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if barzil is a counrty

org/This assignment is based on the material covered in Chapters 1 and 2 of Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics and class meetings related to the topics of Introduction to Comparative Politics and the Scientific Study of Politics.It requires the use of reliable and reputable sources of empirical information about countries and other political entities of the world:  The World Factbook Links to an external site.and CountryWatch (available via the Los Rios Libraries Research Databases Links to an external site.).Options of entities to analyze (CHOOSE ONE):BarbadosBrazilChina (People’s Republic of China)European UnionGermanyIranMexicoRussiaSomaliaSouth AfricaTaiwan (Republic of China)United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)What to Create and Submit (the outcome)Prepare and submit a written essay of approximately 500 words that answers the question “Is [your selected entity from the list above] a country?” Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the four factors (criteria) that differentiate a country from other entities such as dependent territories, international organizations, or multinational corporations, your ability to gather and use observable information from existing datasets, and reflect your ability to develop and communicate an informed argument (use the Developing an Informed Argument Links to an external site.template as a guide).Include a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph that directly and explicitly answers the question. The thesis should identify the name of the entity under consideration and your final determination of whether it should or should not be considered a country.Briefly describe the entity with respect to at least two specific indicators of each of the four factors (or criteria).Explain your reasons for your conclusion, based on our analysis of the empirical evidence (from the sources provided) compared to the criteria.What To Do (the process)Review the four factors (criteria) – territory, population (people, society), government, economy – and possible observable indicators for each (from your notes).Consider and decide which indicators you will use for each factor. There is no single correct answer. But each indicator must be something that can be observed (empirical), measured, and comparable across entities.The indicators should also be information that is available in the required sources. (See M03 Explore – Where can I learn more about countries of the world?)Use the sources provided to gather the information that will be evidence of the value of each indicator.Hint: It is a good idea to read about the methods and sources used by both sources to include or not include particular entities. You may or may not agree, but it is important to understand how or why.You will need to attribute the information to its source, so be sure to make a note of that to include in your essay.Analyze the evidence. Is it consistent with the criteria? If so, how? If not, how does it differ?Draw a conclusion, based on your analysis of the evidence as compared to the criteria.Be sure there is a clear connection between the criteria, the indicator, and the value of that indicator for the entity in question.Be sure there are no reasons of fact or logic that make your conclusion implausible.Basis for EvaluationSee the rubric below for the criteria and expectations for the successful completion of this assignment.Format your essay and cite your sources following MLA Style guidelines Links to an external site..The sources for this assignment will be your textbook and the sources of information provided.When you submit your assignment, it will be submitted to Turnitin to generate a Similarity Report, which indicates instances in which your writing is similar to or matches against sources in Turnitin’s database. A  high similarity score does not always suggest that a piece of writing has been plagiarized, just as a low similarity score does not always indicate that no plagiarism has occurred. The report simply provides one type of information about the originality of your work.For more information, refer to Using Turnitin with Canvas.RubricPOLS 302 Written Assignment Rubric (1)POLS 302 Written Assignment Rubric (1)Criteria    Ratings    PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganizationThe work has a clear purpose stated in a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The work is focused on the assigned topic and addresses all prompts, Information is logically organized. Clear transitions between ideas are effectively used to create coherence. The work is interesting and easy to read.20 to >18.0 ptsExemplary18 to >16.0 ptsExceeds Expectations16 to >14.0 ptsMeets Expectations14 to >12.0 ptsNeeds Improvement12 to >0 ptsNot Demonstrated20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent/EvidenceInformation and evidence are factually accurate, specific, relevant and integrated effectively to support claims. Information provided supports claims with an appropriate level of depth and/or breadth. Content indicates a synthesis of ideas. Sources of information are credible and appropriate.30 to >27.0 ptsExemplary27 to >24.0 ptsExceeds Expectations24 to >21.0 ptsMeets Expectations21 to >18.0 ptsNeeds Improvement18 to >0 ptsNot Demonstrated30 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis/Critical ThinkingA main conclusion or claim is clear, explicitly stated, and supported by evidence. The work demonstrates an understanding of course concepts and an ability to use them to engage in analysis, evaluation and independent thinking. Analysis, evaluation, and conclusions are consistent with the evidence and each other.30 to >27.0 ptsExemplary27 to >24.0 ptsExceeds Expectations24 to >21.0 ptsMeets Expectations21 to >18.0 ptsNeeds Improvement18 to >0 ptsNot Demonsrated30 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting ConventionsThe work is free from distracting spelling, punctuation, and other writing or grammatical errors. Word choice, vocabulary, and tone are well matched to the course content, intent of the assignment, and the target audience.10 to >9.0 ptsExemplary9 to >8.0 ptsExceeds Expectations8 to >7.0 ptsMeets Expectations7 to >6.0 ptsNeeds Improvement6 to >0 ptsNot Demonstated10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment Specific CriteriaThe work is appropriately formatted and is of the specified length. Specific and/or minimum number of required sources are clearly used and appropriately referenced. MLA Style is followed for in-text citations and Works Cited lists.10 to >9.0 ptsExemplary9 to >8.0 ptsExceeds Expectations8 to >7.0 ptsMeets Expectations7 to >6.0 ptsNeeds Improvement6 to >0 ptsNot Demonstrated

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