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HSE 401- Risk Assesment

Conduct a Risk Assessment on a specific target in your community, a school, hospital, business or government office (be sure to choose an actual specific target for this assignment).
Next describe the natural, technical or man-made hazard which is most likely to threaten your target. For example, the Ambassador hotel in my town of Mayberry is most likely to face a natural hazard such as a tornado. Mayberry is a small midwestern town so terrorism and earthquakes are unlikely to occur. However, the threat from tornadoes are a real possibility.
Conduct historical research of past hazards to establish a baseline for how much risk your community faces from this hazard. What is the frequency of this hazard? Is it predictable and or cyclical (tornado or hurricane season)?
Describe what the impact of the hazard and the loss of your target would have on your community.
Discuss how the risk to your target can be mitigated?
Which agencies and or private entities may be involved in the risk analysis process and mitigation process.
Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the terms and concepts associated with Risk. For example, RISK (R) can be calculated as follows: R = f (C, V, T)
C = the CONSEQUENCES of an attack on a particular target
V = an assessment of the VULNERABILITY of the target
T = the THREAT or likelihood that a specific target will suffer an attack or disaster

Provide 3 References to back your work

(Getting to know you) and. (DB 2) M comm

discussion 1
I’d like us all to introduce ourselves and share a little so we can get to know each other better. This DB is due Saturday. You can do it anytime up until then. Please comment on two fellow student’s posts! Remember to keep all comments respectful. No late DB posts or replies will be accepted.
Please answer the following questions:
intended major
single? married? children?
favorite book(s)
favorite restaurant(s)
favorite movie(s)
favorite food(s)
favorite song(s)
favorite singer or band(s)
favorite TV show(s)
favorite thing(s) to do in your spare time
pet peeve (what really bugs you)
biggest fear
discussion 2

There are a few questions to answer this week. Please answer in detail and respond to two classmate’s posts by 11:59 pm on Saturday 1/8.
1. When, if ever, is book censorship justified? Use examples to explain and defend your answer. Make sure you read Chapter 3 “Books” especially pages 79-82 “Controversies” before answering.
2. What are some of the effects of e-books on the general population?
3. What type of reader are you? What effect has your reading style had on your education and your life?
this is the name of the book:
Mass Media in a Changing World by George Rodman (4th edition)

Video response

Based on Adichie’s TED talk, answer the following questions. Your answer to each question should include 3-4 complete sentences.
Why does she argue that single stories are “dangerous”?
What does she realize during her trip to Mexico?
In your opinion, how can one avoid creating, or recreating, single stories about others?
In order to earn the full 10 points, you must fully answer the prompt, write clearly, and write at least 3 complete sentences per answer.
*WRITE USING YOUR OWN WORDS: any plagiarism will result in no credit. If you use her words, you must use quotation marks. Quoted text does not count towards the number of required sentences.

Please revise: instructor comments are in the previous version of essay! Instructor’s Feedback You provide overview of the topic

Writing Assignment Help Please revise: instructor comments are in the previous version of essay!

Instructor’s Feedback

You provide overview of the topic in the beginning of the paper and wrap up with the main points of the article. Be sure that introduction needs to include the purpose of your critique. Think about appropriate conclusion in critique. You may add strengths and weaknesses of the article concisely in fresh words in conclusion.
You utilize citations from the article and paraphrase them properly and objectively summarize main points. Research procedures (data collection tools/procedures and analysis tool/criteria) and need to be clearly described in an organized way.
In the critical analysis part, constructive criticisms are not developed enough. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article in your perspectives? Can you specifically show the evidence to make reasonable criticism? Do you think the research design in this study is appropriate for the research goal? Did the author draw conclusions based on results?, etc. Validity of the article in research questions, literature review, research procedures, or drawing conclusions should be discussed in analytic ways using your own rational perspectives. Please be aware that the purpose of this assignment is not to review the article or criticize the topic of the study, but to develop constructive criticism about the research study.
The “minimum” number of words are 750 except a cover page and reference. The “minimum” number of words do not guarantee the quality of contents. Please review that all the sections are described enough and meet the requirements written in instruction and grading rubric.
You provide at least one additional resource, keep the similarity rate low, and follow APA formatting. You may use 2 or 3 level of headings like the sample for more organized writing. Please read the instruction and grading rubrics again and apply my feedback to the next critique.

Communications Question

Media Hype Assignment
Students are to write a full 2-page reaction paper regarding “Worry About the Right Things” and “The Media Likes Scaring Us” both by John Stossel. I’d like to know your opinion regarding the two articles you read. Please also include your responses to each of the following questions in your paper.
1. Was anything surprising to you?
2. Can you think of a time when you remember something being “hyped” on TV or in the newspaper?
3. Describe a time when you or your family members were affected by media hype.
4. Has something hyped on TV or newspapers affected the way you thought or behaved?
5. Do you have any fears that may have been enhanced by something you saw on TV or read in a magazine or newspaper?
6. Discuss in detail some of the situations the author discussed and your reaction to it.
Papers Must Include:
APA style format
Include proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Include proper use of paragraphs. Incorporate proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion). Must have an APA-style cover page.
Minimum two full pages.

Watch the video and answer the questions , no outside resources 1. Why were Crick and Watson kicked off

Watch the video and answer the questions , no outside resources
1. Why were Crick and Watson kicked off the team in 1951?
2. What information did Crick and Watson get from Erwin Chargaff and another team that was crucial in their discovery?
3. Who stated that science shouldn’t be kept in a bag any more than cats? How did this attitude help contribute to the success of Crick and Watson?
4. Although Crick, Watson, and Wilkens were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for this discovery, Franklin was excluded. Was this fair? Explain.

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