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I Will Provide The MAIN Source That Needs To Be Used. Four Pages For The APA No A Level English Language Essay Help

I will provide the MAIN source that needs to be used. four pages for the APA not including the title or reference pages just 4 pages that include the report of the school and report using the help of the textbook please do NOT make one of the pages a title page or a source page I do not need that. you will need to answer all questions included in the rubric. the textbook i will provide you with my login and password for your access.

I. Introduction
A. Purpose and Rationale (10 pts)
Clearly define the purpose of college admission essay helpI. Introduction
A. Purpose and Rationale (10 pts)
Clearly define the purpose of your group. What need does it address? Why is it important? Cite at
least three direct references from the literature (not from textbooks or assigned class readings) to
support your group or techniques. What does the research say about the efficacy of this type of
group? What type of group is it? Who are the participants? Define your client population.
B. Outcomes (10 pts)
Clearly define 3 outcomes for your group. What will participants learn, be able to do as a result
of being in this group. Outcomes should be behaviorally defined (observable and measurable) to
aid in evaluating your program.
II. Method
A. Logistics (10 pts)
List the steps you will take in setting up the group. These may include securing permission,
arranging venue, and advertising. Describe how many members you will include, when, and
where you will meet, for how long, and for how many sessions. Will there be fees for this group.
B. Selecting Group Members (10 pts)
Describe how you will recruit and select group members. Include any screening procedures, pregroup
interviews, pretesting, and selection criteria. Describe applicants who would not be
acceptable to your group. Discuss any ethical issues with recruitment and selection.
III. Description of Group Activities (40 pts)
1. Identify the author(s), article title, source of the article, date etc.
2. Summarize each article’s major points
3. State why this article is relevant to current group work practice.
4. Relate the article to at least two concepts mentioned in the class or in the texts.
5. Clearly identify the concepts.
6. Use APA format
7. What did you think of the article?
8. Include a copy of the article or a link to the article
Describe, in outline form, what you plan to do during your group. How many sessions will it be?
Will it be open or closed? What will the general theoretical orientation of the group be? Why that
theory? List of topics and a brief description of any activities or techniques you will use. You
may borrow activities from other sources as long as you properly cite them. Estimate the
approximate time for each activity. What will the format be for a typical session?
IV. Evaluation of the Group (10 pts)
Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your group in achieving its outcomes as
defined in the Introduction. If you will use tests, rating forms, or questionnaires, attach copies.
You should have a formal or informal evaluation for each outcome listed in the Introduction.
Evaluation activities will probably take place during some or all group sessions and at the
conclusion of the group. You may wish to consider a follow-up evaluation as well.
V. References (5 pts)
The paper should be written using APA format. See Szuchman, L.T. and Thomlinson, B.
(2008) Writing with Style, APA Style for Social Work. New York.
About the essay:
It is based on “Tasting Food,
Tasting Freedom” by S. Mintz. Wri custom essay helpAbout the essay:
It is based on “Tasting Food,
Tasting Freedom” by S. Mintz. Write a nicely written, short essay (400 words)
IN YOUR OWN WORDS. It should be based on your
reading of Chapter 7
Choose one (1) from the following
specific themes for your essay:
What is it that S. Mintz
wants to accomplish in this chapter? Be concrete and go to the point. Can
you think of class differences in how and what people eat depending on
social class? Can you provide an illustration that Mintz presents? (Check
pp. 98-99) and one of your own?
What is your view about a
“national cuisine”, following Mintz’s argument? Think about the US or
other society that you are familiar with. What is your opinion based on
your experience? What does geographical roots (environment) have to do
with all this?
What is your opinion about
the importance of regional cuisines following Mintz’s argument?
Review all of chapter
seven (7) from the beginning to the end (pp. 92-105) and write about
what was more interesting to you and why (go beyond the first 2 pages).
Try to think about possible parallels (cross-cultural comparisons) and
critically introduce some of the concepts learned in this course so far.
For anyone you choose, I need
to read YOUR opinion, as if you were an anthropologist, making use of
anthropological concepts, theories, and case studies from your textbook,
“Perspectives”. Please remember that CONTEXT is key, by this I mean where, when,
who, how, why.” Remember that plagiarism = F (and disciplinary actions)
For this assignment, you will describe your philosophy on crime control, applyin custom essay helpFor this assignment, you will describe your philosophy on crime control, applying the
ideas from the required readings as they agree or disagree with you, and as you see fit. In
this paper, you will describe your views of punishment, the purposes of the criminal
justice system, what problems you perceive, and how to solve them. Demonstrating an
excellent understanding of the readings—whether you agree or not—is a crucial part of
this assignment.
Crime Philosophy Papers must be double-spaced, in 12-font. Please submit your paper
through the appropriate Webcampus assignment link anonymously. This means you will
not put your name on it. I will grade your rough drafts and give you feedback but I won’t
know who you are because I will use the “grade anonymously” function on Webcampus.
Papers must not exceed 2000 words.
The research paper is for Human Sexuality or PSYC 240 course. Please use either essay helpThe research paper is for Human Sexuality or PSYC 240 course. Please use either google docs or Microsoft word. It is required to use five credible sources and a minimum of 10- 12 pages long. The deadline for this research paper is 04/29 at 9:00 PM. Thank you for the help.

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