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human resource coursework

She tells you that she just left a meeting where the CEO said he is considering eliminating all employee wellness and work-life balance programs.  He recently attended a conference where a presenter argued that those programs aren’t effective in helping employees and are a waste of money.  The CEO sees this as a potential opportunity to increase the company’s profits, but the HR Director is convinced that this would be a mistake.She asks you to conduct an analysis to show the value (or lack of value) the Rex Employee Wellness and Work-Life Balance Program provides. 1. Select one of the following:Corporate gym / fitness centerEmployee Assistance Program Emergency Daycare Remote Work / Work From Home / Flexible Workplace policy 2. In your post, describe the anticipated value of your selected program.  In other words, what is the rationale for having this program?  Make sure you consider:The cost of the programPotential reduced costs from the program (e.g., from reduced absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, reduced loss of productivity, etc.)Potential increased revenue (e.g., from increased productivity, etc.) 3. Briefly describe how you would calculate the value.  You don’t have to make up numbers.  Just show the required calculations. 4. Cite course materials (e.g., textbook, lectures, etc.) to support your answer.

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