerful and upbeat; it told an adorable story about a girl named Townes that Harry had been set up with one day in California.

The fact that Harry Styles’ first attempt at a solo album was so great shows that he has much promise and he does not need the rest of One Direction to back him up. I definitely believe Harry will continue to be successful on his own, no matter how much I want One Direction to reunite one day. You can listen to and download Harry’s new album on iTunes and Spotify.

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Developmental values: The bristle blocks advances their physical development by the children using their fine motor skills as they attach pieces together.

It gets the children sharpening their grasping and giving them a steady hand by building objects. The children will gain hand-eye coordination by building with their hands and being able to create things. Children improve their cognitive development by learning about different shapes, sizes and patterns that can be used for simple mathematics. They will overcome different problems they will face e.g failing to make the statue. By playing together with the blocks the children will use their language skills and social skills to communicate with others and by describing what they have made. The children will learn rules, negotiating and different ideas working together playing with this toy.

The toy is inclusive as it targets both boys and girls to play with it.Play value: It is a basic building block kit with soft, easy to assemble pieces. This toy has pieces that are not precise compared to other building kits like lego because the pieces don’t have exact size pieces that have to be stuck together. Another benefit of the play value of this toy is it can be used in group play and if pieces go missing it won’t interfere in the toy still being functional. It lets the children create what they want which lets them be imaginative and keeps them entertained for hours.Visual Appeal: Bright, colourful and in different range of shapes and sizes which will appeal visually to children. Some children like the visual appeal of having a container for their toys.

It has a handle and child friendly clips so the children are able to get to the toy without help. The children do not have to be precise (no order) putting the blocks back in the case so children like this concept as it is less time cleaning up and this suits smaller children who are only start to understand the concept of cleaning up after themselvesDurability: The bristle blocks have good durability as they can be dropped, thrown and can withstand impact. They last a long time during play and does not wear as a toy very fast. The toy lasts longer as the loss of some bricks will not impact the toy itself or the lifetime of the toy.Safety: The toy can go into their mouths as it is too big to swallow and the pieces are machine washable so they are easy to clean. There is no sharp edges on this toy so it is less likely they can hurt themselves.Suitability: 2 years +Value for money: As this toy benefits a child’s development highly, has a lovely visual appeal that would attract children’s vision, lasts a long time and has a good safety net.

I think for the price of €32.99 for a set of 104 interlocking building pieces with 9 figurines and a strong case is worth the value of the money.Roles adults might play in relation to this toy:Adults can help the children with this toy. Some children might not know how to build with these blocks where the adult can do demonstrations to show the children. This might be as simple as how to attach the pieces together or as complex as how to build a certain figure. The adults might have to lay out the toy for the children like opening the case, taking the pieces out and putting the toy away into the case and closing it. Some children’s physical development might not be fully developed so opening clips on the case would be difficult.

Amorok by Mike Oldfield essay help writing: essay help writing

Coming from the mastermind behind Tubular Bells, comes an album title you shouldn’t confuse for Ragnarok.

This hour long song/album is nothing but atmosphere, instrumentals and progressive rock in general.If you all DON’T know by now, I love progressive rock because of the technicality, what you can do with it, some of the stories;if any, and the atmosphere behind it all. Mike Oldfield surely gets a reward for all of the following that I mentioned. There are flowing transitions everywhere, some crazy and some relaxing sound effects and synths, and some sick instrumentals. For those of you who are well versed in Morse Code, you may want to look out especially at around the 48 minute mark. Oldfield has a message to Virgin Records telling them how much he dislikes the,label with the phrase “F$&k off, RB” which is not exactly nessessary but The More You Know. While some of the sounds and “sections” get repetitive at times, you can’t help but like the very soothing and sometimes hypnotic synths present within.

The hour long song has arrived people, enjoy it and worship it if you will. I give this album a 9.5/10.

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The story of Hamlet is a very complex story because in the beginning a lot of the plot as already unfolded. It starts off that king Hamlet Sr. has just died. His wife Queen Gertrude has just married his brother Claudius making him the new king of Denmark. King Hamlet’s son Hamlet is left to deal with the situation of his father dieing and not even a month after his mother marries his uncle. In Act 1 scene 5 Hamlet talks to his fathers ghost and the ghost of his father tells him that he had not just died but he had been murder and then the ghost says “The serpent that did sting thy father’s life Now wears his crown.”(act.1 sc.5 line 46-47). The ghost told him that it was his brother, the new king, who killed him while he was sleeping in the orchard. The ghost tells Hamlet to get revenge on King Claudius for what he has done. He tells Hamlet to not kill his mother the ghost says “leave her to heaven” (line 92). This is why I believe that she knew about the murder and was a part of it because the ghost wants her to suffer in the after-life and if she was innocent the ghost wouldn’t want her to be punished for something she didn’t do. There are some other parts in the story that also give the reader the idea that she is not as innocent as she seemed at first.
the scene were Hamlet is in his mothers bedroom and Hamlet is telling her that he is disgusted and that he knows that she knew he was murdered. When he is saying this to her she stops him and says “O Hamlet, speak no more! Thou turn’st my eyes in to my very soul, and there I see such black and grained spots as will not leave their tinct.”(act.3 sc.4 line99-102) if she wasn’t guilty of something I don’t know why she would think that her soul was black. She says this after watching hamlet killing Polonius and if she thinks that she has a black soul then she must have done something really bad and she knew it was bad the whole time. After this I think she didn’t fight when Claudius wants to send Hamlet to England to be killed. She knew hamlet knows that she was in on the plan of killing King Hamlet the whole time. She must think that with Hamlet out of the way no one else will find out about what she did. If she could do this to her son it also makes it not so hard to believe that she could do it to her husband also.
Hamlet puts on the play to trick the king in to showing that he did commit the crime of killing his father. The play is written to act out how the king is killed, Hamlet thinks that if Claudius reacts strangely to the play that he is guilty of the crime. When they are at the play when that scene comes up, Claudius acts the way that Hamlet thought he was going to act and the entire audience had an idea that he could be the killer. If the Queen really didn’t know that Claudius killed her husband from the beginning then she should have gotten some idea at the play. When someone dies unexpectedly and then their brother tries to marry his wife and she doesn’t think that anything is wrong with it, is not a normal reaction to that situation. It shows that she must have been in on the plan or if not she was added to the plan after he had been killed. With all the things that happened and everything that hamlet said to her she should have the truth know about the murder. That fact that she was there the entire time shows that she just turned the other way or that she was in on the plan also.
Gertrude is not just an innocent bystander to this horrible tragedy. She is just as guilty as her new husband maybe not for the act but for knowing about it the whole time and not doing anything about it. She also didn’t help out her own son when she knew he was being sent to his death. She was using who ever she could to make sure that she didn’t get caught so she hide behind Claudius and let him do all the dirty work. In the end Gertrude gets what she deserves when she is poisoned by the man that she helped kill her old husband. The irony is that she was killed by the thing she thought would keep her alive… her new husband.

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Urban life creates evolutionary changes in plants and animalsBy: Susan MiliusAugust 9, 2017Summary of the article: City urban life changes how tropical lizard and white clover flower function on their everyday routine depending on the environment.

Research founding’s show that cities have allow plants and organism in a fast change of evolution in which usually takes over time can be changed only through certain seasons. For example, the white clover flower has adapted to urban living by altering how the plants leaf taste to defend and protect the clover from grasshoppers and other predators. The white clover produced genes that allows them to put cyanide in their leaves and stem so that when the leaf is bitten cyanide, a toxic chemical releases and repel the predators away from the rest of the plant colony. The white clover however makes cyanide only in warmer areas because usually ice or the cold weather will be a threat to cyanide carrying clovers because cyanide is toxic to plants as well as the predators, but when the leaf is not cold or frozen clover leaves and the stems are not at risk because cells store the chemical cyanide separately and the chemical wont mix unless an animal bites the plant crushing and ripping the cyanide cells. Although when the plant is cold or frozen the safe system that separates the chemical breaks apart and releases the cyanide on its own and the plant will die. So the plant will make cyanide in the summer and will not make any cyanide in the winter so scientist found it interesting that evolution takes place during times of the season and constantly change.What biology topic does this article reference?This research correlates what we learned in class about evolution and how species adapt to better suit it’s environment.

We learned the principles of evolution and the first one descent with modification means that living current forms have descended from extinct forms and that species can undergo modification to survive and usually passes on that surviving gene to the next generation even causing them to be a separate, but similar species like birds such as finch. We also learned that natural selection is when specific traits will be favored to with greater chance of survival from one generation to the next like how polar bears shifted into brown bears.How does this affect you personally?This information doesn’t really affect me personally, but it is interesting to learn that changes can happen through natural selection to environment so we really are not fixed entities, but are constantly going through change depending on the environment and risk factors. It intrigues me to know that. Does that mean humans can grow and change to adapt our environment like if to say the environment is a lot more colder everywhere does that mean we can change and adapt to that? Just like that article we read in class how artic people have evolved to produce more heat. The climate driven effect has allowed a mutation to occur in the mitochondrial DNA to allow more production of heat and lower production of energy.How will current news affect future generations?Mutations can occur in the human body to help us survive.

Scientist are now researching other mutations that have occurred due to environmental factors. This current news helps us understand more on evolution and the factors that tie into it like how the genetic mutation is processed through our DNA and maybe we can learn to be self resistant to bacteria and virus infections. Maybe our body can adapt to certain sickness and evolve so that our body can be protected against th

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Everywhere I go, a stereotypical view of me is slapped on my back as my identification piece. An identification piece that labels me as, “African, poor, and disposable.” It’s that stereotypical viewpoint that usually holds me to a standard below that of my ability. Two people in the world don’t underestimate me by holding me to that standard. Those people are my parents. Being less fortunate than I, they were not able to live in a country that takes education so seriously. Both have only finished high school and the thought of a four-year institution is exactly that, a thought. Since I’ve entered Townview Magnet all their much needed and appreciated homework help and late night project aids have stopped. Not because they’re unwilling but because they’re unable. High school gave me a platter of opportunities, but also took away my most valuable help line.

With the cutting of my help line also came a burden: a burden to lift not only my parents but my family out of the socioeconomic hole into which society has dumped them, a burden to make my mother’s time worthwhile as she goes to community college to improve herself while she manages a five-member family, a burden to make my dad’s time worthwhile as he works seventeen hours a day to support our family, a burden to give my little brother and sister an older brother to look up to. A burden to release myself from the identification piece that labeled me as an inadequate African. A burden that I can only be released from by being the first in my family to attend college. This hardship has shaped not only my personal responsibilities and my academic credentials but also my personality – a personality that screams, “I am Ethiopian, poor, and proud.” I will be contributing this very personality to The University of Texas at Dallas.

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Cambodian GenocideThe Cambodian Genocide occurred from April 1975- January 1979. A vicious communist named the Khmer Rouge murdered 21% of the population of Cambodia. Pol Pot, directed Khmer Rouge. The Cambodian Genocide was all started to make Cambodia into a communist, agricultural country. The Khmer Rouge was overpowered by the Vietnamese in 1979, the members left to China.

Timeline:1965: Vietnam with with the US takes place; vietnam continue to look for refuge in cambodia.1969: US raids of cambodia has begun.1970-75: Prince Sihanouk is thrown as monarch; Lon Nol has becomes president of Cambodia Prince Sihanouk joins forces with Khmer Rouge, which is gains power.April 17, 1975: Khmer Rouge attacks Phnom Penh and rules the city; removal of people whom have been living there all their lives to rural centers; Force unpaid agricultural labor, All dissidents, intellectuals, and Buddhist monks have been executed.1976: starvation began to be a problem in rural areas, as well as forced labor, purges continue upon Cambodian citizens.1977: Cambodia launches their attack against Vietnam.1979: Vietnamese troops invade Phnom Penh and overthrow Khmer Rouge; rebel figure comes to power, but Khmer Rouge continues in attempt to, once again, take over government.

October 23, 1991: Paris Agreement signed by opposing forces in Cambodia (including Khmer Rouge); however, Khmer Rouge did not abide by all peace provisions1993: Cambodia forms alliance with the government and holds general elections (all organized by Khmer Rouge)1994: Khmer Rouge has been officially overthrown by Cambodian National Assembly.How did the Cambodian Genocide affect the world?Cambodia has experienced a very gruesome time, a large loss of citizens, about a fourth of the population was lost. The cambodian Genocide has had a pretty relevant impact in the world. A generous amount of awareness was raised, through social media. Many movies and articles were dedicated to this sensitive event.Key Players?Pol Pot was a political leader of Khmer Rouge, a government that led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. In that time, an estimated 1 and a half to 2 million Cambodians citizens passed away from starvation, diseases, overwork and execution.

One detention center, S-21, was so iconic that only seven of the estimated 20,000 people held captive there are known to have survived. The Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to change a classless communist society, was targeted at almost any person, if they were city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, religious leaders civil servants or intellectuals. Historians have noted that the Pol Pot government were the most notorious, savagely cruel in history.Khmer Ideology The Khmer Rouge influenced the separation to religion and family. All political and civil rights were forgotten. Formal education has come to an end, from January 1977, all children ranging from the age of eight were taken from their parents and were thrown in labour camps,which had only taught them violence. in the Khmer Rouge’s mentality, children were the backbone to the revolution as they believed they could be easily brainwashed, conditioned and taught to be obedient and to become soldiers and kill the enemy.

Historical SignificanceThe Cambodian Genocide should be remembered for many reasons. For it is the first time citizens have listened with separating the intellectuals from the non-intellectuals and killed the intellectuals. There has been countless of genocides but this one is is unique in its own way. It is different in a perspective, they not only damaged people physically but damaged them mentally, these citizens have been brainwashed. Another important reason it is relevant is because it was a time in history where a mass killing had been taken place. This will forever be in the books, as this is history for Cambodia.

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Coldplay really hit the spot for me with their most recent studio album, “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.” I was mesmerized by the refreshing guitar chords, amazing voice, and mysterious and meaningful lyrics from Chris Martin, lead singer and frontman of this English rock band.

“Life in Technicolor,” the first track, immediately captures you with its fresh feel created by a breezy melody, accompanying guitar and drums, along with a few harmonizing hollers in the background. “Lost!” brings the guitar into a more important position, starting the song with a lovely organ ringing in our ears, and maintains a great beat with a loud banging drum and hand claps. The guitar solo gives a leisurely feel and carries us into another world.

The lyrics are important in every song on this album. In “Cemeteries of London” and the single “Violet Hill,” they add vivid images of scenery, for example, “the ghosts towns in the ocean,” and “my nerves are poles that unfroze.” The lyrics also illustrate war, peace, life and death, and religion, and are enhanced by Martin’s poetic voice.

This album has been Coldplay’s most successful, debuting at number one in 36 countries the first week after its release. To date, it has sold over 2.5 million copies in the U.S. and 8.1 million worldwide. This has given “Viva la Vida” the title of most-paid-for download of all time. It also won a Grammy for Best Rock Album.

“Viva la Vida” never fails to impress me every time I listen to it. The strumming of the guitar stays in my head, but it will never get old to me. The lyrics give the album a quaint feel, and I get goosebumps every time I hear “but that was when I ruled the world ….”

I absolutely love this album, and I hope Coldplay will continue to amaze me. With any luck, fans won’t have to wait too long for another release. In the meantime, buy this album, and you’ll feel all the glory that Martin sings about.

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Seven years ago, I was on plane. The sky was full of darkness, but had speckles of light scattered all over the atmosphere. Looking down, I observed millions of buildings illuminating. I experienced a dropping feeling down in my stomach, and my ears were starting to ache. I pulled out a piece of gum and started chewing; we were about to land! Being in a plane for about twelve hours made me want to escape unless I slept the whole way.

Entering the terminal, our family welcomed us. Our family was so excited to see us. When we arrived at their house, I went straight to bed. The next day I was awakened with the aroma of my aunt’s delicious cooking. She prepared eggs, beans with sour cream, fresh bread, fresh tortillas, and tamales! After breakfast my siblings and I climbed the long, cold cemented stairs to the roof, a place where we could examine the beautiful volcanoes in the distance, hundreds of houses all clustered together, markets, and a park. My aunt lived in the vivacious city. As we were exploring, we heard a sound coming from the house in front of us. We strolled to the front end of the house. Then, four boys about my age approached us, greeted us, and inquired millions of questions. That day my siblings and I played soccer and hide and seek with them. Those four boys became our friends. Guatemala, a beautiful world, provided my family and me with rich cultures.

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Streetlight Manifesto (music review)

There are a lot of different reasons somebody might like a certain kind of music. Maybe it’s the catchy tunes, the cool singer, or the crazy guitarist. Streetlight Manifesto is a very unique genre of music called Ska. Ska is different because it uses brass instruments, and in Streetlight Manifesto’s case, a few saxophones. Ska is sort of a mix between reggae and jazz but really fast and upbeat.

Despite having a large brass section (plus several saxophones), Streetlight Manifesto possesses the traditional guitar, bass guitar, and drums. All of the seven band members sing back up on the choruses. A classic ska song would be “Walking Away” complete with solos from trombone, trumpet and bass guitar. But the lead singer/guitarist Thomas Kolnoky is probably the most important member.

Thomas Kolnoky writes all the songs, usually incorporating his own past. An example is when he was in a band called Catch-22, who he wrote songs for. After he left that band, they kept playing his songs, and in the song “A moment of Silence” by Streetlight Manifesto he sings the phrase “if you hate me so much then stop singing my songs!” which everybody assumes to be directed at Catch-22. After a few years the two bands resolved their problems, and that line has been eliminated from the song when they play it live. Despite the upbeat tunes, a lot of the lyrics are kind of depressing. In the song “Here’s to Life”, they sing about Ernest Hemmingway’s suicide. Other examples of more serious songs are “As the Footsteps Die Out Forever”, “The Big Sleep” and “Point/Counterpoint”

Streetlight Manifesto is one of my favorite bands because of the uniqueness of the music they play, even compared to other ska bands. Streetlight Manifesto uses dissonant chords once in a while, which adds more meaning to some of their songs by making it seem like more of a clash. Also, their music uses the off-beats more than the down-beats. They combine all these different characteristics with trombones, trumpets, and saxophones; which is a uniqueness all its own.

The reason I love Streetlight Manifesto is because of how different it is from almost any other kind of music. That should be enough for anybody to at least check them out.

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Being a senior in high school you would think is one of the best feelings in the world. Well it is! The past three years you have worked hard to get this far and now you are finally here. You have a whole new title…”SENIOR”! I am a track and field member and a very enthusiastic and friendly person. Hopefully i can continue in college and get even better. I hope to become caption this year; it has been my high school dream. I would love to be the one to give the big “encouragement” speech before a track meet and set a good example for the following year caption.

I am interested in becoming an early childhood education teacher. I love being around kids and weather people know it or not you can learn as much from them as they can learn from you. I have two little brothers who I just adore. One of my brothers has been attending school since the age of two and he has really learned a lot. He can spell his name count past ten and even count to ten in Spanish. He knows how to share and interact with other children with no problem at all. He knows his days of the week and all his colors of the rainbow. I can guarantee that not many children between the ages of four know all these things if they aren’t in school; some are just barely potty trained. These little things show how important it is to have more early childhood teachers to expand the brains of these little ones. I wake up to my brothers and fall asleep with them, they tell me to have a good day at school and to be good just as they are told. They say these kids are the future and this is the perfect place to start and I want to be a part of the process.

One of my main goals is to graduate high school. My mom was the first female in our family in a long time to graduate high school and I will be the second! It’s really important to make a difference and show people that things don’t have to be the way they are. My younger cousin just turned 16 and feels that school isn’t one bit of important. She’s more concerned about what brand her clothes are and a new hair style for the week. Little does she know she can graduate high school and get her cosmetology license or even go to the Art Institute of Chicago and be known worldwide for her fashion. You can grow up and say you made something out of yourself instead of sitting around doing nothing.

Overall life is what you make of it. People think you can just breeze through high school and be okay. Many jobs require at least an associate’s degree to even be considered for the position. You have to be enthusiastic about wanting to do better in life for your future and in my opinion that doesn’t stop after high school.

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Homework is a way of life for most students, starting from kindergarten to high school up to college, just like a job is for an adult. Homework is defined as an out of class task assigned to help them practice things they learned earlier in school. Most students get overwhelmed from all the work during the school day, they arrive home with hours of homework. What are they gaining from this? Teachers spend hours grading homework and classwork, kids spend days doing their homework, but is it necessary? There has been a debate whether homework helps students or just stresses them out. Homework can be stressful but it is essential for students to be successful and learn the topic to the highest extent.

Doing a set amount of homework can raise their test scores for one. Reviewing the work again at home helps students remember what they just learned. By practicing short-term memory is converted into long terms memory so that students won’t forget everything just a few days after. Average homework completers had a higher unit test score than non-completers by 73%. Homework can improve student’s memory and improve their time management habits. Which can help them later in life with future jobs, as well as daily life. Homework can also help your child learn to use resources, such as: libraries, reference materials, and computer websites, in order to find information.

Once they get into the habit of working daily and finishing their homework, they will build that time management skill. While it can be stressful, they learn by not doing their classwork assignments they will get marked down for an F. This allows them to recognize life won’t wait for them. Homework is just one of our responsibilities as a student, like taxes for an adult – no one wants to do it but it needs to be done. Also, some teachers can give out even too much homework. If one teacher gives a few hours and another gives a few more the numbers add up. Too much work can raise students stress levels, lower productivity, and performance on their work.

However, managing time for homework is good preparation for the future. Students spending hours on work will prep them for future work. Furthermore, finding a balance in free time and homework will end in a successful education. Not only does homework improve their memory, but it also helps them prepare time management and to develop a long-term memory, in order to remember all of the information needed for use in the future.On the other hand, students that get marked down by not completing their work will understand what life will be like when they get older. For example, because adults typically don’t get an extended due date to complete the day’s tasks – they finish their work instead of only completing half of it. However, if they fail to complete their work, they will lose opportunities, and will ultimately fail.

As we learn through failure, by doing so they learn, grow, and understand that we must complete our work to the best of our abilities.If homework is given in reasonable amounts there are advantages. Students need the practice of the topic learned at school, homework gives students that practice. With students sitting down at home with the subject it will help the kids see what they understand and what the need additional help with. Then the teachers can adapt their lesson plans to the pace their children are going. Homework will show the students growth. It can be a burden to both teachers and students but it is essential.

Banning homework will only make the kids suffer. A set amount will help them thrive into responsible adults.

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The music video for the song “bully”, opens up with the song title, and then the silhouette of a man with an iron bar, swinging down at the floor, or possibly, a person. A noose hangs in the background.

That picture basically sums up what bullying does; it hurts people, and can possibly kill them.

Aside from that, the song is defiantly one of Shinedown’s more aggressive songs as far as pace, lyrics and graphics go.

The song was released in Shinedown’s most recent album, Amaryllis, which can be found almost anywhere.

Those who love faster-paced songs will enjoy “bully”. I highly recommend this song to any Shinedown fans, even if you prefer their slower songs.

In short, this song is an absolute 5-out-of-5, and I am looking forward for more songs similar to this from Shinedown.

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The Cambodian Genocide occurred from April 1975- January 1979. A vicious communist named the Khmer Rouge murdered 21% of the population of Cambodia. Pol Pot, directed Khmer Rouge. The Cambodian Genocide was all started to make Cambodia into a communist, agricultural country. The Khmer Rouge was overpowered by the Vietnamese in 1979, the members left to China.Timeline:1965: Vietnam with with the US takes place; vietnam continue to look for refuge in cambodia.

1969: US raids of cambodia has begun.1970-75: Prince Sihanouk is thrown as monarch; Lon Nol has becomes president of Cambodia Prince Sihanouk joins forces with Khmer Rouge, which is gains power.April 17, 1975: Khmer Rouge attacks Phnom Penh and rules the city; removal of people whom have been living there all their lives to rural centers; Force unpaid agricultural labor, All dissidents, intellectuals, and Buddhist monks have been executed.1976: starvation began to be a problem in rural areas, as well as forced labor, purges continue upon Cambodian citizens.1977: Cambodia launches their attack against Vietnam.1979: Vietnamese troops invade Phnom Penh and overthrow Khmer Rouge; rebel figure comes to power, but Khmer Rouge continues in attempt to, once again, take over government.October 23, 1991: Paris Agreement signed by opposing forces in Cambodia (including Khmer Rouge); however, Khmer Rouge did not abide by all peace provisions1993: Cambodia forms alliance with the government and holds general elections (all organized by Khmer Rouge)1994: Khmer Rouge has been officially overthrown by Cambodian National Assembly.

How did the Cambodian Genocide affect the world?Cambodia has experienced a very gruesome time, a large loss of citizens, about a fourth of the population was lost. The cambodian Genocide has had a pretty relevant impact in the world. A generous amount of awareness was raised, through social media. Many movies and articles were dedicated to this sensitive event.Key Players?Pol Pot was a political leader of Khmer Rouge, a government that led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. In that time, an estimated 1 and a half to 2 million Cambodians citizens passed away from starvation, diseases, overwork and execution. One detention center, S-21, was so iconic that only seven of the estimated 20,000 people held captive there are known to have survived.

The Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to change a classless communist society, was targeted at almost any person, if they were city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, religious leaders civil servants or intellectuals. Historians have noted that the Pol Pot government were the most notorious, savagely cruel in history.Khmer Ideology The Khmer Rouge influenced the separation to religion and family. All political and civil rights were forgotten. Formal education has come to an end, from January 1977, all children ranging from the age of eight were taken from their parents and were thrown in labour camps,which had only taught them violence. in the Khmer Rouge’s mentality, children were the backbone to the revolution as they believed they could be easily brainwashed, conditioned and taught to be obedient and to become soldiers and kill the enemy. Historical SignificanceThe Cambodian Genocide should be remembered for many reasons.

For it is the first time citizens have listened with separating the intellectuals from the non-intellectuals and killed the intellectuals. There has been countless of genocides but this one is is unique in its own way. It is different in a perspective, they not only damaged people physically but damaged them mentally, these citizens have been brainwashed. Another important reason it is relevant is because it was a time in history where a mass killing had been taken place. This will forever be in the books, as this is history for Cambodia.WORK CITED

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Taylor Swift is known for her music’s raw honesty, and her latest album, is everything fans would’ve expected and more. Speak now came out on October 25th, and takes everyone through the journey of her past two years, with earnest-sounding words and beautiful music to match.
The CD starts has some very catchy and romantic tracks, titled Mine, Speak Now, Sparks Fly, and Enchanted; that sound just lovely with a voice as pretty as hers, and are bound to be stuck in listener’s head long after they play them. A song called Back To December also appears on the CD, which has gotten a lot of press for her recent public performances of it, which she has referred to as an apology to someone who deserves one; and truly showcases her talent as a song-writer that people feel they can relate to.
Long Live, Haunted, Mean, and Better Than Revenge are also included, and address issues from bullying, to being cheated on, difficult break-ups, and remembering important moments in life. Some slower songs grace the album as well; from Dear John, and Innocent, to Never Grow Up, and Last Kiss; which deal with topics from heartbreak, to childhood and family. These all range from sad to sweet, and really allow her unique voice as an artist to shine through.
A deluxe version is also available which includes three more tracks; Ours, If This Were A Movie, and Superman; which, like the majority of her songs, can evoke a lot of emotions in people, by their detailed and heart-felt lyrics. So while some country fan’s could be disappointed by the way she’s steered more from her beginning country roots, seeing as Speak Now has a more upbeat and mainstream feel than some of her music from the past, I do feel as though anyone who goes through her newest release would still have to admit that it’s worth the listen.
Taylor has accomplished a lot in these past years, from awards to unbelievable record sales. But this is likely, just the start for her, and she’s bound to have even more accomplishments in the future.

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My Destiny

Upon meeting me, most people think I’m this normal, shy eighteen-year old girl, but I’m not. I think outside the box, outside the boundaries of one’s ordinary imagination. Stephen King wasn’t always applauded for his explorative ideas, but his ghastly tales and distinct literary style is what gives him that certain edge to stand out as a rose in a field of daisies. Standing only 4 feet, 10 inches tall, I will be the next rose.

I perceive the world through a fresh pair of eyes. Instead of recognizing the obvious, I delve into the obscure meaning. My ideas come from the belly of reality: darkness, loneliness, truth etc. I want my writing to denote something. I want them to smile, sob, laugh, or shriek; something to show that my words have tugged the right strings. I dabble in the supernatural and mysterious, meaning I try to trek where no author has trekked before. There is an unfathomable significance that lies hidden beneath the pile of junk that crowds our everyday lives. Though I may not evidently see this purpose now, perhaps Columbia can aid in wiping the windshield clear of the condensation. I want it to be my duty to deliver life’s vital teachings to those who refuse to pay attention. I want my writing to speak to those who won’t listen.

I believe everything happens for a reason, therefore, I think I am meant for magnificent things. One day, I will break free from this life of monotony and enter a world of daily spontaneity. I enjoy disorganization and take pride in the little things in life such as a cool rainfall or the clouds that seem to nonchalantly adjoin and separate above me. I observe the world through a window of opportunity, knowing I always have a choice to better my situation. I will go on to attend Columbia College and awaken a dormant portion of myself with such bottled passion that my words will be like flames licking the rims of naive ears. I will be triumphant in battles and write the great American novel, explore the unfamiliar and discover the unknown. One day my story will be written and my life lessons will be revealed. The entire world will become improved because my imminent book will spark a movement of realization, serenity, and prosperity.

But then again, I’m just a normal, shy eighteen-year old girl.

“This will certify that the above work is completely original.”

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If you don’t know know I have covered a Riverside album album previously and I do recommend you check out the review and the album it’s linked to before this. That aside, Riverside is a progressive rock/metal band coming from Poland and has many influences on bands like Marillion. A fairly underrated group in the world of metal and even progressive metal but part of the reason why I review things like this is to share good music to the world that you may not otherwise know much about. Let’s get this started already shall we?

Despite not being a concept album, it has book-end styled tracks much like Dream Theater’s Sytematic Chaos or Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, although this time it isn’t the same title with two parts, instead the two tracks(Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened by a Hat?) and Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)) are more like how it began and how it ended. With that in mind, the first half of the album is more dark and kind of moody while the second half is more atmospheric and almost alludes some Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson influence as well. Tracks like #Addicted are note worthy in their lyricism and how they decide to present it. In case you’re wondering, it’s basically them telling us how many of us in today’s world are found to be very used to using electronic devices and other sources of internet and media and can seemingly rely too much on this matter. It is very relatable too and makes you wonder how much you really do spend on your phones, computer, consoles, etc. when compared to the amount of time you actually tried to experience the world and all of its glory. We also get the single Discard Your Fears which some might say sounds a little too happy or simple in nature, well I can see where those people are coming from but in all honesty, with comparison to what I’ve heard prior to it, it seems to fit in pretty well. Tracks like the epic Towards The Blue Horizon and Time Travelers also make for some great moments on the album that should be cherished and if nothing else, the reason you keep coming back to this album. I just love them. Afloat provides a nice transition into the next half of the album too by the way. (Just throwing that out there.) As is the case with Opeth and maybe Pink Floyd, repetition is very hard to perfect and make sound great, Riverside manages to do that and more in a manor that can rival the likes of the bands I just stated above. I can’t see many flaws with this album and is by far, one of the best progressive rock albums of the year. Now, onto Amorphis and Spock’s Beard how about it?

I give this a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck has many themes that most readers can relate to. The importance of the “fambly” or family, the group, is always stressed throughout the book. Staying together and suffering together in these rough times is certainly better than suffering alone.

The Joad family used to have a farm in Oklahoma, but because of the dust bowl they fled to California in hopes that they could start over again. They didn’t have much money or supplies, just themselves what they could fit in the truck with them. They all had dreams of eating peaches and grapes right off the vine. Grandpa Joad never got to feel the sweet juice drip down his chin, because died from a stroke on the side of the road. Two people also moving west, the Wilsons, lent the Joad family their tent to the family to tend to the dying man. They said, “We’re proud to help. I ain’t felt so–safe in a long time.

People needs–to help” (Steinbeck 141) They would ask the Joads to help with their car. Al joad figured out that they would need another connecting rod. Mr. Joad suggests that the group should split up while the car gets fixed. Mrs. Joad, the mother of the protagonist, threatened him with a jack handle saying the group can’t split up. Mrs.

Joad is the cornerstone of the family. “Ma’s strength is what allows the family to hold up as long as they do.” (Monika 1) Both of these actions, one of kindness and one of desperation, show the bonds between these people. The Wilson’s were strangers on the side of the road. They didn’t have to help each other, treating to a dying man or fixing a car, but they did because we’re all people. They realized that they had more in common than they thought and stuck together for a while. Much later in the book after a shopkeeper gives Mrs Joad a little more than she can afford, she says,”Learnin’ it all a time, ever’ day.

If you’re in trouble or hurt or need–go to poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help–the only ones.” (Steinbeck 376) We can only assume that she is referring back to the Wilsons and all the other people in other communities taking care of each other because the government wouldn’t. Family is all the Joad family thought they had, but not their sense of community. They continue to work themselves into new groups of their fellow workers to continue to take care of each other as they always had.This theme continues in the book when Tom Joad was reunited with Jim Casey, the preacher from his childhood. Casey told Tom that he was leading a strike because workers wage rates dropped too low to feed a family.

Casey was killed by people who wanted to break the strike, prevent these workers from living good lives.”Ma’s worst fears came true when Tom kills a man and has to go into hiding…” (Brooks 1) Tom had to run away for the safety of his family. He tells his mom about what Casey had told him. “But now I been thinkin’ what he said, an’ I can remember—all of it. Says… But I know now a fella ain’t no good alone.” (Steinbeck 418) He understands that everyone is struggling to be getting these jobs that the Joads have luckily been able to get. “At first, Tom is intensely individualistic, interested mainly in making his own way.

” (Mazzeno 1) When Mrs. Joad tells her son that she’ll miss him, he tells her he will be with her in all of the struggling people. He leaves to continue the work Casey started uniting all the “reds” or strikers to fight injustice

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Over the past few years, The Chainsmokers have been rising stars in the music world. The DJ duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have produced hit after hit, making them a worldwide sensation. Hailing from New York City, the two met through a mutual friend.

Although Pall was already making a living as a DJ, the two decided to join up and formed The Chainsmokers in early 2013. Their first song to bring them acclaim, “#Selfie,” was a top-20 single in several countries. From there, their careers have taken off.The two released their first EP, “Collage,” last November. It was a preview of sorts for their coming album, titled “Memories … Do Not Open,” which was released in April this year. The new album has an upbeat sound while containing deeper meaning in the lyrics. It represents a new direction for the duo.

The two have called the style “a blur between indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop,” which is very true across the album as a whole.The singles “Something Just Like This,” featuring perennial favorite Coldplay, “Paris,” and “Closer” are some of the biggest hits of 2016 and ’17. These songs epitomize The Chainsmokers’ style – catchy lyrics with good beats and addictive melodies. And there are quite a few more gems that make the album excellent overall.“The One” sets the precedent for the rest of the album. It is an emotional ballad about a conflict between two people who love each other but fail to recognize it. It’s a slow song that ups its tempo as it goes along.

The slight beat drop, in which one of the main chords of EDM starts playing, fuses the lyrics with a beat that matches the song’s somber tone.“Bloodstream,” third on the album, is arguably my favorite. Although it is rather cliche, the song speaks to me. Taggert’s normally smooth voice is filled with emotion. A soft electronic chord plays in the background, tying the song to the rest of the album but with a slightly different acoustic sound.The brightest spot, though, is the seventh song, “It Won’t Kill Ya” featuring Louane, a largely unknown French indie singer and native of Paris. In this song, Taggart and Pall return to their roots.

Right away there is a heavy influence of true EDM, and as the song builds you anxiously wait for the beat drop – and it delivers. Out of any song on the album, this is the best to jam to. I would not be surprised if it turns out to be one of the most popular on the album.Like most albums, though, “Memories … Do Not Open” has a glaring weak spot. “Break Up Every Night” is a typical breakup song featuring Taggart complaining about relationship issues. The overall sound does not match up well with the rest of the album. I hate it say it, but the song feeds into the stereotype that The Chainsmokers sing songs about the irrelevant, small problems of privileged white people.

Another track that is, in my opinion, atrocious, is “My Type” featuring Emily Warren. The song has one constant beat that gets old. It is unchanging in pitch, and the lyrics are repeated over and over, making it an automatic skip.“Memories … Do Not Open” is a slightly new direction for The Chainsmokers. The new focus on pop-EDM may displease their hardcore fans, but it will likely expand their fanbase and bring them fame. EDM has been garnering much attention lately, and The Chainsmokers are reaping the full benefits by being at the forefront of that surge. Although I am a hardcore EDM listener myself, it is refreshing to see artists look for a new sound, and I think many others will agree.

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Two thirds of high school seniors in 2006 were not able to explain an old photo of a theatre with a sign over the door reading, ‘Colored Entrance’ (The Dumbest Generation? Don’t Be Dumb). My generation spends more time using technology then we do reading. The average 15-24 year old spends less than 10 minutes a day reading (The Dumbest Generation? Don’t Be Dumb). Adult literacy is at a decline also. My generation cannot explain very important times in history. This is not only stupidity on our part; it’s an obvious failure of school systems around the country.

If more then half of the high school seniors at a school in 2006 weren’t able to describe what a colored entrance was, how are we supposed to support America’s economy in the future? If we continue this way and don’t make an effort to regain our independence as the next generation, we won’t be able to. I think that if we can overcome this we would be able to accomplish anything. My generation is waiting for the door to success to be opened for us; this is what makes us dumb. People aren’t going to do everything for us.

My generation is very dependant on technology. On average we spend less than 10 minutes reading per day and usually when we are reading it’s a magazine or internet sites (The Dumbest Generation? Don’t be Dumb). But is the always changing world around us making this acceptable? The answer is yes. Although I believe we are the dumbest generation, I think that it’s being trained into us to be able to use a cell phone or a laptop. How are you supposed to distance yourself from the technological world when it surrounds us? Can we really unplug? What if you miss that important email from work about the meeting tomorrow? Or that text from your best friend saying they aren’t going to be at school? I think that we are the dumbest generation but we were pushed into our stupidity. We just chose not to rebel.

4 out of 10 girls will become pregnant before they are 20 years old. (Teen Pregnancy Statistics) Is teen pregnancy on the rise? No, actually the numbers are decreasing. But the statistics are still too high. Overall teen pregnancy rate has declined 19% since 1997 (Teen Pregnancy). Not very good odds, are they? Not only is this bad for the young mothers and their new baby, the government is spending almost 40 billion dollars just to help the mothers pay for hospital costs (Teen Pregnancy). On average the United States spends about 14.7 billion dollars on space exploration ( We spend almost 3 times that amount on pregnant teens.

I believe that the school system has failed. I am part of the dumbest generation. We are not able to identify obvious signs from history. The average 15-24 year old spends less than 10 minutes a day reading. Even adult literacy levels have been fading from its once high standard. The United States spends more money on pregnant teens then we do on explorations into space.

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The distinctive disclosure is anticipated from things of wage and cost that are of such size, nature or event that their diverse disclosure is vital to clear up the execution of the component for the period. Presentation may be on the substance of the wage decree or in the notes. IFRS does not use or portray the term ‘wonderful things’. US GAAP: The term ‘wonderful things’ isn’t used, yet significant things are revealed freely on the substance of the compensation clarification while getting in contact at pay from exercises, and furthermore being depicted in the notes. Exceptional things IFRS: Prohibited.

US GAAP: These are portrayed as being both uncommon and interesting. Exceptional things are unprecedented. Negative liberality rising in a business blend is created off to benefit as an uncommon get, presented freely on the substance of the compensation enunciation net of obligations. Introduction of the cost influence is either on the substance of the compensation enunciation or in the notes to the money related clarifications. Declaration of saw pay and cost/Other finish wage and Statement of amassed other comprehensive wage. Presentation IFRS: Entities that present a declaration of saw wage and cost (SoRIE) are denied from showing a declaration of changes in financial specialist’s an incentive as a basic clarification; supplemental esteem information is given in a note. Seen wage and cost can be autonomously highlighted in the declaration of changes in financial specialists’ esteem if a SoRIE isn’t shown as a basic verbalization.

Substances that see actuarial increments and adversities from post work advantage plans in full in an incentive in the period in which they happen are required to display a SoRIE. A SoRIE ought to show up: (an) advantage or mishap for the period; (b) everything of pay and cost for the period saw direct in esteem, and the total of these things; (c) indicate wage and cost for the period (figured as the total of (an) and (b)), showing autonomously the total wholes inferable from esteem holders of the parent and to minority interest; and (d) for each portion of significant worth, the effects of changes in accounting procedures and amendments of bungles apparent according to IAS 8, Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors. 1. US GAAP: One of three possible associations may be used: a single fundamental verbalization of pay, other thorough wage and amassed other finish pay containing both net wage, other extensive wage and a push ahead of totaled other broad pay; 2. a two-explanation approach (a declaration of thorough wage and amassed other broad pay, and a declaration of wage); or 3. a separate class highlighted inside the basic enunciation of changes in speculators’ esteem (as under IFRS). The consolidated wholes are revealed for everything of thorough wage (amassed other finish pay).

The SEC will recognize the presentation masterminded according to IFRS with no additional disclosures. Setup IFRS: The total of pay and cost apparent in the period includes net pay. The going with wage and cost things are seen particularly in esteem: 1. fair regard grabs/(hardships) shorewards and structures, subtle assets, open accessible to be acquired hypotheses and certain budgetary instruments; 2. foreign exchange translation contrasts; 3. the aggregate effect of changes in accounting approach; 4. changes in sensible estimations of certain budgetary instruments if allocated as salary bolsters, net of appraisal, and pay wall renamed to pay and additionally the pertinent upheld asset/chance; and 5.

actuarial increments and hardships on described preferred standpoint outlines apparent particularly in esteem (if the component picks the option open under IAS 19, Employee Benefits, relating to actuarial increases and adversities). US GAAP: Similar to IFRS, beside that revaluations of land and structures and indistinct assets are denied under US GAAP. Actuarial increments and mishaps (when amortized out of assembled other thorough compensation) are seen through the compensation clarification.

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I start the circle. Desire is out of control. She darts for the white fence surrounding the arena. Sit back. Go for the emergency stop! It’s not working. I use my words, “Whoa, Desire.” Nothing works. She’s still galloping straight for the fence.

I try to soften the landing by the old tuck and roll method, but somewhere on the way down I lose that and land flat on my back. I can’t believe I just fell off twice in the same lesson. Seriously, I haven’t fallen off in years. Am I losing my touch?

I didn’t have anything to do with Desire’s outbursts and I wasn’t losing my touch. That lesson put a dent in my confidence. I was no longer this superhuman rider with the ability to ride any horse. I was forced to realize that I wasn’t perfect.
After this, I was put on different horses and even though I sometimes struggled, I grew into a better rider. I was no longer a superhuman, just a girl and her horse.

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Our education system is more of parrot learning. Rather than doing real world examples, we stick to typical traditional theoretical system of learning even in practical courses like statistics. Therefore by giving an option for students to undergone the industrial training, it is actually a good alternatives as students can learn and get the exposure into the real world where we can actually do the implementation on what we have learned before into the real situations.In conjunction with that, I am very much delighted and thankful to the Unifiedcomms (OHQ) Group for allowing me to do internship in their organization for 11 weeks starting from 25th June till 7th September 2018 where I got the platform to have exposure on the analytic processes and enhance my knowledge and ideas.During the training period, I was placed in Business Intelligence & Analytic and I had the chance to learn a lot of beneficial new things such as MySQL where it is an open-source relational database management system besides Python programming language and data visualization software like Tableau Desktop.

I was being introduced with collection of databases from the company and doing the analytics on the number of services subscription, services renewal and also the termination for our client. By being in the telecommunication services provider, it is vital for us to see the progress to make forecasting for the future and come up with new refreshing ideas and convenient improvisation to ensure our client and the customers getting served with the best services.In sum, throughout the industrial training, I found that several things are important such as critical and analytical thinking, colleague interactions, time and goal management as this will be really useful for me in future to face challenges in a working environment as I learned on how to enhance the communication and problem solving skills.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe internship opportunity I had with Unified Communication (OHQ) Sdn Bhd was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore I am grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period.It is my radiant sentiment to place on record my best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to my supervisor, Mr Chang Lip Wei, who in spite of being extraordinarily busy with his duties, took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my internship instructor, Dr Zailan bin Siri and Dr Suzeini Abdul Halim for their constant guidance, supervision and constructive feedbacks which enabled me to prepare a well executed report.

This report would not have been possible without the contribution and collaboration of others. My sincere gratitude:To Almighty God who granted me health and long life, without which I could not have finished this industrial training;To the Senior Executive Group Human Resources, Mr Yeat Nai Shyong for endorsing my application for internship.To my internship partner, Amirul Eizlan bin Mazlan as always being helpful with a healthy discussion that lead to constant state of self improvement.To the rest of the Unified Communication (OHQ) Sdn Bhd staff for their support and guidance which helped me to overcome the challenges I faced during the past seven weeks.Last but not the least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my family members, friends and well-wishers for their immense support and best wishes throughout the internship duration and the preparation of this report.CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONSUpon completing this industrial training,

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Since “The Guest” debuted, it has only increased in popularity. You can now hear Phantom Planet’s melodious tunes on the radio and in movie soundtracks. The musical talent is reminiscent of Weezer, but their own special touch makes them one of a kind.

Their most popular song, and the first on the album, is a soft rock tune called “California” that lures you in. Along with great sing-along tunes, “The Guest” also explores deep thoughts through musical poetry. “Turn Smile Shift Repeat” is a somber tune describing the people of the greedy, corporate world that makes a prominent statement.

Phantom Planet, taking their name from the ?s sci-fi movie, has been around since the late ?s but is just breaking into the music scene. Even with their famous drummer Jason Schwartzman, they have struggled to get their CD heard. But in listening to this record, one can tell that these young men love to make music.

Lead singer Alex Greenwald has an amazing, tranquil voice and lends his talent as a guitarist too. Jacques Brauther and Darren Robinson, lead guitarists, have several amazing riffs and harmonize well with bassist Sam Farrar. With so many instrumentals, you can easily observe their talent.

Phantom Planet is an awesome band, and I recommend them to any Weezer or Radiohead fan. You can hear Phantom Planet’s hit “California” on “The O. C.” during the opening credits. Enjoy! .

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I am a weird kid. Not weird in the colloquial “hipster” sense, just genetically weird. I have red-green colorblindness, congenital insensitivity to pain, an extremely irrational fear of bees, and a 148 IQ that makes me come across as egocentric when others would be perceived as sincere. Considering the aforementioned, I would not have it any other way. Every person has little weird nuances and intricacies that make them who they are; most people do not cherish these oddities. I cannot fathom a world in which everyone is alike, it would be worse than if every channel was reality TV (oh wait…). My individualistic nature is pertinent if you hope to understand my take on white lies.
I am a firm believer in white lies; without them, our society would be so brutally honest that every achievement would be instantaneously subjected to the jealousy that percolates throughout the undertones of human nature. In short, white lies are healthy. Just so were not confused, I am using white lie as a euphemism for such lies that one finds convenient to tell, and excuses himself for telling. The infamous, “the dog ate my homework”, is as subtle as William Shatner’s toupee, but effective nonetheless. White lies are important for businesses as well. I evidence the typical – “the table will be ready in five minutes”- because customers would prefer to be lied to than told they are not going to eat for a half-hour; the hope of food conquers the reality of no-food every time. Moreover, if white lies were illegal, Olive Garden would be serving a life-sentence. I cannot count how many times I was longing for endless breadsticks and salad bowl, only to be delicately, yet meticulously deceived into believing that my craving would come to fruition in the near-future. Unfortunately, two hours is not in the near-future according to a hormonal teenager’s appetite. Despite all that, I find myself saying “thank you” at every instance in which polite manners are obligatory. What exactly am I thanking them for? Am I thanking them for making me linger in a six square foot area, where, despite the laws of physics, twenty-seven human beings manage to cluster to the point where everyone just marinates in the anguish of waiting? The answer is yes.
Political correctness is becoming a division of white lies before our very eyes. “You look great in that dress” and “it’s not you, it’s me” immediately come to mind. I mention political correctness because it is the subject of my favorite quote. It goes as follows, “Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.” I think it is regressive when people listen intently to your every word hoping that you utter something politically incorrect, so they can fulfill their duty as a “Good-Samaritan” and rebuke you. Political correctness has its place in formal atmospheres, just the way white lies have their place in informal atmospheres. So only use a white lie when it is not at the expense of someone else.

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On the evening of March 6th, as Corrosion of Conformity wound up their act and the stage crew quickly set up equipment. An anxious FleetCenter crowd awaited the onslaught of fiery flame bursts, smoke-filled explosions, and thunderous, head popping rock ‘n roll that was forthcoming. Oh yes, this mob of worshippers was fired up. They were there for only one reason: to pay homage to their gods. They were there to see Metallica. The wait lasted over half an hour, but the crowd was not disappointed. Before even picking up a guitar or stepping onto the stage, bassist Jason Newsted and James Hetfield had the entire crowd on their feet after running around the perimeter of the floor high-fiving the fans. With Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich entering shortly thereafter, Hetfield loosened up the crowd by engaging them in the chan “Who gives a $#@?,” several times with each 1ouder than the last. This led to a few loud explosions in which large clouds of smoke rose from beneath the stage, and the jamming, “So …What.” Hetfield then antagonized the crowd with his barks “Do you want heavy? DO YOU WANT HEAVY?!!!” This catapulted the band through the lightning quick, booming rhythms “Sad But True” and “King Nothing” as all three the four gods summoned explosions and flames of fire from the depths of hell, and flashes of glowing light from the heavens. The ferocious pace calmed for only a moment during “Hero of the Day,” but it was all the time needed for almost everyone in the crowd armed with a lighter to have it glowing brightly overhead in ceremonial tribute to the gods. The pace picked up again with more flames and smoky explosions, the war song “One,” and “Wherever I May Roam.” Then the crowd was brought back down to surprisingly serene calm with the song “Nothing Else Matters.” The song found Lars Ulrich behind a second drum set on the stage opposite from where he began the night, and Hetfield perched on a stool emitting the song’s somber words. However, this immediately lead into an increase in pace with “Until it Sleeps” and “Fade To Black” during which more flames poured out of hell and rose from underneath the stage. After a disappearing for break, Hetfield and company all but brought down the ceiling with the ultimate fan favorit,e “Enter Sandman,” which left them surrounded by more hellish flames that formed a ring around both stages, and later a shower of sparks flying in all directions. Metallica wrapped up this phenomenal night of hard core rock ‘n roll with “Ride the Lightning” which was followed by a tumultuous roar of appreciation from the crowd that lasted ten minutes. The four men collectively titled Metallica, and viewed by fans as gods, certainly gave nothing short of a god-like performance. The tireless band rocked for hours, never weakening at any point. Not only did their music sound as good as ever, but the visual effects of the explosions and the fire, and Hetfield’s antagonistic attitude and chants are also what made this show so spectacular. Anyone who was fortunate enough to see this concert will forever remember Metallica as being truly amazing

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Optimism, taking risks, thinking outside the box, going above and beyond, these are characteristics that mold the successful. On a global or national scale the Oak Island Money Pit outside of Nova Scotia may not be a priority to governments, but it concerns me nobody has investigated it further. In 1795 three teenagers from Nova Scotia began to dig on the island, every ten feet they found a wooden plank, after thirty feet the excavation was abandoned. Later at ninety feet a stone with writing was discovered which translated to “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” After digging further, the hole would fill up with water and nobody knows why. Diggers tried from different directions to reach the so-called treasure of Captain Kidd, but never succeeded. Cranes, and all types of machines have been introduced, but nothing was discovered. When FDR was in presidency he was part of the Old Gold Salvage Group and he funded it. Why aren’t we funding this?

Doesn’t anybody want to know what is down there? Who cares if there is nothing, just some resolution would sit nice. Maybe the idea of a pirates buried treasure is too good to be true, but why not take the risk. The worst that could happen, well assume the latter. Nonetheless the riches acquired if there happens to be a treasure would be astounding, this concerns me that nobody will take the risk. You don’t need to have endless amounts of cash to fund an excavation, simply assemble a team of Goonies. Something has to be done, someone must step up and explore the possibilities, think outside the box.

Maybe the concern of the money pit may be low and other situations take priority, but look at the idea and tell me if the hole is half empty or half full. If a nation funds the project and discovers riches, it would be free money and global popularity. Why doesn’t somebody think outside the box and find a way to dig past the water, who knows what could be down there.

Why should something as far-fetched as the money pit concern me? I like answers, resolution, if I don’t know something I have to figure it out, and if I can’t I will reach in with a death grip and pull until it surfaces. The money pit is a risk, I enjoy taking risks, if you don’t take risks, you won’t get anywhere. In order to succeed you have to think outside the box, this is also a risk. Go out on a limb, and stay there until you succeed, this is my philosophy. This is why the Oak Island money pit concerns me, nobody will take the risk. So Stetson University grab your shovel, because we’re going digging.

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On my way to work today I was thinking about my goals. I don’t think we think aboutthese things often enough. We let our daily lives get in the way of what we really want.

Work,traffic, chores, and many more things cloud our minds and overwhelm us.Realizing the importance of putting a plan together and writing down my goals has made a hugechange in my life. Setting yearly goals, monthly goals and even daily goals has helped me stayon track even with the everyday craziness.Most would say that being a single mom of three would be enough of a distraction right?I can honestly say that being in business for myself has definitely created a different mindset forme. Where most use their kids as an excuse, I use my kids as my reason. My reason forputting goals down, for doing things that make me extremely uncomfortable but are helping megrow, for pushing myself even on days when all I want to do is crawl under a blanket. I think tomyself, what type of example am I for my kids, will I teach them to hide from life under a blankettoo? No! I will be the example of someone that doesn’t quit, that falls and gets back up quickly,someone who knows their worth and believes that they deserve great things in life.

Even my kids know to write down what they would like to achieve, to say theiraffirmations and to believe that they can do anything. I’m teaching them to write down theirgoals, but not just that, also to write down a plan on how to obtain them. Kids are never tooyoung to be taught these important life lessons. We need to create a path for them that will leadto success, and we do that by being the examples, not just by speaking but by actually doingthe things that we tell them will help them to be great in life.As a parent, I think a lot of what type of adults my kids will grow up to be. Will theybecome average adults, just working a day to day job; unfulfilled and unhappy? Or am I plantingenough seeds in them to help them become strong adults, who thrive, who believe that they aremeant for more? My wish is that they become adults who will want to also make a change andhelp others. Our ultimate goal should be to create a family legacy, a family of entrepreneurswho do philanthropic work and want to not only create better lives for themselves, but also wantto assist others to do the same.

I’m proud to be a part Virtuity, a company that believes that nobody should be mediocreand that pours belief into every single associate by reminding them that anyone can achievegreatness. We are taught to create business plans, given direction and coaching withphenomenal tools so that we can obtain the things we want through our business. Howwonderful is that? It is a dream to work with people who value me as not just an employee, butas a partner whose contribution to the team and the business is paramount.So I would say, find some time in your day today, and start writing some goals down,write down what you want to achieve, and as you are writing think about how it would feel toachieve these goals. Also, start making a plan on how to achieve your goals, and make it yourmission to complete the tasks needed. Believe you deserve it, know that time dedicated tobettering yourself is never wasted; it’s invested. Make the decision today, what kind of aninvestment you want it to be?

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After the death of their drummer and friend, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, nobody expected Avenged Sevenfold to continue making music. However, this summer the band released “Nightmare,” their fifth studio album.

Fans will notice that M. Shadows’ vocals aren’t nearly as nasal or whiny as in previous albums, but rather show a more aggressive and emotional tone. Also, the album tries to restore the band’s former sound by using heavier guitar riffs and even a bit of screaming, which Shadows hasn’t done since their second album, “Waking the Fallen.” As always, the band likes to experiment with new sounds; you can hear trumpets, marching bands, whispering, and even whistling, which I think many fans will enjoy.

“Nightmare” opens with the title track and an eerie xylophone that creates an uncomfortable feeling, and almost instantly kicks into pounding drums and fast, dark guitar riffs. The next few tracks are both heavy and catchy. “Welcome to the Family” will stick in your head for days, while “Danger Line” is dedicated to the American troops.

The first ballad,“So Far Away,” is written by guitarist Synyster Gates for his late friend, The Rev. The song features Zacky Vengeance on an acoustic guitar, clean vocals, and a climactic ending with strings and a guitar solo.

Nothing thus far prepared me for the next track. Titled “God Hates Us,” the song is easily one of the heaviest and most aggressive the band has written. It begins with a bit of a fake out, with a clean intro but then from nowhere kicks in with thunderous double bass, heavy guitars, and a lot of screaming from M. Shadows. The song will definitely appeal to a new audience as well as old fans.

At this point, the album’s focus changes from heavy and aggressive to emotional and slow. The next two songs, “Victim” and “Tonight the World Dies,” definitely slow the pace with some of the best ballads the band has created. “Tonight the World Dies,” will be a song most will overlook because it’s slow. The chorus and bridge have deep vocals and are climactic without the build-up you expect.

The next, “Fiction,” is easily the hardest to listen to, and for most fans will likely bring them to tears. This song was written by The Rev only three days before his passing and was originally titled “Death.” If that isn’t enough irony, the song is basically Sullivan saying his good-byes, with the last line, “I know you’ll find your own way, when I’m not with you tonight.” The song actually features Sullivan and Shadows on vocals, as well as a very dark and creepy piano.

The last song, “Save Me,” is the longest at almost 11 minutes. It includes just about every element the band has ever used, including dueling guitar solos, clean guitars, heavy riffs, catchy choruses, dark piano parts, and powerful lyrics. The album culminates with dynamic drum fills and the line “Tonight we all die young.”

Overall, I believe fans will enjoy “Nightmare” and might even find it better than some of Avenged Sevenfold’s previous work. “Nightmare” is worth the listen. New and old fans will enjoy listening front to back and will give Avenged Sevenfold the support they need to continue making music after the death of their friend.

Witness in Life, Word and Deed… nursing essay help: nursing essay help

Witness in Life, Word and DeedUnderstanding church mission in this time, we need to trace the thread of the historical interaction between the issue of mission in according to these two traditions: Evangelical which mission is focusing primarily in proclaiming the gospel while Ecumenical is focused in social action for justice and mercy.

This chapter starts with that history and examines to both sides of the church mission today. And concerning of the believers calling in the society where words and deeds plays the most significant role in witnessing the kingdom.Church mission is to proclaim salvation and encourage others to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Our words and deeds reflect the way we live our lives in connection on how the kingdom of God present in the Christian world as a gift of the Spirit. Jesus demonstrates both words and deeds which are essential in relationship with mission and witnessing the kingdom of God. His words are being showed by his actions and his action give substance to his words. The church needs to be the witness, by doing it and saying in “In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’ (Mt 5:16 NIV).

Probably, “good works” embrace all the ways that Gods people witness to the kingdom in daily life, both word and deed, in personal relationships and through acts of righteousness and compassion. Good deeds are public and missional. Their ultimate purpose is to lead those who see them to offer glory to God through the quality of their character and loving behavior to attract others to worship of the true and living God”. (Dean Flemming, Reclaiming the Full Mission of God, pp 98-99) To participate in Gods, work for the Kingdom is the mission of the church as a general goal. We all need salvation for all things has been created by Gods purpose. And the Kingdom of God is announced in the gospel, the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ who defeated the evil and give people new hope, in the present times and in the future of humanity. How can it be done? If the church is faithfully witnessing the gospel, it must be seen and visible as a community gives for the sake of the other and also deeply involved in concerns to the surroundings.

The very important contribution which the church can do according to this book in facing the enormous issues and problems of our day today is to nourish the people, so they can live out the gospel in their life callings. The good news that Jesus preached and in by his grace God is restoring his rule over the entire creation and in every area of the life of his people. This means that the gospel is all restorative and comprehensive and that all the humanity is being restored by the Spirit of Christ in whatever traditions it may be.ConclusionThis chapter often refers to the importance of the church, specially the local church, as a representative of Gods cosmic, encompassing the agenda. Because of the importance of the church in the advance of this, Gods holistic purpose. We close with this prayerful observations and admonition. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians contains one of the clearest and understandable descriptions of the purpose of the church.

He says that God has chosen the church to administer his agenda for the reconciliation of all things and that it is through the church that God will demonstrate this, his manifold and eternal purpose (Ephesians 3:9-11 and Colossians 1:20)Redemption was completed on the cross, but God has given the church the task of administering the process of restoration through our walk with Christ until his return.

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Alt-J, an English band whose genre seeps into almost everything, from electro-pop, to rock, to folk, and everything in between, released their third album, “Relaxer,” this summer.

Three tracks were released as singles before the album: “3WW,” “In Cold Blood,” and “Adeline.” These were pretty good and generated hype for the release of the album. Unfortunately, that’s when we learned that the singles are the best songs on “Relaxer.”“Pleader” takes half of its allotted length to get to the singing, which I normally wouldn’t mind if the first half of the song was interesting. Instead the song is boring and tedious. If I have to sit through two-and-a-half minutes to get to the good part of a song, I’m not going to listen to it often.“Hit Me Like That Snare” isn’t boring, but it’s also not good.

It’s the most different on this album, but that’s not always a good thing. The fact that “Relaxer” is only eight tracks doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. Although six of the songs feature strings performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra, there isn’t a real cohesive sound to the collection; I would have liked at least two more songs in order to tie in some sort of creative theme.This album wasn’t more of the same Alt-J that we knew, but it’s not completely new either. “In Cold Blood” is similar to “Left Hand Free” (from the group’s second album) in structure and sound, and “Adeline” is very similar to some of the slower songs on their first album, “An Awesome Wave.”Overall, “Relaxer” is a solid 6 out of 10, in my opinion. It’s some good music, but I don’t think it’s a landmark album in Alt-J’s career.

I see it as a stepping stone to a new sound for the band, and I’m already anticipating their next album.

Reaching the Peak of my Mountain college application essay help online: college application essay help online

Being enrolled into elementary school marked the day that the first brick on my pathway would be cemented to the ground never to be removed again. This marked just the beginning of my thirteen years of paperwork to prove my work ethic and intelligence to my peers and colleagues.However, working and worrying about other matters during these years seemed to occupy my workspace. I didn’t always care for grades and the ever so critical GPA that determines everything. Even though my grades aren’t the best of the century, I know I’m not a quitter.

Just a few months ago in the summer of 2014, I remember a challenging task that I didn’t think would teach me such a great life lesson. Being with my friends in Colorado, visiting our friend that recently moved there for his dads work. Like any other person from Texas, seeing a mountain can be breathtaking. Being in the youth age, I immediately wanted to reach the peak of a mountain once we settled into my friend’s home. Once we arrived to a mountain suitable for us to climb, looking at it from the basin truly made me feel meaningless to the scale of the Mountain, the Earth, and the Cosmos.Already, the altitude in Colorado knocks the breath out of me within just a few steps. Continually climbing upwards using my hands and feet for over four hours was one of the most difficult things I could have ever imagined. Although looking back now, the challenge improved me.

Halfway up the mountain, once we found a clear spot for a beautiful scenery spot just seeing the size of our car at the bottom was jaw dropping.I wanted to keep going up the mountain to reach the peak and view a full panorama of the world around me. Things just got more challenging though, I kept wanting to turn around and travel down the mountain, but my friends kept continuing forward, so I couldn’t turn back now.We finally hit the steepest part of the mountain with rocks attached to breakable soil. I remember grabbing a rock to pull myself up, and when I was halfway up the rock it broke away from the surface which caused me to fall and slide into a tree. That fall made me realize I’m not immortal, and one wrong slip and my gravestone will be calling my name short noticed. I immediately stood up and marched onwards. Nearing the peak of the mountain was the most memorable thing I could ever experience, the clouds were just a few hundred feet above us, and we could see over the mountains across the valley leading to even more massive peaks covered with snow during the summer. Seeing Highway 70 with the ant line never stopping or ending, that is when I truly felt like a spec in this universe.

Now I know this story wasn’t anything special, however it showed me that no matter how steep the road ahead of me gets, and what challenges come before me, I know that I can keep climbing no matter what. As long as I have the motivation to keep going, nothing is going to get in my way. The peak of the mountain symbolizes a milestone in the things I would like to achieve in life; I want to leave my footprint everywhere. I was put on this planet for a reason, and I intend to find out why.

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Spectrophotometry is a quantitative method of analysis involving the principles associated with how visible light interacts with atoms. Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and includes the colors we observe (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet). It consists of electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths range from 400-700 nm.When white light is observed what is actually being seen is all the colors of light combined. When this light passes through a substance certain energies (or colors) of light are absorbed while the other color(s) are allowed to pass through or are reflected. This is why some substances appear colored.

The color we see is the combination of the energies of visible light which are not absorbed by the sample. If the substance does not absorb any light, it appears white or colorless. A solution appears a certain color due to the absorbance and transmittance of visible light. For example, an orange solution appears orange because it is absorbing all of the colors except orange. A sample may also appear orange if all colors of light except blue are transmitted. This is because blue and orange are complimentary colors. (see figure below)The wavelength associated with the complimentary color is known as the wavelength of maximum absorbance.

The wavelength of maximum absorbance is used when determining the concentration of a colored solution since at this wavelength a slight change in concentration allows for a significant change in the absorbance of light.Many compounds involving transition elements are colored. This is because the transition metals include “d” electrons in its atomic structure. The spacing of these “d-orbitals” allow for electronic transitions within the energy range of the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Compounds containing the alkali and alkaline earth metals are white due to having only “s” electron transitions. More energy is required to cause this type of transition and, thus, light of shorter wavelength is involved.The amount of light absorbed by a solution is dependent on the ability of the compound to absorb light (molar absorptivity), the distance through which the light must pass through the sample (path length) and the molar concentration of the compound in the solution.

This relationship is known as Beer’s Law and is represented by the equation:A = * l Cwhere A is the absorbance, * is the molar absorptivity, l is the path length and C is the molar concentration. If the same compound is being used and the path length is kept constant, then the absorbance is directly proportional to the concentration of the sample.A spectrophotometer is used to provide light of certain energy (wavelength) and to measure the absorbance of that light. The basic operation of the spectrophotometer includes a white light radiation source which passes through a monochromator. The monochromator is either a prism or a diffraction grating which separates the light into the colored components and allows only light of a particular wavelength to strike the sample. The sample is poured into a cuvette which is similar to a small test tube. It is marked so that it can be positioned in the light beam the same way each time to avoid variations due to the differences in the composition of the glass.

The light passes through the sample and the unabsorbed portion strikes a photodetector which produces an electrical signal proportional to the intensity of light. The signal is converted to a readable output which is used in the analysis of the sample.OBJECTIVES• To introduce the use of spectrophotometry for qualitative (what is it) and quantitative (how much is there of it) analysis of biological samples and molecules.• To apply laboratory skills in the lab• To determine absorbance spectrum of unknown compounds (qualitative analysis).• To prepare and graph standard or calibration curves for quantitative analysis using colorimetry.

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