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How Siddhartha Relates to Today’s Culture admission college essay help

An examination of past Indian society and caste system and its relation to today’s society.

This essay deals with the characteristics of civilization in India during the time of Siddhartha. The author focuses on how the values during the time period of Siddhartha deal with the values of our society today.

`Siddhartha provides many examples of the civilization in India in the fifth century before Christ and parts of the Caste system, and many religious people. One of these characteristics of Indian civilization is the presence of Brahmins, very spiritual priests who were at the top of the Caste system pyramid. Siddhartha’s father was a Brahmin priest, and if Siddhartha chose to stay at home, he would have become one, too.`

Freedom vs. Safety writing essay help: writing essay help

This paper presents a detailed discussion about wire-tapping, computer privacy and cell phones in the context of the age of terrorism which America finds itself entrenched in.

The following paper explores the capabilities as well as the possibilities when it comes to the maintenance or invasion of privacy in creating safety precautions without violating the constitution. This paper focuses on the need to be careful of violating the constitutional rights of the American people, even though the American government continues to seek out terrorists.

“America is known throughout the world as the land of the free. The United States Constitution lays out the protected freedoms of Americans more clearly than any other constitution in the world. The freedoms and the protection of privacy in this country is something that millions of immigrants flock to take part in each year as they start their life anew in the United States of America. Following the events of 9-11 however, a nervous eye has been cast in the direction of privacy issues. Wire tapping, listening in on cell phone conversations and using those conversations in court, and email privacy have all come under scrutiny. Before the attacks on the World Trade Center, the answer was very clear concerning privacy in these areas.”

Engineering Disaster college essay help online free: college essay help online free

A detailed look at the dangers associated with the genetic engineering of food.

This paper gives some background on the genetic engineering of food. The author focuses on the dangers that stem from genetically engineered food such as possible medical side effects and repercussions to the environment. The author advocates mandatory labeling of foods with genetically engineered ingredients and looks at regulations in other countries.

“By far the most severe environmental repercussion of GE crops is that they are a Pandora’s box, once they are planted, there is no way to control or recall them. Pollen from GE plants is spread in exactly the same manner as regular pollen, and, therefore, their genetic material will quickly spread to any surrounding fields. This is one of the main reasons why is truly impossible for people to know what they are eating. An organic tomato grown a mile away from a farm that grows GE tomatoes may or may not be infected. Scientists have no way of determining what kind of effects the release of all this genetic pollution will have on the ecosystem (Davis).”

Comparing Machiavelli to Hitler need essay help: need essay help

This paper discusses how Machiavelli would have evaluated the leadership qualities of Adolph Hitler and what, if anything, he would have criticized, endorsed, or refined about Hitler’s leadership.

The following paper summarizes Machiavelli’s theory of politics, what Machiavelli’s thoughts might have been on being compared to Hitler and whether or not the writer agrees with Machiavelli’s assessment of Hitler’s leadership and politics. In addition, the writer looks at how Machiavelli may have advised Hitler on his leadership skills.

Machiavelli would say Hitler certainly appeared to possess these qualities that is why a large percentage of the German people supported his Nazi regime. As far as attempting to do good Hitler believed that what he was doing, by exterminating the Jews and other so-called lower races, was good and moreover that the German race was superior. According to his writings in Mein Kampf, Germany was the mother of all life (Hitler,459). According to an Encarta article, he hoped to conquer the entire world, and for a point in time his Nazi regime dominated most of Europe and much of North Africa. He instituted sterilization and euthanasia measures to enforce his idea of racial purity among German people and caused the slaughter of millions of Jews, Sinti and Roma (Gypsies), Slavic peoples, and many others, all of whom he considered inferior.”

The Hopi and American Society best essay help: best essay help

A look at the acculturation problems faced by the Hopi people in modern American society.

This paper examines the culture of the Hopi people with a focus on their history the problems the Hopi now face regarding acculturation into American culture.

“The Hopis were first contacted by foreigners when Spanish conquistadors discovered their villages in 1540. In 1629, Spanish missionaries began to settle on Hopi land and tried in vain to convert the Indians to the Catholic faith. In protest, the Hopis joined with neighboring tribes facing the same persecution in the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680, causing the destruction of several Spanish missions throughout the southwest. When the Spanish returned to conquer the Rio Grande pueblos nine years later they did not venture as far west as Hopi territory. The Hopis lived virtually unbothered for more than a century until they became part of the United States at the end of the Mexican War in 1848. As Americans began to settle the southwest, the question of land rights arose. In 1882 President Chester A. Arthur established a 3,863-square-mile reservation for the Hopis (Hieb 1994). Now under U.S. government control, a culture that had remained practically unchanged for centuries began to feel the strong influence of an encroaching and far bigger society called America. “

Hanbok essay help app: essay help app

An examination of the traditional dress of Korea, known as the Hanbok, and the way it reflects the Korean culture.

This paper looks at the article of clothing as a symbol of the Korean history and culture. It follows the development of this traditional dress through the history of Korea and shows how it evolved. It links the hanbok with beauty, respect and tradition. It is also compared to other traditional forms of dress in the region – the sari from India and the kimono from Japan.

“”Clothes make the man. Pretty feathers make pretty birds. The tailor makes the man.” So proclaims a Korean proverb (Holt, 1999). One of the cultural distinctions among Asian countries is the style of clothes – unique and completely different from Western attire with which we are often surrounded. Millennia of civilization caused the evolution of costumes to reflect: the cultural mores of the times, the climactic conditions, the physical geography of the region, and the occupation of the populace. Each country has its own costume: In India, the sari for women and dhoti for men, the dazzling and delicate Kimono of Japan, the curvilinear Chipao of China, and the Aojai of Vietnam. Each of the country’s costumes portrays its characteristics and tradition. (Kahlenberg, 2001)”

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry essay help: essay help

An examination of ancient Egyptian jewelery, how it was made and the meaning it held.

A report on ancient Egyptian jewelry. The author focuses on how the jewelry was crafted, specific styles of jewelry, and their symbolic meanings.

“Ancient Egypt is known for its awe-inspiring monuments, mysterious mythologies and legendary treasures. Its history is rich and complex, reaching far back into the beginnings of civilization and spanning thousands of years. Much of what we know about this ancient culture comes from the ancient artifacts it has left behind. Among these is the multitude of its beautiful jewels. What types of jewelry did the ancient Egyptians wear and how was it significant to them? How did they manage to create such incredibly intricate and unique jewelry? ”

Making Starbucks Move compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

An examination of the Starbucks Company, analyzing its business lows between seasons and a presentation of a business proposal to boost sales.

This paper presents a complete overview of the Starbucks Company and its franchise. It examines the highs and lows of the season trade and details a business proposal to remedy the slow period and to expand profit margins. It presents other marketing ideas and examines the cost benefits of each of these ideas for various departments in the company.

“Starbucks is one of the most popular franchises in America today. It has revolutionized the way individuals view coffee in America. Rather than white or black, Americans from coast to coast can sip espressos or dally over a half-caffeinated, half-decaffeinated lattes with 2% milk before they head to work in the morning. Rather than viewing coffee as a generic product, because of Starbucks, Americans now view the beverage as a luxury item that may possess various levels of quality. Even potential competitors have acknowledged this. Of “Peet’s Gourmet Coffee and Tea, Chris Mottern admits: The industry is in a period of abundance. He states that he credits Starbucks for raising awareness of high-end coffee and opening new avenues of distribution. Starbucks with their sales increases makes it easier for us and everyone else.? He also states that consumers have become more used to paying more money for a better tasting beverage specialty coffee sales will come to dominate the coffee sector, much like how mid-priced wines grew more popular than cheaper wines. (Peet’s Takes Out Elite Niche of High-End Coffee” Associated Press) Today, Starbucks has more than 5,000 stores worldwide. (“Starbucks to Open Coffee Shops in Puerto Rico” Associated Press)”

Cigarette Smoking Health Effects in Men buy essay help: buy essay help

An examination of the impacts of cigarette smoking on health with focus on men smokers.

Cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death. Men who smoke are most at risk of death from lung cancer. The author argues that smokers are in great danger of dangerous health effects from smoking and discusses the various impacts caused by smoking.

‘Causing more than 400,000 deaths each year, tobacco usage is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Additionally, the direct medical costs amount more than $50 billion per year. More people are harmed and killed by smoking every year than they die of alcohol, drug abuse, AIDS, murders, car crashes, fires, and suicides. Nationally, more than 5 million years of potential life are lost each year as a result of smoking. Every day, nearly 3,000 young people under the age of 18 become regular smokers. Approximately 80% of adult smokers start smoking before the age of 18. Furthermore, approximately five million children presently living will die prematurely because of the decision to smoke cigarettes at adolescence.”

Tennessee 2002 rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

This paper discusses the issue of tax cuts the State of Tennessee faced in the year 2002.

The following paper examines the issue of income tax for Tennessee in recent years. The writer discusses the split in opinions about the income tax rate and the many varied views about how it should be implemented. This paper suggests a restructuring of the tax system by politicians and legislators.

“It is true that Tennessee in the recent years have experienced shortage in the work force, especially the well-trained work force that is the most critical factor for a sustained economic growth. Education is the single most decisive factor and a skilled and well-trained work force is essential for growth. The need for a quality research university helps to break new technological innovations, which further help, in bringing new companies and well-paying jobs. Tennesseans realize that government is an essential partner if they hope to achieve these things. The irony of the present situation is that before the State fall in the late 90’s, the State was among the top earning in the union and boasted a triple A bond rating and was among the most well managed states in the union. There are concrete reasons for opposing the income tax, instead of putting more burdens by punishing the work and hard earned with income tax it makes sense to let the work but rewarding by giving some tax relief to the people.”

Government Policies on Australian Aboriginal Health college admission essay help: college admission essay help

A look at past and present Australian government policies that address the issue of Aboriginal Health.

This paper examines past and present Australian Government policies which have impacted and been implemented to address the issue of Aboriginal Health. The author also examines issues such health issues, substance abuse and the high rate of youth suicide.

‘The status of Aboriginal health in Australia is currently at critical levels – much money needs to be injected and considerable work needs to be done to tackle such important health issues as diabetes, mental disorders, substance abuse and the high rate of youth suicide. Along with this, many other related issues need to be addressed, such as the stolen generation, native title, preservation of cultural identity and the topic of reconciliation. The outlook for the future is improving however, in that the government and Aboriginal groups are working together towards a positive outcome through the implementation of innovative government policies aimed at tacking the core issues affecting Aboriginal communities around Australia.”

Squat Weightlift academic essay help: academic essay help

Biomechanical analysis of process involved, including training & injury issues.

This literature review of squat weightlifting is in the area of biomechanics and includes: optimal biomechanics, with the study of training modalities, contributions of biomechanical variables, and effects of weight-lifting limits; and the study of associated potential biomechanical problems, to include lumbar dynamics or lower back difficulties. Interest in physical strength includes many areas such as: ergonomics, human factors engineering, rehabilitation, physiology, psychology, and physical education. Athletes have used resistance training techniques to heighten competitive performance. A review of the squat weightlift is of interest since it is used to build physical strength and the squat-lift is accepted as a safe means of lifting, which, used correctly, will help eliminate lower back…

DNA and Aging university essay help: university essay help

This paper looks at the effect of DNA on the human body.

This paper discusses the role that DNA plays in the aging process. The author looks at several studies that have been conducted over the years that look at how different types of drugs and disease affect the aging process. Some of the studies involved a look at such issues as cholesterol and the effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs on both the human and animal populations. The paper also looks at Vitamin K, the loss of DNA from the human heart as a person ages, how a person’s alcohol and tobacco use affect their longevity. In all of these cases, the paper looks at both the male and female populations in order to illustrate how all of these different aspects affect an individual’s DNA and as a result, their life expectancy.

“The third category, accretional defects, results from the accumulation of waste materials composed of nonfunctioning of poorly functioning parts of the body system during aging. These involve the liver and kidneys. The human liver must absorb 70% of the dysfunction before they appear in routine blood tests (Strehler), since it is one of the many jobs of the liver to remove bilirubin from the blood. (Bilirubin is a natural by-product of red blood cells at the end of their life cycle.) A high-level bilirubin translates into jaundice and is harmful to the brain if high levels accumulate in the blood. But if the liver’s own removal cells are malfunctioning, bilirubin accumulates in the blood and damages the person’s overall health. (Strehler). The kidneys are even hardier : 90% of them must sustain the damage and be damaged themselves before abnormalities are detected in blood tests of kidney function (Strehler). This means a person may have kidney trouble for many years without knowing it, only until his or her kidneys are 90% damaged, during which the signs of illness begin to show.”

Literary Quests homework essay help: homework essay help

Compares accuracy of protrayal of human condition in John Bunyan’s [The Pilgrim’s Progress], Samuel Johnson’s [The History of Rasselas] & [Sir Gawain & the Green Knight] (Anon.).

This study will compare three works based on quests -John bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Samuel Johnson’s The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia. The study will argue that Johnson’s book most accurately portrays the human condition, that Bunyan’s book is fairly good but less accurate, and that the anonymous author of Sir Gawain depicts the human condition most inaccurately of the three.

By accurate this reader means not necessarily true, for Bunyan’s Christian allegory may, after all, be true. However, the human condition includes far more non-Christians than Christians, and surely the majority cannot be considered outside of that condition. By accurate picture of the human condition, then, it is meant here a picture which most realistically…

Sustainable Development in Costa Rica essay help us: essay help us

This paper describes the current economic development in democratic Costa Rica.

This paper examines the economic growth in Costa Rica, starting with the rich national parks, tourism and ecotourism, where there are a variety of species-rich ecosystems exist. The paper further illustrates its continuing growth as the international business community chooses to develop there, because they can operate in the safety and security of this stable democratic country with good infrastructure and educated people.
Table of Contents
The Increasing Popularity of Costa Rica
Economic Growth of Costa Rica
Free Zones and International Investments
Works Cited

“Once a small nation in Central America famous for its bananas and coffee, the Republic of Costa Rica is now being transformed into an international gateway for commerce between Latin America and the rest of the world. Costa Rica is also becoming a popular vacation destination for jetsetters from all around the world.”

The Effects of Advertisements on Children essay help us: essay help us

Research paper discussing the effects of advertising on children ranging from physical, mental and psychological impacts.

Research paper on the effects of advertisements on children. The author examines why and how advertisements target children and how children are affected psychologically.

“”Prior to attending kindergarten, the average child will see 5,000 hours of television. By the time most children graduate from high school, they will have watched an estimated 22,000 hours of TV,” (Marconi, 56). During these thousands of hours, the children view commercial after commercial and it has been shown that many of these commercials are targeted towards children. This abundant exposure to commercials has raised many concerns about how these advertisements affect children psychologically. Many people believe that children are being manipulated by advertisements, which affects the way the children think and live.”

Art & Diversity summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

Uses, benefits & examples of art in children’s self-discovery, ethnic understanding, multicultural appreciation.

Since the beginning of time humans have struggled to understand themselves through experimental expression in song, dance, poetry, music and art. When the cavemen painted a bison hunt on the walls of their Grotto in Lascaux, France centuries ago they were laboring to express their connection to nature and others (Campbell 68). Painting on cavewalls appears to have offered them a sense of having mastered their world while simultaneously allaying their fears. Elementary school children enrolled in art classes today fulfill this same ancestral need to subdue their anxieties even as they develop their own sense of mastery. Jungian psychologists assert that allowing children to create yields them an enriched sense of control. Contemporary multicultural classrooms composed of children from divergent…

Anxiety Disorders and Bipolar Disorder best essay help: best essay help

This paper analyzes and examines anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder, including treatments available and recommendations for improving the awareness of these disorders.

Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most devastating psychological illnesses. Providing a concise and detailed overview of the various types of anxiety disorders and the different stages of bipolar disorder, as well as a discussion of treatment options, the author argues that while improvements have been made to the treatment and understanding of these illnesses, further improvements are necessary, including the integration of drug therapy and psychotherapy.

“Despite the increasing awareness, education, knowledge, treatment, and understanding of psychological disorders, there is still no clear-cut, quick fix, and uniform method available to diagnose and/or eliminate (or at least reduce) mental illnesses and psychological disorders. Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most common mental illnesses that prevent an individual from functioning normally. While most individuals may arguably prefer to remain ignorant of the existence of anxiety disorders and/or bipolar disorder, the fact is that more than 23 million individuals suffer from anxiety disorders (Harvard, 1) while more than 3 million individuals suffer from bipolar disorder (Hollandsworth).”

Immanuel Velikovsky’s Claims my assignment essay help: my assignment essay help

An overview of Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of miraculous events. An argument against some of his ideas.

A look at Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of the justification of ‘miraculous’ events which he claimed had been caused by major astronomical event. The author focuses mainly on the claims outlined in his popular book, Worlds in Collision.

Immanuel Velikovsky, author of Worlds in Collision, was very well read when it came to the texts of ancient cultures. In his book he argues that our solar system has changed dramatically within the last few millennia, impacting considerably on the course of history on Earth. I will attempt to show that his statement, based on these ancient writings, is flawed. He does not question the veracity of the texts and takes everything said as literal, leaving them greatly open to interpretation. I will also illustrate how Velikovsky’s theory is disproved by geographic evidence, which he fails to investigate.

Mama Might Be Better Off Dead by Laurie Kaye Abraham my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

Critical review of work exposing mistreatment of poor sick by U.S. health care system, with personal reaction.

Laurie Kaye Abraham argues in Mama Might Be Better Off Dead: The Failure of Health Care in the United States that the health care system in the United States has indeed failed miserably, specifically in treating poor people. As Abraham portrays it, the system has not only failed, it seems to have been created to fail, and to cause as much misery for poor and helpless sick people as it possibly can. Despite this negative portrait, the author apparently believes that the system can be restructured to better serve the poor sick in this country, although it seems that a complete collapse of the system first is more likely.

However, the author is not merely trying to show the sad state of the system overall, in national, statistical, theoretical, or other grand contexts. To the contrary, she wants to bring the reader down to the level where the failure of the…

Elephant Mating Behavior college application essay help online: college application essay help online

The mating behaviors of African Elephants, including estrous and musth periods of development in the males and females.

This paper is on the mating behavior of elephants. The author briefly covers the estrus period in females and mainly focuses on the musth period in the bull elephants. It covers the multiple steps involved in the courtship of both males and females.

“A female, being lighter, can usually outrun a male that is pursuing her. Thus she does not have to mate with every male that is pursuing her. When the female goes into consort with a musth bull they exclusively mate ensuring the offspring will have the genes of the dominant male. Throughout the description of the sexual behavior of elephants it becomes clear that the mating patterns elephants have evolved are extremely well suited to their lifestyles. This highly adaptive form of mating behaviors ensures that the elephant will successfully mate and pass on dominant genes for many years.”

Development of U.S. Constitution english essay help: english essay help

Role of Articles of Confederation, debates over form of govt., Federalism, philosophical influences, republicanism.

The shape of the U.S. Constitution as it was developed at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia was certainly influenced by such factors as the colonial experience, the revolt against British rule, and the failure of the earlier Articles of Confederation. Yet, the ideas embodied in the Constitution had been taking shape for some time before any of these elements had come into being. Indeed, the ideas expressed in the Constitution derived from European theorists such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, though the manner in which these ideas were adopted by the colonists was influenced by the various elements of the colonial experience. The colonists had fled Europe precisely to avoid many of the legal features against which the Constitution would be written, such as star-chamber proceedings, restricted speech and press, and

Flannery O’Connor’s Religious Devotions scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

A look at O’Connor’s works.

This paper looks at Flannery O’Connor’s style of writing and particularly focuses on her religious stances and appeal in some of her short stories. The author includes many quotes from O’Connor’s works.

“Flannery O’Connor, a spiritual and devout Roman Catholic, portrayed God, religion, Jesus Christ, and evil in various aspects in some of her most famous short stories. O’Connor took a very broad approach to spiritual ideas that dealt with moral, psychological, and social issues in her writings. Many readers of O’Connor’s writings often become perplexed with the characterizations of O’Connor’s characters in her stories; however, when a reader discovers O’Connor’s life and biographical history, they may view pieces of her life wrapped up into her short stories. Three of O’Connor’s short stories that particularly deal with her religious devotions are “The Turkey,” “Revelation,” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Each of these stories focus on different spiritual concepts, but all can be traced to the biographical history of O’Connor’s short life. In addition, O’Connor’s style is verified in James Grimshaw’s book titled The Flannery O’Connor Companion when he explains, “Of the various approaches employed to explain O’Connor’s fiction, the one which has drawn the most attention and offered the most convenient “answers” has been the religious system? (4). Therefore, when detailing O’Connor’s writing style from a religious standpoint, there are several distinct reasons and concepts that are apparent in her writings that imply her strong religious beliefs.”

Lancelot and the Round Table essay help app: essay help app

A paper which discusses to what extent Lancelot and his love for Guinevere contributed to the downfall of the Round Table, as seen in different versions of the story throughout history.

The love story of Lancelot and Guinevere is one of the most tragic love stories in Western literature because their love brings about not only their own ruin but that of the kingdom itself and of all the dreams that Arthur and his knights brought to the founding of the Round Table. This paper examines the role that Lancelot plays in bringing about the downfall of the Round Table. Beyond the specific fates that befall Lancelot, Guinevere, and the other denizens of Camelot, this paper explores to some extent the idea of sexual pollution and the reasons why adultery — surely a far lesser sin than murder or rape or pillage — looms so large in this narrative.

“We are most familiar with the story of Lancelot and how his inability to control his sexuality becomes a metaphor for the inability of humans to control their animal natures and so a metaphor for all of the ways in which humans are divorced from divinity through Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur. This telling of the Grail story remains a significant work over 500 years after its publication not only for the clarity of its prose but also because it helped to codify and circulate the Arthurian legend (which is something of a cosmological origin story for the British), as well as for the important role the work had in creating a vernacular tradition of written English literature.”

Lovesong: Becoming A Jew by Julius Lester online essay help: online essay help

Analyzes book chronicling black man’s conversion to Judaism & applies ideas from other works on black-Jewish relations.

In Lovesong: Becoming a Jew Julius Lester begins by declaring this truth of his own self-identity first formally accepted while he was in retreat at a Trappist monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts: I have become who I am. I am who I always was. I am no longer deceived by the black face which stares at me from the window. I am a Jew (Lester 1). At Lovesong’s end Lester concludes that the essence of Chosenness is a mixing of the joyous and mournful, that is, a gladness for the gift which has been given and a bit of sorrow at how much responsibility such a gift entails (Lester 243). In discovering who he is Lester has moved along his chosen path which has intentionally mixed the traditions of two of America’s most dominant minorities, the blacks and the Jews. Part of the…

Writers and Religion compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

A discussion on the attitudes of three famous writers to organized religion.

The paper shows that despite their disparate backgrounds, styles, and genres, what bonds writers Nathaniel Hawthorne, Earnest Hemingway and Dylan Thomas is their mutually irreverent attitude towards organized religion coupled with a strong need to construct a spiritual attitude towards human and natural life. The paper shows how these views are brought out in the writers’ works by discussing various poems and novels.

Ernest Hemingway comes from a directly less religious background than Hawthorne did, and his short stories do not have the same obsessive concern with religion as the earlier author’s work. In Hemingway’s era, religion had retreated in its importance in American cultural life. Yet this does not mean that Hemingway’s stories are absent of either references to religion or religious influences. In his short story, “The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio,” Hemingway does not endorse any specific religious creed. However, perhaps because the tale is told through an apparently omniscient narrator, rather than a narrator that comes from the religious community he is commenting upon, there are more positive examples of spirituality within the story.

The Stress of a Professional “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

Paper dealing with stress encountered by educators and teachers.

This paper looks at stress and how it effect educators. The author quotes numerous experts in the field and states their respective findings with regard to stress in the work place.

“The stress faced by professional workers is substantial. For many professionals, it is intrinsic to the job itself, where competing demands and pressures cannot be escaped. The sheer volume of work for an educator can also be overwhelming at times. Anyone in this kind of job knows, either from their own direct experience or from observing colleagues, that stress can have very serious consequences. It can develop into a living nightmare of running faster and faster to stay in the same place, feeling undervalued, feeling unable to say ‘no’ to any demand but not working productively on anything. The signs of stress can include sleeplessness, aches and pains and sometimes physical symptoms of anxiety about going to work. What is more, people who are chronically stressed are no fun to work with. They may be irritable, miserable, lacking in energy and commitment, self-absorbed. They may find it hard to concentrate on any one task and cannot be relied on to do their share.”

Community Health Nursing Program writing essay help: writing essay help

Analyzes Corbin & Strauss Nursing Model based on patient self-care & applies it to community nursing.

Community health nursing requires the addressing of a widely diverse set of health problems and issues (Barger, 1995, p. 203). Increasingly, however, community health nurses are being called upon to care for patients suffering from chronic conditions (Laschinger, Goldenberg, & Dal Bello, 1995, p. 147).

Literature is reviewed that is relevant to the application of the Corbin and Strauss Nursing Model as a framework for the delivery of nursing care to chronic patients in a community health setting. This literature review is intended to provide support for an assessment of a community health nursing program.

Cell Phone Use While Driving cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

A discussion on the use of cell phones while driving.

This paper presents a clear and concise argument against the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. The author uses an extensive biography to present the case for regulation of cell phone use. This includes the discussion of legislation in Europe and other parts of the world that requires the use of a hands-free device if a person wants to talk on their cell phone while driving. There is extensive discussion of proposed legislation in several states, which is backed up by many different studies that illustrate the dangers involved with increased cell phone use by drivers of motor vehicles. The author makes the argument that the increase in cell phone use and the dangers that have presented themselves from this use, need to be matched by legislation designed to protect the public from the dangers of this wireless phenomenon.

“One of the most infamous studies was that of 699 collisions involving vehicles that had cell phones that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers concluded “the risk of a collision when using a cell phone was four times higher than the risk when a cell phone was not being used.” (Moore p. 30-32, Redelmeier). It was also shown that dialing and answering a phone provide the same impairment as driving while intoxicated. (Moore p. 30-32, Redelmeier). The report found no distinction in safety between hand-held cell phone devices and hands-free devices. (Moore p. 30-32, Redelmeier).”

The DotCom Revolution high school essay help: high school essay help

A look at the benefits the internet has brought us.

This short paper argues that the internet has improved our lives and changed things for the better. The author includes numerous examples to back up his argument.

“The Internet is just one of many technological innovations which have changed our lives in the last decade, yet it is by far one of the greatest. In a relatively insignificant amount of time, this simple concept has revolutionized the way we go about our lives from our use of computers, to the print media industry, to significantly affecting the workings of both large and small businesses. Pick up any magazine, newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV and you can’t help but notice the massive influence it has already had on our lives. It will also be a major force in determining our future. The question therefore has to be asked, has the Dot-Com Revolution changed our society for the better, or worse?”

The Government’s Response to Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda online essay help: online essay help

A political creative writing paper on Osama Bin Laden/Al-Qaeda written from the point of view of a fictitious governmental agency.

The following paper is a fictitious response to Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist arguments, which describes and justifies the actions a government would have to undertake to combat terrorists.

“Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist Al-Qaeda organization have
committed a number of atrocities in recent years, culminating in the horrific attacks of September 11th 2001. They continue to postulate justifications for their actions, and present arguments in support of their continuing jihad, or `holy war` against the non-Islamic West, and the United States of America in particular. Following the recent Al-Qaeda terrorist activity, this Government has resolved both to address the terrorists’ arguments and explain the number of wide-ranging actions and initiatives that have been implemented in order to combat this grave terrorist threat.”

The Scientific Revolution and Innovations essay help writer: essay help writer

This paper discusses in detail some of the main figures of the scientific revolution. In addition it shows some of the innovations that were made during this time.

This paper gives an account of how the scientific revolution had an impact on the world. The author gives examples of some of the innovations that were made during this time period as well as the different people that played a major role during the revolution.

“Above the earth lay a series of crystalline spheres, one of which contained the moon, another the sun, and still others the planet and the stars?.Other key figures during this time period were Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei. All of them used Copernicus’s information to help develop their own theories. In addition to them, Isaac Newton played a key role to help pave the way for science. He used all the theories that his predecessors had come up with and pieced everything together. This era also brought about philosophical changes as well as scientific changes. Francis Bacon introduced a new way for scientists to think. These men were the key figures in what is known as the Scientific Revolution.”

Eastern State Penitentiary: A History in Prison Reform college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

A complete history of the construction of Eastern State Penitentiary and an exploration of the famous inmates and stories that are associated with the prison.

A detailed paper that outlines the history of one of Philadelphia’s national historical landmarks, Eastern State Penitentiary. The author describes the history of its philosophy and construction, as well as facts regarding the massive penitentiary.

Construction began on May in 1822. The penitentiary received its first prisoner in October of 1829, though the prison would not be completed until 1836. Eighteen-year-old Charles Williams was Eastern’s first prisoner, sentenced to two years for theft. The identity of Charles Williams disappeared, there was now only prisoner number one in his place. As he was walked to his cell, a black hood was placed over his head, to protect his identity and to help minimize escapes. The only person to see an inmate was a guard who brought meals to an inmate, which were deposited through a slot in the door. The walls were eighteen inches of thick stone. Pastors and ministers would make rounds to Eastern State on a weekly basis, reading scriptures and preaching sermons, but even for this, inmates remained in their cells. Inmates were not allowed to converse, whistle, sing, or even know who the president was at the time. Any inmate not obeying these strict rules were deprived of dinner that night. However, during the exercising sessions, inmates would throw pebbles over the walls with a note attached to communicate with other prisoners.

True Meaning of Homophobia essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

A detailed look at aspects of homophobia and how it affects today’s society.

This paper looks at the roots of homophobia. The author provides a definition of homophobia and explains the way it is perceived today. Included are examples and case studies.The author attempts to explain how homophobia relates to today’s society and draws upon the human subconscious as a source.

“Imagine your best friend; now imagine your lifetime happiness with this person. You have had a wonderful time in life. You were born next to this person and your parents have remained friends. You could not picture your life without your best friend at your side. After going through elementary school, junior high school, and high school you both are now in college as roommates. One day you are watching TV and your best friend tells you something you would have never expected? He is gay. How do you deal with this? Is your best friend going to continue to be your best friend, or will he now be your enemy?”

Communication Technology assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

A look at three major technology platforms for communication: Wireless Access Protocol, General Packet Radio Service, and the third generation Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.

This paper examines these three main types of platforms for this technology and their suitability with the consumers. Each system is defined and advantages-disadvantages discussed. The writer looks at the compatibility of each system for different services required.

“The acronym WAP stands for Wireless Access Protocol. This simply means that it is through WAP the wireless devices communicate. A lot of different types of data can be sent via a WAP. One of the main uses of WAP is in cellular phones and the exchange of data being voice or short messages. WAP is technically compatible with most of the GSM services and clients. There can be either a dedicated WAP server or a traditional web server to “power” the WAP. All these components must communicate with one another, as WAP itself is only a protocol.”

NAFTA get essay help: get essay help

Analyzes goals & effects of trade agreement. Economic background & theory, Mexican devaluation crisis, politics, immigrant labor, wages, protectionism.

The dismantling of trade barriers and opening of markets have led to economic growth and rising prosperity in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The real GDP growth for all NAFA partners from 1993 to 2005 has been impressive. U.S. GDP during this time period grew 48%t while Mexico’s increased by 40% and Canada’s grew by 49%. However, because the Canadian and Mexican economies are much smaller than the economy of the U.S., their increases actually represent much larger growth rates.
There is great debate about the job and wage impact of NAFTA. U.S. unemployment has fallen from 7.5% just before the signing of NAFTA, while trade deficits over the last decade grew by nearly 300%. Further, total U.S. employment grew by twenty-two million jobs between 1990 and 2000, and U.S. average per capita real income rose by 26% over the same period.

A Video Game Called Life essay help fairfax: essay help fairfax

The causes, effects, and proposed solutions to the problem of high school violence.This paper talks about the causes and effects of the increase in high school violence in the last few years. An argument for emphasis on younger education.

The author includes examples and statistics of school violence studies and a few proposed solutions to school violence.Since the April 20,1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, school violence has been getting a substantial amount of attention, especially compared to ten years ago. The number of extremely violent crimes committed by students has been increasing in the last few years. These incidents are not only increasing in number, but in the amount of bloodshed in each occurrence. Some experts seek to analyze the effects of this violence, while others attempt to pinpoint the causes, figuring them to be everything from parental violence to “shoot to kill” video games. There are many solutions that must be put together in order to help solve this urgent problem.

Business Culture college essay help online free: college essay help online free

An analysis of the importance of understanding other cultures in the business world by examining a hypothetical takeover by a large international firm of a smaller American one.

This paper explores a (hypothetical) takeover of a small American company that makes Arts and Crafts style furniture and objects dart by a large, French-based maker of primarily modern furniture as well as reproductions of 18th and 19th century furniture. The concept of culture is defined and examined for its vital role in developing proper business etiquette. This paper looks at the hurdles which face people during such a takeover and methods which can be used to overcome them.

“Culture is one of the most difficult of all terms to define because it encompasses all of human thought, behavior and material goods. There is no vantage point outside of culture that allows us to view it, for it encompasses everything we understand. Culture is the complex whole of human existence that includes ” but is not limited to ” all of human knowledge, belief, language, art, morals, laws, customs and habits that are possessed by individuals in their roles as members of human societies. Culture is simply the entire way of life of a particular time or group of people, all of the customs, ceremonies, works of art, inventions, technology, and traditions that are held in common by a certain group of people at an historical moment.”

Motivation Theory essay help from professional writers: essay help from professional writers

Compares principles & effectiveness of equity theory & goal theory as applied to organizational environments.

There is a great deal of evidence in the professional literature that leaders who achieve high levels of motivation in followers develop co-leaders highly committed to the firm’s goals and who consistently perform at high levels of efficiency. Nearly two decades ago, John Kotter reported what is true even more in today’s highly competitive, rapidly changing global business environment. The more that change characterizes the business environment, the more that leaders must motivate people to provide leadership as well. Despite the strong need for motivation…

Hepatitis B admission essay help: admission essay help

A study of the liver disease hepatitis caused by the hepatitis B virus.

The paper defines hepatitis – a disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus. It discusses symptoms of the disease, causes and prognosis and how it is treated. The paper shows that the best prevention is safety precautions.

“The practice of sharing needles should be avoided, as should the practice of sharing personal care items that may have blood on them. Getting a tattoo or body piercing should be carefully considered. There is a risk of infection if the tools have someone else’s blood on them or if the artist or piercer does not follow good health practices. Donating blood, organs, or tissue if you have hepatitis B should be avoided. Health care or public safety workers should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, and should always follow routine barrier precautions and safely handle needles and other sharps (Center for Disease Control, n.d.).”

Women’s Rolesin South Asia college application essay help online: college application essay help online

National & cultural restrictions on women physically, sexually, socioeconomically & psychologically in Philippines & India.

In attempting to circumscribe the feminist and even ideological contributions which women in South and Southeastern Asia have made to their respective countries, there will first need to be an overview of the concept of nation itself. Even the common phrase love of country underscores a concept of eroticized nationalism (Parker in Anderson 12). What analysis of the feminine within cultural space will assist in revealing is the high degree of contradictory status which nations, especially those of South and Southeast Asia, impose upon their female citizens. Emphasis in this research will be given to tracing out this split of contradictory status opened up by a conjoined feminist and ideological/cultural analysis of women’s status as it is displayed in South and Southeast Asia. Stylistic…

Insider Trading assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Causes & effects of illegal use of stock information in 1970-1980s. Background, technology, junk bonds, aftermath.

Insider trading is the basing of stock trades in a public company on information that is not known by the public. Whether an individual makes trades in this manner or just tips off another trader to the information it is considered insider trading. Insider trading is illegal because it destroys the level playing field that allows all investors to make decisions based on the same information. However under some conditions insider trading is legal as when a company’s corporate insiders buy …

Teachers and Stress my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

An examination of the phenomenon of stress and how it impacts teachers.

An examination of the effects of stress in the workplace. The author looks at the causes and impacts of stress on individuals. He puts emphasis on teachers who suffer from high exposure to symptoms of stress.

“According to Harden (1999), 20 Million days a year are lost in the due to stress. Teachers are part of this pool of workers. The problems teachers face range from more students to longer work hours. Stress is widespread and a normal side effect of many professions. Because of the fact that it is well documented that teaching is regarded as a stressful occupation (Cains, 1998, p.97), I feel the topic of teachers experiencing stress in and out of the classroom to be highly relevant. Teachers experience stress because “teaching is a profoundly emotional form of work” (Troman, 2000, p.337). There are two main characteristics associated with stress. These are the excessive workload or day-to-day demands of teaching and the pressure of conformity or how the teacher must complete a task.”

Friedrich August Kekule essay help service: essay help service

A paper on Friedrich August Kekule, a German chemist known for his work with benzene.

The following paper takes a look at the life of Friedrich August Kelule, known as the originator of the structure theory of benzene. This essay discusses Kelule’s interest in chemistry, beginning with a trial concerning a charred woman’s body.

“Kelule went to a trial about a woman’s charred body. Many believed she had combustion because she drank too much alcohol. However, Justus von Liebig testified in this trial and ignited Kekule’s interest in chemistry. He changed his studies from architecture to chemistry. Charles Gerhardt and Jean-Baptiste Dumas taught him the unitary theory of chemistry. From 1855 to 1858 Kekule debated with JFW von Baeyer until 1858 and was professor at Ghent and Bonn (Ulearntoday 1).”

Media & Disasters personal essay help: personal essay help

Analyzes positive & negative effects, ethics, bias of media coverage of Titanic, 1992 L.A. riot, 1996 ValuJet crash.

Americans turn to the media during natural disasters and severe weather as a source of information. Radio and television provide information on where an earthquake occurred and how strong it was, whether a tornado watch or warning is in effect, and which direction hurricanes and tropical storms are headed. Few dispute the importance of media coverage in these instances, and the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) evolved to take advantage of the ability of mass media to quickly inform thousands and even millions of individual about potential problems in their region. However, the media’s coverage of disasters extends into the aftermath of the disaster, with information about the extent and cost of the damage, speculation about who (or what) was responsible for the event, and interviews with families who have been…

Dimitri Mendeleev high school essay help: high school essay help

This paper discusses the life and contributions of Dimitri Mendeleev, the founder of the first Periodic Table of Elements.

This paper looks at the life-long contributions that Dimitri Mendeleev made to the field of chemistry. The author details Mendeleev’s personal and professional biography including his battle against childhood disease which almost cost him his life. His family’s struggle to insure that he was able to study at a prestigious university and to overcome the poverty into which he had been born influenced his drive to constantly work and succeed in his chosen field. In 1869 Mendeleev constructed the first Periodic Table of Elements. He also authored many books in the field of chemistry and predicted the discovery of many different elements, as well as weights and measure. The author also notes his many contributions to the advancement of technology in Russia.

Mendeleev was born in 1834 in Siberia. His family consisted of thirteen brothers and sisters, his mother and his father. The family was poor, his father eventually went deaf before he died, and yet Mendeleev’s mother insisted that her youngest child further his education. He hitchhiked over 14,000 miles across Russia to Moscow, only to be turned down by the University of Moscow because he was from Siberia. His mother never gave up, and the two of them traveled to St. Petersburg where he trained and eventually became a Professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of. St. Petersburg. (Chang, 233) During his third year of study there, Mendeleev fell ill, and was bedridden for the next year. He kept up with his studies, and graduated on time, and received the medal of excellence for being first in his class. (Rumppe, Sixtus

Classroom Management and Organizational Planning professional essay help: professional essay help

An examination of classroom management techniques.

The author discusses the importance of creating classroom routines, plans and a safe environment for children to interact for effective classroom performance.

“There are certain characteristics an educator must posses in order to establish a management and organizational plan. With this in mind, a lengthy topic discussed by Froyen & Iverson (1999) is conduct and covenant management within the classroom. In order to address this topic, it is imperative that the teacher establishes a classroom routine that is followed daily. It is also necessary to establish a safe environment in which students will be able to learn and feel they can share and discuss new knowledge. Lesson plans and materials need to flow and make sense to both my students and the educator. The sharing of expectations and goals to students for each lesson will help guide the students toward mastery of material. In order to address content management, a form of checking students understanding and evidence of mastery for each lesson should follow unit material. Any discipline problems that arise during a lesson should be solved with input from the student.’

Polaroid Corporation free essay help: free essay help

A case analysis of Polaroid Corporation outlining its competitive strategies, organization hierarchy and current status.

The following paper examines the role of strategic management in an organization especially one that is in the competitive environment of technology, such as ‘Polaroid’. This essay examines how Polaroid managed to start off with a figment of imagination of land, and eventually turned into a multi million dollar empire. However, the process of getting to such a large corporation took some process thinking on the part of the management. The writer examines the effectivity of Polaroid’s Management’s decisions.

When Polaroid first started out it was the only leader in the market. With its innovative technology, it managed to a large market base that eventually became its main consumers. However, soon it was faced with competition in the form of Berkley Photo and later on from international and local divisions in the form of Kodak, Eastman and Fuji. It was likely that Polaroid would be facing competition as it diversified in its various divisions. For instance in the movie business, camera business as well as vendor relationship.”

End of Cold War & Superpower Relations grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Historical context, causes & effects, reformist policies of Soviet ruler Gorbachev, military issues, failure of communist economy.

This research paper explains what is meant by the end of the Cold War and how and why it ended. The end of the Cold War encompasses a combination of events, the most important of which was the cessation of the confrontation and competition of the two nuclear superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, and their allies, including nuclear disarmament, the withdrawal of Soviet military power from Central Europe, the toppling of communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the breakup of the Soviet empire and the collapse of the Soviet communist government and economic system. Many internal and external factors contributed to this result, but the most important were the internal centrifugal forces unleashed by the policies of the last Soviet ruler, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Black Holes essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper presents a detailed look at black holes, providing the reader with a description of this phenomenon as well as evidence that it exists.

The following paper takes a look at the historical discovery of black holes, the current mindset about what they are and how they relate to the universe. The writer asserts that while the evidence is circumstantial at best, it is becoming more unified with each new discovery.

“Since the advent of science fiction the Black Hole theory has been used to add dimension and character to many books and movies. The space ships are sucked into Black Holes never to be heard from again, aliens are believed to emerge from them and they are used as portals to new universes according to fictional history. The use of the theory of Black Holes in fictional works is something that allows artistic license about what they are and what they aren’t and what scientists believe at this point to be true.”

The Role of the Technical Trainer college admission essay help: college admission essay help

This is a research study which examines presenting and evaluation methods of technical training.

An examination of the needs and challenges of the technical trainer when designing and delivering instruction through the use of technology, specifically through critical incident questioning. This study determines the skills and competencies required by the trainer in order to effectively deliver information. Included are diagrams and graphs to explain the material analyzed.

“The role of a technical trainer carries a heavy weight in today’s workplace. With the ever-changing pace of today’s technology, there must be a way to provide guidance and support to these trainers. Research suggests that technical training contains a range of positive and negative characteristics. “Teaching via the Internet can be categorized as either institutional, instructional, technical, or personal, and the specific reservation about employing this technology may be closely related to the type and degree of technological use.” (Piotrowski & Vodanovich, 2000, p.48).”

Schizophrenia narrative essay help: narrative essay help

Definition, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment alternatives (drugs, family intervention, therapy, community-based).

The CDC website which, supposedly covers most diseases, is a confusing array of diseases. But, go to the alphabetic index, try S for Schizophrenia, and find nothing. Try Mental Health after a few other futile attempts, and you find some statistics about releases for mental patients, numbers of suicides for the year, and a list of nursing homes and other facilities, but no statistics on schizophrenia. It simply may not be a reportable disease. The reasons could be that there are other symptoms, unrelated to this so-called split personality syndrome, and so there is no simple statistic just for Schizophrenia.

Engineering Experiment on Friction instant essay help: instant essay help

This paper tests the co-efficient of friction and how it differs when weight and surface type are changed.

The following paper aims to find the force required to move blocks of different weights across different surfaces, thus finding a value for friction and comparing the results with that of a textbook and recording any differences. The conclusion found in this paper is that friction is directly proportional to the weight force applied and is measured in terms of the coefficient of friction, represented by the Greek letter mu (m).

“The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the frictional force present and the normal reaction to the mating surfaces and is represented as,
m = Ff – Rn
Rn = Normal reaction, weight force
Fn = Frictional force
But may also be worked out by dividing the force required in Kg by the weight of the object. Eg the force required to move a 25Kg object is 5Kg so to work out the coefficient of the object we would divide 5 by 25 to give a coefficient of 0.2.
Because of this the surface area of the block is independent to that of the coefficient and is not needed when determining a value for friction.
The coefficient of wood against wood is 0.35 giving a relatively low value for friction whereas rubber against concrete is 0.8 meaning it would be hard to slide rubber on concrete. The coefficient can be greatly reduced if a lubricant of some sort is applied in between the surfaces as it forms a layer preventing the bumps on the surfaces rubbing together making it easier to slide the objects past each other.”

The Age of Discovery: European Exploration college essay help online: college essay help online

A paper focusing on European exploration following the Middle Ages.

This paper discusses land and sea explorations undertaken by various European nations. The author cites specific explorers and their achievements. Also discussed are the effects of all “exploration” on indigenous cultures.

“The Age of Discovery was instrumental in the expansion of European civilization. The Age of Discovery produced European empires, stimulated economies and brought significant changes to most of Europe. European expansion and discovery affected not only Europe, but changed the societies and cultures of the civilizations that the Europeans impacted (annihilated). Euro-centrically speaking, the most important impact of the Age of Discovery was the role it played in changing Europe from an agrarian economy to a commercial and industrial capitalistic system.”

European Mercantilism and the Protestant Reformation essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper discusses mercantilism in Europe, and how it was affected by the Protestant Reformation in various countries throughout the continent.

The author provides examples of mercantilism in various European countries. Includes a look at not only religious, but also economic and political factors at work.

“European mercantilism was the product of the Protestant Reformation, though there were other factors which played an integral role in its development. The growth and development of mercantilist economies was proliferated by protestant states and without these states, European economies would have stagnated and remained generally primitive. Still, the French were able to have a successful foray into mercantilism. The Reformation had a substantial impact on the economies of Europe. The new attitudes fostered by the Reformation set the stage for Mercantilism and the later capitalist age. The national-state was formed and then preserved by the Reformation-inspired contractual “natural law” philosophy of Hobbes and Locke.”

Racism in Sports need essay help: need essay help

Sociocultural analysis of racist attitudes & practices in college & pro athletics, players & management, educational & scholarship aspects, institutional bias.

It is a well known fact that the standard of living of Blacks is below that of Whites in America. Blacks are continually migrating to urban centers in search of jobs, with the result that the hearts of many large cities are turning into overpopulated ghetto areas. Once trapped in a ghetto, advancement is very difficult. Generations of families are caught in the same cycle of little education, unemployment and low incomes.

A common belief among many people is that sports are a great avenue of escape for Blacks. They look at all of the high-salaried Blacks in the professional league and conclude that they have made it in society; high incomes, respected and accepted. The feeling runs that if these people can do it, others can ..

Democracy essay help: essay help

This paper gives a brief history of Athenian democracy, including economic conditions leading up to the start of this form of government.

This paper gives a brief history of Athenian democracy. The author discusses economic conditions leading up to the start of this form of government. Paper concludes with the replacement of democracy by another form of ruler ship.

“By 700 BC Athens was an established city-state on the peninsula of Attica. Originally a monarchy with the king elected by the aristocracy, Athens came to be ruled by the wealthy aristocrats, the upper tier in Athenian society. These aristocrats became known as the Boule. A group of nine Archons were elected from the Boule. They made all the laws and were responsible for executed them. Draco was elected head Archon in 621 BC and is remembered for writing down all the existing verbal laws, known as the Draconian code.”

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