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HSA 4421 case

2. The analysis/report shall repeat and answer in detail each of the questions found at the end of the case study.
3. The references for each question/answer shall immediately follow each narrative before proceeding to the next question/answer.
4. At least three (3) Three “External Authoritative Sources” in addition to the case study and textbooks are required for maximum points on EACH question/answer (“External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this course shall mean: articles from published books, peer reviewed journal articles, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, however the article selected must have Authors; and in text citations and references to support statements made therein. Under no circumstances are newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions, definition of terms, “dot com” sites, and text books from the course or other courses to be used. It is improper to place a citation in the middle of a sentence. One can lead with the source in the sentence but cannot use a citation within parenthesis except at the end of the sentence. repeat the question
5. provide a detailed narrative substantively answering the question asked with at least 3 external authoritative sources cited
references for sources cited in the narrative. Each reference shall include at a minimum the journal name and page numbers or publication information if a book
proceed to the next question and proceed as stated in 5.1- 5.3 above until all questions are answered
6. Each issue, question, paragraph and sentence with a statistic, number or direct quote is required to contain at least one “External Authoritative Source” to support the statements and conclusions made therein.
7. A source and citation is required on each table/chart used. A source cannot be referenced unless it was cited in the narrative answer.
9. The textbook from which the case study was published and the course text book must be cited just like any other source. It is not permissible to write “In the text book… or In the case study…”
Case Study In-Text Citation: (McAlearney and Kovner, 2013)
Case Study Reference: McAlearney, A. and Kovner, A. (2013). Health Services Management: Cases ; Readings ; and Commentary ; Tenth Edition. 10th ed. Arlington: AUPHA, pp._____.

10. Every “direct quote” in the narrative must include the page or paragraph number in the citation.
I . What criteria would you use in evaluating the four candidates?
2.What are the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate?
3.What were Matthews’s criteria for evaluating the four candidates?
4.Whom would you recommend to Dr. Francis as your selection for the position?’
5.What is the evidence that you used in making this recommendation?

HSA 4700 REF provided powerpoint


Writing Question

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Hi I am looking for someone who can write a A 3-4 page (double-spaced) reflection paper on any of these 4 articles. The class is movement lawyering so the paper would need to somehow connect the reflection back to being a lawyer. Thank you!

HSA 4110 CASE. STUDY discussion

you can decide on doing:
2-3 pages essay summary (on word document) (Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below)
Power Point presentation or Prezi (10–15 slides).(Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below
the following questions:What should be your immediate response to Millie Norman? Why?
Do you believe you have the basis on which to proceed with disciplinary action against someone? Why or why not?
How can the human resource department help you in your present concern?
be sure that you also back up your posts with factual information from the text (when it applies to the initial discussion board question APA FORMAT double spaced

English Question

For this assignment, you will write an essay analyzing ONE short story.
Your essay will need to present a THEME from the short story and show
how 1-3 literary elements affect that theme.
The short stories you can choose are attached in the PDF
I have attached all of the essay instructions
your essay needs to be 4 pages, minimum (not counting the Works
Cited page).

Developmental Psychcology

Prompt: Observing Our Own Private SpeechMaricia ParksNo unread replies.No replies.
PROMPT: Observing Our Own Private Speech. You must answer each question below using 200 or more words in complete sentence thoughts. You may write in paragraph form, make sure each question (question will not be included in word count) is answered within your discussion. Please edit your submission, as you will forfeit points if not edited as required.
Do No Forget: Reply to two of your classmates’ post as required, see number (5) below. Note: Classmate replies are required on every discussion assignment!
As described in the text, private speech—a cornerstone of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of development—never really disappears. Instead, it morphs into whispers, lip movements, and silent, inner speech, and its prevalence is linked to task difficulty. Please consider these questions about your own use of private speech: (Worth 50 points)
(1)Do you use inner speech to help you prepare for a difficult exam or another anxiety-producing task, explain? (125 words or more)
(2) In what ways are your own internal dialogs similar to what Vygotsky described? How do they differ, explain? (125 words or more)
(3) Vygotsky described the importance of private speech for cognitive development in children. Does it serve the same function for you as an adult, or is it more of a motivational spur or emotion regulation strategy, explain? (125 words or more)
(4) Perhaps some of you are—athletes, for example—literally talk aloud to themselves before or during a task. For those who do this: Do you find the sound of your own voice more effective than an internal dialog? If not an athlete, what are your thoughts about literally talking aloud while during a task, explain? (125 words or more)
(5) What is the role of task difficulty when are you more likely to use private speech at difficult level of challenge, at a moderate level of challenge or when, explain?
(6) Each student must reply to at least two (2) classmates’ post using a minimum of five (5) complete sentences…worth 10 points. **You must post your assignment before you can reply to 2 of your classmates.** Failure to follow directions will result in a grade of “0”. Please review the “Prompt Activity Rubric” to avoid forfeiture of points.


Content: Language Arts
Target students: Kindergarten
Objective (CPALMS): LAFS.K.RL.2.6 (Links to an external site.)
“With prompting and support, identify the author and illustrator of a story and define the role of each in telling the story.”
Target vocabulary:
Introduction: 1. Utilizing a book, show where the author is and show where the illustrator is on the cover.
Read the story and demonstrate that the author WROTE the words and the illustrator DREW the pictures.
Demonstrate the hand movements done for writing the word
Have the students do the hand movements for writing
Demonstrate the hand movements done for drawing the pictures
Have the students do the hand movements for illustrating
Repeat this process on each page
Students will then return to their seats for the physical activity
Physical activity:
“Act it out”
The teacher will pass out the worksheet
Students will get pencils and crayons out
The teacher will go to the front of the classroom and say “Pretend you are an author, write a sentence about your favorite thing to do after school.”
At the same time, there will be a visual on the board stating the directions as well as pictures of what they are supposed to be doing.
The teacher will then check to see where everyone is at and help guide students that need help.
Once a majority of students are ready, the teacher will say, “Pretend you are an illustrator, I want you to now draw a picture about your favorite thing to do after school.”
Simultaneously for this step, there will be a visual (pictures) of what they are supposed to be doing at this time as well as written instructions.
To conclude the activity, the teacher will proceed with a quick assessment which involves reviewing their work and also asking them questions. This is more detailed in my assessment section.
Assessment: The teacher will come around to each student and ask them to point to where the illustrator’s name is on the same storybook cover and ask what they do. The teacher will do the same for the author. The teacher will also review their “Act it Out” worksheets.

Evaluation of Internet Sources

For this assignment, you are going to use the research plan you developed in Discussion Forum Three to search for sources on the internet. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate online sources, so you do not need to seek sources from the Macomb library databases. In fact, you probably do not need to look beyond a Google search of online sources, though you may want to use multiple search terms or look beyond the first page of search results.
Ultimately you are going to find and evaluate four internet sources, which can be from articles from popular news outlets, websites from government agencies or nonprofit organizations, or web pages from schools or companies. Choose sources you might be interested in using for your Problem/Solution Research Paper, but know they do not need to be “perfect” in terms of quality at this point. The point of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to discern quality sources from not-so-quality ones.
To begin, locate four relevant sources related to your topic that you might consider using as research in your final essay; then, typing directly into the scoresheet in the attached file (below), create MLA Works Cited entries (in alphabetical order) for the sources you have found.
In order of how the sources appear in the Works Cited list, evaluate the four sources by assigning a score of 0 (low quality) to 5 (high quality) for each of the criteria in the table provided. Explanations for each of the criteria can be found in the Week 3 Module under the “Evaluating Internet Resources” (Links to an external site.)link from Georgetown University.
After scoring and adding totals, provide written rationale for your total scores by explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each source. Explanations should be typed below the chart in the document provided, and they should clarify why you deducted any points from a source’s score or explain why a source is or is not credible. Use a minimum of five sentences for each rationale. Feel free to refer to the student sample below for guidance.
To submit this assignment, save the document with your scores and explanations. Upload the saved file by clicking the green link in the upper right corner of this page. Read the rubric below carefully.
Assignment document: Source Credibility Scoresheet Download Source Credibility Scoresheet
Student Sample: Assignment #3 Example

Econ Stats

Follow attach with the image
Socially conscious investors screen out stocks of alcohol and tobacco makers, firms with poor environmental records, and companies with poor labor practices. Some examples of “good,” socially conscious companies are Johnson and Johnson, Dell Computers, Bank of America, and Home Depot. The question is, are such stocks overpriced? One measure of value is the P/E, or price-to-earnings ratio. High P/E ratios may indicate a stock is overpriced. For the S

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