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IBM Competitors

• Strategic Features: In 500-800 words describe the following features:o Mission, vision, valueso Key stakeholders (at least 3)o Value Propositions to its key stakeholderso Overview of financial performance over the last 3-5 years.Papers: Each week (Wk3-Wk7) you will turn in a word.doc covering that week’s material. The paper will be in standard, academic, APA format addressing the content of that week in accordance with the APA Manual 7th edition for student papers. Your audience is graduate- level and your paper should not be in first-person. Your paper should include all APA features for student papers. In addition, each week’s paper should be 1,000 -1,500 words including all words (title page, references, etc.) Each paper should have at least three QCRs (quotations, citations, references) including at least one from each of the following sources:o Yourfourtextbookso An article from any of these magazines (HBR, Forbes, BusinessWeek, WallStreet Journal)o A peer-reviewed journal article that is no more than five years old (if this is2020, the date should be at least 2015.

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