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The People With No Name: Bushmen

Essay Preview: The People With No Name: Bushmen

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The People With No Name

The Bushmen, also referred to as the San, Basarwa, Ju/hoansi and the !Kung, are the ancient people who occupy the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The Bushmen are one of the worlds most ancient people, with history dating back more than 20,000 years (Lee 1984). From this ancient society, about 85,000 survive today (Godwin 2000). The Bushmen are one of the most studied societies because they are considered to be one of the oldest and also one of the few hunter-gatherer societies left today. They, like many other indigenous groups, have had a history of conflict, specifically with Europeans and Africans. Today, many efforts are being made to resolve current conflicts and ensure Bushmen survival.

Traditionally, the Bushmen were a hunter-gatherer society. Hunting and gathering was once the prime mode of survival for all humans and few societies still use this subsistence method today. Hunter-gatherers rely on the environment and availability of resources, dependent upon seasons, for foraging and hunting. For this reason, they are also considered nomadic since they must move once the resources in an area are used up.

In the 1960s, the Bushmen added herding and farming to their everyday life. The Bushmen are most known for their hunting, using a traditional bow and arrow and reversible arrowheads of bone dipped in poison. This famous poison is extracted from beetles and kills by paralysis. The animal does not die right away so the Bushmen have to track it. Tracking is considered to be one of the Bushmens greatest talents. Older Bushmen hunt by trapping or snaring. Other hunting techniques include hunting with dogs and hunting underground. Bushmen typically hunt hoofed mammals, such as the wildebeest, gemsbok and eland (Lee 1984). The Bushmen are very modest about their hunting and do not boast of their achievements. However, the killing of a very large animal is an occasion of celebration.

Meat is only thirty percent of the Bushmen diet due to scarcity of animals. The other seventy percent of the diet is vegetarian, consisting of nuts, berries and mongongo, the latter being the most important (Lee 1984). The Bushmen have extensive knowledge of the land and plants that surround them and can easily distinguish what is edible. They share all food that is hunted and gathered because they hunt and gather together and have equal distribution among them.

Bushmen live in small groups of about twenty-five to thirty. A typical Bushmen camp consists of a rough circle of grass huts, consisting of nuclear families, surrounding a central common space. At each hut there is a fire, around which people sleep at night. It is interesting to note that the only time the Bushmen actually sleep in the hut is during the rainy season, otherwise the hut is used only for storage (Lee and DeVore 1976). Behind the huts is where ash and garbage are thrown and beyond that is where the cooking of large animals occurs. Villages are quickly established and easily destroyed. The reason for this is that the Bushmen tend to move frequently. Bushmen rarely stay at a campsite for more than a few months. They move with the seasons but do not travel without direction; they have an annual route planned season by season. For example, the Bushmen of the Dobe region move northward, occupying territories as they travel and then go back to where they came from (Lee and DeVore 1976). Typically, the Bushmen “establish small, widely scattered, and short-lived camps during the rainy season and build larger, more permanent ones during the dry season” (Lee and DeVore 1976: 48).

Like traditional hunter-gather societies, the Bushmen have no hierarchical status in their society and no pre-defined leader (Lee 1984). Groups of people own the land on which they live, not individuals. The Bushmen also have no formal political institution. There is no leader but there are some that lead subtlety by suggesting decisions. For these reasons there is not much conflict between the Bushmen but when it does occur, a makeshift court with mediators settles the problem. Other important decisions are made on a group consensus. Division of responsibility is based on age and sex. By tradition, men hunt and women gather. Men typically go hunting alone while women go foraging in large groups. Gathering is done everyday while hunting is done a few times a week (Lee and DeVore 1976). Forty-five percent of the food is provided by men and the rest by women (Lee 1984).

The central organization principle for the Bushmen is kinship. Kinship applies to everyone, not just blood relations. In tribes, those that are related by blood are considered the owners of that land and are central to that specific tribe. If someone wanted to use the waterhole then they would have to obtain permission from the “hosts” of the tribe (Lee 1984). The custom of naming is also very important and central to social organization. The Bushmen have a set of names that they use repeatedly because everyone is named after someone else. For example, Richard Lee noted that in the Dobe area in 1964, there existed only 36 male names and 32 female names (Lee 1984). It is custom to name the young after the old, for example, the first-born son is named after the fathers father. Children are never named after their parents. Names are sex-linked and surnames do not exist. Since so few names exist, differentiation becomes difficult so nicknames are given. Naming is so important that sometimes it takes the place of genealogy. For example, anyone with the same name as your father is referred to as your father. Also, you are considered to be related to anyone with the same name, regardless of how distant a relative they are. Names are also important in marriage, for example, women may not marry a man that has the same name as her father or brother because technically they are her father or brother.

The ritual of marriage is also very unique to the Bushmen. The parents arrange all first marriages and they start planning as soon as the child is born. Mothers are extremely picky about potential husbands for their daughters; the man must be a good hunter, not a fighter and come from a family that practices gift giving. Once a match is found, a decade of gift giving, called Hxaro, happens before the actual marriage. There is no specific marriage ceremony, rather the man carries the woman into the marriage hut, modeling marriage-by-capture, and the marriage is completed by mutual consent. Incest is not allowed and Bushmen are not allowed to marry their first or second cousins. In the

North Vietnamese And Vietnam War my essay help uk

Vietnam War

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One of the longest fought and emotional wars that the U.S. Armed Forces have ever engaged is the Vietnam War. It is considered as the most unpopular military conflict in U.S. history. There is unprecedented lost in suffering, sorrow, and a national turmoil that can never be appeased with disgust (Johnson, 1988). Such participation in the war was a saw America so divided. And for many of the more than two million American veterans of the war, the inflicted wounds of Vietnam will never heal. This war was brought about by a military struggle spanning for almost 16 years that began from 1959 until 1975. The battles fought involved two warring factions namely the North Vietnamese and the National Liberation Front (NLF) who were opposed and in conflict with the United States forces and the South Vietnamese army. The Vietnamese people were no stranger’s to turmoil and killings. They have been history tested by time with a thousand years of slavery to the Chinese; a hundred years of domination by the French, and twenty years of civil war which will be aptly labeled as the American war.

U.S. Involvement in Vietnam

The entry of the US in the Vietnam War was a matter of conglomeration of internal events. The year beginning 1946 until 1954 was the struggle of Vietnam to gain independence from France that happened during the First Indochina War. This proved very divisive because it divided the country into North and South Vietnam. The former was under the control of the Vietnamese communists that are hard core oppositionist against France. If they gain liberation, their primary goal was to build a unified Vietnam under Communist rule. On the other hand, the south was controlled by Vietnamese who were with the side of the French men (Johnson, 1988).

The U.S. took the opportunity in deploying large numbers of troops to South Vietnam. Moreover, even U.S. allies gave their support by sending forces to quell the North Vietnamese regime. The following years saw American troops bloat from a number of 500 to a contingent numbering to 16,000 combat troops.

The U.S. forces succumbed to the military strategy utilized by the North Vietnamese. They were able to defeat the U.S. soldiers through guerilla attacks. The U.S. countered by conducting massive aerial bombing important locations and logistical areas of North Vietnam. At the same time, the U.S used large quantities of chemical defoliants from the air to open up the forests and therefore make the enemy as easy targets. The North Vietnamese did not loose its resolve with continuous attacks. Soon the U.S. forces sent for U.S. marines to further intensify ground war. According to Johnson, the support being exerted by U.S. was guided with the premise that Vietnam was part of a global struggle against communism (1988). The North Vietnamese forces were stubborn as they pronounced “if the Americans want to make war for twenty years then we shall make war for twenty years. If they want to make peace, we shall make peace and invite them to afternoon tea”(Johnson, 1988).

In spite of the raging battles, the war took a long time. Soon, the South Vietnamese government fell in spite of reinforcements sent by the US troops to prevent its collapse. By the year 1975, Vietnam was reunified as a communist country.

Machinations of U.S. Forces in Internal Conflicts in Vietnam

There have been historical accounts pointing to the invasion done by North Vietnam to the South. However, the real story that explains the matter was that the U.S. took unpublicized and provocative actions against North Vietnam.

Family Heirloom And Momentous Occasion Take Place Today law essay help: law essay help

Little Women, Persuasive

Essay title: Little Women, Persuasive

As the defense has so diligently pointed out, it is indeed a sad day in the history of our judicial system when an innocent woman is sent to her death for a crime that she did not commit. I, for one, am not planning on having that momentous occasion take place today, and this is for one simple reason: Justine is guilty. While the defense has done nothing but parade Justines friends in front of you saying how much of a “nice person” she is, I, the prosecution, have presented you with cold, hard facts, all of which point to the guilt of the defendant.

For instance, the defense has denied to present you with the crucial evidence that would prove her innocence: an alibi. Justine was totally unaccounted for on the night of Williams murder, giving her ample time to commit the atrocity of causing his death. The defense has never presented you with anything that could account for her presence at some other location than the crime scene.

Next, lets look at the most crucial piece of evidence in this case: the locket. The family heirloom that William took with him on the night of his homicide that somehow ended up on the person of Justine Moritz. Once again,

North Park College And Gary Kmiec custom essay help

The Perfect Gesture

Essay Preview: The Perfect Gesture

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The Perfect Gesture.

The perfect form football tackle, that is the perfect gesture. The person that made this gesture was Gary Kmiec. I witnessed this event for the first time, Labor Day, at the junior varsity football game against North Park College. The day was hot and humid, like a regular Chicago summer. The North Park Vikings field was hardly appealing to the eye. The field was one of those contraptions of a baseball/football field combination.

It was the third quarter of a very intense game, the score was 8-6 we were winning. Both teams were relying on their defenses to stop the opposing offense and in our case to score. From what I have heard through the “grape vine” is that the offense of North Central isnt the greatest, but we have one of the best defenses. The stands, like every other junior varsity game, had only a handful of people in them. Most of the die-hard fans were either family or girlfriends. Unlike the North Park Vikings, who suited up over 60 players in their royal blue, our junior varsity team had suited up about 29 players total. Out of those 29 select few, only 13 were on the defensive side of the ball.

North Park was on offense. The cardinal defense stood strong. It was second down and North Park needed five more yards to get the first down. I was not in the game at this time so I had an exceptional view. The Viking quarterback dropped back 2 steps then he handed the ball off to the half back. Kmiec, like he had always been taught, mirrored the half back shuffling parallel with him. Kmiec accelerated towards the ball carrier. Then it happened. The perfect gesture, the perfect tackle.

This was it. Kmiec had reached top speed when he met the ball carrier. When they met, Kmiec placed his right shoulder pad in the gut of the running back, making him lose his breath. Kmiec then wrapped his hands around the back of the ball carrier and pinned him to the ground. His helmet hit the ball directly, causing the pigskin to fly free from

Old Children And Third Semester a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The Perfect Job

Essay Preview: The Perfect Job

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There comes a time in life when you have to make a decision on what career is going to make you happy. When I was younger I had thought that being a nurse or a teacher was the path I would follow to have a career that I enjoyed. However, as I have gotten older I have realized that even though both nursing and teaching are very noble and wonderful professions, they are just not the path that I myself should take.

I started my college career in January of 2005, to obtain my Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education. I loved the teachers, the knowledge and skills that I was gaining. I finished my first two semesters while continuing in my customer service job. In my third semester, I decided that I needed to get some hands on experience and took a part time position at a local preschool. Keeping in mind that I was not only working 30 plus hours a week with twenty, three year old children, but I also had my own eighteen month old at home, plus taking a full course load at school and working to keep a marriage and house running.

To say the least I was just a little stressed out. However I continued on to my fourth and fifth semesters, when I realized that teaching was not going to be my personal life ambition. I loved working with children, I loved the people I worked with but the stress was taking its toll. My marriage was in ruins, my youngest son and I were in a homeless shelter and school was out of the question for the moment. I decided to take another teaching position closer to a new apartment that we had found and start looking at what I really wanted to do with my life.

I returned to looking at nursing schools and thought very long and very hard about it. I didnt want to waste anymore time into a profession that wasnt going to make me happy. I weighed out the pros and cons of the situation, and at last I came to the decision that nursing wasnt the correct path either. Im not afraid of blood or anything like that; I had worked in a long term care facility right out of high school. The main reason I chose not to pursue a career in nursing was the fact that when I had been pregnant with my youngest child, I had been given a spinal tap, not a huge deal except that I remember the nurse holding me down and I knew that I couldnt do that while someone was in pain. I know that the nurse that helped me that day was doing his job, but it wasnt something that I could do and feel comfortable with.

I took my time looked at schools, looked up all kinds of careers that I was interested in, and thats when it happened. I found out more about a career that I had been interested in as a child, Paralegal. Growing up our next door neighbor and family friend, was a paralegal for one of the local law firms in town and when her children and I would play, it always came down to playing office and we were always lawyers or paralegals. I know it sounds silly, but looking back at it was one of the best times in my life. I had considered it before joining the military, but had chose the military to be able to do more with my life and for my family at that time.

College Students And Small Group essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Violence and Women

Essay title: Violence and Women

Violence and Women

I thought that our discussion went well. We had a small group of about six people but three of us were leaders so we had a lot to talk about. Each of us went around and asked one question because we did not have time to discuss them all. But that did not matter because the other leaders had similar questions to mine. I was able to retrieve different responses from the others in the group for three out of my four questions.

My first question asked why rape was so much more common among college students than among the whole rest of the population. The group came up with the fact that college is the first time people discover drinking and sexuality and want to do all the experimenting they can. Also it is the first time most college students are on their own meaning without the guidance of their parents, and that could probably effect their decision making for the worse. Also a college campus has a more accepting atmosphere for rape and sexual harassment. Every night students are heavily drinking, going to dance clubs or parties with dancing, while people of older age groups have families to take care of, jobs and more responsibilities altogether. For someone older, being accused of rape could ruin their life and most men would not want to risk that. This leads into my next question about fraternity houses as high-risk environments for rape, and why we tolerate this behavior. Twenty-five percent of college women experience sexual harassment or rape and ten percent of rapes in colleges happen in fraternity houses. A study was done on college campuses about the difference between fraternities with a low-risk and the high-risk of sexual assault or rape. Students were asked to identify which ones were which and they could easily recognize this. So my question was, if everyone knows these differences, why do men and women participate in activities that support the rape culture when they see its injustices? The first response from the group

Videogames Argument And Dr. Borusiak college essay help service

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/Social Issues

Videogames Argument

Videogames Argument

Eleven years ago in 2005, Sony alone sold a staggering quantity of ninety one million PlayStation consoles (Borusiak, Bouikidis, Liersch Russel). With a growing population and an increasing demand for technology, these numbers will only continue to rise. Recent advancements in science and technology allow people to access videogames at home, at work, or even on the go with mobile devices. More people are playing internet games than ever before. A hundred years ago, kids spent more of their free time outside, maybe at the baseball field or the park around the block. Now we live in the twentieth century where kids are constantly targeted by videogame companies and they eventually spend more time indoors with electronics. These new games have become an incredibly popular and convenient source of entertainment; however, they are played with serious physical and psychological risks. Even though videogames have benefits, they pose a negative influence that leads to harmful habits.

Videogames are played at a risk, yet people argue that they are more beneficial. A significant number of videogames are capable of arousing intense excitement from users. In Dr. Borusiak’s (2008) Need for Speed experiment, he measured how an individual’s heart rate, breathing, and muscular response all change during a racing game. The study showed just how attached people can become with videogames, based on faster breathing and activated muscles. A new category of active video games has been researched to compare simulated activities with the benefits of real exercise. In a recent meta-analysis, Dr. Gao (2015) and his colleagues found statistics that prove the ability of active videogames to yield physical benefits similar to exercise. This data determines that people can get health activity from some videogames. Another benefit is that videogames can be used to reinforce good behavior. From a peer interview conducted at SCC, Josh Starmer (personal interview, 10 November, 2016) remarked that his parents only allowed him to play videogames on weekends, or after completing homework and chores. In this case, people can use their technology as a reward and a tool for success. Depending on how they are used, videogames can definitely have a positive effect.

On the other hand, videogames are not the most effective source of reward, activity, or enjoyment. Some people derive pleasure from videogames without acknowledging any consequences. Dr. Borusiak (2008) notes that the increase in cardiovascular activity when playing videogames may pose a health risk. There is a disproportional relationship here since people are typically seated, not burning any energy, when playing videogames. Also, the active videogames that mimic physical activity are not a substantial source of exercise. The meta-analysis conducted by Dr. Gao (2015) determined that active videogames are able to act as a healthy alternative to other seated behavior. Even though this category of videogames mimics physical activity, they cannot completely substitute exercise. In addition, videogames are not always successful when they are used as a reward. With the new DSM-5 approach, researchers analyzed the modern use of videogames and found that most people who use them will eventually start to abuse them (Petry, Rehbein, Gentile, Lemmens, Rumpf). As a result, the more people receive videogames as rewards, the more attached they will become. The benefits of using videogames are not exactly justified.

Using videogames easily leads people to undesirable consequences that are often not acknowledged. People can lose jobs and even lose personal relationships to their videogames. In Dr. Petry’s (2015) analysis of this issue, she found that many people become so attached with their technology that they miss out on opportunities. Under these circumstances, people are creating unnecessary problems for themselves due to their relationship with technology. Many videogames have direct physical effects. Through the Need for Speed experiment, researchers measured how the cardiovascular system is stimulated when individuals

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Leading Philosophers Of The Realist School And Human Nature essay help service: essay help service

Views of Hobbes and Nietzche

Views of Hobbes and Nietzche

Different schools of thought have generated arguments since the beginning of civilization. They represent different perspectives of every part of life, whether its religion or politics. The realist school and the humanist perspectives offer people different views in many different aspects.

The realist school is based on the thought that human nature is not perfectible. Human nature is viewed as evil and something that cannot be trusted or counted on. In order to have a successful society the citizens need to be controlled by a strong sovereign government. This strong government would be the only thing able enough to control human nature and the evils it produces. If a strong central government did not exist a state of chaos would be created by the people of the land. One of the leading philosophers of the realist school was Thomas Hobbes. He elaborated on many of the concepts of realism.

Hobbes was a strong believer in the thought that human nature was evil. He believed that “only the unlimited power of a sovereign could contain human passions that disrupt the social order and threatened civilized life.” Hobbes believed that human nature was a force that would lead to a constant state of war if it was not controlled. In his work the Leviathan, he laid out a secular political statement in which he stated the significance of absolutism.

In Leviathan, Hobbes states that a state of war will ensue that will put every man against himself. Eventually the state of war will lead the people towards peace and the only way to achieve the peace is through social contract. Hobbes continues further saying, social peace and civil unity are best achieved through the establishment of a commonwealth through a social contract. This social contract insists that a sovereign power be granted absolute power to protect the commonwealth. This sovereign power will be able to control the powers of human nature because its whole function is to protect the common man.

In Leviathan, Hobbes seems to underestimate the motives of mankind. His pessimistic view of human nature sheds no light on the goods that men do. While human nature may create a sense of personal survival, it does not imply that human nature will lead towards violent behavior. When left to provide for themselves, mankind will work toward a peace that benefits them all. There will always be evil in the world which will disrupt the peace, but in the end the strength of men should triumph.

Another philosopher with a realist background was Jean Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau rejected the idea that any one person has a natural authority over all others.

Jane Eyre And First Sentence Of The First Chapter college essay help

Views on Female Marriages in Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre

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Views On Female Marriages in Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre

ўс. Introduction

There were two great novels about love and marriage coming into being in the 19th century —- Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, which were written by Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. The two books give us two womenЎЇs totally different concepts of love.

1.1 The main content and background of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is actually a love comedy, which is filled with intelligence and humor. The first sentence of the first chapter has already made the comedic tone of the whole novel:

Ў°IT IS A TRUTH universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.Ў±

As a matter of fact, the whole novel is based on this Ў°universally acknowledged truthЎ±. When the Bennets are worried about the marriage of their five daughters, Ў°single men in possession of a good fortuneЎ± —- Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy have come, which gives them the hope. However, the hope has soon been broken. The stupid one, Mrs. Bennet has been rattling off a list of complaints on Mr. Bingley. Then, a dramatic scene appears. The arrogant Mr. Darcy sends his love message to Elizabeth, the second daughter of the Bennet family, but she treats him with her prejudice and refuses his courtship. The matter has been in trouble again. After various theatrical occurrences, the story finally ends with comedy. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy become a blest pair and Mr. Bingley and Jane, the eldest daughter also get married.

Pride and Prejudice shows us the common peopleЎЇs lives and ideas in the villages and towns in England under the state of occlusive society in the early 19th century. This novel, like a painting expressing social amorous feelings, not only had a great attraction to the readers at that time, but also gives us a particular joy of art while reading it nowadays.

1.2 The main content and background of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre could be regarded as a half-autobiography of Bronte. The heroine, Jane Eyre, is an unlovely and runty woman but with strong sensitive self-esteem. Jane lives in an environment of no parents and depends on her aunt Mrs. Reed for living. Her aunt dislikes her; her cousins look down upon her. However, all these sufferings cannot defeat her infinite confidence and adamancy. Two years after graduation, she finds a job of governess in Thornfield Hall. She falls in love with the owner of the hall, Mr. Rochester. On the day they get married, Jane comes to know that Mr. Rochester has a mad wife in the attic kept as a prisoner. Jane is heartbroken and leaves Thornfield. Afterwards, St. John, who helps Jane a lot, proposes to Jane, not because he loves her, but he needs an assistant with literacy. Nevertheless, Jane decides to go back to Mr. Rochester. As soon as she arrives at Thornfield, she finds the hall has already been burnt and Mr. Rochester becomes blind due to the fire lit by Bertha. Jane expresses her love to Mr. Rochester and finally they get married and live a happy life.

Charlotte Bronte wrote four novels in total: The Professor (1847), Shirley (1849), Villette (1853), and Jane Eyre (1874), among which Jane Eyre was the most successful one. Through the description of the loneliness and struggle of penniless bourgeois, the writer deeply exposed the flesh and blood of the society at that time in England, showing her sympathy to the destiny of the ordinary people. ItЎЇs a triumphant production reflecting the living condition and spirit of the women under great pressure.

1.3 The aim of the thesis

This thesis is going to compare the marriage in both novels. As we all know, both of the writers lived in the same period in which bourgeois developed rapidly. We can see so clearly that the two women have obvious different views of marriage. So it is meaningful for the author to make a research in the differences in both novels.

Jane Austen wants to show us that true love should be with a financial foundation, otherwise the marriage wouldnЎЇt be happy enough, and she also sticks to the steady faith of love. On the other hand, Charlotte Bronte gives us her idea of true love: however he/she is, even he/she is incapable or poor, as long as they love each other, the marriage will be happy.

ўт. Different ideas of love in the two novels

In Pride and Prejudice, through five Bennets daughtersЎЇ different experiences, Jane Austen shows the different attitudes towards the problem of love and marriage of the girls born in a bourgeois family in villages and towns, which reflects her ideas

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