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HUM-100-Q3974 Perspectives in the Humanities 22EW3

2-1 Discussion: Cultural Work and Its ValueIn this week’s discussion, we are exploring cultural works and their value. Think of an object from the world around you that has a particular meaning or personal value to share with the class, one that holds particular significance. It can be a song, a dance performance, a painting, a figurine, a meme, and so on. It can be any work that has historical or cultural value. This cultural work does not have to be the same as the one you are proposing for this week’s milestone.
Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.
For your initial post, address the following in a few paragraphs:Identify the creator of the work, if known, and describe what cultural events you think influenced the artist to create this work.
Pick one or two characteristics that move you the most.
Describe how these characteristics affect your experience and led you to interpret the cultural work the way you did.
For your response posts, address the following:Pick two peers who have an interpretation of a cultural work that might be different from your own.
What strikes you about your classmates’ chosen works? How is your interpretation similar to or different from theirs?
What are some cultural events that you think might have influenced the artists?
Remember, this assignment is graded on the quality of your initial post and at least two response posts to your classmates. If you refer to any module resources, be sure to include an attribution (or citation) for the resource.

Discussion Questions

How would you describe the relationship between God and humans in the readings from the Greek Bible (called by Christians The New Testament)? How does the relation between humans and God/the gods in the Greek Biblical (New Testament) material compare with the relationship between the gods and humans in the Greek readings from Homer, for example, and Sophocles? How does it compare to the readings from the Hebrew Biblical material (the Old Testament)?
Refer to specific examples from the readings and discuss what issues you think are raised by these examples.

analyzing ethical dilemma

Management Assignment Help Submit a completed template for analyzing an ethical dilemma following the attached template which include details of the expectations for this assignment. You must use the template format – NO EXCEPTIONS. The lessons and resources provide sufficient clarity and background to allow completion of this assignment. You may choose any dilemma for this assignment from the attached list. If you do not select from the attached list, your dilemma must be preapproved by the instructor.

Week 1, Post 1: Choose any work of art from Chapter 5 in your textbook that has not already

Week 1, Post 1: Choose any work of art from Chapter 5 in your textbook that has not already been chosen by another classmate. To help other participants in the discussion find the work, identify the work by figure number, artist, title, and year in the name of your thread. For example, on page 91 in your book you will find the following: Figure 5.1, Koons, Puppy, 2005. The in-text citation for this work would be as follows (Koons, 2005). Be sure to cite any additional sources you use in the APA format.

Respond critically to the work of art using the following criteria:

1. What makes the work of art special to you and/or others?

2. What is your emotional response to the work?

3. What were the artist’s intentions in creating the work?

4. What is the historical context in which the work of art was produced?

5. How do you relate to or respond to the characters or figures in the work of art, even if you have nothing in common with them?

6. Using the information you have gathered, what is your personal opinion of the work of art?

Your initial post should be written in paragraph form and be a minimum of 300 words.

You can pick and famous art online

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