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Humanities Question

Choose ONE of the following prompts and write up (at least) a thoughtful 200 word response; be sure to upload your response here before they are due (always on Fridays at midnight). Late RPs will not be accepted without a documentable excuse.
Option #1: Read Appendix A (Virgil’s Aeneid, Book 6) of the Esolen translation of The Inferno. Choose one passage that is the most interesting to you and explain why. What general observations can you make about Virgil’s conception of the afterlife?
Option #2: With this week’s lecture, we start exploring the origins and early phases of the Christian understanding of the afterlife. How does the early Christian conception of the afterlife in general and Hell, in particular, differ from other religious traditions and belief systems we have explored in this class? What ideas and beliefs are similar? Be specific!

ABC Europe

Welcome to APC Europe!
You are replacing Maggie, who was fired for her inability to handle the quality problems at Branco, a major supplier for APC.
APC’s production manager, Eric Koendeeile, has demanded a new supplier replace Branco, and your job is to produce an RFP for these parts and/or services. There are a series of issues in this case that must be addressed by any potential supplier submitting a RFP including cost, quality, quantity, customization, and delivery performance.
APC has produced a set of Supplier Performance Scoring Criteria that must be included in a RFP, and the winning bidder must be able to obtain at least a grade of three for all Quality, Delivery, and Continuous Improvement criteria (see specific information contained in case).
For examples of RFPs, please refer to Carson Case and any of the RFP examples and Excel spreadsheets available in Canvas links in this module. Your job, as the replacement for Maggie, is to produce a RFP that can be used to inform potential suppliers of the specifications and expectations for these products. The templates (use any of our samples or select from other sources) can be very useful for establishing a framework for your RFP, and then customize it for APC and their needs. You will have to “clean up” these original templates, because they were designed and used for companies other than APC!!
The RFP you are creating will be sent out to suppliers; do not make up any response from any supplier, however. You need to lead your suppliers to prepare adequate response to your RFP. So, providing them with a spreadsheet template for how they should respond to your RFP would make sense. There are critical issues in the RFP; how do you ensure the supplier addresses those specific issues? There are many ways to do this, but possibly a simple way is to provide sample cost templates with the critical areas listed in the template. Again,do not include any data in your uploaded spreadsheets for processing the completed RFP. Think through what APC needs as information on this type of product.
As always, use sections with headings! End with a concluding section that includes your specific learning(s) from the assignment.
Write well, use good organization and paragraphs, and grammar and punctuation. Avoid use of first person writing, split infinitives, and other grammar mistakes.
Requirements: 8-12 pages | .doc file

For your case study assignment this week you are to write a total of 4 half-page paragraphs, one each Essay

Management Assignment Help For your case study assignment this week you are to write a total of 4 half-page paragraphs, one each for Hurricane Katrina’s strikes in Louisiana and Mississippi from Chapter 12 and one paragraph for each of the two “normal disasters” from Chapter 13 of your readings. Each paragraph should focus on the disaster highlighted for the given location and discuss that disaster event from the perspective of Schneider’s framework.

Using the information from your readings and the Public Policy PowerPoint slides about Schneider’s framework, comment on the following:

For each of the two locations (Louisiana, Mississippi) impacted by Hurricane Katrina and two locations (South Carolina and Tennessee) for the flooding events …..
1. Determine Implementation Pattern
2. Characterize governmental response (e.g., success/failure, etc.)
3. Characterize human behavior (include Schneider’s terms for collective behavior, e.g., milling, keynoting, etc.)
4. Describe major events/characteristics of disaster that led to successes and failures
You must summarize these four findings in 4 individual half-page paragraphs for each disaster location.

Discussion – Operation management

The company is SABIC
3 pages
Provide in depth analysis for each question
With APA 7 edition style
Provided in text citation
References with 3 articles peer reviewed other than listed down
The book chapter 5
Stevenson, W. (2018). Operations management (13th ed.). Rochester Institute of Technology

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