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Identify various DO pricing strategies and the decision making factors.

Identify various DO pricing strategies and the decision making factors.
Discuss DO adoption for commercial risk transfer in delivering the following FM services.
Single, and
Total FM
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complete a project management plan

As a project manager you will frequently be placed in charge of planning projects which are far outside of your scope of expertise. This problem is compounded by the fact that you will typically have little direction from the end user and will need to complete a product based on: The formal project management process; research of existing material; and an unending number of assumptions. The intent of this project is not leave you wholly on your own to complete the deliverables, rather the intent is to lead you Socraticly through a process where you identify your own needs, think critically as a team, and produce your own solution.
As many of you have already discovered in your professional lives, you will almost never have the freedom to choose your team members or your project manager. You will need to discover and develop your own strengths for team interaction and development. Additionally, it is rare in a career to work for a visionary leader. In most cases your project managers will be people just like you with strengths and weaknesses; if you are a strong leader, you will need to learn the subtle art of “managing up” while you are the follower, if you are not a strong leader you will need to learn how to lean on your team and delegate when acting as project manager.
Prior to week 11 you will be randomly assigned to a three-to-six-person team. Your team is tasked with taking the hypothetical project, as outlined below, through the initiation and planning phases of the project management process. Your team’s goal is to develop a complete project management plan for the hypothetical project. An example of a complete project manage plan can be found here: While this is a good example, your final plan will not mirror this plan exactly; you will need to research and create your own format that fits the design of the planning your team conducts.
Team member will be randomly assigned to act as project manager. Not all team members will act as PM. On smaller teams, some students may act as PM a second time. Team size is random and no additional course credit is offered for those who incur an additional phase as PM, nor will course credit be lost if you are not assigned as PM. The project manager’s primary responsibility is to guide the team and keep the team moving in the correct direction toward completion of the project. The project manager is also responsible for providing weekly status updates on your team’s discussion board.
Your team will need to come together quickly in weeks 10 and 11 and complete two deliverables:
First, your team will develop a project/team charter. The team charter is one-page contract between all members of the team that clearly dictates behaviors and rules while a member of the team. One example of a team charter can be found here, but you will need to research, collaborate, and create your own: ALL MEMBERS OF THE TEAM MUST AGREE TO AND SIGN THE TEAM CHARTER.
The second deliverable in the first two weeks is a communications plan. An example communications plan can be found here but you will need to research, collaborate and create your own: The communications plan will stipulate how your team will communicate throughout the semester.
After your team has created a team charter and communications plan, I will post a link to complete a peer evolution on the other members of your team. If you do not complete this peer evaluation, you will receive a zero (0) for both the team charter and communications plan. How your peers rate your performance will have a significant effect on the grade you receive for the team charter and communications plan. It is critical that you are willing and able to work as a team. If you cannot support your team during this time, your grade will reflect that appropriately.
You will then begin the planning phase of your hypothetical project. How you distribute and complete this work is entirely up to the team.
At any point your team schedule a conference call where I will answer questions and provide guidance.
As mentioned above, your final deliverable is a complete project management plan. I expect a document that demonstrates your team has effectively divided responsibilities, has been collaborating effectively.

At the end of the semester you will complete a second peer evolution on the other members of your team. This will include both how they performed as a team member and as a project manager.
BMGT422 Group Project Scenario:
You are a project manager at a local home construction and renovation company. You have a team of 3 to 6 full time employees.
On November 10th, 2021, your company was awarded a substantial development contract to build the decks on all of the homes in a new development on the west end of town.
Deck specifications: The door on the house sits 4’ above ground level. The deck will be freestanding, 16’ by 20’, and have stairs to the ground. Sod has not been laid but the ground is level. Assume all local laws and ordinances have been met.
Your manager has asked your team to develop a Project Management Plan for the construction of a deck that can be followed when building all the remaining decks. In addition to general formalities such as an introduction and executive summary, your Project Management Plan shall address the following:
Stake Holder Management
Scope or Statement of Work
Scope Management
Work Breakdown Structure
Develop schedule

Humanities Question

Management Assignment Help Culminating Project
Write a 7-10 page essay synthesizing your college educational journey. The essay must have brief reflections on each of the eight Liberal Arts Learning Outcomes specified in the course catalog and listed below. Consider, for example, how you have exercised critical thinking and creativity, and how you have deepened your awareness of religious traditions, and so forth. As you reflect on these outcomes, provide links within your essay to supporting evidence of work that you have done that demonstrates your engagement and proficiency with respect to a particular outcome. For example, in the section where you are discussing creativity, you might provide a link to photos of an art project you did for an Art course. When you are discussing social responsibility, you might provide a link to a position paper you wrote on an important social issue.

Students will be conversant with the ideas, content, and methods of various disciplines. *Students will be able to identify and explain a variety of academic disciplines.
Students can explain the differences in methodologies among various disciplines.
Students can bring insights from various disciplines to the discussion of larger issues.
RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS: Class: RST301-OB Theological Inquiry
Students will reflect on the wisdom of religious traditions in understanding the meaning of life.
Students will be able to identify sacred narratives and texts, beliefs, practices, and moral values associated with some of the world’s major religious traditions
Students will be able to identify developments in religious doctrines and traditions in various historical-cultural contexts.
Students will be able to distinguish the different types of questions, methods, norms, and sources underpinning religious studies and theology
Students will recognize a variety of religious responses to modernity and the scientific revolution including various fundamentalisms as well as more integrative responses

Students will engage in the creative process.
Students will make studio art or participate in a theatrical or musical performance or write creatively.
Students will be able to describe, analyze, and demonstrate the creative process.
Students will take creative risks with self-expression
Students will generate a variety of potential solutions to problems

CRITICAL THINKING- Intro to Leadership LEAD1103 SUOT19
Students will think critically as evidenced by:
Providing relevant facts to support ideas
Assessing the relative importance of ideas
Finding similarities and making distinctions
Embracing complexities and presenting multiple points of view
Evaluating and synthesizing information
Exploring big ideas and asking nuanced questions
Understanding and explaining cause and effect.

COMMUNICATION- Public Speaking COMM1113- SUOT19
Students will communicate effectively.
Students will be able to express ideas, facts, and research incomprehensible and grammatically correct written and oral formats.
Students will be aware of the multiple levels of communication and various media that exist in today’s world and anticipate possible emergent media.
Students will demonstrate an ability to listen to and understand the communication of another.
ETHICAL INTEGRATION- (Class: HCM440 Medical Ethics and Legal Aspects of Health Care)
Students will examine personal and professional decisions in light of ethical principles.
Given a situation, students will be able to identify any ethical issues involved.
Students will be able to suggest an ethical response to an issue and explain the basis for deciding on this response.
Students will be conversant with various ethical systems and evaluate decisions in relation to those systems.
DIVERSITY IN COMMUNITY- (Class: MGT329-OA: Managing Cultural Differences)
Students will understand the diversity and interdependence of cultures.
Students will be able to recognize important points of convergence and difference among various cultures
Students will cultivate an understanding of globalization that recognizes its promising and problematic features
Students will explain how an environment of inclusion and respect across social and cultural differences contributes to peacemaking.

Students will realize the importance and benefits of embracing social responsibility
Students will identify social implications of a belief in inalienable human rights
Students will promote peace by working for justice and the common good
Students will learn and apply responsible stewardship of the environment.

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Ecom201-Introduction to E-management

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