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i need 2 reports

Subject History
report number 1
Mexico, Border issues and Latinx communities, the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.)

report number 2
: Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Belize) and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Venezuela)

Please use both a title page and a works cited page (neither of these pages count toward your 3-4 pages of text). These two reports will count as a combined 30% toward your final grade. In your works cited page, compose your article entry in a format like this:
Emilio Godoy, “Mexico Bans Glysophate But Tolerates Other Agrochemicals,” NACLA Report on the Americas website (January 28, 2021).

In terms of the content of each report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points in the article that you selected. To help you to address this issue, consider some of these questions: What is the main issue being discussed? (i.e. immigration, elections, education, environment, women’s issues, crime, etc.) Who are the main personalities mentioned in the article? (i.e. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Biden, Foremr President Trump, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, etc.) How does the issue affect the people of the country mentioned in the article? Does the issue have any connection with United States interests? What do you think could be the best solution to resolve this problem?
And for the second point of discussion, please analyze the article that you selected and present your point of view on the story. For example, how do you feel about the story? How did this article contribute to your understanding about modern Latin America? And what do you think about the author’s perspective on the article? How does this topic relate to contemporary political, economic or cultural themes in the United States today?
Here is a list of articles from the NACLA website pertaining to regions for your first due date. Everybody, just pick any one article from this list for your January 15 review. The dates in parenthesis indicate when the article was published. You will repeat the same process for your reviews on Central American or a South American nation. These articles range in date from February 2019 to January 2022.

What caused the Jan 6 insurrection

In your esteemed opinion what caused the Jan 6th insurrection,not just who was responsible, which is fairly easy to assume, but the larger issues affecting this nation that were displayed on that day. Indeed, Donald Trump was the symptom, but Trumpism is at the core. What has that term come to mean in this country and what is its potential danger? Who has become Trump’s devoted followers? Define and describe them. For decades both major parties, although night and day on democratic government and a determination to sustain that system above all else. That too as completely disintegrated, as the Republican Party has become the party of right-wing extremism, rage, vengeance, racism, and authoritarianism. The majority of Republican lawmakers at all levels of government, have become craven to the cult of Trump, just as Germans did in the 1930s with Adolf Hitler, whom they believed would save them from imaginary bogey men. Are we headed down that path? Can such momentum in that direction be stopped? Why has the Republican Party degenerated into such a disgrace?
Perhaps you believe there is nothing to be worried about, that as in the past, the nation will “self correct” and all will be “ normal” again. You could be right, so if you possess such optimism, then explain in depth your confidence why all will be well, and that I have nothing to worry, that I am just a typical liberal, hormonally unbalanced and overreacting and being hyperbolically partisan

History Question

History Assignment Help The original inhabitants of North America came:
Group of answer choicesfrom Africawith migrations from Euroasia
as a result of the invention of the wheel
with the exploration of Christopher Columbus
Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts
Cahokia was a large trading center located near what present-day city?
Group of answer choicesPittsburghNew Orleans
New York
St. Louis
Flag question: Question 3Question 31 pts
Native American religions were closely linked to
Group of answer choicesthe natural worldmale dominance
human sacrifice
exploiting natural resources
Flag question: Question 4Question 41 pts
Christopher Columbus called the native people he encountered on his voyages “Indians” because:
Group of answer choicesthat was what the Natives called themselveshe wanted to hide his discovery of the New World
he mispronounced their name
he believed they came from the East Indies in the Pacific
Flag question: Question 5Question 51 pts
What European explorer gave the Pacific Ocean its name?
Group of answer choicesHernando CortesAmerigo Vespucci
Vasco de Balboa
Ferdinand Magellan
Flag question: Question 6Question 61 pts
An encomienda was a
Group of answer choicesa special title given to Spanish explorersa religious ceremony
license to exact tribute from the Natives
the uniform of the conquistadores
Flag question: Question 7Question 71 pts
In Spanish colonial societies, mestizos:
Group of answer choiceswere at the top of the hierarchywere Catholic priests and nuns
made up the largest segment of the population
were deported from the Spanish colonies
Flag question: Question 8Question 81 pts
Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding African immigrants to the Americans between 1500 and 1800?
Group of answer choicesalmost all came voluntarilyalmost all came against their will
they made up less than a quarter of the immigrants to the New World
none of the above
Flag question: Question 9Question 91 pts
African and American Indian societies tended to be matrilineal, which means:
Group of answer choicespeople traced their heredity through their mothers.
only women would be the heads of families.
men could not inherit property.
only mothers could act as political leaders.
Flag question: Question 10Question 101 pts
All of the following countries were involved in the slave trade: with the exception of:
Group of answer choicesSpainFrance
Flag question: Question 11Question 111 pts
Which statement regarding the economic theory of mercantilism is FALSE?
Group of answer choicesIt presumed that the world’s wealth was finite.
it increased competition among nations
it reduced the desire for nations to acquire and maintain colonies
it assumed exporting goods was more preferable than importing goods
Flag question: Question 12Question 121 pts
The first English settlement in North America was in:
Group of answer choicesBostonPhiladelphia
New York
Flag question: Question 13Question 131 pts
What was the name of Viginia’s legislative body created in 1619?
Group of answer choicesCongress of VirginiaHouse of Virginian Colony
House of the Virginia Senate
House of Burgesses
Flag question: Question 14Question 141 pts
The first blacks imported to Virginia in 1619:
Group of answer choiceswere most likely indentured servants.
began a rapid stream of African slaves to the British colonies
had a better status than the European indentured servants
followed the Indians into slavery
Flag question: Question 15Question 151 pts
In which area of technology were Indians more advanced than the Virginia colonists?
Group of answer choicesagricultureocean going vessels
Flag question: Question 16Question 161 pts
Bacon’s rebellion was a fight between:
Group of answer choicesNorth and South Carolinathe Dutch and the French
Eastern and Western Virginia
New York and New Jersey
Flag question: Question 17Question 171 pts
What was Virginia’s most important cash crop?
Group of answer choicesRiceSugar
Flag question: Question 18Question 181 pts
When it was established in 1644, the colony of Rhode Island:
Group of answer choices organized the first fully democratic government in North America.
had no ties to the Massachusetts colony
was notable for its religious toleration
banned Jews from immigrating
Flag question: Question 19Question 191 pts
In 1638, Anne Hutchinson was deported from the Massachusetts colony because she:
Group of answer choiceswas a single mother and refused to get marriedwas a divorced mother of two
was accused of witchcraft
challenged the prevailing assumptions of the proper role of women in society.
Flag question: Question 20Question 201 pts
What doctrine did John Calvin introduce?
Group of answer choicesdoctrine of the Trinitydoctrine of predestination
doctrine of hellfire
doctrine of the sacraments
Flag question: Question 21Question 211 pts
In comparing the colonial societies of Spanish America and English America, people of mixed races had a:
Group of answer choiceshigher status than pure Africans in Spanish America.
higher status than pure Africans in English America
lower statues than pure Africans in Spanish America
higher status than pure Africans in both Spanish and English America
Flag question: Question 22Question 221 pts
Rice production in colonial America
Group of answer choiceswas found mostly in the Chesapeake coloniesrelied largely on free white labor
was a new crop to most Africans
was very difficult and unhealthy work
Flag question: Question 23Question 231 pts
In the North American colonies, mulatto children were:
Group of answer choicesregarded as white by the white society.
freed at birth
rarely recongnized by their fathers
regarded as white by the white society
Flag question: Question 24Question 241 pts
The Stono Rebellion:
Group of answer choicesled to the death of dozens of white Virginian colonists.
saw slaves in South Carolina attempt to escape from the colony
led to the banning of the slave trade in Maryland
took place in Georgia
Flag question: Question 25Question 251 pts
“Jeremaids” were:
Group of answer choicessermons
a measurement of wealth
town meetings
Flag question: Question 26Question 261 pts
The eighteenth-century Enlightenment thought:
Group of answer choices emphasized the importance of religious faith.
rejected all religious thought
challenged concepts such as “natural laws”
suggested that people had considerable control over their lives
Flag question: Question 27Question 271 pts
What was the literacy rate among white males in 1776 colonial America?
Group of answer choicesabout 10%%
over 50%
Flag question: Question 28Question 281 pts
Most women who entered the medical profession in colonial America did so as:
Group of answer choicesdental assistantsmassage therapists
physician’s assistant
Flag question: Question 29Question 291 pts
The dreaded journey in which captured Africans were transported to the Americas to be sold as slaves was called the:
Group of answer choices”Journey of No Return””One Way Journey”
“Journey of Death”
“The Middle Passage”
Flag question: Question 30Question 301 pts
Following the “Glorious Revolution” in England, political power shifted to:
Group of answer choicesthe monarchy.
the citizens
the Anglican Church
Flag question: Question 31Question 311 pts
According to the “Crash Course” video, how long did the Seven Year War last?
Group of answer choicesFive and half yearsSix and half years
Seven years
Nine years.
Flag question: Question 32Question 321 pts
The Stamp Act of 1765:
Group of answer choicesestablished a royal postal system between the American colonies and Englandrequired colonists to pay tax on most printed materials
replaced the Sugar Act of 1764
was welcomed by the American colonists
Flag question: Question 33Question 331 pts
The Boston Massacre:
Group of answer choiceswas transformed by some colonists into a symbol of British oppressionresulted in the death of many British soldiers
led to Paul Revere’s midnight ride of warning
resulted in a trial in which British soldiers were convicted of murder
Flag question: Question 34Question 341 pts
In the eighteenth century, the English constitution was:
Group of answer choicesdifficult to changeunpopular in England
an unwritten document
was holding back colonial expansion
Flag question: Question 35Question 351 pts
The Tea Act of 1773:
Group of answer choicesfollowed a few years of relative calm between England and the colonieslowered the price of tea for American colonists
was intended to benefit a private British company
All of the above.
Flag question: Question 36Question 361 pts
As African slaves outnumbered the Europeans in the Caribbean Islands:
Group of answer choicesthe wealth of the Europeans increased tenfoldrevolts against the Europeans became common
white Europeans found the Caribbean less attractive
none of the above.
Flag question: Question 37Question 371 pts
According to the “Crash Course” video, who defended the British soldiers in court following the Boston Massacre?
Group of answer choicesThomas JeffersonAlexander Hamilton
Samuel Adams
John Adams
Flag question: Question 38Question 381 pts
Which European country claimed the Mississippi Valley to the mouth of the river?
Group of answer choicesFranceEngland
Flag question: Question 39Question 391 pts
The first person to die in the Boston Massacre was:
Group of answer choicesPaul RevereBenedict Arnold
Crispus Attucks
James Madison
Flag question: Question 40Question 401 pts
In the First Continental Congress all the thirteen colonies were present with the exception of:
Group of answer choicesVirginiaGeorgia
South Carolina
Flag question: Question 41Question 411 pts
Some historians have suggested that European diseases virtually exterminated many native tribes.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 42Question 421 pts
The Pueblo Indians continued to practice their native religious rituals, even though many of them converted to Christianity
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 43Question 431 pts
By the seventeenth century, the Spanish had given up their efforts to assimilate the Indians to Spanish ways.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 44Question 441 pts
Owing to their commitment to Catholicism, male Spanish immigrants had very little sexual contact with Indian women.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 45Question 451 pts
England’s first experience with colonization came in the Caribbean Islands.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 46Question 461 pts
Over time in the seventeenth century, an increasing number of New England Puritans came to view Indian society with contempt and fear.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 47Question 471 pts
The New York colony emerged after a struggle between the English and the Dutch.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 48Question 481 pts
In the seventeenth century, English Quakers supported the war against the native Americans as well as the war against Spain and France.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 49Question 491 pts
The Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689 saw an English king, James II, flee to the European continent.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 50Question 501 pts
The Jamestown settlement was an instant success.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 51Question 511 pts
Compared to women in colonial Chesapeake, New England women were more likely to have their family remain intact.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 52Question 521 pts
In colonial New England Puritan communities, the family was highly valued and women were expected to be major contributors to the family.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 53Question 531 pts
“Primogeniture” refers to the passing of property to the firstborn child.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 54Question 541 pts
In the 1760s, the revolutionary crisis in English North America began in the rural areas and not in the cities.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 55Question 551 pts
In the English colonies, Roman Catholics suffered their greatest persecution in Maryland.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 56Question 561 pts
Skin color was the only factor in determining whether a person was subject to slave codes.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 57Question 571 pts
The term “Creole” refers to a person with Spanish descent.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 58Question 581 pts
The term “impressment” refers to the forcible recruitment to serve in the army.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 59Question 591 pts
The Boston Tea Party of December 1773 both triggered acts of resistance in other colonial cities and took place after Bostonians failed to turn away ships laden with tea.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 60Question 601 pts
Those trained for military training were called minute men because they had to be prepared to arrive in a minute’s notice.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Flag question: Question 61Question 611 pts
According to the Crash Course video “Taxes and Smuggling” the British government had to borrow how much money to pay for the war?
Group of answer choicesOne hundred fifty thousand poundsFive hundred and ten million pounds
One hundred million dollars
One hundred fifty million pounds.
None of the above.
Flag question: Question 62Question 621 pts
According to the Taxes and Smuggling video the main aim of the Townshend Act was to:
Group of answer choicesImport more rum from the Caribbean Islands.Stop smuggling.
Tax imported sugar
Impose tariffs on imports of cotton.
Flag question: Question 63Question 631 pts
According to the video on Smuggling and Taxes how many of the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre were acquitted?
Group of answer choicesSevenNine
Flag question: Question 64Question 641 pts
The war between the colonists (Americans) and the British began in the year:
Group of answer choices17761767
Flag question: Question 65Question 651 pts
According to the Taxes and Smuggling video, Thomas Paine’s publication of “Common Sense” :
Group of answer choicesUrged the American colonists to stay within the British empire.Advocated a complete break from Britain and the formation of an independent American government.
Call for a unity between Canada and the American colonies.
Condemned those who called for total breakaway from Britain.
Flag question: Question 66Question 661 pts
According to the Crash Course video “The Seven Years War…” the war was about:
Group of answer choicesReligion.Disputed borders.
Right to vote.
Flag question: Question 67Question 671 pts
According to the Seven Year video the idea of mercantilism calls for:
Group of answer choicesGovernment to stay away from interfering in the economy of the nation.nThe big corporations to run the economic system.
The government to regulate the economy.
None of the above.
Flag question: Question 68Question 681 pts
According to the Seven Years War video, who were the real losers of the Seven Years war?
Group of answer choicesThe French.The Native Americans.
The British.
The Americans.
Flag question: Question 69Question 691 pts
The video the Seven Years War states that for classical liberals the task of the government was:
Group of answer choicesTo promote morality and religion.To provide free housing to the poor.
To protect citizens’ natural rights.
To guarantee protection from foreign invaders.
Flag question: Question 70Question 701 pts
According to JohnLocke what were the “natural rights”?
Group of answer choicesLife.Liberty.
All of the above.
Flag question: Question 71Question 711 pts
Chuck Studley is a butcher. He is 44 years old and has been a butcher for the last 22 years. He is 6 ft 4 ins. tall. What does he weigh?
Group of answer choices220 lbs.242 lbs.
265 lbs.
None of the above.

Read Silencing the Past Ch. 1 and create an outline using the parts below. Parts. 1. An explanation of

Read Silencing the Past Ch. 1 and create an outline using the parts below.

1. An explanation of the thesis of the work. (What is its main argument?)
2. A key example. (What is the most convincing example that the work uses to make its point? How does it explain the example? How does it analyze this example?)
3. Finally, a list of keywords.

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