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Human resource planning is a very essential aspect in any organization. The planning exercise helps in organizing the organizations staff for overall realization of short term and long term objectives of the organization.
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This is a very important aspect in the human resource management. It is a continuous and systematic process that identifies the current and future HR needs that helps achieve organizational goals. The planning process is aimed at ensuring that the quality of human resource in the organization is f high quality and quantity. The planning process should also ensure that the human resource at the organizations disposal is utilized to the optimum. It is also an obligation of HRP to anticipate for possible deficits or surplus to the human resource and act swiftly to control the damage. HRP is critical in defining development strategies for the organization.
The process of human resource planning must define the organization’s objectives. Blueprint to the accomplishment of these objectives must be provided which will also include the number of persons and the time frame within which the objectives will be realized.
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Human resource planning has serious implications to the overall performance of the organization. The HRP in an organization will have serious consequences on realization of the organizational objectives depending on how it is conducted.  The planning process must be well integrated with the business plan. Failure to effectively plan the human resource may expose the organization to some risks such as staffing, productivity and employee morale. Proper organization planning also reduces significantly effects of due diligence(Reed, 2001). Discipline among the staffs is critical which can greatly save the organization from lawsuits expenses and negative public exposure.  Proper human resource planning can effectively save on cost and negative publicity of the organization which can be detrimental to the success of the organization.
The implementation of the human resource planning is faced with numerous challenges. It is difficult in implementing the financial planning than human resource planning. The main challenge is because the human resource mainly deals with the people who are generally interchangeable. Dealing with human resource requires constant moving from one place to another. Moving people from one place to another is at times difficult which makes the planning process difficult. Realization of organizational objectives may require surplus human resource which will greatly drain the profits of the organization. Unnecessary expenses must be avoided at all costs in the planning process in human resource.
The planning process will be executed by the human resource department. Planning of human resource will be guided by the organizations mission and vision statements of the organization.  Human resource planning is greatly concerned with the competency of the human resource at the disposal of the organization. The success of the human resource planning must also integrate properly with the business plan if the organizations objectives are to be realized (Cornelius, 2001).
Organizational objectives can only be achieved through searching of suitable personnel to perform in the organization. The process through which the human resource arrives at the people required to realize he organizational dream is referred to as recruitment.
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It is this process of searching for and obtaining potential candidates and the right number for the realization of the goals of the organization. Best quality and right number of people should be selected to fulfill the needs of the organization. The recruitment process depends on the size and culture of the organization and may be undertaken by human resource specialists or employment agencies.
The hiring of the qualified personnel should be both within and without the organization. Recruitment process includes job analysis so that the requirements of the job will help determine the best qualified persons for the job. Effective job analysis serves as blueprint in the recruitment process that helps in screening and selection of the desired staff. Recruitment process is concluded through hiring and integrating of the new employees to the organization.  The organization may decide to source its recruitment either internally or from external sources. Internal sources include transfers and promotion while externally it can be through press advertisements, educational institutes among others and is guided by merits.
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Recruitment process has serious implications on the overall organizational performance. The most common implications associated with a recruitment process are the financial implications. Previous researches indicate that the recruitment process has serious financial implications to the organization. The price of recruitment has been substantially high starting from advertising to actual hiring of the required staff. The organizations are also expected to incur miscellaneous costs in sorting of applicants CVs and interviewing potential employees. The recruitment process is also time consuming and is likely to have detrimental effects on general productivity of the organization(Amos, 2008).
Evaluation of the recruitment process is essential to ensure that the success of the organization is realized. The recruitment process is critical in organizations objectives it provides the platform for the organizations workforce. Priorities in the exercise are to ensure cost effectiveness and high quality of staff in the organization. Previous surveys show that majority of organizations have had difficulties in the recruitment process. Most of these difficulties have been as a result of lack of necessary skills and difference in remuneration expectations among potential employees. Human resource must ensure that the skill mismatch is avoided and growth encouraged in the organization at a cost effective recruitment process.
Human resource recruiting is a guiding factor that helps determine the kind of professionals needed to fill different vacancies within an organization. The human resources department should handle this exercise with caution to ensure that the recruited staff meets the job requirements for overall realization of the firm’s objectives.
For a long time, selection has been mistaken to mean the same as recruitment. However, it is important to note that the two are very distinct aspects in human resource. While recruitment refers to the process of hiring human capital, selection on the other had refers to the process of predicting candidates likely to make most appropriate contribution to the organization now and in future.
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The process involves analysis of personal attributes and matching them with the job requirements. In essence, the selection process is a predictive process whereby personal attributes are used as a measure of job performance by the potential employees.
The selection process aims at providing the organization with the best qualified workforce. The criteria used in the selection process must be in a free, fair and transparent process. Only the qualified staff should be selected and discrimination in terms of color, gender, race, sex or ethnic affiliation should be condemned with the strongest terms possible.  The sources of selection process are defined by the classic trio.This selection process may be conducted thorough application form, interviews and references. Interviews have however been the constant source of selection in majority of organizations. It assumed to be the best avenue through which personal attributes and be easily assessed and predictions on job performance made(Collings& Wood, 2009).
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The selection process is a critical aspect in the human resource management. Serious implications are associated with the selection process and it should be strategic to realize organizational objectives. The production and overall performance of an organization largely depends on the success of the selection process. Good hires may result in increase in production and performance value in an organization. However, bad hires can be detrimental to the organization in terms of low productivity and high costs involved in the hiring of new staff. A selection process must match the job requirement as well as the organizational culture for positive results to be realized(Reddy, 2005).
Evaluation of selection process is a vital step in a successful human resource management. The selection process should be guided by overall objective of the organization. The process is a predictive one where personal attributes are assessed and matched with job requirements. Predictive process has numerous errors in judgment which include; perceptual biases, stereotypes and heuristics. Effective selection process should possess high degrees of validity and reliability to serve the purpose of achieving organization goals. During selection process, great measures should be put in place to ensure that the selection process is bias free and job performance of the organization is not compromised.
The selection process should be a compliment to the recruitment process and must always ensure that the right people are selected for the right job.
After recruitment and selection, the newly hired staff must get to understand the culture and the environment their new work place. The process through which new staff gets the necessary information, resources and motivation required in the new work environment is referred to as induction.
Describing the topic
The induction process is critical in ensuring high performance at the workplace that ensures that the employees reach their full potential. It is also important as it ensures that the newly hired staff is conversant with the organizations culture.
The induction process is not a single day event and should start even before the new hire is in place of work.  This process must ensure that there is free flow of information from the departmental managers of the new staff. Constant information on the culture and expectations within the organization should be posted within the organizations website. Online induction serves a better purpose since it’s timely in terms of information provision. Human resource should assist the managers in assisting the new hire to adapt in the culture of the organization.Sources
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Induction to the culture has serious implications to the general performance of the organization. The sole purpose of this process is to ensure that the new hire reach the expected standards as quick as possible. However, it is important to note that this is not a continuation of the interview. It is the most suitable means to increase the performance of new employees. Failure to effectively induce new employees leads to low performance. Fluctuation of employees is also high in organizations that induction is not seriously taken. The management should also ensure that the induction process is not continuation of the selection process to eliminate fear from the new hire(Sims, 2007).
The induction process can be said to be complete if it achieves the following perspectives; administrative, social integration and corporate human resource management. Newly hired staff must come into terms such as vision, values and norms in an organization. The success of this process largely depends of the psychological contract between the employer and the employee. Employer and employee have different set of beliefs and the induction process aims at merging the two for the overall welfare of the organization. However the process has some difficulties such as information overload, lack of follow up and is at times viewed as a checklist by new hire. This can render the exercise fruitless.
Induction process is a critical practice to ensure that newly hired persons are well conversant with the goals and objectives of the organization.
Topic 5: Reward
The general performance of an organizational workforce is heavily reliant on the motivation of the workers. Motivation of the workforce is realized through various rewards which could be in terms of money or other non-monetary things.
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Several theories such as Maslow’s and Mitzberg have consistently claimed that human being must be motivated in order to work. Employees must be motivated in order to increase their productivity.  Every organization should design a good rewarding system that will increase the morale of the staff.
The organization must put it clear what is the rewarding strategy so that employees can easily know what they expect. There are two broad categories of rewarding strategies employed by major organizations in the world.  These two strategies are job based and performance based strategies. Either of these rewarding strategies is aimed at improving the overall performance of the organization. Non-monetary rewards are aimed at providing a better working environment which will consequently lead to increased results.
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A reward system will have essential implications on the morale of the employees which will consequently influence the performance of the organization. In most cases, rewards are for the team or an individual who have been excellent in dispensation of their duties. This serves as great motivation for the employees to work extra harder for recognition. Non-monetary rewards such as promotion and increased control can serve the purpose better. Essentially, a company that neglects rewarding its staff are likely to have very serious repercussions as it is evident that human being must be motivated for better results.
A good rewarding system is the one that tries to strike a balance between what the employers want and what is wanted by employees. Whether the reward system employed in an organization is job based or performance based, the overall objective of the reward system is to provide motivation to employees. However, it is important for the organization to ensure that their rewarding system does not erode the overall profitability of the organization. It must also ensure that it offers essential motivation to the organizations employees.
Showing appreciation to an organizations workforce is a very important aspect in human resource management. This is because it has a lot of significance in the general levels of output delivered by the staff.
Human resource department is obligated to hire and ensure that whoever is hired adds value to the organization. It is also their obligation to ensure that the organizations staff does not unnecessarily leave the organization through a process referred to as retention.
Describing the topic
In order to ensure that the organization is faced with a low staff turnover, it is necessary to know the various factors that lead to people leaving an organization. Most of staff leaves an organization due to pull factors, push factors or a combination of the two. It is the role of human resource to understand these concepts and put in place measures to mitigate the vice. In most cases, push factors have been a common phenomenon and it is within the control of HR and thus necessary measures should be taken.
Low rate of staff turnover is an indication of a good selection and recruitment process. This is explained by the fact that most of organizations employees leave within the first three months of employment.  During the selection process, it is vital for the selection specialist to assess the length of time that the new hire is likely to work in the new organization. The attributes of job hoping should be a critical assessment aspect during selection. Proper induction and reward systems in an organization are also critical in staff retention.
Secord, H., & Secord, H., 2003. Implementing best practices in human resources management. TSims, R. R., 2007. Human resource management: contemporary issues, challenges, and opportunities. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Pub..oronto: CCH Canadian
Implications of high staff turnover are detrimental to the general survival of the organization. The most feared implication of the staff turnover is the increase in general expenditures in an organization. There will be an increase in overheads which will range from recruitment cost, development costs and selection costs. There will also be a general increase in administrative costs such as advertising, the resignation and new hiring of staff. The exercise may also be time intensive in terms of fresh recruitment and selection process.
Retention of staff has been a major concern in major organizations from different industries. For instance, a report from recruitment, retention and turnover survey indicates that there are turnovers in almost every sector of the economy. This has been from retailers, hotels, civil service and fire fighters. However it is important to note that the highest turnover is in the retail and lower paid sectors as opposed to the civil service and other high paid sectors. It is also worth noting that the rate of turnover in UK is quite low may be due to the better working conditions in the country.
Every organization must strive to ensure that their highly qualified staffs serves the organization for the longest periods possible. This will help the organization utilize employees potential to the maximum and also save on time and costs incurred in new recruitment and selection processes.
General Conclusion
Human resource management is a very important aspect.  The process involves six major steps which are critical to the overall performance of the organization.Recruiting is useful in the process of putting together a short list for the staffing process. Human resource selection will narrow down the company’s true human capital needs.  Rewarding is useful in giving employees a return for their efforts. Human resource induction and culture are part of the familiarization process of new recruits. Retention and knowledge management are useful in ensuring that the company gains from its employees’ productivity for a long time to come and keeping off competition from the industry.
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Senior Business Development Manager essay help online………………… qualified business development personnel who can take your business to the next level. A combination of professional leadership and business strategy, ………. boosts your business to the heights you dream of. I like working with outcome oriented organizations and professionals to make a better future in the business world. He currently works with Beever International which is a leading international organization that offers transport and catering services in most parts f the world. The company is based in Dubai but is having several outlets in other parts of the world.
Prior to the current position, ……… has worked in various other big institutions such as coke, Disney, Cisco, Reuters and many more where great success is realized. He has also received numerous awards as a result of exemplary job. Most importantly………. provides essential insights to development of business thus making the business thrive. Capacity building and mentorship training to staff in your company is also my core business. Personal coaching and auxiliary services in business development is a task I pleasure most.
…… lives in California with his loving parents. He is a caring family man with a kind heart.
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Abortion essay help freeAbortion is defined as the abrupt termination of a pregnancy through flushing out a fetus from an expecting mother. It involves inducing birth to an expectant woman before the whole pregnancy period is over. For the last few years, abortion has been a topic of debate where there are those who are in support while others strongly oppose the idea of carrying out abortion (Lee, 2010). Both those in support and those opposing the idea have both moral and legal reasons that support their choice thus making the debate an interesting one. Form my own perspective; abortion is morally permissible only if the woman’s life is at stake, in which case the woman and fetus have competing rights to life and the woman may protect her life. All other abortions are prima facie morally impermissible because from conception the fetus has a future like ours.
In order to make a sound decision on whether or not abortion is justifiable, it is important for us to ask ourselves several questions. Some of these questions are; Does the fetus /embryo have any moral and/or legal rights?, Is the fetus a human person? And what are the criteria of being a person? These questions are vital in making sound decision on whether or not abortion should be justified either legally or morally.
Before making a decision on procuring an abortion, it is important to understand that all persons have the right to life. However, there are contradicting statements on what life means and from what point does life begin. Those who are pro abortion argues that fetus is not human and thus a woman has absolute right to do what she wants with her body. However, this is not the case and every person should know that life begins at conception and thus a fetus is a human being. It is also important to note that it is legally and morally wrong to terminate life of either the fetus or any other human being. Carrying out an abortion entails killing a fetus which is a human being which is morally and legally wrong (Lee, 2010).
However, there are some situations upon which abortion could be permissible. At some point, there are situations at which there are conflicting interests between the fetus and the pregnant mother. Some of these situations are critical and at times can put the life of the mother at stake.  There has been great debate on at what stage does a fetus become person. This is because there are those who argue that the fetus becomes a person at certain stage after birth or sometime prior birth. However under this context, we take the fetus as person since the point of conception henceforth and thus have absolute right to life.
According to Judith Jarvis Thomson, abortion should be morally permissible if the mother’s life is endangered. Thomson asserts that, even though the fetus becomes a person after conception, and has the right to life consists not in the right not to be killed, but rather in the right not to be killed unjustly (Lee, 2010). The assertion by Thomson implies that a woman has the right to terminate her own pregnancy if he does it in good faith and the fetus is not killed unjustly. Thomson argues that one’s life can be taken justly and that is morally right.
Another situation where termination of pregnancy is recommended is when the health of the mother is at risk. Even though the proponents of abortion believe that death to fetus is harmful and have similar rights like ours, it is at times difficult to maintain such rights especially when the right of the fetus conflict with that of the mother. Stone is one of the renowned advocates of abortion (Lee, 2010). According to Stone, ” death seriously harms the fetus and so the fetus has a right to life because death deprives the fetus of conscious goods which it is the fetus’s biological natural to make itself have “. However when a woman’s health is at stake or they will give birth to child with abnormality, then abortion would be better for the mother and for the baby. If we know the child will be born with defects then there is no point in having the mother keep the baby if she chooses not to.
Although there are several critics that oppose abortion claiming that it denies the fetus its person hood, it is important to consider the health of the fetus and that of the pregnant woman. There are certain circumstances under which the baby’s condition is questionable and could transfer the problem to the mother. Continuing a dangerous pregnancy could be disastrous to both the mother and the fetus and under such circumstances, initiating an abortion is morally permissible (Lee, 2010). For instance, a diabetic mother is likely to give birth to a child with multiple defects as opposed to non-diabetic women. A woman with heart disease should also be discouraged to carry pregnancy since continuing with such pregnancies would put both the mother and the baby at risk.
Those in support of abortion argue that unwanted pregnancies are very stressful to women carrying them. It is for this reason that they assert that women have a right to decide on what to do with their bodies. Unwanted pregnancies could be as a result of rape, illnesses or being too young for parenting.  This gives women a chance to abort unwanted pregnancies for several reasons. Thomson explains this phenomenon with a hypothetical situation which suggests that women have the right to do what they want with their bodies (Lee, 2010). This hypothesis is based on the famous unconscious violinist that tends to imply that a right to decide what to do with one’s body outweighs a “right to life.” Since the fetus is unconscious, there is tendency to believe that the fetus does not qualify to be a person and thus procuring an abortion does not entail abortion. This phenomenon can be further stressed by Marjorie Reiley Maguire definition of personhood. This philosopher defines personhood to begin at a point where the mother accepts pregnancy. These philosophers confirm that abortion is morally permissible if its continuation will be putting either the life of the mother or the child at risk.
In conclusion, it is important to understand that most of the federal governments are legislating laws aimed at discouraging abortion. However, it is important to note that women have the right to chose what to do with their bodies (Lee, 2010). It is important to note that women should only be allowed to carry pregnancies which they accept and do not pose any risk to either the unborn or the pregnant. Proper definition of human or in other words the beginning f life should be clearly determined to enable wise decisions in matters pertaining to abortion. This is because every human has right to life but these rights should not hinder the right of others. It is for this reason that women should be allowed to carry out abortions especially if their life/ health is at stake. It is also essential to note that advocates of abortion are aware that abortion is morally wrong but women should be given a chance to do what is good for them and their unborn babies.
Works Cited
Lee, Patrick. Abortion & unborn human life. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 2010. Print
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America’s Impact of Being a Super Power essay help onlineMany Americans remained convinced that involvement in World War I had been a mistake and even congress passed a series of Neutrality Acts that banned travel on belligerents’ ships and the sale of arms to countries at war (Foner, 2010). America due to the effect it suffered never wanted to be involved again. In this paper, we will find out how and why the united states accepted the role of a world leader and how it impacted lives both foreign and at home.
Britain being the most powerful country and controlled many colonies dealt with international matters like the one with Germany preventing it from acquiring more territories. Due to the continued demand for territory, France, Britain and Soviet Union united to oppose Germany. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and Britain and France pledged war since they had vowed to protect Poland but Germany was unstoppable and in no time they had invaded Belgium, Netherlands and even Paris. Britain was left alone in fighting Germany and called on the other countries for support.
In 1940, congress allowed the sale of arms to Britain on “cash and carry” basis and in 1941 the United States became more allied to countries fighting Germany and helped greatly with arms and military aid to Britain and china. According to Foner (2010) Roosevelt also froze Japanese assets in the United States, halting virtually all trade between the countries, including the sale of oil vital to Japan since it attacked part of China. This increased tension between America and Japan but not until the bombing of the Pearl Harbor and this is when America entered into the war. With the entry of America into World War II the war completely changed and many wars against Germany and Japan were won. This is becauseAmerica had much arms and man force since it forced industries to change production and start manufacturing war tool and many migrants who before were not allowed in the military were recruited so as to increase man power and also increased taxes to increase funds channeled to the war. This made America very powerful since it had the machinery and the funds to maintain its army.
During Roosevelt time, America had created atomic bombs and was launched by Truman during Japans attack to show its might. The bombs launched at Nagasaki and Hiroshima greatly destroyed the two cities and led to mass death of both civilians and the Japanese military. Civilians had never been targeted before and America was greatly criticized. Being the only country with an atomic bomb, America was seen as the most powerful and was left to deal with world matters by Britain.Britain informed the United States that because its economy had been shattered by the war, it could no longer afford its traditional international role (Foner, 2010). Britain withdrew its military support and financial aid from Greece and Turkey and United Sates was asked to fill the vacuum by Britain.
Having the most powerful army and air force, the United States was termed as a superpower.  It accounted for half the world’s manufacturing capacity. It was economically stable since major businesses and manufacturing companies profited from the war. These companies being the largest in the worldprovided employment for nearly three quarter of the population reducing the level of unemployment. According to Walter Lippmann “America is to be to the world of tomorrow.”The war had united America as they all had united during the war. All people in America were termed as equal since they had signed an agreement with the three leaders from America, Britain and Soviet Union to let all people have their rights and choose their governments.
Being a super power, the United States was to protect the rights of the people worldwide and when Soviet Union violated those rights it was to deal with it.  America embraced the cold war in 1947 when Soviet Union was violating the future freedom of the world. The states had to shoulder the responsibilities of free world countries whenever they were threatened by the Soviet Union. They gave the countries financial support to defeat their enemies and this burden went to the tax payers since tax had to increase. This led to the creation of the Marshall Plan to help promote capitalism in developing countries.
Since America was the reason of Japans crumble, it was to help in its economic reconstruction and by 1950s the recovery was in full swing. Also the United Nations was created to prevent future war and maintain peace. All the countries had to sign and America not being used to be controlled termed this as a price to pay for peace. Human rights organizations were created and all people gained their freedom and rights were protected. Strong language was prohibited and discrimination on the basis of sex, race and religion.
After the war, the Americans were not ready to be involved in another war but being a super power, it had to be involved in the Korean War. More than 33,000 Americans died a price that had to be paid.
America established military bases in Japan making it strong so as to prevent future threats and deal with anything quickly. America also had to drop its colonies from pressure as free world could not be achieved without independence but it had a difficult time convincing the other colonial powers to free their empires.
Due to involvement in the world, America created branches like the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Department. Art could no longer be funded since the government needed to reduce expenditure though the government still funded it secretly. This somehow affected it. Artist became political and CIA promoted art school so as to produce arts criticizing the communists. The government due to the cold war became dishonest to the people and human rights were violated as freedom of speech was not freely expressed like before.
After the war, the number of military was reduced as some went back to be civilians. The number of divorces increased due to the changes that had happened during the war. Ex- soldiers were helped by the introduction of the GI bill. They went back to school, got mortgages and even employment though this led to unemployment in women who had taken up men jobs.  Fair employment was practiced without discrimination though discrimination was not fully over in the U.S. the blacks still experienced discrimination and always ganged up to fight for their rights.Military industrial bases were made permanent and decisions and projects made by the government were mainly based on national security and all this due to the cold war.The United States was never the same again.
Though many negative changes in America were experienced due to the war, there were also positive ones as there was development in agriculture and also increase in employment. Development increased since cities emerged, living improved as many families owned T.V sets and would know what went on in the country and the world and also watch advertisement leading to growth in companies as goods were sold. Many vehicles were manufactured as people were able to afford them. Women who were greatly unemployed after the war now got employment and as the modern women, they worked part time so as to take care of their families later. Racism greatly reduced as the government viewed all people as equal and could attend any institution and all were allowed to vote.
After undergoing the war and emerging as a super power, it experienced many changes both negative and positive. Being a super power had negative changes in it as major decisions made were influenced by its decision. Later after the war, America greatly developed making life better for most people.
Foner, E. (2010).Give Me Liberty: An American History. (Ex: 3rd Ed.).
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United States Relationship with the Middle East college essay helpState of Israel is always labeled the unofficial fifty first state of the United States. This is because of the great relations the United States has had with Israel.  Their great relationship ties were born after the World War II when the Unites States supported the creation of Israel in 1947 out of Palestine so that the displaced Jews would have a place to settle.  Though much opposition from the Americans, President Truman went on and offered his support and even after the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. The United States vowed to protect Israel from any form of attack either internally or externally and even mobilized other states to accept Israel.  It provided Israel with economic and military grants especially when it was at war with Egypt and when the U.S was competing with the Soviet Union for influence in the region. The Soviet Union was helping Egypt and that’s when the U.S pumped in millions of dollars in the war to help Israel. This helped improve Israel to becoming powerful nation in the Middle East and since then, their ties have grown stronger and stronger.
Due to the good relations, the Israel Lobby is considerably more powerful and pervasive than other lobbies. It has existed for years under the Zionists secretly and even illegally throughout its history without the knowledge of the Americans due to the good ties of both governments. This relationship has improved from the sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish homeland to an unusual partnership that links Israel, dependent on the United States for its economic and military strength, with the U. S. even after the war, the united states continued providing Israel with aid and this has been criticized since Israel will become fully dependent on the U.S. this helped has seen Israel improve economically and technologically and even having a powerful military(Israeli-United States Relations, 2002). America has also benefitted from the ties as Israel provides military technology to America. This has made them inter dependent.
All American Presidents have continued to maintain the good ties throughout though difficult at times particularly when Israel did not share the same views with the united states that it was responsible for peace in the region but later came to an understanding. Americas support for Palestine political rights during Carters time created tension between the two countries (Israeli-United States Relations, 2002).
America’s relation with Israel has affected its relationship with other Middle East States. Israel being the only Jewish country in the Arab region, it has had many enemies and has dragged America into it since most of the time it’s forced to support Israel. America hasn’t taken any action when Israel attacks surrounding countries for example when it attacked Gaza and killed 1,400 Palestinians and instead supports it. It doesn’t advocate for nuclear weapon inspection as it does for other nations. This has made Israel a threat to its neighbors and does what it wants since it has the American support. It fights for territory expansion leading to loss of lives in Palestine. America has been unable to broker peace in the region since it’s not impartial. The Arab countries consider America as an enemy since it’s responsible for Israel attack in the region since it supports it and provides aid to it.
Israel – America relations has affected America a lot since its always one sided in the Middle East politics and has been able to bring peace in the region. It has also had the Muslims as an enemy leading to increased terrorist attacks in the U.S. inability of America to intervene in the Palestine war with Israel has worsened it leading to fighting in the region and terrorist attacks. Israel has also been named an enemy by the Middle East countries. This has affected the Middle East politics and is bitter with U.S and Israel and has also affected trade between the two countries.
Work cited.
“Israeli-United States Relations.” Almanac of Policy Issues. 17 October 2002. Web.
22 April 2014.
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Racism in UAE essay help onlineRacism refers to a situation where certain actions, practices or beliefs foster different treatment to people of different races. Under such circumstances, the different races are either treated as superior or inferior to the others. Racism has been a major menace in many political countries where it has been met with approval in some countries where others have been in great denial to the vice. Middle East has been a great destination of racism especially in the work places. This has been as a result of the tremendous rise in the number of foreigners working in these countries where they have suffered immensely as a result of racism. The increased racism in the working sector has resulted to the increase in the slavery and mistreatment of foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates (Kymlicka & Pföstl, 2014).
In order to properly understand the racism practices in the UAE, it is important to understand the structure and the components of the races present in UAE. It is consisted of several emirates that include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm, Khaimah and Fujairah. All these emirates are of Islamic faith and Arab is their official language. However, the countries have received a good number of foreign workers as a result of diversified economy and increasing levels of unemployment in other parts of the world. From past researches, it is clear that more than 90% of the working population in UAE is from foreigners. The working population in these Arab countries is composed of 1.75 million Indians, 1.25 million Pakistanis, 500,000 Bangladeshis; 1 million other Asian; 500,000 European and African (Sheppard, 2009).
For several years, many people have opted to work and live in several of these Arab countries as a result of perceived good living standards and availability of well paying jobs. However, it has turned to be a very different situation. This is because radicalization has become the order of the day. Several foreign workers have been subjected to poor working and living standards as well as poor pay according to several human rights researches. Several foreign workers in these Arab countries have been subjected to inhumane treatment which has resulted to several deaths and increase in slavery (Kymlicka & Pföstl, 2014). The most vulnerable people have been the blacks who have been subjected to slavery despite the abolition of Slave Trade Act in early 1807. Slavery in Middle East and especially in UAE has been the order of the day and serious action should be taken with swift.
The foreigners working in United Arab Emirates have been experiencing several labor abuses which range from low income to other inhumane acts from their employers. The great suffering is from the casuals especially house helps and those doing manual works such as masons, plumbers just to mention but a few. For inst6ance, the Kafala sponsorship program has been categorized as one of the extreme exploitation of the foreign workers. This program has been in place for several years and offers the employers and sponsors absolute rights to determine the legal residence of workers (Kymlicka & Pföstl, 2014). This program is also responsible for the utmost control of the employees to determine the migrants living conditions, nutrition, and their ability to return home, their pay as well as the capacity to change employment. This program has been the root cause of every inhumane act since the migrants are tied up in these countries and have no route to escape.
Some of the racial abuse originates from the migrants country of origin where there are several employment agencies.  These agencies are known to charge very colossal sums as recruitment fee with false promises of high pay. The employment agencies are also responsible for confiscating the foreigners’ passports to ensure that their clients will have no opportunity to escape from these countries. With the passports confiscated, the foreigners can be subjected to forced labor and at times with little or no pay. This is because the employees do not have an opportunity to return to their home countries and they also face the risk of illegal residence status. This makes the employees to live in debt and thus they remain tied to the harsh working conditions subjected to them by their employers (Sheppard, 2009).
Another form of racism action experienced by the foreigners working in United Arab Emirates as exposed by Human Rights Watch is the extreme working conditions which are also referred to as labor camp conditions. The human right watch has described the people working in construction sites as well as the domestic workers as the most affected group of workers. It has been asserted that several foreigners working in the construction sites have been exposed to long working hours (in excess of 12 hours per day and no holidays) and in extreme weather conditions. The domestic workers have also been subjected to such and even worse treatment from their employers. They have greatly suffered from debt bondage and wage exploitation which has made their living conditions intolerable. In some instances, several domestic workers have been a subject of sex abuse which has been accelerated by the enclosed nature of their jobs. Most of these domestic workers live like prisoners in their employers’ home where they don’t even have a chance to get out of the homestead (Kymlicka & Pföstl, 2014). To add salt to injury, their wellbeing is thought to be at greater risk given the undocumented abuses that occur within the intimate sphere of the home.
The political formation in the United Arab Emirates has been a critical factor which has promoted racism in the work place. The low paid employment for example has been promoted by the prohibition of trade unions within the country. Absences of such labor unions have been a great hindrance to bargaining for better wages. The government has not put in place legal grounds on which mistreated employees can address labor conflicts as they arise in their work place. This has the ultimate effect of disempowering workers and their capacity to determine their employment choices, rights to expression, association and free movement within their work place. Failure by the political government to put in place avenues to address such issues and conflicts in work places has resulted to an increase in the number of suicidal deaths in these Arab countries. This has been evidenced by the international labor force which indicates that suicides have increased vehemently among the low income migrant workers.
In conclusion, the rates of racial abuse to foreigners in these Arab countries have been a major concern to the world population. The increase in such inhumane acts has been a critical health concern as far as world health organization is concerned. It has also resulted to lapse in moral and cultural behavior. Actions of human trafficking, sex tourism and other emotional and psychological well being of the foreign workers have been greatly jeopardized. The forced labor and sexual abuse of employees have been very detrimental to their health (Sheppard, 2009).  The abuse of migrants and denying them a right to get back to their home country brings about separation with other family members which results to both psychological and emotional problems in the society. As a result, the UAE government needs to embrace mechanisms to reduce such inhumane acts within these states. For instance, the government should put in place a better legal ground upon which the perpetrators can face justice through court systems, deportation, imprisonment and repression. Increased human watch activities should also be encouraged in these countries to ensure that racism is reduced significantly.
Kymlicka, W., & Pföstl, E. (2014). Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in the Arab World. New York: Oxford University Press.
Sheppard, E. S. (2009). A world of difference: encountering and contesting development (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford Press.
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Six Flag Amusement Park SWOT Analysis college application essay helpStrengths
Strengths in a SWOT analysis refers to the factors within the organization that helps achieve the objectives and goals of the organization. Six Flag Amusement Park is endorsed with a lot of advantageous factors that makes the firm as competitive as possible. The most notable strength associated with the business enterprise is its adaptability to host people of all ages. The entertainment facilities in the Park can be of great benefit to both the young and the older people which will result to a great turnover within the organization (Böhm, 2009). Most parents are enticed to take their kids to this park since there are facilities to enjoy people of all ages. Customers visiting this park do not have to leave their children in the park and serves as an opportunity for having a family fun day.
Another strength that the Six Flag amusement park should try to maximize is its strategic position within which it is situated. It is important to understand that the park will be situated in a very strategic position as compared with other parks in Qatar. This will serve to the advantage of the firm since it will help immensely in increasing the number of visitors within the park. A strategic position will be instrumental to the daily growth of the firm. The vast land (over 80 acres) forms another strength that the firm will aim to maximize on.
Six Flag amusement park is however faced with some weaknesses which the firm’s management should act swiftly to ensure that perpetuity of the firm is maintained. For instance, the Park will enter in already competitive market where several other parks are already established. Entertainment industry in Qatar is already flooded and hence the firm must strive to ensure they create a brand for the services offered. This will be achieved through providing high quality services to ensure that it remains competitive (Böhm, 2009).
Opportunities in SWOT analysis refers to the external factors that favors the organization to thrive. For instance, the entertainment industry in Qatar has been expanding every year. This has led to an increase in the demand for entertainment and amusement services which is to the advantage of Six Flag Amusement Park. The increase in demand for these services can be a great opportunity for the firm to increase the number of services offered in the park. This is to the advantage of the firm since the firm will have mountains, musical parades, and exotic jungle rivers among others which make the Park an exceptional destination.
Threats in SWOT analysis refers to those external factors that hinder the competitiveness of a firm. The Six Flag Amusement Park is also faced with some externalities that negatively affect the development of the firm. For instance, new entrants in the amusement industry are likely to venture in this business.  This will add to the likes of Aqua Park Qatar, Gondolania Theme Park and Doha Park thus reducing profitability in the sector. The attractive nature of the entertainment business is likely to attract more entertainment parks being established in the country. In order to remain as competitive as possible, it is important for the firm to ensure that the quality of services offered is not compromised (Böhm, 2009). The firm must ensure differentiation is achieved so that the attendance in the park increases every day. In order to curb the increase levels of competition, the firm must also invest heavily in promotion and advertisement through social, audio and visual media. This will be very essential to increase brand awareness to both Qatar and non-Qatar residents.
Böhm, A. (2009). The SWOT Analysis. München: GRIN Verlag.
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Best Tablets for Fashion Company Feasibility Report essay helpEXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Splendor Fashions and Boutique aims to be the best fashion retailing outlet in town. It is for this reason that the company aims at conducting research on how best it can get to its customer.  Customers require getting adequate information on the existence, price and the advantages of the product in question. The research aims at unearthing the best placed catalogues to adapt in enhancing its sales.
The research problem for the boutique is to enhance its customer reach through the use of tablets to improve customer view. The company is certain that the use of tablet will be essential in improving customer view as catalogue but it is of great importance to understand how different tablets can effectively fulfill this mission. This research process is of paramount importance to the success of the organization.  This is because it offers the company with an avenue of making its products known to their consumers. The tablets can display the photos of the fashions thus enhancing their decision making even before they get to these shops. All features and the varieties of the fashions can all be viewed in these tablets catalogues.
There are several tablets for use as a catalog at the disposal of the company. For instance, there is the apple ipad, Samsung galaxy and Google nexus 7. All these computer tablets have display, circuitry and battery in the same unit. They are also portable devices thus making their use for customer view as catalog a very realistic achievement. However, the three tablets have different features ranging from size, displays, technical capabilities, price and durability just to mention but a few.
In order to get the right information regarding the apple ipad, Samsung galaxy and the Google nexus 7, it is essential to carry out extensive research. Different information sources will be of great importance to the success of the research process. For instance, this research process aims at utilizing secondary data relating to the three tablets. This information can be derived from the company’s manual booklets in which tablets capabilities and their different technical capabilities can be obtained for comparison and analysis. These manual booklets from the manufacturers of these tablets will provide very essential information which will be vital in reaching at conclusive decisions.
Primary sources of information were also used in gathering of the much needed information. The most effective primary is use of questionnaires that can be issued to the different manufacturers of these gadgets. The questionnaires can also be distributed to the nearby population through which information regarding the suitability of these tablets can be ascertained. The information gathered from the use of these questionnaires is hoped to be great importance since the manufacturers will help understand the operations of the gadgets. The population which is the target audience of the company will also make their desire known to the boutique management.
Another primary source of information in this feasibility study will involve the use of interview. The research team formulated several interview questions regarding the three devices. These questions were directed towards technicians who are involved in the repair of the gadgets. This because they have a better history on the three devices and can have their opinion on which is best placed for the job. The organization can also conduct an interview with the expected consumer base through which a better comparison of the three tablets can be realized.
In order to decide on the best tablet for catalog use, it is important to apply the best criteria. This will help make a choice after understanding the characteristics and adaptability of the tablet to the desired functions. The criteria for choosing the best tablet include:

Favorable design characteristics
Inbuilt features and display

After the feasibility study by the splendor fashions and boutique research team, the following conclusions were deemed essential in the corporate decision making process on the best tablet for use as catalog for customer view.
For instance, in terms of favorable designs and characteristics, apple ipad has an upper hand as compared to Google nexus 7 and the Samsung galaxy. However Nexus 7 and the Samsung galaxy also have several design characteristics which can make their use relevant in the catalog view for these customers.
The apple ipad has a pleasant design that will make its use more applicable in the modern market.  The construction of the ipad tablet remains one of the most outstanding in the tablet market. The choice of construction materials is excellent thus giving the gadget an incredible svelte body. The ipad has reasonable thinness of about 0.28” which makes the tablet more popular with the users who consider nexus 7 and the Samsung galaxy as bulky.
The apple ipad is also known to have other very essential design characteristics. For instance, the apple ipad is very important for snapping photos. This remains a vital characteristic especially for the consumer viewing catalog. The ipad enjoys a front facing pack with 1.2 megapixel camera with capability of shooting 720p videos. It is also important to understand that the apple ipad also enjoys a 5-megapixel autofocus rear camera. This is an added advantage considering that the nexus 7 has only one fr5ont camera as well as the one with Samsung galaxy.
In terms of display, the three gadgets are almost at per although the apple ipad is deemed to have a lower resolution display. The apple ipad has a larger 7.9 inch IPS LCD display but this does not conform with the low resolution of 1024 x 768 (162 ppi).  On the other hand, Google nexus 7 has a better impression which is advanced by the presence of the 7-inch WXGA 1280 X 800 IPS display (216 ppi). However, it is important to note that it is a bit difficult to distinguish among the gadgets which exhibits the sharper visuals ,but at close examination, it is crystal clear that the nexus 7 delivers high quality resolution. However it is also important to understand that the tablets share several other favorable aspects such as iridescent colour tones, high brightness output, wide viewing g angles and good outdoor visibility. The iridescent color tones and the variety viewing angles have been very essential in promoting catalog view for the customers.
In terms of durability, the apple ipad is deemed to be the most durable among the three tablets. This is due to the build quality enjoyed by the gadget which makes the durability of the gadget unquestionable. Apple ipad is made of high quality aluminium and glass which makes it more solid. The gadget is light (308grams) and has a tiny bezel surrounding the screen which makes the ipad more durable even in cases of drop.
On the other hand, Google nexus 7 is not such a solid gadget. However, it is quite light as compared to the apple ipad thus making it better while it is in hand. However, the product cannot be deemed as a premium product since its durability is questionable. The same case applies to Samsung galaxy which is more plastic. Though it looks pleasant to use, the gadget cannot be relished as it is likely not to be durable.
After clear analysis of the three tablets, it is recommended that the ICT department in the company should approve the apple ipad. The department should liase well with the marketing department in the company to ensure that the use of these tablets achieve the desired results. Apple ipad is expected to fulfill this objective since it has features that exceed the criteria used 6to make the decision. The high resolution and the wide viewing dimension offered by the apple ipad will enable to fulfill the company’s objective of catalog display. The gadget is a pleasant one and this may be attractive to the customers thus leading to increased sales. The company can also negotiate with Apple Inc.for bulk delivery of the tablets which could lead to substantial discounts thus saving on costs.
The apple ipad is a much more modern tablet when compared to the Google nexus 7 and the Samsung galaxy. The manual booklet is more organized, there are manual booklets that can be found online, and there are videos online that guide people on how to use the tablet. It even has the option to select the operating language the user would like, this makes the gadget safe from obsolesce thus making the gadget the best option for the company.
In this section, an explanation of the different tablets is provided with a discussion of the three criteria that were analyzed to influence the recommendation.
Description of the tablets
The three tablets have very different designs that distinguish them. For instance, the Google nexus 7 has a 7 inch screen with 1280 x 800. The apple ipad has a 7.9 inch screen and a resolution of 1024 x galaxy on the other hand has a larger screen of almost 8 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1200.  They are all touch screens and are capable of displaying with variety of colours.
Figure 1 nexus 7
Figure; 2 Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 7 and Apple ipad tablets respectively
Criterion 1: favorable design and characteristics
The apple I pad remains the recommended tablet for the splendor fashions and design. The tablet has the following characteristics.

Design shape making it easy to carry. The tablet can fit in a jeans pocket or in a jacket.
High resolution displays with HD.
The touch screen makes it easy to operate.
Front and rear cameras thus making it easier to snap shooting.

Table 1: shows the main differences between the three tablets

Google nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy
Apple ipad

Screen size    7 inch
8.1 inch
7.9 inch

Resolution    1280 x 800 ppi
1920 x 1200 ppi
1024 x 768 ppi

Criterion 2: inbuilt features
The current technology level requires very sophisticated gadgets with the required features. The following features are desirable to ensure the company fulfils its desire.

An operating system of android
A capacity of large amount of data 64 GB
High processor of quad core or there about
A tablet with internet connection especially Wi-Fi tethering

In conclusion, the apple ipad has all these features and thus will provide the required service to the fashions company. The customer will feel appreciated and recognized by being associated with the stylish tablet. The tablet also has some inbuilt features that make it possible for the gadget to produce Quad HD image resolution. This makes it easy to simply conclude that the apple ipad offers the best solution to the splendor fashions and design in fulfilling its customer view catalog. It also makes the customer feel recognized since it is a classy and a sophisticated gadget that match the current technological world.
Figure 3:
As shown in the above figure, it is clear that the size of the screen in the tablet is also important in determining the resolution. Apple ipad offers the company the best viewing and resolution thus making it the best choice for the company. However it is important for the management of the company to have adequate training to the staff to ensure that the images displayed on the tablet have the right sharpness and the required distance.
Criterion 3: durability
The apple ipad remains the most durable of the three tablets. The aluminum material used in the assembling of the gadget gives it a longer life. The gadget is also of light weight thus making it not susceptible to drop. Another feature that makes the apple ipad durable tablet is the fact that its touch screen is secured with a cover. Manufacturers of these gadgets are aware of the risk associated with the screen which is very brittle. As a result, they have ensured that the screen has a cover to secure it just in case the tablet happens to fall. The screen is also well sealed to ensure that incase the tablet falls in water, there are minimum chances of the interior of the tablet to get soaked in water. Its light weight has been very instrumental in this front thus making the gadget more durable.
The apple ipad is also known to have a lithium battery which is long lasting. The battery can stay for up to ten hours without recharging which is a substantial time frame. It is also important to note that the battery for this tablet is accompanied with one year warranty which makes the choice of the tablet a wise one. This is because every company would wish to have inventory that is long lasting to minimize on maintenance and replacement costs.  This is exactly opposite of what can be expected from nexus 7 and Samsung galaxy tablet.
The apple ipad provides the company with the best durable option in the customer viewing catalog. It is the desire of every company to have durable inventory to reduce on replacement and maintenance cost. It is therefore recommended that the company goes for this gadget as it will serve the company for long period of time.
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Definition of terms:
Android: this is an operating system built in some classy tablets. It is designed for touch screen mobile devices.
Megapixels: pixels are the components of images captured digitally. Megapixel is equal to one million pixels. For instance a camera of 5 megapixels has images of 5 million pixels.
PPI: Pixel Per Inch: it is a measure of resolution through which the tablet can be able to display the image. Refers to both the vertical and horizontal density by which the gadget is able to display the images.
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Burberry Plc Marketing essay help site:eduIntroduction
Burberry Plc is a leading fashion house with its headquarters in London England. The company is involved in distributing of clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, sunglasses and fragrances just to mention a few. The company has been operational since 1856 and has several branded stores in different parts of the world (Richter, 2012). The company has realized a lot over the years which has led to it being listed in the stock market and has also been granted Royal Warrants by Queen Elizabeth II and the prince of Wales. The great success achieved by the company can be attributed to the best marketing strategies adopted by the firm.
Segmentation has been one of the most important marketing tools employed by the company. This is a process by which an organization aggregates its prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and are likely to respond in a similar manner towards a certain marketing action. In order to have an effective segmentation exercise, it is important to putt in consideration several criteria that are critical in fulfilling this purpose. Homogeneity in consumers’ needs, distinction of   group and their reaction to the market is essential in coming up with the effective segmentation strategy. The segmentation process can be demographic, behavioral, geographic or psychographic and the choice solely lies with the firms marketing department (Stephenson, 2005).
Burberry Plc intends to have Italy as its target segment. This form of segmentation is referred to as geographic segmentation. Under this kind of segmentation occurs when potential consumers are divided according to their location. It occurs as a result of aggregating markets according to different geographic units such as continents, countries and regions. In order to have an effective segmentation exercise, it is important to have a proper understanding of the different cultures among the different countries. It is also important to note that Burberry has a variety of products that provide services to people of ages and gender.
The reason why this kind of segmentation is considered a success is the fact that the potential market is likely to lead to tremendous increase in sales. This is because the Italians are known to be very conscious to fashions and related products.  The fashion industry in the major cities in Italy has been thriving well and thus Burberry is hoping to capitalize on this advantage to increase on sales. Burberry is hoping to take advantage of the great sensitivity of fashions especially in Milan where it is taken as the fashion capital. The fashion company has a variety of fashions and jewelries that are suitable for all people regardless of their ages and gender.
Italy is also known to be a habitat for different people since many people have left their country of origin to settle in Italy. This has made Italy to become home of French, Italians, Greeks, Arabs and Albanians. The ability of the country to host different people with different culture has made it a suitable and profitable market for the Burberry fashions and fragrances. This is because the company has a variety and thus the different cultural groups can have their taste from the company’s stores. The country enjoys a massive population of natives and foreigners thus making it a noble market for the company (Johnson, 2004).
After identifying the target segment, it is important to identify the correct positioning of the firms product. The process of positioning is closely related segmentation and involves ensuring that the product in question is presented to the potential consumers in the best possible way. The product in question must be strategically located to ensure that sales and profits are maximized. Burberry Plc intends to have several branded stores in major cities in Italy with the largest concentration being in Milan. This is because there are several boutiques and fashion outlets in this city and thus consumes will have variety to choose from. The cities also boast of different cultures and massive population which are critical in providing abundant market for these products. The product will also be positioned in other major cities and towns where there lively economic progress (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2012).
Burberry Plc can only venture in the Italian market either through foreign direct investment or through exporting their products. In order to make an informed and wise decision, it is important to understand how the two aspects will affect the overall profitability of the company. For instance, FDI can be instrumental for the Burberry Plc in its attempts to meet the shifting local demand more quickly thus leading to increased profits. On the other hand, FDI requires that the company will use local inputs which can be detrimental in terms of competition with the local firms. Use of FDI can only be recommended when the demand uncertainty is greater than the cost uncertainty. However, it is important to note that penetrating the market through exports can also be harmful to the company (Richter, 2012). This is because of the many restrictions and tariffs involved in foreign trade. It is for this reason that it is advisable for the company to combine both strategies to ensure that the profits are maximized.
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